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Middle Of U.S.A. Future Earthquake(s)—Collection

Updated:  04/09, 2007: Pages will need to be numbered by hand after printing this document!)

(This Collection is the gathering together of all the known godly prophetic revelations from God for all of the below locations of future earthquake & flooding destructions that will soon occur at some point in the very near future in God’s allowed appointed timing because of America’s “Cup of Sin” being to high or overflowing. 

This collection, is possibly from only 10% of the 100% of Christians who have received these warnings; and will be updated periodically, as more revelation is received or located.) 


 Over “48” Godly Prophetic Warnings Issued For:

n  Water Flooding out of Lake Michigan West to Mississippi River;

n Chicago, Illinois—Earthquake & Flooded                      (Sandwich Fault Zone); 

n  Milwaukee, Wisconsin Flooded;

n  Water Flooding out of Lake Erie (?);

n  Cleveland, Ohio—Earthquake & includes Flooding (?);

n  St. Louis, Missouri—Earthquake & Flooded;

n  New Madrid--Earthquake (New Madrid Fault Zone);

n & Mississippi River which will be “enlarged to 35 Miles Wide” Earthquake & Flooding—Collection

(Mississippi River is currently from 1 to 4 miles wide)


Also Beware Of Flooding:  The Missouri River,

Ohio River, & Arkansas Rivers flow into the Mississippi River, north & south of St. Louis, Missouri; all these rivers will probably be overflowing their banks in a huge way, causing massive flooding to all of the above & below, many coastlines & coastal cities, and many, many areas.


What can be expected in this future huge Mid-West Earthquakes and Flooding that is Coming?  Read Prophet Timothy Snodgrass’ section below to realize that there were “five mega destructive quakes” over “five” months back in 1811 & 1812—New Madrid area.  American’s can expect much worse than the 1811 & 1812 quakes and flooding!  Prepare for a “series of mega quakes!”


“The major river systems in the heart of the nation & and erect altars of worship that are also beacons of light.  So the center of our nation will become flooded with light.”


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Below is the sweet (the prophetic has been located and is in one place for easy viewing) and the bitter (the prophetic from God reveals hard and difficult things to occur soon) of the scroll!  


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“If They Split Jerusalem”


“The Lord spoke to me and said, "What you have just heard is the platelets of the earth shifting in the Central part of the United States.  There will be a mercy before “Judgment Earthquake.”  When this happens you will know that the big Earthquake you prophesied which will split this Nation right down the middle, if they split Jerusalem will happen just as I have told you.”  Prophet Dan Bohler

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“Godly Prophets & Ordinary Lay Christians Given Significant Glimpses Into Coming Events, Such As Past Events Like 09/11, 2001 & Gulf Coastline & New Orleans Destructions”


It appears there has been a quantum leap in the incidents of godly prophets and ordinary Christian people having significant glimpses into coming events through the godly prophetic (godly: dreams, trances, visions, visitations of Jesus Christ, or a holy angel of God, or taken to the 3rd heaven or the 2nd heaven, etc.); while it is true that in many cases the data is peace meal, however, in some instances such as in this collection document it is like reading tomorrow's newspapers. Keep in mind that these Christians come from very diverse backgrounds, and many have the Baptism of the Holy Spirit, in addition to salvation in Jesus Christ.

Do we know that all these prophetic voices are from God? Of course not, but to ignore the accumulative data that is available here is to stick one's head in the “proverbial sand.  There are simply to many Christian voices echoing the same essential message to turn away and ignore that America and the Church needs to confess & repent of its sins quickly for additional grace and mercy from God because within this document it clearly shows that some major earthquakes and flooding will occur in the middle of the United States of America in the very near future. 

Always remember that the godly dreams and visions from God come without repentance, so Christians who were in good standing in godly character with God and received these godly revelations even if they fall away from God, the godly dreams and visions come without repentance—that means God gives them and the Christian vessel who receives it from God can remain a true Christian and overcome to the end of their life or some can backslide and end up in Hell for eternity, either way, what God revealed from Him to the once Christian stands—it is not based on if they remained a Christian or not (the reason for stating this is that some Christians will fall away and lose their salvation, but what was given to them while they were Christians from God still stands! 


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Mary Kay Baxter, Apostle Seer Prophet


Jesus gave me the interpretation of my vision.  He said,


1.           “Soon I will return and take back with Me to Heaven first the righteous dead, then after them those that are alive and remain will be caught up to be with Me in the air. 

2.           Following that, the Antichrist will reign upon the earth for an appointed time, and there will be tribulations such as have never been before, nor will ever be again.

3.           “And then I will return with My saints, and

4.           Satan will be cast into the bottomless pit, where he will remain for a thousand years. 

5.           During that thousand years I will reign over the earth from Jerusalem. 

6.           When the millennium is past, Satan will be released for a season, and

7.           I will defeat him by the brightness of My coming. 

8.          The old earth will pass away.

9.          “Behold, there shall be a new earth and a New Jerusalem coming down upon it—and I will reign forever and ever.”


From:  The book, “Divine Revelation Of Hell” and “A Divine Revelation Of The Spirit Realm,” by Mary Kay Baxter, ISBN: 0-88368-623-6, ©2000. 



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Estimated Timeline


One thing to remember about true godly prophets of God is that they often spend massive hours before God in prayer. 


God is warning all of us in the USA on several issues.  There are over 225 ministers—including Apostle Seer Prophets and other lay Christians who have received that the USA will receive a full invasion war on American soil in the very, very near future at some point.  The Internet has many of these godly prophetic warnings posted at different websites if you are interested in reading them before the full invasion war of the USA actually occurs.


Also, Apostle Seer Prophet Selvaraj received godly prophetic from God regarding this issue of the “invasion of the USA” coming.  So, there are the biblically speaking, the over 2 or 3 godly witnesses needed, in fact there are over 225 Christian witnesses from God that it is coming; just as there were over 140 who received the 09/11, 2001 Twin Towers destructions before it occurred, and there were numerous prophets and lay Christians who received the 08/2005 New Orleans and Gulf Coastlines destruction before that all occurred (Prophet Kim Clement and Prophet John Mark Pool—both prophetic revelations were posted on—and sent out from “The Elijah List,” of almost 140,000 emailing list that was sent out ‘several weeks or months’ before 08/2005; furthermore, Apostle Seer Prophet Nita Johnson received on 07/02, 2005, just prior, from God that in “one day” New Orleans would be destroyed, and it was within less than a few weeks before it occurred in reality.) 


Apostle Seer Prophet Selvaraj gave a sermon on 07/19, 2005, in St. Louis Missouri, at Apostle Prophetess Gwen Shaw’s final End—Time Handmaiden & Servants Ministry annual traveling conference (future meetings it appears will now be in Jasper, Arkansas).  Selvaraj stated very clearly that not all Christians in the Church are the real Bride of Jesus; and that only the group referred to as the “five wise virgins” will be going up in the soon coming “Catching Up” or called rapture.


Reference God’s revelation in the Holy Scriptures about this subject in the “10 virgins” who are the Church, but only ½ are the Bride; the Bride has enough “oil” (Oil—represents the Holy Spirit—Baptism of the Holy Spirit) in their lamps when the delayed Bridegroom comes.  The Jewish Messiah Jesus Christ returns for His Bride the Third Day which is before His “Second Coming” which is later at some point in the beginning of the Millennium Period.


It appears strongly that the Rapture will be occurring before the “Wrath of God” is poured out just before the Great Tribulation—last 3 ½ years and it could occur before the invasion of the USA if certain conditions are met by the Body of Jesus Christ in the USA—read below to see what those conditions are from God. 


As of 10/14, 2006 in the godly prophetic—as we try to piece the godly prophetic together from what has been collected from the Christian prophets, ministers of God and lay Christians, here below is just a sample—there is much more, but it appears as of today the following:


1.      1st Prophet witness:  Prophet Dan Bohler was the first to mention that Roe vs. Wade would be reversed (that I can remember), so he is the 1st prophet witness to this prophetic word.


