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PROPHECY: Extremely Close Approach of Asteroid 2003 HW10
April 29, 2003

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At between 5 and 6 A.M. this morning, April 29, this asteroid passed within a calculated distance of 85,519 miles. That is .00092 of 1 Astronomical unit.

Apparently, it was estimated as being 50 feet in diameter. I have seen no reports of observations today to see if that path was verified, but based upon the absence of reports, it seems as though this one missed us entirely, but only by an astronomical whisker.

There is speculation that there are more incoming, as this one was only discovered on April 25, 2003. One unconfirmed report that I am trying to verify is that an amateur has said there are THREE incoming.

It is officially listed now by NASA/NEODYS now as 2003 H10. An Italian site was apparently the first to list it. The speculation centers around predictions that were made, that I first read at or around April 15th, that Comet Neat VI fragmented when it came around the sun and was struck (or nearly struck) by a huge solar flare and that these fragments were sent hurtling out toward Earth. The prediction (made unofficially by an amateur astronomer) at that time was that pieces of these fragments would begin arriving on or around April 25 and would continue through the middle of May. This is the first occurrence that gives credence to that speculation. Therefore, I give higher credence now to the speculation that more are on the way.

This is the closest approach that I recall seeing since I have been looking and aware, yet I have only found it reported on one obscure site on the internet, other than the usual NASA/NEODYS site. Of course, for various reasons, I have a heightened interest in asteroids just at this time.

Stephen L. Bening

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