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December 30, 2009

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All over this world, there is an awakening happening. People are just beginning to prepare. Up until now, they have been mired in the mundane parts of life. They have been soccer moms and golfing dads. But now, events of life have begun to shock some folks awake.

Some of these folks were shocked awake when a relative lost their home in foreclosure. Perhaps another became concerned when a friend became chronically unemployed and took up residence in her car for awhile. Whatever the apparent reason, God has been behind it, and He is going to use it.

Today, I had a leading of the Holy Spirit that I am to begin writing again, with a view of reaching this entirely different group that the Lord is in the process of raising up. Most of those who have had familiarity with current prophetic things have been left behind by a Lord who has had His fill with their unwillingness and disobedience.

So, now, God is raising up a group of people who like True News. Don't we all want the truth? These don't like bread that is unleavened and they have never heard about any radio for watchmen. In short, these folks will be unaquainted with much of the folly that has characterized prophetic ministry in the English Speaking world over the last five years. So, how can we best bring this new group up to speed? They will need a "prophecy primer" to give them a quick update about where we are, and where we are going.

During the last week, the Lord has spoken to me about five different things and I have not had any leading to write about it until today. It will be interesting to see how the Holy Spirit weaves these things together


  • Event One:
    About a week ago, I had a short dream, before waking. I was walking into a city in Israel, and I could see, horizontally written on the second and third floor of one of the buildings of the town was the word "TEKOA".

  • Event two:
    I was cruising the internet a few days ago when I looked at John Galt's website. He has a chart there where the Dow Jones Average highs and lows for the great depression period were displayed. There were eight large declines during a four year period from October, 1929 through October, 1933. Each sharp decline was followed by a strong rally. However, the net result was that the market fell from a high of about 386 in July, 1929 to about 40 in July, 1932, and it took seven separate declines to reach that all time low. I realized, as I looked at that chart, that the Holy Spirit was indicating that history is about to repeat, and we are going to now see a second, follow up, market crash that will take the market lower than we saw it reach in September and October, 2008.

  • Event Three
    Three days ago, I awakened and the Spirit was talking to me about the "seven hundred year prophecy". I had never heard any man teach or refer to such a thing. When I inquired of the Lord about what it was, the Holy Spirit led me to Isaiah 9. It was the prophecy, by Isaiah, at around 700 BC, that the Messiah would come forth out of Galilee.

  • Event Four:

    Yesterday, the Lord was leading me through an examination of the scriptures, and just how important it is for each of us to walk in the light on a daily basis, lest we find that the sudden destruction events of the day of the Lord will have caught us unexpectedly, like a thief in the night.

  • Event Five:
    Last night, the Lord was speaking to me as I awoke about Revelation 3 and the Laodecian problem. He was casting light on their most critical problem. Though their lukewarmness is a very bad thing, the Lord was saying that their prideful condition is a much more deadly condition. They did not have an accurate assessment of the direness of their situation. How much do we need the Lord? Those Laodecians didn't believe they needed anything, let alone God. But truthfully, they were in desperate need of Him.

    The revelation that results from the bringing together of these five prophetic events in my life is appropriate for a time of general apathy, sleep and total blindness in the revelatory arm of the church.

    First of all, the dream of my entry into a town named TEKOA suggests that I am walking into the place of the sounding of the trumpet. I am nearing that place where all that I have seen and shouted about will now be with us and present in the here and now.

    Jeremiah, chapter six is in view, and Jeremiah was told to utilize a play on words and to "Sound the trumpet in Tekoa", as the word "Tekoa" means "To Sound The Trumpet". Verse two informs us that the disaster out of the North is looming and the trumpet blasts suggest that a warning is being given about invasion and attack.

    In Jeremiah's age, the attack out of the North by Babylon was one that had several starts and stops. Jeremiah saw it in vision and prophesied it as one event, but in actuality, it was played out over the approximate time period of 16 years, from 602 to 586. There were several encroachments made by the Babylonian army, and there was even an approach and a withdrawal that made Jeremiah appear to be a false prophet. Because it came in stages, the people gained false confidence that the prophesied, total destruction would not occur, but occur it did. It came, but it took some length of time to fully occur.

    In the same way, the present day stock market will crash to all time low after all time low. Many people regarded me very carefully when the stock market crash happened late in 2008. That market crash, along with other economic troubles and timed in coordination with Hurricanes Gustave and Ike, really shook up some people. But, they were quickly lulled to sleep when the first collapse of the economy did not prove to be utter and total, and was followed by an apparent recovery.

    Know This! I have been prophesying since 1991 that the world economy would totally and utterly collapse. These economic problems will be accompanied by the worldwide spread of rioting. Following these will be the terrible earthquakes and floods.

    It is now evident that this collapse will play out in wave after wave of terrible collapses, followed by rallies that lure the silly and imprudent back into the markets, where they will only be met by further and more severe crashes and declines. Likewise, waves of rioting will follow the waves of economic difficulties and chaos. Just as the chart of the stock market of the early 1930's portrays, these calamities will be stretched out over a longer time period and most will be caught in the web of false hope that those "sucker's rallies" will produce.

