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This page contains the prophecy archive and collection of the writings of Stephen L. Bening, called as a prophet to the nations by God on June 24, 1992.


Words From God
As The Tribulation Falls
Upon A Sleeping Church
Micro-Prophetic View

2009 To Present

10/28/2022 Prophecy: Red Heifer and the Third Jewish Temple
05/05/2022 Prophecy: Imminent Nuclear Attack-East and West Coasts Of The United States
03/26/2022 Prophecy: The Era Of God' Wrath Will Commence April 17, 2022
01/23/2022 Prophecy: The Third "Trouble": God Will Make A Distinction

09/20/2021 Prophecy: La Palma, Canary Islands Vocano Effects Seen In Vision 20 Years Ago By John Lallier
05/09/2021 PROPHECY: False Christs And False Prophets Arising

08/13/2020 PROPHECY: Do You Qualify For Rescue?
08/10/2020 PROPHECY: Why Should You Listen To Me?
07/13/2020 PROPHECY: Worship God Alone
07/05/2020 PROPHECY: The One Who Cares To Worship Me
06/17/2020 PROPHECY: Life Validating Prophecy
04/27/2020 PROPHECY: Familiarity-Contempt-Neglect-Loss
04/11/2020 PROPHECY: The Long Pull And The Next Eleven Years
03/05/2020 PROPHECY: The Message Of The Third Angel
03/03/2020 PROPHECY: Plague, Cessation Of Travel and Pestilence

11/17/2019 PROPHECY: Near Term Proximity Alert
09/30/2019 PROPHECY: Third World War To Be Like The First World War
09/21/2019 PROPHECY: Past Meets Future
09/17/2019 PROPHECY: Promontory Point-Where The Prophecies Meet
08/18/2019 PROPHECY: Extra, Extra, Special News Bulletin
08/14/2019 PROPHECY: What Does He Have In You?
08/08/2019 PROPHECY: Prophetic Historicism versus Futurism
08/03/2019 PROPHECY: The Papacy Is The Antichrist!
07/31/2019 PROPHECY: The Apocalyptic Key
05/21/2019 PROPHECY: What Is About To Happen (Updated Article)
04/21/2019 PROPHECY: The Rain Has Stopped-Spiritual Drought Is Coming
03/31/2019 PROPHECY: Traversing The Ribbons Of Time-Statue Of Liberty Revelation
02/10/2019 PROPHECY: Spiritual Defilement And A Powerless Church
01/06/2019 PROPHECY: True It Is!

12/08/2018 PROPHECY: The Predictions Are Coming True! In Your Own Lifetime!
12/05/2018 PROPHECY: Watch And Pray
10/20/2018 PROPHECY: Come Out Of Her, My People
07/04/2018 PROPHECY: Abomination Of Desolation
06/18/2018 PROPHECY: Basics Of Belief-Part 1-The Apostles Creed
06/01/2018 PROPHECY: Discerning God's Spirit By Lifting Up The Hands
05/29/2018 PROPHECY: Learning To Pray In The Wilderness
05/27/2018 PROPHECY: The Wilderness
05/15/2018 PROPHECY: Revelation Puzzle-Part 7 (Conclusion For Revelation Chapters 6-18)
05/08/2018 PROPHECY: Revelation Puzzle-Part 6 (The False Prophet-The Pyramid-The Clergy)
04/16/2018 PROPHECY: To My Fellow Exiles-Chapter 2
04/15/2018 PROPHECY: To My Fellow Exiles

11/10/2017 PROPHECY: Understanding What Has Been Coming Against Us
11/04/2017 PROPHECY: Jesus Christ-Creator Of All Things (Proven From The Jewish Scriptures)
10/02/2017 (Udpated August 5, 2019) PROPHECY: Revelation Puzzle-Part 5 (The Double Judgements and The Healing Of The Fatal Head Wound Of The Beast)
09/25/2017 PROPHECY: Revelation Puzzle-Part 4 (The Great Earthquake)
09/15/2017 PROPHECY: Revelation Puzzle-Part 3 (Rule Of The Papacy-2 Witnesses-Everlasting Gospel-4 Angels Bound)
09/10/2017 PROPHECY: Revelation Puzzle-Part 2 (Mohammedan Rise-Turkish Woe-2 Witnesses Slain)
09/01/2017 (Updated 09/14/2019) PROPHECY: Revelation Spreadsheet Analysis Tool
08/31/2017 PROPHECY: Revelation Puzzle-Part 1 (Introduction-The Papacy)
08/12/2017 PROPHECY: What Shall We Do About Church?
08/11/2017 PROPHECY: God's Presence As A Provider Of Refuge-Part 3
07/06/2017 PROPHECY: You Could Miss This-On Disciples And Revival
06/24/2017 PROPHECY: Suddenly Arising Revival
06/16/2017 PROPHECY: Enforced Deadness And The Covenant Of Salt
06/12/2017 PROPHECY: Parched And Withered
05/30/2017 PROPHECY: The Season Of "Suddenly" And The Ancient Path
04/05/2017 PROPHECY: Decapitation
04/02/2017 PROPHECY: Soft Words Juxtaposed With The Words Of John Baptist
03/25/2017 PROPHECY: Moving The Graves And The Bones
03/05/2017 PROPHECY: Signs Of The International Prophetic Explosion-5 Visions I Received In Africa
01/27/2017 CHRISTIAN LIFE: Living Without Hearing The Voice Of Christ
01/18/2017 PROPHECY: God's Presence As A Provider Of Refuge-Part 2
01/10/2017 PROPHECY: The Fog Of 2017
01/09/2017 PROPHECY: About Those Virgins
01/08/2017 ASSEMBLY: The Believer Must Function
01/07/2017 ASSEMBLY: What Is Watchmen Prophets Assembly?
01/06/2017 PROPHECY: "Soon, I Am Putting Out The Lamps"

10/06/2016 PROPHECY: Dream of the 2 Warnings, 2 Threats and 2 Window Splashes
09/28/2016 PROPHECY: Complete Solar Eclipses To Bisect Carbondale, IL (My Birthplace) in 2017 and 2024
09/27/2016 PROPHECY: Hosanna (Hosheana) Rabbah
09/07/2016 PROPHECY: A Haggai Season-The "37" Revelation
08/20/2016 PROPHECY: Abdicating Elders-Remnant Dwelling Solitarily In The Wood
08/01/2016 PROPHECY: The 2,670 Day Prophecy Of Daniel
07/04/2016 FULFILLED PROPHECY: Terror Attacks In Six Nations To Close Out Ramadan: Afghanistan, Lebanon, Kenya, Bangladesh, Iraq and Saudi Arabia
06/28/2016 FULFILLED PROPHECY: Istanbul Turkey Terror Attack
06/14/2016 PROPHECY: US East Coast Tsunamis...How Many?...How High?
06/12/2016 FULFILLED PROPHECY: Omar, Orlando, Florida and Radical Islamic Terrorism
06/03/2016 PROPHECY: Trampling God's Courts
05/25/2016 PROPHECY: The Truck and The Harlot
04/24/2016-With Addenda 05/11/2016 PROPHECY: The Hour Of The Prophet and The Month Of May
04/22/2016 PROPHECY: New Front Page of USAPROPHET.COM-Biblical Pastors Must Be Subject To Discipline And Correction
03/22/2016 FULFILLED PROPHECY: Brussels Terror Attack
03/21/2016 PROPHECY: There's A Real Fire Coming
03/06/2016 PROPHECY: Pressed Out Of Babylon-Zerubbabel and Holy Fire
02/24/2016 PROPHECY: The Futurist School
02/09/2016 PROPHECY: God's Presence As A Provider Of Refuge-Part 1
01/31/2016 PROPHECY: Alarming Conjunctions And The Spirit Of Slumber

