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Prophecy: Prophecy Primer #2-Nursery Chryme
January 1, 2010

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I didn't know it at the time, but two days ago, when God stirred me to return to work in terms of a ministry of the written word, He intended for the "Prophecy Primer" to become a series. I have no idea how many parts this series will have, but I am excited at the prospect of assisting newcomers who have recently been birthed by the Spirit of God and who are now trying to make sense of the mayhem present in the world around them.

I also had no idea at that time that God was not going to do things with this present session of the WPA (Watchmen Prophets Assembly) in the same way as He has done during previous sessions of high activity. God has planned to make a few changes, and He just clued me in on a few of them.

Some of you are intrigued by the title, I am sure. Nursery school is the first school that many young children ever experience. Prior to that, children of today are involved in day care, where the focus is merely on occupying the time of the toddlers, in most cases. The toddlers are given many activities in Day Care to attract their attention and occupy their time.

Nursery School is the place where young students are organized and are taught to pay attention to a teacher. They learn to operate and function as a school room body, and they are taught order, respect and the beginnings of self-control.

God has given me a prophetic nursery to be in charge of: Watchmen Prophets Assembly. At least, that is what the Spirit of God just showed me that it is now. I'm shocked by the revelation. He expects it to function like a Nursery School class.

I an sure that I just lost most of you, and I know it. You were under the impression that WPA was some sort of prophetic college for the bestest and brightest of God's students. You thought that we were the "creme de la creme"; the top of the heap and that we already had one toe in heaven!

Well, permit me to break your fall as you crash loudly to Earth. Jesus does not regard us as being in such an advanced spiritual condition. I am afraid that the only ones of us who will successfully advance beyond this point will be those who are able to humble themselves, and not think more highly of themselves than they have any real reason to do.

In short, Jesus regards what we call the prophetic in this Earth right now as one big mess that qualifies more for entry into an insane asylum than into any prophetic college. It is only by God's grace that He will now attempt to teach this mixed multitude some measure of order and decorum.

Watchmen Prophets Assembly, or WPA, for short, has not always functioned like any of that. Up until now, it has been what I would now describe as a sort of Day Care center for unruly toddlers. For a time, I had a high opinion of the work I was doing at WPA, but that view crashed and burned, and left me to contemplate the meaning of all of the rubble before the Lord, my God. It, the WPA, always had two to four moderators, and while we tried to keep some modicum of order, it was, at times, pretty much a free for all.

The internet is the home of the free for all. Most of you are familiar with the mayhem, profanity and insanity at some of the "conspiracy theory" groups on the internet. Anything goes in those places, and people have always wanted to bring that type of behavior over into the WPA Day Care Center. We tried to reign them in and keep them under just a little bit of control.

But God changes things over time, and nothing really ever stays the same. God brings some people along side to work with us for a season, and then they are gone, for one reason or another. Most people are scaffolding and are not part of the finished building. We get older and we learn more. We find out that what we think we knew was not really the case, after all.

Now, the WPA has one moderator: ME. The Holy Spirit is indicating that things have changed here at the WPA.

I know this morning that God expects WPA to become Nursery School for the prophetic, and that is going to bother the hell out of most of you, because many of you chaffe at the idea of submitting to anybody about anything, for the most part, let alone walking in obedience, or learning order and decency, or really anything else that might cause it to begin to operate in an organized fashion as more of a single body and less as a non-profane free for all.

Though I was not aware of it, God placed me in charge of the WPA Nursery School. He did it without my noticing it. Yesterday, he had me reactivate the group, and I was under the assumption that things would operate as before. Oh, how wrong I was!

This morning, while reading emails and looking at responses to the Prophecy Primer #1 article I posted two days ago, I was really bothered in my spirit, but I didn't really know why. Then, I called a fellow prophet and we were having a long discussion about several things. He touched on the subject and he really nailed the bullseye right in the center as touching the reason for my bothered spirit.

He pointed out that I had begun a particular thread with a few specific ideas involved in it. I had experienced five different spiritual events, and had waited to write until prompted to by the Holy Spirit.

What followed were five or more responses from folks who decided not to follow my lead. They went of in their own corner of the room and began talking about UFO's, Battlestar Gallactica and Orange Orbs. In short, they were just behaving as usual in the WPA Day Care Center.

I'm not criticizing any of you. This is as it has always been around here. We always had two or three or even up to seven or eight threads going all at the same time. I approved those UFO posts yesterday, so I'm right in the firing line of the Holy Spirit, just as all of you are.

I further noticed that no one had anything insightful to say about the direction the Holy Spirit had led me to consider in Prophecy Primer #1. The Day Care class wanted to discuss UFO's, but was not apparently interested in the topic of the day.