2.      2nd Prophet witness:  Apostle Seer Prophet Nita Johnson received on 10/09, 2006 from God that Roe vs. Wade would be reversed it appears from what she released at her meeting.


3.      3rd Prophet witness:  Prophet Ricci Wilson received on 10/09, 2006 that Roe vs. Wade would be reversed.  And Prophet Nita Johnson has stated in her writings or audiotapes that Ricci Wilson is a prophet.


Apostle Seer Prophet Nita Johnson just released at on 10/10, 2006 at her Atlanta, GA Gathering Of The Eagles Intercessor meeting, that God has released that Roe vs. Wade will be reversed, by her comments to the Christian audience there that “We won, we won!” and her other comments that have been quoted by an attendee, very carefully. 


What we knew prior to this new revelation from God was that the full invasion war of the USA would occur before 2010, for Prophet Thomas S. Gibson (1st Prophet Witness) and Seer Prophet David E. Taylor (2nd Prophet Witness) both received this.  Furthermore, when Jesus visited during 01/2006, Prophet Dan Bohler (3rd Prophet Witness), it was mentioned that the invasion would be after 2010 if the Church would confess and repent for American’s sins of abortion and get it reversed.  Because the date of 2010 was involved, that implies clearly that the invasion was to occur before 2010—now that is what the overall Christian prophetic seemed to indicate strongly when it was collected, sorted, discerned, and logged—that the invasion was due prior to 2010 and there was clear prophetic words that it would occur before 2010; but because of the repentance done so far by the Christians, it was enough to delay the invasion to it appears past 2010 at some point (Many will be watching to see if Roe vs. Wade is reversed by the end of 2007). 


Now with the new revelation of 10/10, 2006 by Apostle Seer Prophet Nita Johnson & Prophet Ricci Wilson, and Prophet Dan Boher’s original prophetic word…it appears that the invasion will be delayed to after 2010. 


Also it was mentioned that there will be a 16—year revival in the Gathering of the Eagles meeting, and it appears it may have started in 2006 to 2022 (?).


We know in the godly prophetic there will be either a very long revival or two revivals, one that has started now and one that will be starting worldwide at a later date, from Apostle Seer Prophet Sadhu Sundar Selvaraj’s comment in another sermon that he made about a later worldwide revival, so there are either two or a very long revival that has started in the USA and will travel worldwide, we shall see how that plays out.  And do not forget that after the end of the Gentile Period, God will be concentrating on the House of Israel—Jews getting saved, so it appears that will be the same revival or another one?


From Joe Brandt’s series of visions in 1937 in California, where God showed him the huge very serious California mega quakes that the ocean will claim massive land in California (these are not small earthquakes); Brandt revealed from the series of visions that God showed him, the many things that he was shown for several days in the visions—but one item very important that was shown to him was a newspaper of a future time and president in the USA, and God blurred the date on this future newspaper so that Brandt could only see the “9” at the end of the year and he was able to see a “somewhat heavy or husky male President” during that future time coming, and he noted that this male president had obvious “big ears” and he was bigger—heavier than 1937 President Roosevelt.  These detailed visions were put in the newspapers in California in the 1960’s as I recall, it could have been around 1968 or just prior.  So now it appears strongly that the West Coast California gigantic quakes that the ocean will claim massive California land will occur probably in year 201”9,” and before the Florida and maybe Chicago & New Madrid—Mississippi River quakes; for Brandt was taken in the spirit over the USA and he never mentions any destruction seen to either Chicago or the Mississippi New Madrid or Florida areas yet, but he did mention seeing things in New York and of course the mega quake in CA.  And from other prophetic it is known that California it appears gets the gigantic dangerous quakes before Florida does, because in one prophetic word it was revealed that it was not wise to go to Florida from CA either just before or at the time of these dangers happening because Florida was going to get it very serious also, probably even worse than California; the godly prophetic has revealed that a very, very large part of the state of Florida will go under water at some point in the future from some major event (s?).  


And just as a precaution, Christians should be aware of the year 2009, because there maybe some pre—warnings of smaller quakes in the CA area(?), keep watch!  But as serious as they may be, it appears they will not be the mega quakes that are coming!  Keep that in mind if any serious quakes show up in year 2009!  It would not surprise me if they did, for the year ends in the number “9”, year 2009, remember Joe Brandt’s series of visions and the newspaper God showed him!


It appears possibly that the dangerous massive quakes coming to California could be in an appointed timing of events “that are connected” with the full invasion war of the USA when it occurs eventually; they maybe connected in close timing, such as after the CA huge quake that could trigger Russia—China and the other six nations united to invade the USA because of the weakened condition of the USA with both the west and east coast major cities of California and New York—New York City in major destructions.  Remember Brandt saw destructions above the USA in both CA and New York City. 


Here below is what appears to be happening, from what is in the godly prophetic, we shall see if this is accurate as things get closer and God reveals more details: 


n      1st CA 9.0 or 10.0 very serious mega quakes and major destruction to New York City, so west and east coast major destructions (Joe Brandt saw this in a series of visions in 1937)—

n      2nd it appears at some point after the CA & New York City destructions, possibly Florida, Chicago and or Cleveland, Ohio receive very dangerous mega quakes, in some order of happening, but it appears Chicago and Cleveland may get hit at close to the same time period—

n      3rd probably city of Chicago destroyed mega quakes

n      4th and possibly about a year (or so) later the full invasion war of the USA (Seer Prophet Chuck Youngbrandt saw this in series of visions in 1970’s, and related it was about one year later when the invasion occurred)—

n      Apostle Seer Prophet D. Duduman received in prophetic revelation several of the nations that would be uniting to attack the USA: Russia, China, Cuba, Mexico and four other countries would unite and come against the USA; God will permit it, and somewhere in this timing the…

n      5th New Madrid—Mississippi River mega quakes occur so that the Mississippi will enlarge to 35 miles wide from 1 to 4 miles wide now in 2006 at places (Seer Prophet Bob Jones’ prophetic word was that the Mississippi will enlarge to 35 miles wide).  Also Seer Prophet David Kocurek saw after the full invasion of the USA that the Chinese on the west coast took Interstate I-40 from California all the way across the country to the Mississippi River and they were stopped there for some reason—it appears the reason why will be the mega earthquakes that will occur, it appears after the invasion, otherwise the Chinese probably would have known about the change in the Mississippi river—and they apparently did not know in the vision Kocurek had; after the mega quakes in the New Madrid & Mississippi River areas there will not be a bridge—for it will be destroyed or unusable; but it appears the Chinese did not know this ahead of time, so it appears this occurs after the invasion at some point and before the Chinese using I-40 get to the Mississippi River and realize they cannot get across it for the Mississippi River will now be 35 miles wide with no bridges. 


Take into consideration that this is a ruff draft of how it may play out in the days to come, as more godly prophetic is revealed from God, the pieces of this overall USA puzzle for earthquakes and the “full invasion war” can be finalized in more accuracy.  However, the thing to consider strongly is that God has delayed the full invasion, and it now appears to possibly be after 2019, so the dates to consider strongly are any time from during 2019 or years 2020 to 2022 could be possible time periods for the full invasion, because Apostle Seer Prophet Nita Johnson stated in the past that the Church was still here when the full invasion occurs; pray that God will give the Church in the USA a second witness from Him on this—that for sure that the Bride of the Church will be here to after the full invasion of the USA occurs. 


Yes, it appears the Bride will be here for a very short time into the full invasion; but that is not yet fully know for sure.