12/20/2015 PROPHECY: Compassion-Should I Stay Or Should I Go?
12/17/2015 PROPHECY: What's NEXT? Where Do We Go From Here?
12/02/2015 FULFILLED PROPHECY: Terror Attack In San Bernardino, California
11/15/2015 PROPHECY: 49 Years After The Declaration Regarding Jerusalem
11/13/2015 FULFILLED PROPHECY: Paris France Terror Attack
10/31/2015 FULFILLED PROPHECY: Skull Faced Asteroid Makes Close Approach
10/24/2015 PROPHECY: The Fall Of Matthew Stephen Moranor
10/08/2015 PROPHECY: America's Days Of Noah-A "Twitterized" People
10/06/2015 PROPHECY: While We Were Sleeping
09/14/2015 PROPHECY: San Andreas And The Name Of Andrew
09/07/2015 PROPHECY: "Aesopped" After The Order Of Jeremiah
09/03/2015 PROPHECY: Destruction Of The Church
08/07/2015 PROPHECY: Can THAT Be In The Bible?
08/06/2015 PROPHECY: A Shield And A Refuge
08/04/2015 PROPHECY: Stirring Up A Peasants Revolt
07/23/2015 PROPHECY: Interrogating And Tormenting Demons
07/16/2015 PROPHECY: Companies That Have BOLDLY Supported Homosexual Marriage
07/15/2015 PROPHECY: Mail Order Bride-Church Wanted
07/09/2015 PROPHECY: Single Antichrist?
07/08/2015 PROPHECY: 'Tis The Season
07/02/2015 PROPHECY: "Out of Time".."Up Against An Appointed Time"-Apparent and Evident Coordination
06/27/2015 PROPHECY: Re-Rack Vision
06/22/2015 PROPHECY: Without Prophetic Revelation
06/17/2015 FULFILLED PROPHECY: Church Shooting In Charleston, South Carolina-Judgement In The House Of God
06/01/2015 PROPHECY: 24th Year Anniversary Season Revelation


05/11/2015 MISSIONS: Trinidad Mission Day 14-Asteroid Tsunami Dreams
05/10/2015 MISSIONS: Trinidad Mission Day 4- Day 13
05/01/2015 MISSIONS: Trinidad Mission Day 1- Day 4
04/24/2015 MISSIONS: Trinidad Mission Plan #1
04/18/2015 PROPHECY: "Spiritual Gangrene" by Mary Bening
04/12/2015 PROPHECY: A Church Bankrupt Of Wine
03/22/2015 PROPHECY: Lethal Challenges
01/01/2015 PROPHECY: USA Judah Judgement Comparison Panorama

08/01/2014 PROPHECY: The Apocalyptic Key: The 1,260 Day Prophecy of Revelation
07/29/2014 PROPHECY: The 2,300 Day Prophecy of Daniel-Times Of The Gentiles
07/24/2014 PROPHECY: The 7 Year Tribulation and The 70 Weeks
07/21/2014 PROPHECY: Calendar of "The Times Of The Gentiles" comments
07/21/2014 PROPHECY: Calendar of "The Times Of The Gentiles" part 2 (Including Updated Calendar To 2016)
07/21/2014 PROPHECY: Calendar of "The Times Of The Gentiles" part 1
06/02/2014 PROPHECY: "Because Of The Elect" by Colleen Stephen
01/27/2014 PROPHECY: The Staff, Delaying God's Judgements vs Calling In The Judgements-A.A. Allen 7-4-1954 Vision-Duck Tour/Vicksburg-January 2 to January 6, 2014

11/10/2013 PROPHECY: The Miraculous Healing Of Sanchi
10/29/2013 PROPHECY: Dreams And Visions Linking Together
09/04/2013 PROPHECY: History Unfolding
08/22/2013 PROPHECY: Prophetic Vision Near Term
07/25/2013 PROPHECY: Where Is The Hope?
07/23/2013 PROPHECY: The Corpse Flower Sign
07/04/2013 PROPHECY: The Compression Judgement And Prophetic Delays
07/01/2013 PROPHECY: Three Sisters Tour-Portland Tsunami Prophecy-June 16 to July 10, 2013
05/28/2013 PROPHECY: Mt. Ranier Volcano Open Vision
04/27/2013 FULFILLED PROPHECY: Great Fear Shall Come Upon The Church-God's Fillibuster/Red Stick Tour-April 16 to May 23, 2013/Boston Marathon Bombing April 15
02/15/2013 FULFILLED PROPHECY: Meteor Hits Central Russia; Harms Human Beings
02/08/2013 PROPHECY: Four Red Sticks And March Markers For Zero Hour
01/09/2013 PROPHECY: The Glory And The Uproar

12/08/2012 PROPHECY: Nearness Of The Approaching Storm-The Jaws 2 Revelation
10/20/2012 PROPHECY: Prayer Topics For Apostles, Prophets, Intercessors and SLB
10/19/2012 PROPHECY: What Is About To Happen?
09/19/2012 PROPHECY: Of Ships And Sons
09/12/2012 PROPHECY: WPAPREPS-The Gold Prophecy-Crash Coming
08/04/2012 PROPHECY: The Route 68 Revelation
07/11/2012 PROPHECY: A Question Of Balance
07/10/2012 PROPHECY: My Kind Of Church
06/26/2012 PROPHECY: On Shrinking Back
05/25/2012 PROPHECY: Double Shock and The Defibrillator Shock Vision
04/29/2012 PROPHECY: On The Lookout
04/21/2012 PROPHECY: April 24, 2012-Not Just For New England
04/20/2012 PROPHECY: Floods Beginning April 24, 2012-Bulldog Tour-April 17 to April 24, 2012
03/13/2012 PROPHECY: The Making Of A Wolf
01/18/2012 PROPHECY: Rachel's Day and The Elisha Anointing
01/17/2012 PROPHECY: NEWCOMER'S TOUR CONCLUSION-(A MUST READ)!(Israel: Prepare yourselves for the commencement of Rachel's Day and the rise of the Messianic Jewish/Israel remnant!)

