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08/31/2017 PROPHECY: Revelation Puzzle-Part 1 (Introduction)
1 OF 7: I teach on the proper methods to employ so that the Book of Revelation may be understood as God intended.

04/11/2020 PROPHECY: Revelation Puzzle-Part 1A (Appendix)-Scriptural Heist And The Next Eleven Years-The Apocalyptic Key
1A OF 7: I present the revelation that America has about eleven years left, explain just why that is and also show forth the divinely given apocalyptic key to quickly open the door to understanding regarding the identity of the seven headed, ten horned beast in Revelation 12, 13 and 17 and the actions we will have to take today regarding Mystery Babylon, the mother of harlots and with particular respect paid to our dealings those harlot daughters of hers.

09/10/2017 PROPHECY: Revelation Puzzle-Part 2 (Papacy as Mystery Babylon-Mohammedan Rise-Turkish Woe)
2 OF 7: I support the argument that the Book of Revelation should be understood to flow in a chronologically consecutive manner. Arguments are herein made to identify the Mohammedan Rise as the fifth trumpet and the Turkish Woe as the sixth trumpet.

09/15/2017 PROPHECY: Revelation Puzzle-Part 3 (2 Witnesses-Everlasting Gospel-4 Angels Bound)
3 OF 7: I put forth arguments to place the martyrdom and raising of the two witnesses and the going forth of the angel with the Everlasting Gospel at a time prior to the blowing of the seventh trumpet. Argument is also made that the 4 angels bound at the Euphrates River were the bound force that held the Islamic horde in place there, at Baghdad on the Euphrates, during the almost three hundred years that passed between the fifth trumpet and the sixth trumpet.

09/25/2017 PROPHECY: Revelation Puzzle-Part 4 (The Great Earthquake)
4 OF 7: I put forth arguments for the Great Earthquake-Seal 6 as having been fulfilled by the accession of Constantine to the throne of Pagan Rome. Also, it includes a debate about how we ought to properly interpret the meaning of God's word: can we use contextual helps to interpret obscure passages, or must every scripture stand alone?

10/02/2017 (Updated June 25, 2020) PROPHECY: Revelation Puzzle-Part 5 (The Double Judgements and The Healing Of The Fatal Head Wound Of The Beast)
5 OF 7: I explain the word of the Lord to me that one way in which the Revelation 18 double judgements will be double is that they will have occurred once in history and then, they will occur once again in the consummation of all things. This is something that previous biblical historicists either did not explain or did not receive from the Lord. Hence, once understanding has been gained regarding these first instances of prophetic fulfillment, you will then not fail to perceive the near onset of their second fulfillment. The postscript discusses the OT connection between Edom, The Harlot and the Double Judgements.

05/08/2018 PROPHECY: Revelation Puzzle-Part 6 (The False Prophet-The Pyramid-The Clergy)
6 OF 7: I explain the second beast of Revelation 13, which has been called the "false prophet". I show that it symbolizes the apostate clergy of the Roman Catholic system and also all of the clergy of the daughter harlot churches, many of which we have to deal with today.

05/15/2018 PROPHECY: Revelation Puzzle-Part 7 (Revelation Puzzle-Part 7 (Conclusion For Revelation Chapters 6-18))
7 OF 7: The Lord has repeatedly brought this timeline of puzzle pieces before me in vision including the links to the previous Revelation Puzzle articles. I knew that He wanted me to pull it all together in concluding form, including the remaining puzzle pieces.


09/01/2017 (Updated 09/12/2019) PROPHECY: Revelation Spreadsheet Analysis Tool
Created to be used in conjunction with the REVELATION PUZZLE PIECES SERIES at left and with Elliott's HORAE APOCALYPTICAE, found below... I have indexed to the most respected and prominent historical writers and have added my own commentary. Here, you can see the DATES when Seals, Trumpets and Vials were fulfilled: something that is not readily available anywhere.

E.B. Elliott, Horae Apocalypticae, Volume 1-Fifth Edition

E.B. Elliott, Horae Apocalypticae, Volume 2-Fifth Edition

E.B. Elliott, Horae Apocalypticae, Volume 3-Fifth Edition

E.B. Elliott, Horae Apocalypticae, Volume 4-Fifth Edition
Edward Bishop Elliott (1793-1875), scholarly prophetic expositor, received his education at Trinity College, Cambridge, graduating in 1816. Elliott was thoroughly equipped as a scholar and was deeply interested in prophecy, spending a lifetime in investigation and seeking to understand God's mind thereon. His Horae Apocalypticae (Hours with the Apocalypse) [literally 'time with the Apocalypse'] is doubtless the most elaborate work ever produced on the Apocalypse... Begun in 1837, its 2500 pages include 10,000 invaluable references to ancient and modern works bearing on the topics under discussion.

Reformational Eschatology: Understanding End Time Prophetic Concepts
Includes all of my articles on Reformation Period Eschatology along with many free resources for Biblical Historicism research. This includes articles that discuss the following at length:
1) The prophecies regarding 1,260 days, 42 months and A day, days and half a day.
2) The lack of any biblical support for a pre tribulation rapture or a seven year tribulation period and consideration of the 70 weeks prophecy of Daniel.
3) Copies of the 1878 "Calendar Of The Times Of the Gentiles" by H. Grattan Guinness (A MUST READ)
4) Considerations of all modern prophetic expectations of a single anti-christ, the abomination of desolation
5) Presentation of the arguments that the Papacy is the antichrist
6) Discussing the prophecy about the abomination of desolation
7) Discussing the 2,300 day prophecy of Daniel
8) Discussing the 4th empire of Daniel 2 and the 8th head of the Revelation 17:10 beast and the likelihood that it has and will have an Islamic component, along with a look at the 2,670 days of Daniel (1,335 days X 2)

Creed of Pope Pius IV-One Of The Four Authoritative Creeds Of The Roman Catholic Church
Lest you think that the Papacy and the Roman Catholic Church are reformed and are now no more beastlike than a little lamb, you need to read this creed, linked directly at a Roman Catholic website. You might need to search out that word "anathematize" to see how it was used and enforced in the past.


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