The reason for questioning if the invasion is before or after the Rapture, is that there is a very powerful prophetic word from Apostle Seer Prophet Dumitri Duduman before his death—here below; it appears, that if there is enough repentance and lifestyle change from the Body of Jesus Christ in the USA, that even though the full invasion war to the USA is “set,” however, in God’s goodness and mercy it appears that He will allow a delay again for the invasion war “all the way to the “third” day!” 


Now some things are not yet fully known, but if this “optional delay” from God that appears to still be available—that if certain terms are met the invasion war can be delayed to the 3rd day—and we know the third day is the wedding of the Bride time, so it does appear to possibly strongly mean that the Bride maybe or could be taken before the full invasion of the USA; if the terms are met before God of more repentance for the USA’s sins & that enough Christians get back to a godly lifestyle.  In God’s goodness, He wants to delay this much due invasion war to the USA because of America’s overloaded national sin level—God wants to delay this invasion if the Christians will confess and repent for the nation’s high national sin level.  So will you start confessing and repenting for the sins of the USA, and do it often enough, and from your heart even if you never committed the sins, for God looks to see who will stand in the gap so He does not have to send righteous redemptive judgment.  In the broadest sense of the word “intercessor” it applies to any Christian who will take the time to pray, confess the nations sins and repent over them, and in general “stand in the gap for a nation.”  Will you do that for America & your family members and yourself?  


A time line was crossed already, and the invasion war to the USA is now “set”, it will happen, but it has been delayed several times now, and it appears it has been delayed again till after 2010, but we have to wait to the end of year 2007 to verify this, to see if enough fasting, prayers, and repentance for the people of America—their sins was done and for Roe vs. Wade to be reversed, that is what basically was revealed to Prophet Dan Bohler.  Without a doubt year 2007 is a critical year for the USA, will she make it in delaying the known invasion of the USA war to Her homeland soil or will she get lazy and not do any repenting for America nor get Roe vs. Wade reversed?  At the end of 2007 we will know for sure what the outcome for the USA will be regarding the invasion of the USA…


Below is the prophetic word from Apostle Seer Prophet D. Duduman.  You judge and discern what you read below, and see if God is giving the USA an option here from the goodness of His heart?  Will the Body of Jesus Christ in the USA take God up on this option and do enough repenting, and get Roe vs. Wade reversed by the end of 2007 or not?  We shall see.     


Question:  Why would the holy angel of God tell Apostle Seer Prophet Dumitri Duduman in 1991, during a visitation that he should read Hosea 6:1—3, which tells of the “3rd day, I will rise you up?”  Is that referring to the full invasion war to the USA occurring around the time of the “Catching Up—Rapture?” Or just after it?  It appears to be saying that!  Reference Apostle Seer Prophet Dumitri Duduman’s prophetic word regarding asking God what he should tell the American’s when they ask “when will the invasion be occurring!”


Quoting the Holy Angel to Duduman:  “Tell the people of America that one day with the Lord is as a thousand years, and a thousand years is one day. IF they will repent and turn back to God, they will make it through the second day to the third day. If they don't, they will not make it." 


Now one final comment, Apostle Seer Prophet Neville Johnson had a visit from Jesus and it was revealed that 1967 was the last Jubilee (There maybe two different Jubilees), the Lord Jesus stated to him that He was coming back very, very soon after the next Jubilee which from the 1967 date would be 2017 date; so soon after 2017, and it appears He was talking about the “Catching Up, or called Rapture” and not the yet “Second Coming” which appears to be a short time after the Ratpure. 


So if you take all these things above into consideration, you realize that the Rapture might be around years 2019, 2020, 2021, 2022, or 2023, or just after at some point year 2017.  This time period appears to be close to the mega earthquakes that will weaken the nation, and the Rapture of “the Bride” in the Church; and the full invasion war of the USA; now this order may not be correct, and the rapture may occur after the invasion depending on if the Body of Jesus Christ does enough repenting and starts to live holy lives to delay the full invasion war to the third Day as was prophesied to Apostle Seer Prophet D. Duduman. 


The above does not claim to be a perfect timeline, it may or may not be way off, but it is a beginning of trying to understand things in the USA from the godly prophetic that has been revealed so far; and it is just a recalling of the many prophetic revelations and how they might or could be pieced together. 


Furthermore, the Bible appears to states that Christians would not know the exact day or hour of the Jewish Messiah Jesus Christ’s return for His Bride—the “Catching Up,” but the Holy Scriptures did not say Christians would not know near the appointed time or even the year!  Anonymous Christian Apostolic Scribe]              


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07/02—07/05, 1973, Series of Visions, Chicago Earthquake & Invasion of the USA: 

“Then suddenly, just after the terrible earthquake in the Midwest,

I saw ministers, priests, elders and Christians

who had “rejected the prophecy…”

these now seemed like dead men—all their strength was gone,

and many fell on their faces before God crying for forgiveness.”

—Chuck Youngbrandt, Seer Prophet


“Listen to Me,” said Jesus.  “What you are about to see and hear is true.  Take heed you ministers of the gospel, for these are faithful and true sayings.  Awake, evangelists, preachers, and teachers of My Word, all of you who are called to preach the gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ.  If you are sinning, repent or you will likewise perish.”                                                                     —Jesus Christ to Mary Kay Baxter, Seer Prophet


“Jesus is displeased with most pastors in America for they have not told the American people the full truth, America is not prepared for the coming invasion.”  —David E. Taylor, Seer Prophet


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Revival often precedes (comes first) before “hard times!” 

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Hurricanes and volcanoes can trigger swarms of weak or strong earthquakes; furthermore, can even set the Earth vibrating, according to some studies!

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KJV:1 Corinthians {13:9} For we know in part, and we prophesy in part. 


This collection of known godly prophetic for this subject, is the trying to put all the known parts from God that were given to many “five—fold ministers and lay Christians” together, in one place for easy reading, meditating, and finally—accepting and preparing for!


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[Comment not by Youngbrandt:  Other possible cities that will need to be taken into consideration for possible major destruction in this Central U.S.A. earthquake and flooding disasters coming are the following cities here below, and also in a further section below are some thoughts about many other small and large cities that might be involved in destruction from the giant Chicago/Cleveland/New Madrid earthquakes and the major flooding after—that will occur. 

Seer Prophet Youngbrandt reveals below “all or some” cities that apparently God has revealed to him that will be totally or partially destroyed, and/or possibly some cities that Prophet Youngbrandt assumes could be destroyed (that may or may not be destroyed), but you the Christian reader must keep in mind the difference between “What did God say?” and “What might be being assumed from human thinking?” and or “Will any prayer be changing the outcome of any of these cities from total destruction, to partial destruction, or to a delayed timing on destruction,  or to a lightened destruction?” 

Here is Youngbrandt’s quote:

“The cities that will be flattened by this earthquake will be:

n      Chicago, Illinois;

n      St. Paul, Minnesota;

n      Milwaukee, Wisconsin;

n      St. Louis, Missouri;

n      Louisville, Kentucky;

n      Indianapolis, Indiana;

n      Detroit, Michigan;

o       Detroit's altitude is 177 meters (581 feet) above sea level, measured at the Detroit River.

n      Toledo, Ohio;

n      Cleveland, Ohio;

n      Columbus, Ohio;

n      Cincinnati, Ohio; and

n      Kansas City, Missouri.

n      Southern Ontario and part of southwestern Quebec, Canada, will be obliterated by the waters of the Great Lakes as they "backwash" and just before they return as a wall over Chicago and other areas.

“The Lord, by the Holy Spirit, revealed that the sound of the cracking of the ground or fault will be so fierce that windows will be shattered in Des Moines, Iowa, some 316 miles from Chicago.”  —Chuck Youngbrandt, Seer Prophet

[Comment not by Youngbrandt:  If you live near enough to these earthquakes when they occur, be prepared to have some thick plastic, non-electric staple gun, and some plywood or insulation board handy for covering your open windows when the glass is broken from the shaking of the quakes—for winter & below zero weather will soon be coming after these destructions in some soon July summer month.]