12/14/2011 PROPHECY: NEWCOMER'S TOUR CONCLUSION-(A MUST READ)!(Saints: Prepare Yourselves To Take Possession Of The Kingdom!)
07/17/2011 PROPHECY: Prosperity-Thirty, Sixty and Hundred Fold
07/03/2011 PROPHECY: AM and Shortwave Broadcasting Schedule
06/18/2011 PROPHECY: Mountain Top Experience, Sealing or Baptism Of Fire?
06/11/2011 PROPHECY: Celestial Confusion And Coastal Inundation
05/16/2011 PROPHECY: Kingdom Thoughts #1-Mind Prisons
05/12/2011 PROPHECY: May 21-Judgement Day?
03/11/2011 FULFILLED PROPHECY: Fukushima, Japan Earthquake And Tsunami
03/02/2011 PROPHECY: 2012-2016 Timing Pin Update, The Tsunami House Revelation
02/12/2011 PROPHECY: Sons Of God Arising Soon
01/27/2011 PROPHECY: Misfits
01/12/2011 PROPHECY: Ultimate Deception, Ultimate Betrayal, Ultimate Irony
01/07/2011 PROPHECY: Nightmare Scenario
01/06/2011 PROPHECY: Let Us Reason Together
01/05/2011 PROPHECY: Thy Will Be Done
01/04/2011 PROPHECY: Where Is The Company?

10/03/2010 PROPHECY: "2012"
04/20/2010 PROPHECY: "That Old Serpent"
04/11/2010 PROPHECY: The Healing Of The Beast
04/10/2010 PROPHECY: "Why Isn't The Whole World Catholic-The Geneva Bible 1560"
04/04/2010 PROPHECY: "Let The Slaughter Begin"
03/19/2010 PROPHECY: Seasons
03/07/2010 PROPHECY: Grant Street Tsunami Rubble Vision
01/30/2010 PROPHECY: Surveying The Wreckage
01/17/2010 PROPHECY: The Headless Corpse
01/16/2010 JOINT STATEMENT: Matthew Stephen & Stephen Bening: The STROM-BENTLEY-JOYNER-IHOP Controversy
01/09/2010 PROPHECY: Prophecy Primer #3-Walking Amongst The Spirits
01/01/2010 PROPHECY: Prophecy Primer #2-Nursery Chryme

12/30/2009 PROPHECY: Prophecy Primer #1-For Newcomers
11/16/2009 PROPHECY: Tribulation Voice And Utter Blindness

(Note: I felt led of the Spirit to present my writings under the name "Tribulation Voice" after October 20, 2009)


Prophetic Summary
Macro-Prophetic View
MISSIONS-Africa & So. America


REPORT FROM THE TOWER-Issue 2015-01--October 19, 2015

REPORT FROM THE TOWER-Issue 2012-01--June 26, 2012

REPORT FROM THE TOWER-Issue 2011-01--October 18, 2011

REPORT FROM THE TOWER-Issue 2007-02--September 5, 2007
REPORT FROM THE TOWER-Issue 2007-01--May 14, 2007

REPORT FROM THE TOWER-Issue 2006-04--September 8, 2006
REPORT FROM THE TOWER-Issue 2006-03--August 2, 2006
REPORT FROM THE TOWER-Issue 2006-02--May 2, 2006
REPORT FROM THE TOWER-Issue 2006-01--April 30, 2006

REPORT FROM THE TOWER-Issue 2005-04--December 31, 2005
REPORT FROM THE TOWER-Issue 2005-03--November 28, 2005
REPORT FROM THE TOWER-Issue 2005-02--August 20, 2005
REPORT FROM THE TOWER-Issue 2005-01--July 7, 2005

REPORT FROM THE TOWER-Issue 2004-04--December 9, 2004


07/18/2005 MISSIONS: Medellin, Colombia Days 1 to 8
06/27/2005 MISSIONS: Mission Plans For Colombia and Africa
06/06/2005 MISSIONS: Africa-Days 32 to 44
05/24/2005 MISSIONS: Africa-Days 18 to 31
05/10/2005 MISSIONS: Africa-Days 11 to 17
05/02/2005 MISSIONS: Africa-Days 1 to 10
04/14/2005 MISSIONS: "Come To The Water And Drink"-The Water Well Drilling Project
04/07/2005 MISSIONS: Africa Mission Plan #3-Kenya, Uganda and Burundi
03/04/2005 FOREIGN MISSIONS: Twelve Africa Missions Pictures
03/02/2005 FOREIGN MISSIONS: Orphans Supported By WPA
01/20/2005 FOREIGN MISSIONS: Kenya/Uganda/Rwanda Mission-Day 25
01/19/2005 FOREIGN MISSIONS: Kenya/Uganda/Rwanda Mission-Days 19-24
01/13/2005 FOREIGN MISSIONS: Kenya/Uganda/Rwanda Mission-Days 13-18
01/07/2005 FOREIGN MISSIONS: Kenya/Uganda/Rwanda Mission-Days 10-12
01/04/2005 FOREIGN MISSIONS: Kenya/Uganda/Rwanda Mission-Days 1-9

12/08/2004 FOREIGN MISSIONS: Kenya/Uganda/Rwanda Mission Plan#1
10/07/2004 FOREIGN MISSIONS: Kenya-Uganda Mission-Days 28-37
9/28/2004 FOREIGN MISSIONS: Kenya-Uganda Mission-Days 21-27
9/21/2004 FOREIGN MISSIONS: Kenya-Uganda Mission-Days 14-20: Fire Came Out From The Lord
9/14/2004 FOREIGN MISSIONS: Kenya-Uganda Mission-Days 6-13
9/07/2004 FOREIGN MISSIONS: Kenya Mission-Days 1-5
8/17/2004 FOREIGN MISSIONS: Africa Mission Plan
8/11/2004 FOREIGN MISSIONS: Africa Mission Plan
8/09/2004 FOREIGN MISSIONS: Medellin Mission-Days 33-43
7/29/2004 FOREIGN MISSIONS: Medellin Mission-Day 32
7/28/2004 FOREIGN MISSIONS: Medellin Mission-Day 31
07/27/2004: Medellin-Antioquia-Colombia Mission 2004: Days 28-30
07/24/2004: Medellin-Antioquia-Colombia Mission 2004: Days 23-27
07/19/2004: Medellin-Antioquia-Colombia Mission 2004: Days 20-22
07/16/2004: Medellin-Antioquia-Colombia Mission 2004: Days 13-19
07/09/2004: Medellin-Antioquia-Colombia Mission 2004: Days 1-12
06/11/2004: Medellin-Antioquia-Colombia Mission 2004
04/28/2004: Medellin-Antioquia-Colombia Mission 2004

10/01/2003: Foreign Missions: Planned Ministry To India and Haiti
08/13/2003: Medellin Mission: Days 32 to 40
08/04/2003: Medellin Mission: Days 23 to 31
07/26/2003: Medellin Mission: Days 16 to 22
07/19/2003: Medellin Mission: Days 10 to 15
07/13/2003: Medellin Mission: Days 1 to 9
06/10/2003: Foreign Missions: Planned Ministry To Medellin Colombia

Newcomers Tour 101
Stop #1-Defining Vision-The Lord And The Pyramid
Stop #2-God's Presence As A Provider Of Refuge And Protection
Stop #3-The Staff
Stop #4-2012-2018 Expectations

Advanced Tour 201
Stop #5-The Old Serpent
Stop #6-Last Things-Properly Understanding Bible Prophecy
Stop #7-Single Antichrist?
Stop #8-Prophecy In The Seven Year American Tribulation
Stop #9-Harlot Church-The Synagogue Of Satan
Stop #10-Newcomers Tour Conclusion