    How does all of this relate to event three, the "700 year prophecy?" The word on that is that these prophetic events will have their fulfillment, in their appointed time, just as God was not slow to bring forth the Messiah out of Galilee. He came after a 700 year interval, which suggests timeliness in the very nature of the number. Neither was God discouraged about the possibility of bringing this to pass. God was quite assured that He would raise up His messiah from Zebulon and Napthali, in the region of Galilee to the Northwest of the Sea of Galilee. God was not in any way blocked by the fact that the Assyrians blew this region to smithereens just after the time when it was spoken through Isaiah. Though it looked impossible to all of Israel that God might raise up anything good out of Nazareth, God had spoken it, and it was not even difficult for Him to do it, even if men thought it could not possibly happen.

    Event four urges us to make spiritual preparation when others are sleeping. We are to walk in the light, and take great care that we are not weighed down by dissipation or surfeting, drunkenness and the cares of this life. History records that the stock market plunged from 386 to 195 in October, 1929, only to rebound to 297 only six months later in April, 1930. Many people thought that happy days are here again, only to be caught in the next crash down to 207 in June, 1930.

    Many of us can be lulled into worldliness when prophetic events tarry. We place our eyes on encouraging signs as they are reported in the news, and we take our eyes off of spiritual things. We can be weighed down by surfeiting, which is a synonym of satiety. We can become proccupied with satisfying all of our sensate desires during such times. Jesus warned us to be careful about a focus on the senses and on getting all we want and lust after. He said this would weigh us down, make us unspiritual and unaware of everything that He is about to do in the Earth. We must remain watchful and devoted to prayer, or these events will close on us unexpectedly, as a snare and a trap.

    Furthermore AND finally, how much do we need Jesus? Have we made some preparations, and are we beginning to trust in them? Have we begun to take on any Laodecian tendencies as the greater judgements have tarried in their fulfillment? In our waiting, have we taken our eyes off the Lord?

    Indeed, many of us have experienced God when we endured periods of great crisis in our lives. We needed God in those times when we were in great travail. Do we still recognize our crucial need for a really good daily relationship with God, or are we trusting that we have done enough, and prepared enough? Do we not recognize that no matter how prepared we think we are, we are wretched, poor, blind and naked without Him!

    God is getting ready to bring another wave of economic chaos and rioting upon the world. This will be followed by another wave of earthquakes and floods. Thrown into the mix this time will be a nuclear event or events. It is time for that. Volcanic eruptions will flare up and worsen as well as "Tier One" events now pop like popcorn upon an unsuspecting world. Seventeen years ago, as of this coming January 9, 2010, I had my first vision of a nuclear attack against US interests. This event is now looming, as the Lord has said.

    There is some indication in the Spirit that these waves of events constitute a cycle of events, where several cycles are indicated as still future. I have had the Lord show this to me in at least two different ways. When one begins to realize that the last cycle of events included a terrible tsunami that might have killed a million people, and we contemplate that these cycles are now expected to worsen, the prospect for another tsunami is also looming, perhaps near the beginning of the cycle as it came in the last one.

    These events are going to happen whether we think they are likely or not; whether we think it could possibly happen or not; whether we like it or not! This is the word of God, and He has said that He will not repent or change His mind concerning these things.

    We are not waiting for these events to begin. They have already begun. We are now to experience another wave of occurrences. These will bring us closer to the total fulfillment of all that has been uttered by God about these things.

    We must ready ourselves to the greatest extent possible for each of us, for the prudent man sees the danger approaching, and makes preparation. The Spirit of God is especially emphasizing spiritual preparation at this time. YOU ABSOLUTELY NEED spiritual guidance at this time. Do not delay. You MUST OBTAIN a word or a leading from God about what you are to do, where you are to live and how you are to prepare.


    The Lord is leading me this morning to hammer forth a point of emphasis with respect to what He has been showing me about the "Laodecian Problem" that we have in the church, and most particularly, in the English speaking churches.

    In short, WE NEED A REVELATION! We desperately need this revelation more than we need anything else that we think we need. We simply do not know how wretched, miserable, pitiful, poor, blind and naked we really are when we are not strong in the Lord and in the power of His might.

    Many of us have been deceived into thinking that we are strong in the Lord, when the truth is that we are not strong. WE NEED A REVELATION of our true condition before Him and in Him.

    If we had the correct revelation, we would be shocked into immediate, emergency action to remediate the wretched condition of our souls. This revelation is primarily blocked by apathy and by comparing ourselves with the works of the flesh of others. We have believed that we are doing well enough as we compare ourselves, men with men.

    It is high time that we discover the truth about the condition of our souls before the Lord and take the appropriate action. Do we really want to enter heaven and discover, at that time, our impoverished and miserable state?

    May the Lord be merciful to us in giving us a complete revelation of where we stand in Him. Just how strong are we in Christ in comparison to what He expects? May we not judge ourselves in comparison to those who are asleep and who wallow all around us, but may the Lord allow us to awake and come to alertness; to shake off the dust and to rise up and sit enthroned in the heavenly realms, in Christ Jesus, by the power of His Spirit through faith in His blood. Amen!

    This is a business for each individual believer where business must be done with God. You cannot get this answer and revelation from a man. It must come from God. Examine yourselves, the scripture says, to see if you are IN THE FAITH. Are you? Am I?

    Let us get the revelation!


    Stephen L. Bening

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