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What can Christians do now about the coming earthquakes, flooding and destructions?


Christian five—fold ministers (Apostles, Prophets, Evangelists, Pastors & Teachers), intercessors & the Body of Jesus Christ lay Christians throughout the United States need to start getting to their knees and or prostrated (flat—face down) on their faces before God; “praying, confessing, repenting, fasting, sitting in ashes poured all over them from their fireplaces (as the ancients did), crying, moaning, wailing, beating their chests and doing intercession” for America’s huge “cup of sin” that is about to overflow which will bring great destructions,” in many areas throughout the U.S.A. and soon after will be an invasion of the U.S.A. on America’s homeland soil.  Prayer needs to immediately being going up to God about these serious destructions about to occur at some point in the near future to many cities, including: Chicago, Milwaukee, Cleveland, & all the coastal cities along Lake Michigan, Lake Erie, some of the areas of the Missouri River, Ohio River, Arkansas River, and most all the Mississippi River areas. 


In addition, confession of America’s sins, with repentance, fasting, crying, wailing, moaning, and intercession needs to be going up before God for the soon coming “Invasion of the USA” on America’s homeland soil that George Washington saw in an “open day vision” from God in 1777 (logged in Congress)—which revealed and showed from God, revelation to Americans that there would be three great wars fought on America’s homeland soil, and the 3rd war is yet to occur and will be the worst—that the Angel of God revealed to George Washington; that war has not yet occurred and will be occurring in the very near future in America!


Of the three major wars fought on the homeland soil of America, the first war was “The Revolutionary War” for America’s Independence; the second war was “The Civil War” for the freedom of the slaves; and the third war has not occurred yet, but it will be the worst of the three wars, and it will be over “America’s very survival as a nation,” and the cause of this great war was the innocent bloodshed to all Native American Indians, and all Africa Americans, and all murdering—killing of babies—the aborting of the innocent babies, which is now over 80 million and growing; along with the killing of American’s seed by birth control.  Anonymous Christian



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“Abortion (killing—murdering) of Seed, Conception & Babies in the Womb”


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“He (Jesus) said… “From the time of conception, that is a soul.’” 

—Mary Kay Baxter, Seer Prophet


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Also, here is a quote from spring of 2006 newsletter by Apostle Seer Prophet Nita Johnson, who is well seasoned in the revelations and things of God for decades now as a seer prophet:


“1936  Amendment to the Comstock laws by the US Circuit Court of Appeals.

Up until this time the majority of US States upheld the Comstock Laws which made it a federal crime to distribute and sell contraceptives. The case, United States v One Package, played a significant role in overturning the Comstock Laws and paved the way for the legalization of birth control. This became the foundation for Roe v Wade.

"In a 45-minute vision the Lord revealed to me that any kind of birth control that prohibited the connection of the soul He had created and prepared for birth with meeting its destiny in birth, was murder. Taking a birth control pill is the same as aborting a baby as it stops that connection of destiny.”  —Nita Johnson, Apostle Seer Prophet

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01/27, 2006, Roe vs. Wade & Years 2007 and/or 2010:  “As I was praying, the Spirit of the Lord spoke this admonition to the Church: "If my people will begin to cry out in intercession for the reversal of Roe vs. Wade I will overturn this case by the end of the year 2007.  I have warned my Prophets and Prophetesses of the coming invasion of America by the year 2010.  I will have mercy on you America, and postpone this invasion, if you repent for the bloodshed of your most innocent!!! In My Judgment, I will remember Mercy"... —Daniel E. Bohler, Prophet


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{91:6b} …nor for the destruction that wasteth at noonday.



{3:7} Surely the Lord GOD will do nothing, but he revealeth his secret unto his servants the prophets.


{3:8} The lion hath roared, who will not fear? the Lord GOD hath spoken, who can but prophesy?


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Here Below Are Some Of The Many Prophetic Revelations From God—YHVH, For The

Middle Of The USA Future Earthquakes & Floodings


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08/20, 1804, Previous Fort Dearborn, Illinois (Chicago Earthquake) and Mississippi Valley Earthquakes:  “The earthquake known as the New Madrid earthquake was not the first felt in the region is shown by written records, by Indian traditions, and by geologic evidence.  Recorded earthquakes/shocks — of the shocks felt by the early settlers the best summary is supplied by Drake, he names 5 earthquakes and the fifth being:  ‘The fifth and only additional shock of which I have been furnished with any certain accounts, occurred in the southern neighborhood of Lake Michigan, at 10 minutes past 2 o’clock p.m. on the 20th of 08/1804.  At Fort Dearborn [Chicago] on the bank of the lake, it was severe.  From the report of Capt. William Whistler, it must have been a stronger throe than any experienced at this place.  It was succeeded by a short hurricane from the lake.  At Fort Wayne [Indiana], lying considerably to the east-southeast, it was less violent.  John Johnston, Esq. My informant, remarks that the day at the place was clear and warm without any unusual appearance.  The general course of the earthquake was undoubtedly that of a line passing through those two forts.  Geologic evidence — Evidence of shocks long antedating that of 1811 is very conclusive.” —Quote, book referenced was not included

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197o’s, Vision, Chicago Earthquake:  “I was walking down the streets of Chicago with my brother and was looking at the skyline.   All of a sudden I saw the skyscrapers ahead of me began to shake.  It’s like they were quivering and then they began to just crumble right in front of me. 

I turned to look at my brother and I realized he wasn’t seeing that.  I turned back and the buildings were just crumbling to nothingness.  I heard in my spirit, “Everything that you see before you will crumble, and only that which is built upon Me [the Lord] will last.”  —Diane W., Christian

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197o’s, Dream—Vision, Chicago Earthquake:  “I was walking on the sidewalk of Lake Michigan in the city of Chicago, Illinois. 

All of a sudden God gave me a dream, I saw the water rise up real high like 100 + feet into the air… real high… I saw the water was going to flood Chicago.”  —Mercedes Biernaciak, Christian

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1971, Vision, Chicago Earthquake & Major Flooding Of Chicago:  “A letter from Pat of southern Illinois:  … ‘In 1971 the Director (Gwen Shaw) of the “End—Time Handmaidens Ministry” was in Chicago and looking over the lake (Lake Michigan), as she turned around — saw Chicago being destroyed by earthquakes and the lakes coming out of their basins, flooding the city…’”  —Gwen Shaw, Apostle Prophetess


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07/02, 1973 — 07/05, 1973, Series Of Open Visions For Several Days, The Chicago Earthquake:  “First, I saw the Chicago earthquake, then an overview of the mid-western and north-eastern United States.  I saw smoldering ruins from nuclear attack…   Confusion and fear gripped the land.


Then I saw a great Russian fleet steaming out past Western Europe towards the United States… 

Then I saw the invasion, at the Bay of Delaware, and on the coast of Virginia…”


“In 1973 the Lord gave me a vision of a massive earthquake striking the Midwest U.S.A. centering in Chicago, Illinois on some day in July in the future…” 


“I was witnessing the destruction of Chicago by a monstrous earthquake, followed by a huge, destructive wall of water…”


“I thought of Milwaukee, but then I saw that this city, too, was flooded and being destroyed. I thought of St. Louis and saw it also broadly flooded and drowned out of existence.”


“I noticed that the wall of water was deepest through the heart of Chicago and that further south the depth tapered off, and further north also it was not nearly as deep.”


“Suddenly my view shifted to the lake front (Lake Michigan). After the earthquake ended, the waters of Lake Michigan swiftly calmed down; lying still in a strange and ghostly silence. The calm water then seemed to tremble or beadup, and as I watched, the level of the water began to drop quickly. There was a ‘whooshing’ sound as the water literally disappeared in a northeasterly direction, leaving only some large puddles, here and there.