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Stephen L. Bening Archive
Prophetic Warnings

2002 To 2009

10/20/2009 PROPHECY: Final Words (Church Sent Into The Wilderness)-Iron Rod
10/19/2009 PROPHECY: The Single Pastor Apostasy
10/16/2009 PROPHECY: Refuge 101
10/15/2009 PROPHECY: Structural Abominations And Shrinking Refuges
10/11/2009 PROPHECY: Following Bad Men And Suffering For It
10/10/2009 PROPHECY: How Long?
10/10/2009 PROPHECY: Chopping Down The Tree-Columbus Day
10/02/2009 PROPHECY: The Lord's Staff Tour-October 2 through October 12, 2009
08/12/2009 PROPHECY: Remember...The Future
08/05/2009 PROPHECY: Remember...And Hear
08/04/2009 PROPHECY: Remember...Remember...Remember
06/06/2009 PROPHECY: The Sword Of Omar-Iran
06/05/2009 PROPHECY: Seven Prophetic Props, Yet, Even An Eighth
06/04/2009 PROPHECY: The Double Judgement Decree And The Doomsday Clock
06/04/2009 PROPHECY: 24 Locations Struck With The Two Staffs During The Double Judgement Tour
05/24/2009 PROPHECY: OK, Here's The Deal: Evacuating Florida?
05/21/2009 PROPHECY: The Rising Philadelphia Church And The Rapid Onset Of A Nightmare
05/21/2009 PROPHECY: 5/21/2009-Bridge Out Ahead (All Extensions Of Time Have Expired)
03/09/2009 PROPHECY: New Group Announcement-"His Gathering, On Yahoo Groups"
03/08/2009 PROPHECY: Double Judgements II-The Gathering

12/10/2008 PROPHECY: Double Judgements I-Sword Of Omar-The Storm Is Here Tour-November 28 to December 22, 2008
10/17/2008 PROPHECY: Withdrawal From "Judgement At The Door" Tour
10/09/2008 PROPHECY: "Judgement At The Door" Tour
09/19/2008 PROPHECY: Matthew Stephen-Double Judgements-Sword Of Omar
08/31/2008 FULFILLED PROPHECY: Hurricane Gustav, The Staff, Financial Crisis and Hurricane Ike
08/25/2008 PROPHECY: Pat Holliday And Deceivers Of The People
08/25/2008 PROPHECY: America-Drink The Cup
06/25/2008 PROPHECY: Public Meeting Notice For July 3 through July 19, 2008-The Single Staff Tour
06/21/2008 PROPHECY: Spiritual Death Of Jesus
06/19/2008 PROPHECY: Fourth Watch
06/12/2008 PROPHECY: Mount Carmel Confrontation
06/06/2008 PROPHECY: No More Delays
05/28/2008 PROPHECY: Seventeen Years And Then The Events Begin---Pointing At September 29 to November 21, 2008
05/17/2008 PROPHECY: Wheat Or Tare? The Florida Outpouring-Part Two
05/08/2008 PROPHECY: Regarding The DeLuca Prophecy in Lakeland
05/07/2008 PROPHECY: Who Is Greater?
05/06/2008 PROPHECY: Opinions, The Lakeland Outpouring And The Month Of May
05/05/2008 PROPHECY: Lakeland Outpouring Follow-Up Report
05/03/2008 PROPHECY: Angels In Female Form
05/02/2008 PROPHECY: Baptist Pastor Sidney Rigdon
04/28/2008 PROPHECY: Joseph Smith Chronological Timeline
04/27/2008 PROPHECY: Wheat Or Tare? The Florida Outpouring
01/25/2008 PROPHECY: The Joint Celestial Sign Of Asteroid 2007 TU24 And Comet 17P Holmes
01/25/2008 PROPHECY: Asteroid 2007 TU24 Update
01/12/2008 PROPHECY: From My Heart!

12/17/2007 PROPHECY: Defilement
12/17/2007 PROPHECY: Those Seemingly "Headless" Moments
12/17/2007 PROPHECY: Call To Highest Alert
12/13/2007 PROPHECY: Unity, Repentance And Wisdom
12/12/2007 PROPHECY: Assessment Of The Fruits Of The Man-Raymond Aguilera
12/12/2007 PROPHECY: Judgement Of The Rapture Prophecies Of Raymond Aguilera
12/11/2007 PROPHECY: The Temple And Holding To The Head
12/09/2007 PROPHECY: Jews, Jerusalem And Israel Pt2
12/08/2007 PROPHECY: The Dome Of The Rock Prophecy Of Raymond Aguilera
11/30/2007 PROPHECY: A Man Called Red
11/29/2007 PROPHECY: When You Don't Know
11/28/2007 PROPHECY: Deep Thinkers
11/26/2007 PROPHECY: Jews, Jerusalem and Israel Pt 1
11/06/2007 PROPHECY: Babylon Is Falling
09/13/2007 PROPHECY: Real Enemies-One Solution
08/21/2007 PROPHECY: Trouble Looming
06/22/2007 PROPHECY: Updating The WPA Emergency Alert System
06/21/2007 PROPHECY: Getting The Prophetic Message Right
06/17/2007 PROPHECY: "Clarification From The Lord?"
06/11/2007 PROPHECY: "You Missed Something"!
06/10/2007 PROPHECY: The Capos, The Protection Racket, And The Godfather!
05/18/2007 PROPHECY: It's Starting-Launch Codes Authenticated!
05/16/2007 PROPHECY: Heavenly Messenger
05/14/2007 PROPHECY: Two Dreams (Four Battleships Vision)
05/12/2007 PROPHECY: The Year Of The Storm
04/03/2007 PROPHECY: Synagogue Of Satan: The Harlot Church-New Prophetic Superpage

12/12/2006 PROPHECY: Revelation 21 Materializes
12/05/2006 ORPHANAGES: Kenya and Uganda
11/26/2006 PROPHECY: Spiritual Rainy Season At Hand
11/09/2006 PROPHECY: The Presence Of God
11/04/2006 PROPHECY: "Let These Sayings Sink Down Into Your Ears"
10/02/2006 PROPHECY: Evacuating Florida?
9/19/2006 PROPHECY: BURDEN OF ROSH, Revised
6/24/2006 PROPHECY: HAIR
6/17/2006 PROPHECY: June 18-Father's Day
6/07/2006 PROPHECY: Vision
6/03/2006 PROPHECY: The Eternal Round
5/17/2006 PROPHECY: HIGHEST ALERT-Get It Done!
5/09/2006 PROPHECY: 21st Week of 2006-HIGHEST ALERT-May 21-May 27
4/10/2006 PROPHECY: Expansion Of The Radio Ministry
2/07/2006 PROPHECY: Bring The Whole Tithe Into The Storehouse
2/05/2006 PROPHECY: Up...To The Jordan
2/04/2006 PROPHECY: Three Dreams, Three Asteroids and Three Bridges
1/30/2006 PROPHECY: UN Peacekeeping Forces
1/25/2006 PROPHECY: Two Cups
1/24/2006 PROPHECY: The Burden Of Rosh-African Shakings
1/1/2006 PROPHECY: The Year Of The Watchman!