When I got off the phone, the Lord brought the banner image before me in a vision in my minds eye: NURSERY CHRYME. There has been crime in the nursery. This is not going to by tolerated by the Holy Spirit any more. God's children are going to have to learn to function as one class, following a single class leader: ME. (Shriek!) Hopefully, it will only look like I am in charge, and calling the shots. Hopefully, the Holy Spirit, will be there, behind the scenes, operating as the in charge person in the Nursery.

No more will the participants be permitted to wander off to a corner of the room any more and discuss just any old thing that comes into their minds. At least, they won't be able to do so in this room.

You see, I went along with the Day Care class format easily enough for a lot of years. I'm an easy going guy. I don't really like being dictatorial. And so, I put up with it well enough when many of you wanted to go off on a UFO tangent, talking about orange orbs. I had no particular issue about it in my soul, but this morning, the Holy Spirit let me know that He was and is upset by it, and He is not going to bear with it any more.

The image of the teacher, attempting to bring the unruly class to order, is now before me. We all remember our grade school teachers, and the many different methods they employed to maintain order in their class rooms. This will probably get interesting, as I have some learning to do to in this.

But, I'll not be a part of any further NURSERY CHRYMES if I can help it. We are going to discuss the issues set forth in Prophecy Primer #1, or we will discuss nothing at all.

How do I raise my hand in an internet group? Well, you can send a private email to me at and request that we open up a new thread. That will be best. Less acceptible will be that you will just try to post on new subjects, without discussing it with me first. I may approve a few of these attempts, but I will probably delete most of them.

So, Prophecy Primer #2 has to do with the bringing of this young crowd into some semblance of order, and based upon my experience, I hold up my hands to Almighty God and say, Lord, unless you help us, what chance do we have? I have seen this multitude over more than ten years of ministry on the internet. As far as it concerns me, and my abilities, I would say it has no chance of success, nevertheless, Jesus Christ is Lord, and I will obey. In His strength, all things are possible.

I was studying in the word at this point this morning as all of this began to take shape, and I believe it has some really pertinent advice for us to take away from it.

Those of us who have studied God's word know that the Revelation of Jesus Christ was received by John and put down to writing somewhere around 90 AD. That is more than 1900 years ago. He made it known to John by sending His angel to John, yet John understood very little regarding what He saw. John understood in verse 3 that he was seeing things and wrote about them because the time was near.

Did you see that? The time was near! It was 1900 years ago, but to the Spirit of God, the time was near. Prophecy has not changed. True prophecy has not changed, even though many of the Romper Room crowd expects that prophecy should work like an astologer's prediction.

The second point I noticed from Revelation One this morning is that we are being trained, prophetically, by Jesus, who is the Alpha: He is the first. Jesus is the Omega: He is the last. Jesus is the LORD GOD. Jesus is also, NOTICE THIS, the one "who is, who was, and who is to come". Notice that first and foremost, in whatever time we are discussing, Jesus is always the one WHO IS. When Jesus speaks forth by the Spirit of Prophecy, the hearer of the prophecy is always hearing it from a Jesus WHO IS, more than He is anything else. He is THE GREAT I AM.

Many prophecy Romper Roomers are looking for the great, dated prediction. They have sauntered forth in their various attempts to predict the date of the rapture, or the date when Washington D.C. would be nuked. They are always after a date, a date, a date, even though prophecy in the scripture is almost always without any clear date of predicted occurrence. The prediction of a date is a VERY RARE THING in scripture, but one thread is common, over and over again. The prophet always FELT as though the event He or She saw in the vision was a day that was at hand and a time was near. These Romper Roomers then storm off and throw all prophecy out when everything is not fulfilled in one day as they are expecting. It just doesn't work this way, in almost all cases.

I started the WPA (Watchmen Prophets Assembly) on New Years Day, nine years ago. I had been a part of another group on the internet, but I started a group with thirty people because I felt certain that God had desired me to do so. He wanted to do a new work.

As I said before, I had a pretty high opinion of myself, nine years ago, and I thought this was a great and major work that I was being assigned to do. Little did I know what Jesus had in mind for me and this "assembly".

Well, here we are, nine years later, and God is changing the format. He wants me to do something I never wanted to do. In nine years, I have learned how unimportant to God that aspect is. He will lead us, many times, where we do not want to go.

But, the main thing the thing birthed by God? The second thing that sometimes follows is.......has God killed it? And the third thing in this case is......has God resurrected it? If any or all of those things are true, then it is God's job to take care of it along the way.

I do not really care how humble the calling is, so long as it is God who is doing the calling. So, that should also be your first concern. Are you engaged in activities that have been birthed by God in your life? If so, then go where He leads, and park your feelings at the curb.


Stephen L. Bening

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