A period of time then passed in that same day; but how much time I do not know. From a vantage point at street level in the Loop, I suddenly heard a terrible roaring sound. The sunlight was totally blotted out and everything was engulfed in a suffocating darkness. Later I was to see an aerial view of Chicago’s downtown area, when the returning wall of water from Lake Michigan would crash into the Loop with unbelievable force, surrounding the greater skyscrapers still standing. They would withstand the waters for a moment; then they would slowly twist around to fall and vanish forever in the churning waters. I clearly received an impression that the buildings north of the Loop, [at least past the fault line] would survive somehow.


The wall of water was not a wave, not a tidal force, nor a crest—it was the whole of Lake Michigan—moving in a massive body westward with irresistible, terrifying unbelievable, force. Everything in its path would be pulverized—totally obliterated. Although the water was over 15 stories high [using the Eisenhower Expressway as a central measuring point], the depth of the water dropped sharply once one traveled — 12 miles to the south or north — however, the shallowest I was shown was still about 20 feet of water.


Since 1973, we have realized that the earthquake will cause a geographic depression in the land, turning much of the city into a cause-way for this flood of water; while in places north of the fault line, some land areas will be elevated above the water.


The Lord showed me that Calumet City, Illinois; Hammond, Indiana; East Chicago, Indiana and other places on the southern tip of Lake Michigan will be under as much as 60 feet of water.


At Lake Michigan’s southern tip, I saw a vast plain of water, with no buildings showing above the water’s surface.


But on 07/05, 1973 in Des Plaines, (Illinois) I saw the water up over the speed limit sign on Ballard Road, and the water there appeared to be at least five feet deep, or deeper. The Tri-State bridge on Ballard Road had collapsed, and I saw cars piled up on either side, with water running through the broken concrete like rapids as the water surged west. Here, the Tri-State mound or road was higher than the water.”


“After the wall of water had engulfed the city and swept it away, I observed what seemed to be an endless flow of water moving steadily westward. Because I had seen St. Louis swamped and drowned out of existence by a broad body of water, I assumed that the water would connect somewhere with the Mississippi River, and move southward, causing the Mississippi River to swell greatly beyond its banks.


Again, I watched the water roar westward for days; I lost tract of how long it moved like this, but was aware that the larger part, if not the whole of Lake Michigan was emptying out.


Farther from the city, to the west, I did see areas that were above water and intact except for earthquake damage, and some years after these first visions was able to identify the Chicago suburb of Woodridge as one of those areas that will be partly or wholly above the flooding waters. I did see ditches here and there, with water running over them, and in the ditches, I observed masses of canned goods stripped of labels but largely intact, in the water and mud.


I also saw the bodies of the dead, human and animal, floating everywhere. Dismembered bodies covered in the disaster area; thankfully, most were buried in the churning tide of mud that moved beneath the water.


When the water subsided, I could see corpses caught in the branches of uprooted trees through all the widespread wreckage. When the water actually subsides, after the real earthquake, we will view a vast mud plain with islands of refuge. The stench of rotting flesh, decomposing vegetation and the stinking stagnant water in the hot, humid weather will be unbearable.


Almost immediately after the worst part of the destruction, in a vision, I saw flying overhead U.S. aircraft of various types dropping supplies by parachute to stranded survivors. Later, the airplanes stopped coming, but I did not then know why.


After the flooding waters passed a given area, I saw survivors coming out of the water, some adults and many children, all injured and half naked or altogether naked and in shock. They were received by certain Christian communities; clothed, tended to and later given places to live. I was not clearly aware of it at the time, but today know that these ‘communities’ or isles, spared from the waters destruction will be peopled by Christians who have prepared to some extent. When I saw so many young children, I couldn’t help but wonder how a three or four-year-old child could survive the waters, when their parents did not. The Lord would later tell me, “Because they are innocent.”


I also observed others emerging from among the survivors; those I would later identify as ‘marauders (thieves and robbers).’


These men, hoping for gain, would search among the corpses, taking rings, gold and other jewelry and even look for gold fillings in teeth. They were armed, and when they came upon the surviving communities, would take them by force, raping, torturing and killing as they wished. With no government or police in organized operation, these men followed their basic natures.


I realized then and now that the Christians would need to be prepared to defend themselves. My knowledge seemed to indicate that it would be almost a year before troops arrived. When they finally came they were bearded, tired, dirty, hungry and tattered.


They quickly disarmed the marauding men, killing all of them on the spot, then marched on. That sequence of events puzzled me at the time of the vision — I did not understand why U.S. troops would be on foot; why they would be so ragged, and why they shot the marauders immediately, with no hint of due process of law.


I looked over the Chicago land area after the waters subsided and the mud dried; and I was astonished.


Lake Michigan was gone, only a hilly lakebed remained to be seen. Mud everywhere—dried mud stretched over a vast expanse of what was once a great city. Bleached bones of the long-dead protruded in places. The toll of the dead was beyond estimation. There were no trees, no grass, just a dead silence. To the north I saw ruins of buildings. In the northwest areas here and there, were desolate skeletons of homes and buildings.”


“On 07/05, 1973, I could bear no more of the vision and cried unto God to take it from me, and He lifted it from my seeing. Later I turned to the Lord and asked Him when all of this would happen. I was given a vision of the number 17, made up of what looked like fluffy white clouds. I did not know if that meant 17 days, weeks, months, years, or centuries, I had no understanding.”


Mid-1977, Visions, Chicago Earthquake:  We have met and talked to dozens of Christians who have had a vision of the earthquake destroying Chicago or a vision of the wall of water crushing the city sweeping it away.  One minister told us in mid-1977 that he was in Chicago praying when he had a vision of the building he was in; the walls were cracked and everything was ruined.  He than said he heard loud ‘banging noises’ and saw the pipes suddenly rupture and explode with considerable force.  Next, he heard a roaring noise and suddenly torrents of water broke through the east walls of the building.  He had no idea what it meant but someone who had heard our tapes suggested he visit us, and so he did. 


What hit me was that as the wall of water would move, it could cause intensely high pressure in the city’s water pipes just ahead of it, resulting in the pipes exploding.”            —Chuck Youngbrandt, Seer Prophet



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About 1974, Dream Vision, Devastation To Chicago:  Judy Gomersal saw total devastation to Chicago; buildings looked like match sticks, saw this sign that read “Chicago.”


Also, there will be an earthquake in St. Louis, Missouri; Judy received this from Yonna Higgins, a pastor’s wife in Tennessee. —Judy Gomersal, Christian  

[Comment not by Gomersal:  Prophetic is being revealed that there will be a bombing to Chicago, it appears that it will occur before the great Chicago earthquake, for why after the earthquake, the city will be destroyed from the earthquake and flooding, why bomb it?  It is pondered if the bombing will be strong enough to actually cause pressure to the Sandwich Fault line and the Chicago earthquake later at some point after the bombing?  Lot of pondering here, will need godly prophetic revelations to stay on track as to how it will all play out in reality.]

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1976, Vision, Mississippi River & A Changed North America:  “As the angel pointed in front of me a wide view of land and water opened up, so that at first I thought I was seeing two countries. Instantly it was made known to me that I was looking at a vastly changed portion of North America, which was completely divided by a large body of water, and which had lost a large part of both eastern and western shorelines…  


Great Destruction: In this scenario icebergs and polar icecaps were melting. Earthquakes had occurred and there had been hurricanes and fierce storms—the whole country had been ravaged by these things…


Two Separate Countries:  The area of water in the middle of . . . the United States was massive, and was widest or most extensive in the north. There were no Great Lakes as I had known them, for all of them had come together into this huge sea that extended northeastward into the ocean.