12/31/2005 PROPHECY: No More Delay!
12/30/2005 PROPHECY: A Few More Things From The Master
12/29/2005 PROPHECY: Sudden Calamity; Sudden Relocation; Sudden Empowerment-A Few Things I Heard From The Master
12/09/2005 PROPHECY: It Took A Prophet
12/02/2005 PROPHECY: An Awful Howl And A Hijacking
10/30/2005 PROPHECY: Disruption
10/11/2005 PROPHECY: Given Over By God
10/06/2005 PROPHECY: Watchman, What Do You See? What Do You Hear?
10/04/2005 PROPHECY: Four Corners And The Cornerstone
09/26/2005 PROPHECY: WPA Meeting At Monteagle-November 4-6, 2005
07/07/2005 PROPHECY: Changes In Vision And Understanding
06/22/2005 PROPHECY: How Should The Christian Give
06/15/2005 PROPHECY: Shakings-The 90/10 Doctrine-The Coming Of The Lord
04/09/2005 PROPHECY: The End Of The World
03/14/2005 PROPHECY: The "Balanced" Church-A Word and A Vision
02/09/2005 PROPHECY: Voices
02/02/2005 PROPHECY: A Church Without Vision-On The Way To The Tent Of Meeting

11/30/2004 PROPHECY: The Last Days And The Return Of Christ
11/20/2004 PROPHECY: THE EIGHT Tithes Of Scripture
11/08/2004 PROPHECY: Bad Moon Waning
11/07/2004 PROPHECY: Mature Sons, The Trumpets And The Wrath Of God
8/06/2004 PROPHECY: Bivouac, Full Stop, Meetings of Prophets and Redig The Wells
6/18/2004 PROPHECY: God Of Forces, 11:11, and Cursed Lines On The Map
6/16/2004 PROPHECY: Red Alert Watching Unto Prayer
6/09/2004 ARTICLE: Potentially Explosive New Wine
6/05/2004 ARTICLE: The Simple And The Scornful
6/01/2004 MEETING: WPA Apostolic Prophetic Company-October 22-24, 2004
5/20/2004 PROPHECY: You Must Become As A Little Child
5/14/2004 PROPHECY: It Is Time
5/05/2004 PROPHECY: I Have A Dream
4/26/2004 PROPHECY: Why Lord? Why Are You So Angry With America?
4/23/2004 PROPHECY: Convergence
4/20/2004 PROPHECY: Be Encouraged While You Wait
4/16/2004 ANALYSIS: April 17th, 2004-The Ultimate 911 Anniversary
3/31/2004 STATEMENT: Regarding The USS Kitty Hawk Vision
3/25/2004 PROPHECY: Unfolding Revelation-Storm, Harvest, ZERO HOUR And The Asteroids
3/24/2004 INTERCESSION: Fasting Intercessors Of Watchmen Prophets Assembly-Prayer and Praise Bulletin #1
2/18/2004 PROPHECY: Three Comets And A Wake Up Call
2/3/2004 PROPHECY: Seeking For Glory

USAPROPHET.COM born on 12/31/2003
12/23/2003 PROPHECY: Walking And Obeying The Voice Of The Lord
12/19/2003 PROPHECY: Remember Blitz's Vision
12/05/2003 PROPHECY: Solemn Assembly
11/13/2003 PROPHECY: Readiness Windows-Tell Them What You See For 1/11 And 11/1
11/12/2003 PROPHECY: Overtime
11/06/2003 PROPHECY: Countdown And The Leonids
10/17/2003 PROPHECY: Your Resume In Heaven And The Great Flood To Come
09/25/2003 PROPHECY: Where Are You?
09/13/2003 PROPHECY: The Angel Rides In The Whirlwind
09/06/2003 PROPHECY: Be Ready
08/28/2003 PROPHECY: Will The Real Antichrist Please Stand Up?
08/22/2003 PROPHECY: A Concord With Belial
08/21/2003 PROPHECY: Last Things And The Return Of Christ
06/06/2003 PROPHECY: Touching The Inheritance
05/31/2003 PROPHECY: Clear Vision And Plain Speaking Concerning Judgment On The House Of God-Praise And Worship Medication
05/30/2003 PROPHECY: What Is True Worship?-Angelic Messengers
05/29/2003 PROPHECY: US Aircraft Carrier Prophecies-Bob Neumann, Hollie Moody-Comments by David Skelly and David Kenderes
05/28/2003 PROPHECY: The Ashes Of The Church Vision-Tom Green
05/27/2003 PROPHECY: Two Words
05/26/2003 PROPHECY: My Own Personal Earthquake-Randy McKee
05/25/2003 PROPHECY: Understanding What Is Happening-The Bitter Spirit and Falling Away
05/24/2003 PROPHECY: Purity, The Bride and the Bitter Water
05/23/2003 PROPHECY: The Axe Is Laid Unto The Root Of The Trees
05/22/2003 PROPHECY: Tablets Of Gold (Seven Churches) Going Into the Fire-The Pleiades
05/22/2003 PROPHECY: Jezebel-Clo DiPilato...Two Whirlwinds-Susan Cummings
05/21/2003 PROPHECY: Signs In The Pleiades
05/20/2003 ARTICLE: Hoaxed!
05/19/2003 PROPHECY: The Time Has Come-Susan Cummings
05/18/2003 PROPHECY: Therefore, Now It Begins-Randy McKee
05/17/2003 PROPHECY: May 24, 2003/Repentance/Israel
05/16/2003 PROPHECY: Storm Coming: The Season Of Sorrow-Michael Boldea Jr.
05/15/2003 PROPHECY: Sacrifices R US
05/14/2003 PROPHECY: Judgment And The Oracles Of God-4:17
05/13/2003 PROPHECY: The Winnowing Fork And The Purging Of The Floor
05/12/2003 ARTICLE: Miraculous Deliverance From Heroin-Jackie Pullinger
05/11/2003 PROPHECY: The Judgement Of America Has Commenced
05/10/2003 PROPHECY: Countdown To Zero Hour/Sleight Of Hand
05/10/2003-2 PROPHECY: Never Give Up!
05/10/2003-3 PROPHECY: Next-Jet Planes And Stinger Missiles
05/09/2003 PROPHECY: You Will All Prophesy
05/08/2003 PROPHECY: It's Not About Predicting; It's About Repentance
05/07/2003 PROPHECY: All That Can Shake Is Gonna Shake
05/07/2003 PROPHECY: Great Calamity Just Ahead-Dan Bohler
05/06/2003 SIGNS AND WONDERS: Is God's Miracle Manna Falling Today?
05/05/2003 PROPHECY: New Madrid Quake/Prophetic Symbols,May 7 Occurrences
05/04/2003 PROPHECY: 2003 New Madrid Quake/Awakened By An Angel?
05/03/2003 TEACHING: The Ministry Of Angels
05/02/2003 PROPHECY: Randy McKee-9.0 Earthquake Prophecy
05/01/2003 PROPHECY: Compulsory Sabbath Worship?
04/30/2003 PROPHECY: New Madrid Quake-Blytheville ARK-Blithe spirit-Roadmap
04/29/2003 PROPHECY: Extremely Close Approach Of Asteroid 2003 HW10
04/28/2003 PROPHECY: Carl Hahn-No New Revelation-Everything In The 66 Books
04/27/2003 PROPHECY: Leadership And Responsibility
04/26/2003 PROPHECY: Carl Hahn-First Encounter With Daily Visits By Holy Angels
04/14/2003 PROPHECY: Three Asteroid Revelation-Timing
04/12/2003 PROPHETIC WORD: Minister Unto Me!
04/10/2003 PROPHECY: Three Asteroids/Comets-What Do We Know?
04/01/2003 PROPHECY: A Short Letter To The Pastors (for distribution)
03/31/2003 PROPHECY: Warned In A Dream, In A Night Vision
03/27/2003 PROPHETIC ARTICLE: Noah's Alert System
03/26/2003 PROPHECY: Chronology Of Prophesied Judgements In The United States
03/18/2003 PROPHETIC ARTICLE: It's Begun, And It's Done
03/11/2003 PROPHECY: Seven Days Of Silence!
02/25/2003 ARTICLE: Heads Up!
02/18/2003 ARTICLE: Revelation Knowledge and Scholarship
02/08/2003 PROPHECY: A Critical Time
02/05/2003 PROPHETIC EXPERIENCE: Coming Out Of Harvest Fellowship Church
02/04/2003 PROPHECY: FIGHT!
01/29/2003 PROPHECY: Causes Of Banishment
01/06/2003 ARTICLE: Perceiving The Bride Of Christ

