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Stephen L. Bening
Born (January 20, 1957 in Carbondale, Illinois, USA)

I've been thinking about the Lord and how I got my start. I mean, how I got my God start! Then, sometime later, I realized, in reviewing my web site, that it contains nothing to give it my personality: there is no explanation of who I am and of how I came to be doing what I do. It is a rather remarkable story, or at least I think so. Perhaps someone else will agree.

Since I did not receive Jesus Christ as Lord until age 30, my early years, the first 24 which were spent in Illinois, are quickly described. The son of a wealthy man, growing up in a small town, I majored in Accounting and obtained my degree in 1978. Then, in 1981, I became a CPA, or certified public accountant and moved to Florida.

How does a young CPA at the age of 24 wind up doing what I do? That is the story here. Today, I help and advise 41 churches and ministries with financial matters as of July, 2000. I serve on six church and ministry boards of directors. God also called me as a prophet to the nations: at age 35. What happened?

In 1987, while doing accounting services at a large construction company in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, the gospel was presented to me by the owner, who had recently experienced a dramatic conversion and deliverance from addiction to cocaine and sex. I attempted to persuade this man that he did not have to destroy his business by preaching this christian gospel with such tenacity. In the process, I attempted to disprove the bible: to prove that it was a work of man. What I proved to myself is that it is the word of God. During this whole time, my client paid me $100 per hour to listen to the gospel. I think that is quite unique, don't you?

I did a brief, 3 month detour through the Mormon Church, or Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. I don't want to go into that here, but you can read about my experiences at Mormon Chronicles. I added this section on August 4, 2000, at the urging of the Holy Spirit. I know that someone who is reading this will need to hear what I have to say about Mormonism.

Now we fast forward to 1991. By this time, I had entered private industry, first as a CFO and by 1991, as a CEO of a billion dollar Florida real estate subsidiary of the financial empire of Charles Bronfman of Montreal. On September 29, 1991, I was terminated without warning and given sufficient funds that I was under no financial pressure. I began to pray and seek the Lord to see what he was doing in my life. Sometime during the next month, the words came into my spirit: FINANCIAL MINISTRY. This word was confirmed in writing, prior to my having received it, by another man in my church, Caldwell (Blitz) Robinson, who had received a vision, of which I played a major part. Blitz had written this vision down and had given it to our pastor. He saw me doing FINANCIAL MINISTRY before I was even fired! Amazing God!

Now we come to my birth as a prophet. I became convinced during my conversion in 1987 that the return of the Lord was near. These aspects of the bible greatly occupied my mind as I read the bible through over and over again, many times during those first years.

During 1990, I met a man named Art Cormier. Art was a butcher: a meat cutter in Fort Lauderdale. God was showing him some incredible things. He was having trouble getting people to pay attention to him, for he was receiving warnings about America's future. His english grammar was not very good, but I quickly saw the importance of what he was receiving and I felt called to help him, so, in a sense, I became his scribe. I began doing prophetic newsletters then, mainly filled with what Art was seeing. God led me to call them the "Gammadim Reports", after Ezekiel 27:11.

I recall one event that changed me forever. It was June 18, 1991. I had just visited the location of my previous employer at 666 71st Street. I had been showing a friend that place and laughing about the numerical address. I pulled my car into my office parking lot at 6 P.M.: the 18th hour of the 18th day of the 6th month of 1991---can you see all those sixes. Art Cormier was waiting for me. He handed me a revelation he had received that America was going to be destroyed by a Russian attack of SS18 nuclear missiles. Russia has named these missiles "SS18 Satan". Art had no idea where I had been---he had no idea that I had just come from 666 71st street. He had not even noticed the 18th hour of the day. He had not even noticed that it was 6/18, but I did immediately and I was changed forever.

During February, 1992, the Lord God called me to a fast of forty days on water alone. I prayed to know the purpose of my fast. The Lord revealed that I was fasting for something that had not been seen on the Earth for a long time: the anointing of Elisha. I completed that fast in March, 1992 and a few months later, God spoke to me at about 9 P.M on June 24, 1992, calling me after the order of the prophet Jeremiah as a prophet to the nations. I have been called to many long periods of fasting and prayer since that time that lasted from seventeen to twenty four days.

Well, that is my story, well almost all. I recall now the words of my friend Roger Heim, who says that he has never written a book because he would have had to have included his failures along with the glorious stories. I have had my failures. I was dreadfully deceived and drawn into Mormonism in 1987 and did not get totally free of it until 1991. This humbled me. How hard and prideful I was in 1991. How all of that has changed!

Ever since that time, I have been trying to do my best to serve my master. It has not been easy. I have suffered much and have lost everything I had. But like Paul, I consider everything I have lost to be dung in comparison to the riches that I have obtained in Christ Jesus my Lord. And God has been faithful to begin the process of restoration. I went through seventeen years suffering the loss of all things and then God began to say "enough".

I have endured three divorces and the thought I have today is whether I should attempt to hide or withhold that fact from you? I was the one put away without just cause; the one abused; the one not cleft to; the one abandoned and left with the children. How is it that my experiences were thrice repeated? I do not in thus saying make any proclamation as to my own perfection, yet I have found that the professing church has one doctrine with respect to marriage, divorce and remarriage and Jesus Christ has completely another one. These doctrines and dogmas of men have caused much suffering and heartache in the church. I have been helped along my path by certain resources. You may find the website of Danni Moss to be one such help:
Because It Matters-Freedom From Abuse in Christianity

I write now in 2017 in full enjoyment of the ministry partnership I share with my wife Mary. It has taken a long time to get to a life that is so rich and full.

Please pray for me that I continue to faithfully and boldly serve and obey our master, our Lord Jesus Christ. He is coming soon.

Stephen L. Bening


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