The inland sea also extended southward, filling most of the Mississippi and Missouri River valleys and widening by many, many miles the Mississippi River where it flows into what we know as the Gulf of Mexico. This sea was so vast that I knew it could not be bridged, and so in essence the United States had become as two separate countries.  —Elane Durham




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1977, Prophecy, Chicago, Illinois Earthquake:  Summary: Chicago, Illinois and Gary, Indiana fall into Lake Michigan, earthquake eats them up.

Florida:  Part of top northern area ok, but major earthquake to Florida, goes under water.

New York City:  New York City gets destroyed.

West Coast—California:  All but Eastern California disappears.

Texas: The tip of Texas going under water, and some of Mexico.  He agreed that Corpus Christi was going under water.  Mexico will be an island he stated.

There will be forty-five places of safety in the USA.

Around the center of the USA, new area—Kansas City around, I think Charles said, was where the President of the USA would be taken to from Washington D.C.

Christian falling away occurs before the “catching up” or Rapture occurs.

The invasion of the USA comes after the quakes.   —Charles Hagadon, Apostle Prophet

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About 1980’s, Vision, Military Attack To Chicago, Illinois & Earthquake Along The Fault—Mississippi & I saw in Chicago, the whole city lit up in the vision, I thought they dropped a bomb on the City of Chicago”:  “Other cities were bombed, 3 or 4 major cities were bombed, I felt they were coastal cities on the east coast, after the fall of our government there were other cities afflicted… there was a military attack to Chicago, St. Louis and I think Dallas & Houston as far as western cities…

I did feel that after the attack, and things seemed to settle down under the new military rule, that there would be an earthquake along the fault, Mississippi; at that time a lot of health situations would occur due to the military invasion situation.  The people began to seriously cry out to God!”

“And I remember seeing Israel surrounded; I felt such a sense of great fear for Israel, I cried and said, “Lord these are Your people what will become of them,” and He said, ‘watch,’ and that’s when I saw this eagle it almost looked mangled but it was flying [I knew it was America the Eagle], it was flying in circles, it began to swoop lower and lower, then I could see down beneath it on the ground, there was a Lamb!  I wondered what the lamb was, as I got closer it was draped with the flag of Israel, and the lamb was hurt and bleeding and the Eagle landed just beside the Lamb.  The Eagle looked at it checking it out and spread its wings over the Lamb and when the Eagle died than the Eagle was restored… the wounded Eagle was now healed, because its feathers were all mangled before… and the Lord said to me this is like a Samson thing, She (America) would never know the full power, but she would be back in the Lord’s grace, she would never be destroyed.”

“Chicago, I believe it was, was hit almost as bad as New York.  I saw in Chicago, the whole city lit up in the vision, I thought they dropped a bomb on the City of Chicago.”    —Jim Titus, Christian   

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1987, Series Of Day Outer Visions, “St. Louis, Missouri Earthquake”:  “I just remembered that in 1987 while my son and I lived in Hillsboro, Missouri, about 25 miles south of St. Louis, every day for about a week as he was driving to work down Highway 21 he would see in the spirit the whole landscape along Highway 21 just completely destroyed. The highway was no longer in existence!


He said there were no standing buildings. The highways were completely destroyed, complete upheaval.


He said gas lines had ruptured and were exploding and people were trapped and buried in rubble and under buildings everywhere, but there was no way anyone could get to them to help them. 


He said there was no clean water, no available food, and just mass destruction everywhere.


There had been a massive earthquake.”  —Ricki Goral & son, Christopher Goral


1998, Outer Vision, “Invasion Of The USA & Saw Two Soldiers Coming At Me With Machine Guns”: I was in Festus, Missouri…  I saw two soldiers coming at me with machine guns.  The Lord said, “You will indeed see foreign troops on this soil (USA).”


02/28, 2005, Prophetic Word & Outer Vision, Heard “Earthquake, Earthquake, & Earthquake”:  There was a map of the Great Lakes.  I saw a “dot” on the map of the Great Lakes and heard: “Earthquake, Earthquake, Earthquake!”  It was the Great Lakes, Lake Michigan I saw.  The “dot” was on the land on the map, right at the edge of the land adjoining the lake; on the land right next to the lake (Lake Michigan).


04/2006, Outer Vision, “Skyline Of Chicago—Powerful Consuming Fire”:  I saw an outrageous fire, billowing fire, and saw the skyline of Chicago.  It was a powerful consuming fire.  I felt like it was devastation, this outrageous fire.  —Ricki Goral


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01/27, 1989, Open Vision, Major Destruction To Chicago,  & Map Of The United States & Invasion:  “… The process will begin while the church is still here. In fact, it has already begun and will continue until all is fully executed I want to add one more thing before I share the vision the Bible tells us…”

On 01/27, 1989, I had been in a spirit of prayer all night and was finally just starting to dose off to sleep. Suddenly, I was fully awakened by a vision of a map of the United States. It was not a vision in my head but was what some call an open vision out in front of me.

The map was in a silvery light and was completely sectioned off into states, just as suddenly as it had appeared, I heard a voice, as robust as the sound of many waters yet with great intensity, begin to give directions. Starting with the West Coast, the voice would speak and that same silvery light would shoot down from the direction of heaven like a laser beam onto the map. The light would follow the path directed by the voice and then effects would follow as I will explain.

First, the voice cried out—'The West Coast, California, Oregon and Washington, starting from the southern most tip all the way up to Seattle, will suffer natural disasters, such as earthquakes, floods and fire, and enemy attack. "The line shot up the map taking most of California and leaving only a small section that bordered on Arizona and Nevada. It went up through Oregon taking about half of that state and then on up through Washington, taking about one-third of that state, then out toward the ocean through Seattle. The minute the line touched Seattle, everything west of the line disappeared.

The voice then cried out, "Michigan, Indiana, Ohio, and Illinois will suffer natural disasters, such as floods, earthquakes and tornadoes, and enemy attack. Immediately, this line started at about where Lansing, Michigan, is and fanned down in what became two lines going south first. Then one line swung back up easterly through Ohio, going out over the Great Lake Erie through Cleveland. The other line swung down through Indiana and then headed back up northwesterly and went out into the Great Lake Michigan up by the way of the northeast corner of Illinois and out through Chicago. When it was done, it looked like two "u's" side by side. This affected areas all through the region, for instance, as far east as Detroit and easterly in Michigan to the Great Lake itself on the west. The whole southern part of the glove experienced cataclysmic results. 


Next, the voice called out, Most of Louisiana and all of Texas will suffer natural disasters, floods, hurricanes, tornadoes, and enemy attack.” The line shot up through New Orleans east of Baton Rouge, up through Shreveport in a kind of wiggly way then cut off all of Texas. Texas disappeared. Louisiana experienced devastation but didn't disappear.

I was ready for this to end, yet the Lord continued. New York down through Pennsylvania, the Virginias, the eastern Part of Tennessee, Georgia, and Florida will suffer natural disasters of every kind, hurricanes, flooding, earthquakes, etc. and enemy attack. Then everything that was east of the line disappeared.

The Lord continued, "The Grand Canyon will suffer natural disasters. "The line seemed to start at the bottom of the Grand Canyon heading northerly straight up to Montana through Yellowstone. This was also accompanied by cataclysmic disasters like floods, earthquakes, volcanoes, and fires. This affected a substantial area, including Arizona, Utah, western parts of Wyoming, the eastern tip of Idaho and southwestern part of Montana. The regions did not disappear, but experienced utter catastrophe.

Then Missouri, Mississippi, Arkansas, Alabama, West Tennessee, Kentucky, and on it went. There were severe heat waves, hailstorms, energy blackouts, severe snow and ice storms as well as extreme arctic cold spells to the loss of many lives. I saw it so often occur in some of the least likely areas. Famines, pestilence, plagues, and more.

Nevada and Utah were all but destroyed through natural disasters of every kind and ultimately enemy attack. They did, however, remain on the map (Please note that I am not declaring that the states that disappeared fell off into the sea. I don't know why they disappeared, only that they did. Consequently, I am merely relating what I saw-not trying to interpret.)”