12/19/2002 PROPHECY: Judgement Upon Man's Inventions
12/17/2002 PROPHECY: Four Angels, The Euphrates and Michael
11/11/2002 PROPHETIC EXPERIENCE: The Storm
11/02/2002 PROPHECY: Linen Garments
11/01/2002 ARTICLE: Antichrist
10/31/2002 ARTICLE: The Gospel And Your Feelings
10/09/2002 ARTICLE: Stephen Swift-A Modest Proposal
10/03/2002 PROPHECY: Seven Year American Tribulation
10/01/2002 PROPHECY: Shaking And Intimacy With The Lord
9/27/2002 PROPHECY: Silence And Connecting The Dots
9/26/2002 ARTICLE: Your Need For Jesus
9/24/2002 PROPHECY: Dream-The Diapered Babies
9/22/2002 PROPHECY: "I Will Gather You To A Place"
9/16/2002 PROPHECY: God is Pleading With America
9/13/2002 COUNSEL: Matters That Divide
9/12/2002 PROPHECY: Immediacy, Severity and Timing
9/10/2002 PROPHECY: Built On A Foundation Of The Pastor
9/06/2002 PROPHECY: The Mousetraps
9/02/2002 PROPHECY: Pressing In And Getting Desperate-Roll Call
8/31/2002 #2 PROPHECY: Two Ways It Can Go
8/31/2002 PROPHECY: Blowing The Trumpet With A Certain Sound
8/30/2002 JUDGEMENT OF PROPHECY: Endorsement Withdrawn Of Timothy Snodgrass Prophecy Setting The Date For The California Earhquake Prior to 2003
8/29/2002 JUDGEMENT OF PROPHECY: Earthquake Predicted-September 7, 2002-Kenny Green
8/28/2002 PROPHECY: Chronology Of Prophesied Judgements In The United States
8/26/2002 #2- PROPHECY: ZERO HOUR-The Basement
8/26/2002- PROPHECY: THE LIGHTHOUSE-Building On The Rock
8/23/2002- PROPHECY: Images And Threads-A Snapshot Of The Times
8/19/2002- PROPHECY: Revival And The Wildfire Of Intimacy
8/16/2002- PROPHECY: Nehushtan
8/09/2002- PROPHECY: Teshuvah and Examining Everything
7/18/2002- PROPHECY: Covetousness
6/22/2002- PROPHECY: New Madrid-What's In A Name
6/01/2002- PROPHECY: Alert To The Coming Storm
5/01/2002- THINGS I'VE LEARNED: Famine NEW
4/17/2002- PROPHECY: Vision of Packing For Exile....Ezekiel 12 Spoken to America
4/05/2002- PROPHECY: Prophetic 9/11 Parallels/Jordan/The Storm/Burn The Bones/Another Wave of Glory
3/20/2002- PROPHECY: Once Upon A Time In The West (In The Last Days)
2/27/2002- PROPHECY: WPA Emergency Alert System-Second Day
2/26/2002- PROPHECY: WPA Emergency Alert System Is Born
2/25/2002- PROPHECY: Asteroid Dream#2-Three Asteroids
2/22/2002- PROPHECY: Midnight
2/21/2002- PROPHECY: A Land Rooted Out
2/20/2002- PROPHECY: Asteroids/Tidal Waves/Distractions
2/19/2002- PROPHECY: Asteroid/Tidal Wave in Dream/Vision-Bob Neumann aka old dog-An Assessment
2/18/2002- PROPHECY: Asteroid/Tidal Wave in Dream/Vision-Bob Neumann aka old dog
2/02/2002- PROPHECY: Direction


Prophecy and
Newsletter Central
Stephen L. Bening Archive
Prophetic Warnings

1991 To 2001

12/26/2001- PROPHECY: The Famine Of Hearing The Word Of The Lord AND The Mountain In The Field
12/14/2001- PROPHECY: Waves Of Righteousness
11/13/2001- VISION: And the Angels Cry: "Draw Near"
11/01/2001- PROPHECY: A Reminder Word About the USS Kitty Hawk And The 17th
10/20/2001- VISION: "Ignition"
09/22/2001- PROPHECY: The Eyes Of A Child
09/17/2001- PROPHECY: Eli-Who?
09/11/2001- PROPHECY: Peace To You
08/28/2001- PROPHECY: Handling The Fire Of God
08/25/2001- PROPHECY: The Summer Is Ended, And We Are Not Saved
08/17/2001- PROPHECY: Morning Is Coming, But Also The Night
08/12/2001- PROPHECY: The End Has Come Upon America
08/11/2001- HELPS: Hearing God
07/07/2001- PROPHECY: America-How Much Space?
07/02/2001- PROPHECY: Fear Not
07/01/2001- PROPHECY: Who Then Can Be Saved?
06/30/2001- PROPHECY: I Am Very Near, Just Whisper
06/29/2001- DEVOTION: The Maimed Life
06/21/2001- PROPHECY: Focusing On Jesus Christ, And Him Crucified
06/15/2001- PROPHECY: All That Can Shake Is Gonna Shake!
06/14/2001- PROPHECY: Watchman, What Of The Morning
06/12/2001- TEACHING: Heresy-Hunter Or Hunted
06/11/2001- TEACHING: GALATIANS must camp with JAMES
06/05/2001- TEACHING: Another Jesus, Another Spirit, Another Gospel
06/04/2001- SHARING: Pillars, Columns, and the Shear Wall
06/02/2001- PROPHECY: Fret Not, But Rejoice
06/01/2001- PROPHECY: A Picture Of The Hardships To Come
05/31/2001- PROPHECY: A Famine Of Seeing
05/29/2001- PROPHECY: Judgement Begins At The House Of God-Bill and Marsha Burns-Some Concerns
05/25/2001- PROPHECY: Major Elements Of US Judgement
05/23/2001- ADMONITION: Less Barking, More Praying
05/14/2001- PROPHECY: Pastors After The Lord's Heart-Jeremiah 3:15
05/11/2001- WARNING: Michael John Rood-With An Excellent Rebuttal From Jeremiah Patoka
05/03/2001- GENERAL: Preparations In The Natural Realm (Hiking and Retreat Checklist
05/01/2001- PROPHECY: Something Wicked This Way Comes
04/29/2001- PROPHECY: Silence-4/17 Dream
04/11/2001- PROPHECY: The USS Kitty Hawk (CV61)
04/10/2001- PROPHECY: America Is Judged!
04/03/2001- PROPHECY TEACHING: Is The Word In You?
04/02/2001- PROPHECY TEACHING: Labour Not For The Meat Which Perisheth
04/01/2001- PROPHECY: Itching Ears
03/31/2001- PROPHECY TEACHING: Preeminent
03/30/2001- PROPHECY TEACHING: Prophetic Boundaries
03/29/2001- WARFARE: Intercessors Need Our Fasting And Prayer Now
03/28/2001- PROPHECY: Deep Darkness To Follow Waves Of Glory and Light
03/27/2001- PROPHECY TEACHING: Christian Prophets And Mistakes
03/26/2001- PROPHECY: Five Will Get You Ten
03/25/2001- PROPHECY: Waves And Waves Of His Glory
03/24/2001- PROPHECY TEACHING: Occupying Until He Comes
03/23/2001- OBSERVATIONS: Not Looking Behind, But Pressing Toward The Mark
03/22/2001- PROPHECY TEACHING: The Old Testament Prophet Spirit
03/21/2001- PROPHECY: 3rd Day/2nd Wave
03/19/2001- PROPHECY: Disputable Matters vs. Heretical Teaching
03/15/2001- PROPHECY: The Foolishness Of Preaching
03/08/2001- PROPHECY: Suddenly, The Lord Speaks
03/01/2001- WARFARE: Tarrying By The Stuff
02/28/2001- WARFARE: Make No Provision For The Flesh
02/27/2001- WARFARE: Fasting Food
02/26/2001- WARFARE: A Call To Arms
02/13/2001- DEVOTIONAL: Four Families
02/12/2001- DEVOTIONAL: Speak To The Rock
02/11/2001- DEVOTIONAL: Elisha's Bones
02/07/2001- PROPHECY: Return To Me
02/06/2001- PROPHECY: Can God Prophecy To National Israel?
02/05/2001- PROPHECY: Avoiding Arguments Over Unanswerable Questions
02/04/2001- DEVOTIONAL: A People Called "Sought Out"
02/03/2001- JUDGEMENT OF PROPHECY: Worldwide Revival-David Skelly
02/02/2001- PROPHECY: Becoming Less
02/01/2001- PROPHECY: Following Instructions
01/31/2001- PROPHECY: Two Years In Prison
01/30/2001- PROPHECY: Leaven
01/29/2001- DEVOTIONAL: Knowing Jesus
01/28/2001- PROPHECY: Cult Members to be set Free
01/27/2001- PROPHECY: The Davidic Apostolic Movement and the New Sanhedrin
01/26/2001- PROPHECY: Interceding and Warring By Worship
01/25/2001- DEVOTIONAL: Psalm 101
01/24/2001- PROPHECY: Blessing, Answered prayer, Vision changed and A Scroll to be delivered-Kay Lynn Manker
01/23/2001- PROPHECY: God Will Carry Your Words
01/22/2001- PROPHECY: Salvation By God's Own Arm
01/21/2001- PROPHECY: The Serpent on the Pole
01/20/2001- PROPHECY: Contrasts
01/19/2001- PROPHECY: Weakness and Weariness
01/18/2001- PROPHECY: Assembly Discipline and "The Two Witnesses"
01/14/2001- ENCOURAGEMENT: God Works All Things
01/13/2001- PROPHECY: Better Off In Sodom
01/12/2001- PROPHECY: What Saves A Man?
01/11/2001- PROPHECY: Enigma
01/10/2001- DEVOTION: He Is With Us In The Storm
01/09/2001- DEVOTION: The Cost
01/08/2001- DEVOTION: Passion and Weariness
01/07/2001- PROPHECY: Bitter Roots
01/06/2001- PROPHECY: Savage Wolves
01/05/2001- PROPHECY: Jerusalem Vision
01/04/2001- PROPHECY: Not Looking Behind, But Pressing On
01/03/2001- PROPHECY: The Time Of The End/Daniel 9 Revisited
01/02/2001- PROPHECY: The Potter: Creating A New Work For A New Millenium
01/01/2001- PROPHECY: All Things Have Become New
2001-WPA FOUNDED 1/1/2001