“Some states, such as New Mexico, were lost from my memory. I couldn't remember what happened to them, so I didn't record it.

I distinctly remember, however, that the only part of the US that was not devastated was the Central United States, a region basically west of the Missouri River, as I have indicated on the map. [See attached map, page 203, Prepare For The Winds Of Change II] I also realized that many of the things that would begin happening immediately would be of an unusual nature, such as natural disasters that would seem improbable or even impossible, at least for that particular geographical area.

I was instructed that this sequence of events would start immediately, picking up momentum with time until eventually the succession would be happening with gunshot rapidity, until all fulfilled. It's important to understand that the natural disasters did not specifically follow "the lines", but the lines seemed to indicate the borders of the severely affected areas. The only one exception was the line that went up through the Grand Canyon north to Montana. In that case, the line seemed to symbolize the central core of action with a radiating aftermath both to the east and west. I saw natural disasters in Alaska and the Hawaiian Islands followed by warheads.

Finally, I saw a severe diminishing of our nation's military. Officers, and enlisted men, as well as the closing of many critical bases were part of the scenario. Our ability to defend ourselves was critically reduced, to a point of near ineffectiveness. (The Military cut down was not incorporated in this vision, but was seen many years ago.)”

01/15, 2004, Prophetic Word, Chicago Earthquake & New Madrid: Upon asking Apostle Seer Prophet Nita Johnson about the great future Chicago & New Madrid earthquake, here is what she sent to me of what apparently she had received or seen from God:  “The earthquake you mentioned will not split the Nation in two geographically. There will be much devastation from that earthquake but it will not be to that extent.” —Nita Johnson, Apostle Seer Prophet


[Comment not by Nita Johnson:  As God revealed to His prophets pictures of these future destructions, some prophets have seen such huge change the middle of the USA that it appeared that the USA would be split in two; furthermore, it is now known from Seer Prophet Bob Jones’ revelation from God that the Mississippi River will be 35 miles wide; this information revelation could cause many prophets to assume the nation will be split in two from the pictures that God has shown them.  However, as all the prophetic revelation pieces are combined together—here in this largest collection known in the USA for this subject, it is now evident that it is understood that the Mississippi River—New Madrid area could “look as if” the nation has been split in two, but somehow far enough under the earthquake changes—the nation has not literally been split into two separate continents. 


It also maybe possible yet that if certain negative things occur with Israel—such as the USA not supporting or helping Israel fully & in great time of need; if those actions occur, the nation of the USA could possibly be totally split in two—if this is possible yet, in time this will be more revealed as God brings more godly prophetic words together from those He has released them too, and actually releases more revelations on this subject/s. 


Right now, there is a trying to piece together, or bring into a harmony all the pieces that each prophet or lay Christian received in what will be occurring in the very near future when these events become reality.]


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12/31, 1997, Prophetic Word & Vision(s), Vision Of A New Madrid Earthquake: “There will be an enormous earthquake somewhere along the New Madrid Fault line. A mighty angel has been holding this fault line together also.


Six great cities will be destroyed. Among them are Chicago, Morgan City, St. Louis and Memphis. Memphis will become a lake.


The Mississippi River will be 35 miles wide when it is all over. The shaking will be felt all the way to Charlotte, North Carolina.


Water from the Great Lakes will flow south into the Mississippi River and then into the Gulf of Mexico.”


12/31, 1997, Prophetic Word, Earthquake Prophecies:  “I (God) have been showing My prophets these things for years.  Now walk into it.  I am beginning to perform My Word.


Bob (Jones) saw two mighty angels. One was holding the "San Diego Plate" and the other, the “New Madrid Fault Line.” When each cup is full (each cup of sin) the angel will turn loose and the quakes will happen. They will be sudden.”  —Bob Jones, Seer Prophet


12/31, 1997:  “Bob (Jones) saw two mighty angels. One was holding the "San Diego Plate" and the other, the “New Madrid Fault Line.”  When each cup is full (each cup of sin) the angel will turn loose and the quakes will happen. They will be sudden.”  —Judy Curmi


05/01, 1998, Word Given By Bob Jones, Mississippi & Missouri “Illinois will raise up and Missouri will go down” 

"Earthquakes would come soon, one in Tokyo, Japan; many islands, California. 


One of the last to come would be along an old fault line in the Mississippi.


Illinois will raise up and Missouri will go down.  Pray now!!!  Intercessors can change things."


The Lord said that "we need to know the timing on that and this will be the sign:  increased tornadoes on the Mississippi Valley. 


The mud flats will begin to break away and gas..."  Anonymous Christian & Bob Jones, Seer Prophet


06/14, 2001:  “Today I saw a plague that was coming to New Orleans and will go up the Mississippi to Chicago and back down. It’s located just right under the Mississippi. The Spirit river is also flowing, but I think it’s going to flow both ways.” —Bob Jones, Seer Prophet

[God has revealed that there are seven very high level prophets in the whole world, with other prophets under these seven (Major and Minor prophets?), and Bob Jones is one of the seven highest level prophets in the world at any given time period.  You could be reminded in the Bible of Elijah, Elisha and the School of Prophets to understand this revelation of levels of prophets better.] 

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About 1998, Inner Vision, Lake Michigan Earthquake Will Reclaim Part Of The City Of Chicago:  The Lord told Joe Galvan that as a result of the earthquake coming part of Lake Michigan will reclaim part of the City of Chicago, it will go under water.  —Joseph Galvan, Christian 

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1998, Dream, Future Chicago Earthquake & Flooding From Lake Michigan: In my dream, I was standing in the downtown area of Chicago in front of a building that looks like a Greek temple... with a pond or river in front of it.  Suddenly, the view changed to water was everywhere, and I saw that my daughter and I was staying in the wood broken shelter (which looked like a Hong Kong very, very low class house), everywhere under it was water.  The people looked hungry and they were running around looking for their family.


Everywhere was flooded below the shelter. I did not see any single house in the dream, within the view that I was staying at in the dream.  I saw just broken wood everywhere. People were using broken wood to build the bridge from one shelter to another shelter.


I did not see any high buildings any more from where I was at in the dream in the downtown Chicago area.


Then I realized that it was after a big earthquake in Chicago and the floodwaters had come from Lake Michigan.  —Julia Simmers, Christian


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After 1998—2003, Chicago, Illinois:  “Chicago, Illinois will be host to a prolonged revival. The effects of this revival will last 50 years!” —Dennis Cramer, Prophet


[Comment not by Cramer:  Notice he did not say the Revival will last 50 years, he said, the effects of the revival!]


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06/2001 & 05/18, 2004, Chicago Earthquake & Water From Lake Michigan To Mississippi River:  “I was told by God that part of Michigan was going to be destroyed… when the earthquake that (Seer Prophet) Chuck Youngbrandt saw regarding Chicago happened. When the Lord said this, He showed me Chicago. I was shown the SE lower area of Chicago and saw roads breaking up and buildings collapse.

Large rock formations that appeared to be granite shards rose up through the ground breaking up the roads and sending cars flying through the air. Expressways collapsed with cars falling off and crushing the cars underneath. I could see that this earthquake happened during the day but did not see any shadows to indicate what time during the day. This could mean that it happened when the sun was high in the sky so that there would be few shadows or that I wasn’t allowed to see what time it was.

I then saw the Southeast area of Chicago next to Lake Michigan; starting from within Lake Michigan the ground started opening up creating a giant chasm that swallowed up buildings and roads and quickly filled with water.

The giant chasm kept expanding devouring all that was in its path and filling with water going Southwest and then down towards the Mississippi River.

While traveling in the Upper Michigan Peninsula, in 06/2001, I was told that the Fayette peninsula area (Delta and Schoolcraft Counties) was going to be destroyed when the Earthquake that (Seer Prophet) Chuck Youngbrandt saw regarding Chicago happened. When this happens the water will wash away much of this area. I was told that some of the land in the U.P. would be no more.