12/31/2000- EXHORTATION: Set Your Mind On Things Above
12/30/2000- PROPHECY: Danger! Make Sure You Are Moving With God
12/29/2000- PROPHECY: Passion For Jesus
12/28/2000- PROPHECY: Two Houses/Two Sticks/Mormonism and Torah Observance
12/27/2000- PROPHECY: Some Thoughts For Today
12/26/2000- PROPHECY: The Day Of Vengeance
12/25/2000- PROPHECY: Expect The Unexpected
12/24/2000- EXHORTATION: He Took My Nails
12/23/2000- PROPHECY: Gather Together With Expectation Tomorrow
12/22/2000- PROPHECY: Deep Darkness Shall Cover The Earth
12/21/2000- SONG: A Christmas Carol
12/20/2000- PROPHECY: More Light From God On The Time Of The End
12/19/2000- PROPHECY: Today's Sanhedrin-Trusting In Man
12/18/2000- PROPHECY: Watchman To Watchman Talk
12/17/2000- PROPHECY: The Storm
12/16/2000- PROPHECY: No One Else
12/15/2000- PERSONAL WORD: Virus
12/14/2000- PERSONAL WORD: Kept From Stumbling
12/13/2000- PROPHECY: Correction
12/12/2000- PROPHECY: Two Houses-A Word Through Bob Neumann
12/11/2000- PROPHECY: Get Up: Get Back On Your Feet
12/10/2000- PROPHECY: Virgin Birth
12/09/2000- PROPHECY: Obedience/Fatigue/I, The Lord, am STRONG
12/08/2000- TEACHING: Preaching The Gospel To Christians
12/07/2000- PROPHECY: The Time Of The End!
12/06/2000- PROPHECY: What God Is Doing In His Church: Simply Explained (For Distribution in the Congregations)
12/05/2000- PERSONAL DEVOTION: The Servant Of The Lord
12/04/2000- PERSONAL DEVOTION: He Is My Defense
12/03/2000- PERSONAL DEVOTION: Delight
12/02/2000- PROPHECY: Finding What I didn't Look For/The Low Spreading Tree
12/01/2000- PROPHECY: Be Careful In Personal Prophecy-Next 4 Weeks/Aaron and Hur
11/30/2000- PROPHECY: Apostles And Prophets In Conflict-Judgement Begins At The House Of God
11/29/2000- COMMENTARY: My Utmost For His Highest-Oswald Chambers: Man's Attempts At Piety
11/28/2000- JUDGEMENT OF PROPHECY: America Is Judged-Three Prophecies
11/27/2000- COMMENTARY: Sabbath Keeping Revisited
11/26/2000- COMMENTARY: Torah Keepers/Sabbath Keepers
11/25/2000- TEACHING: Hananiah/False Prophets
11/24/2000- PROPHECY: Tyre and Eliakim (Whom God Establishes)
11/23/2000- PROPHECY: The Keys Of The Kingdom/Opening and Closing-Binding and Loosing
11/22/2000- TEACHING AND PROPHETIC DECREE: Uncovering The Tactics Of The Enemy/False Prophets
11/21/2000- TEACHING AND PROPHECY: Are New Testament Prophets Less Important?/Sitting At The Gate
11/20/2000- PERSONAL WORD AND BRIEFING: Battle Assessment and Direction/Regaining Focus
11/19/2000- PROPHECY: The Cloud Is Moving/Worship Is Changing
11/18/2000- PROPHETIC DECREE: This Battle For Florida Is Over/Decree From the Gatekeepers
11/17/2000- PROPHECY:Advice To Baby Prophets
11/16/2000- PROPHECY: Letter To Katherine Harris/Election Commentary
11/15/2000- PROPHECY: Florida: The Gateway To And The Fulcrum Of America/Gatekeepers
11/14/2000- TEACHING: The Spirit of Jezebel and the Companion Spirit of Desertion
11/13/2000- TEACHING: Jesus Christ: The Mighty God, The LORD GOD
11/12/2000- TEACHING: You Must Believe That Jesus Christ Is The LORD GOD
11/11/2000- PROPHECY AND WORD OF ADMONITION: Stepping On Toes/Gatekeepers
11/10/2000- PROPHECY: Dumitru Duduman-America Will Burn
11/09/2000- CULTS: Mormonism and The Indwelling Christ
11/07/2000- CULTS: My Deliverance From The Spirit of Mormonism
11/06/2000- CULTS: Sabbath Keepers And Mormonism
11/05/2000- PROPHECY AND EXHORTATION TO PASTORS: Acquit Yourselves Of Ezekiel 34
11/03/2000- PROPHECY: Three Prophetic Words: Handle With Greatest Care
11/02/2000- JUDGEMENT OF PROPHECY: A Declaration To The Nations
11/01/2000- VISIONS: Encouraging Visions For The Church
10/30/2000-PROPHECY: A Coming War With Jordan And Syria
10/29/2000-PROPHECY: 60 Days: Jesus Is Coming In His Church/Word through Doug Fortune
10/28/2000-Israel Must Turn To The Lord/60 Days
10/27/2000-PROPHECY: Nothing Has Changed! No rapture/ Ezekiel 38/39 war this year, Wars And Captivity Possible,
10/26/2000-The Jezebel Spirit-Part 2
10/25/2000-The Jezebel Spirit
10/24/2000-Do Not Neglect Your Crucifixion
10/23/2000-The Controversial Jesus/Jacob's trouble
10/21/2000-Ezekiel 38: How Many Battles
10/20/2000-Ezekiel 38: The Northern Army: Where Do They Come From
10/19/2000-Sit At The Lord's Feet
10/12/2000--Temple Cornerstone/Michael Rood
06/26/2000--Light Has Sprung Up-A Human Wave of Fire-Through Haiti and Colombia
06/05/2000--Haiti, Come Forth!
05/22/2000--A Crisis In Faith-All Messed Up
04/03/2000--Jesus receives Tithes-Whether or not the barley is Abib--The Mosaic delay.
03/27/2000--Four Beasts, Four Seals, Four Horses
03/20/2000--1,290 Days
03/13/2000--Are We In The Great Tribulation?
03/06/2000--China, The Persian Gulf, The Slavic Lands and The Great Tribulation
02/28/2000--Prophets And The Two Witnesses Deception
02/14/2000--The Euphrates River and The Kings Of The East
02/07/2000--Faith Worketh Through Love
December 1999/January 31, 2000 (Gammadim Vision Newsletter: Y2K Aftermath, 501 C 3 choices, Faith-Patient Endurance-Relationship with Jesus)

October/November 30, 1999 (Gammadim Vision Newsletter: Hurricane Irene Prophecy Fulfilled, False Prophets, Judgment Begins With the House of God)
10/20/1999--Prophetic Alert 1-10/20/99: Prediction of a nuclear explosion in Los Angeles-5 Kiloton nuclear device
August/September 30, 1999 (Gammadim Vision Newsletter: Prophecies concerning Y2K and a coming calamity in South Florida)
08/24/1999--Calamity To Strike South Florida
June/July 31, 1999 (Gammadim Vision Newsletter: Prophecies concerning Hurricane Irene, Persian Gulf Nuclear Attack)
05/09/1999--Y2K To Be No Problem at 01/01/2000

03/24/1998--Persian Gulf Revelation
Gammadim Vision Founded 1997 Online

08/24/1994--God Validates My Ministry As Shown In The Bible-At Homestead FL
07/16/1994--PROPHECY NEWS: Asteroids and Comets As Spiritual Signs-Shoemaker Levy 9 and Jupiter-July 16, 1994
03/13/1994--Pastor Avello To Be Replaced With His Assistant Pastor

01/09/1993--President Clinton To Be Impeached
01/09/1993--Persian Gulf Revelation

12/01/1992--Soma-Great Tribulation To Begin in Turkey & The Slavic Lands
09/01/1992--Hurricane Bonnie
07/24/1992--Open Vision-Nuclear Detonation Over South Miami
07/21/1992--Open Vision-Americans Will Be Carried In Boxcars
07/13/1992--The Name Of Andrew Will Mark Judgement
Stephen L. Bening received his call to the Office of Prophet from the Lord on June 24, 1992

09/29/1991 and 11/21/1991--European Open Vision and A Financial Reverse Barometer
08/01/1991--Leper To Be Healed In Seven Days
07/04/1991--4..17 Dream
06/01/1991--The Number 24 Will Be Important
Stephen L. Bening received his first prophetic word from the Lord June 1, 1991

Stephen L. Bening-25 Important Prophecies
01/24/2001--PROPHECY: Blessings to come, Prayers to be answered, Vision to change-By Kay Lynn Manker
04/25/2004 PROPHECY: Summary Update Of The Kitty Hawk Revelation As Included In USA Prophet, Prophetess & Saints



1) Seven Places Jesus Shed His Blood
2) Accusation and Rejection of Jesus
3) Crucifixion of Jesus
4) Two Deaths of Jesus
5) Descent Into Hell
6) Preaching In Lower Hell
7) Begotten Again Of The Father
8) Resurrection Of Jesus
9) Ascension of Jesus
10) Exaltation of Jesus
11) Outpouring Of The Holy Spirit

"The Church of my Great Grandfather"
Okawville, Illinois



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