While traveling in the Lower Michigan Peninsula along the northwest shoreline next to Lake Michigan south of Traverse City, in 08/2002, I thought to myself that it would be nice to buy some property in this area. I had no sooner had this thought, when the Lord spoke to me and said, “It wouldn’t be a very good investment.” Naturally I asked, “Why not?” and the Lord showed me. I will describe what I saw.

The area that I was in looked the same as the area that I was currently driving in, which was the NW part of Lower Michigan. The trees, which were mostly pine were the same color and looked the same as where I was driving down the road. There were a few white birch trees with leaves but looked dry. I was given a sense that the weather was hot and dry and even the ground looked very dry, like it hadn’t rained for a long time.  I could see that it was during the day as it was very bright but did not see any shadows to indicate what time during the day. This could mean that it happened when the sun was high in the sky so that there would be very few shadows or that I wasn’t allowed to see what time it was. The ground started shaking violently. This went on for several seconds and then the ground started to liquefy. The hills and trees started to disappear straight down and the ground turned flat like you were at the beach. The water sheen started to appear along the top of the ground. As the land liquefied before my eyes, suddenly I was up in the air looking down at the whole state and saw the top part of the state dissolve into Lake Michigan.

I was told By God that this would happen when the Earthquake that (Seer Prophet) Chuck Youngbrandt saw regarding Chicago happened. I was given a small glimpse of this earthquake and have written it down under the state of Illinois. This is what the lower part of Michigan looked like since I did not see Upper Michigan destroyed…” (Map not included)   —Eric Graham, Prophet


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After 09/11, 2001, Dream, Lord Showed You Won’t Be Able To Get Out Of The City Of Chicago In The Future At Some Point Except By Boat:  There is coming a time you won’t be able to get out of Chicago, except by boat—the Lord Jesus showed this to an African American in Chicago, in this dream. —Jan Shumaker, Christian


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11/20, 2001, Vision, Tim Snodgrass has prophesied that God will divide the USA along the New Madrid Fault, if the USA divides Israel, “America Ripped In Half”:  What is the significance of these two earthquakes? Exactly six months ago, on 11/20, 2001, I received a vision of America being ripped in half like a veil from east to west, and the Holy Spirit spoke to me that "If America wishes to divide Jerusalem in half, America shall be divided in half."


In the vision I witnessed a major earthquake along the New Madrid Fault-line which literally divided America in half from east to west, creating a new gulf which stretched from the Great Lakes in the north to the Gulf of Mexico in the south.


Six-weeks after this vision, on the first day of 2002 I received another vision of a great quake, this time centered in a separate portion of the United States: The quake – somewhere in the 9.0 range—was centered on the U.S. West Coast. Many freeways ended abruptly, cut off by new lakes which were created by the quake. In the vision the Holy Spirit spoke to me that this great quake would occur "after the 2nd Polynesian quake." 


12/ 2001, Earthquakes, Seismic & Volcanic Report: “The largest earthquakes to occur in U.S. history occurred exactly 190 years ago along the Mississippi River, during the winter of 1811—1812. The first quake took place on 12/16, 1811, and was estimated to be in the 8 or 9—point range. It set off a series of over 2,000 aftershocks, which lasted until 02/07, 1812. Five of these aftershocks were greater than 8.0, and could be felt across the entire eastern half of the United States. By winter's end, few houses were left undamaged within a 250-mile radius of the epicenter in New Madrid, Missouri.


On 11/20, 2001, Timothy was given the following word: "If America wishes to divide Jerusalem in half, then America shall be divided in half." Approximately one month after that word, on 12/16, 2001 Timothy was given an alarming vision of the United States being split in half along Mississippi River.

The vision was very detailed as to the boundaries of the division, which separated from the Mississippi River at mid-point, and then moved NE instead of NW, towards the Canadian East Coast.”

“Only four earthquakes have been recorded in history as exceeding 9.0 on the Richter Scale ~ 2 of these quakes were located in Alaska. On 03/09, 1957, the third largest earthquake recorded in history took place in the Andreanof Islands, Alaska. This 9.1 earthquake was a turning point in the study of volcanoes, proving that major earthquakes can indeed awaken volcanoes that have been sleeping for generations.”

“Although all of the above earthquakes were large, none can compare to the New Madrid, Missouri quakes, which occurred during the winter of 1811—1812. This series of quakes lasted for five months, and took place long before the seismograph was invented. If you compare this series of quakes to the 9.5 Chilean quake (which lasted for 3 weeks), the New Madrid earthquake would have to have been comparatively much larger (lasting 5 months).

The magnitude of the New Madrid earthquakes had to be truly enormous. In 1964, the Prince Williams Sound earthquake (9.2) could only be felt as far away as Seattle, Washington.

But 18 of the New Madrid earthquakes rang church bells as far away as Boston, Massachusetts, and could be felt across the entire eastern half of the United States. Over 150,000 acres of forest were destroyed, new lakes were formed, and tsunami crashed along the shores of the Mississippi River, leaving a graveyard of destroyed boats and debris.”

The first 2 of the 5 big quakes were epicentered in Arkansas, both occurring on the same day (12/16th, 1811). The third earthquake was epincentered in New Madrid, Missouri (01/23, 1812). The fourth and fifth quakes occurred in New Madrid on 02/07, 1812 and were the largest of the series. It was these two quakes that destroyed the city of New Madrid, and toppled houses as far away as St. Louis.

(Note: Although some sources report that there were three large quakes, technically there were five mega-quakes [Two on 12/16/1811; one on 01/23/1812; and another two on 02/07/1812].”

On 11/20, 2001, I was given a detailed prophetic vision of another “series of quakes” which will soon shake the United States Midwest. The coming quakes will exceed the magnitudes of the previous New Madrid quakes of 1811—1812, and will result in significant earth changes along several areas of the Central United States.”

In Arkansas and Missouri, the earth changes that began 191 years ago during the New Madrid quakes will reach maturation.

Along the New Madrid fault line and several other fault lines which wind there way up to the Great Lakes, there will be a sudden drop of elevation.

The size of the Great Lakes will decrease, as water drains into the newly formed rift and cascades southward into the Gulf of Mexico.

Within less than a day, a new gulf will appear in the United States. North America will be literally divided in half from east to west. The majority of changes will take place within 24 hours, but aftershocks from the quake will continue to rattle the region for seven months.

The force of the water cascading from north to south during the birthing of the initial rift will lay the foundations for diverse topography and landscapes along the newly birthed shoreline.”

Inland Tsunami And Displacements Of Rivers And Lakes:  “Prior to 1811, tsunami were believed to be only an ocean phenomena. But on 12/16, 1811, a new precedent was set for tidal waves. When an earthquake approaches or exceeds 9.0 on the Richter Scale, earth changes are imminent. These changes can be anywhere from minor to catastrophic, depending upon the geology and terrain of the earth.

If a body of water happens to be near the epicenter, one of two things can happen:

1)      The quake will generate tsunami, or

2)      The body of water will be displaced, and shift to another location.”

During major earthquakes, the elevation of land rises and falls.

The greatest earth changes occur not when the land is thrown upwards, but when it collapses.”

“In New Madrid, the shaking was so intense that land waves could be seen rippling across the face of the earth.

The elevation of the earth rose and fell over an area of 78,000—129,000 square kilometers, extending from Cairo, Illinois, to Memphis, Tennessee, and from Crowleys Ridge, Arkansas, to Chickasaw Bluffs, Tennessee.

Many new lakes were formed, including Lake St. Francis in eastern Arkansas, which is 64 kilometers long by 1 kilometer wide.

The future map of the Gulf of the North America, which will extend from the Great Lakes in the north, to the Gulf of Mexico in the south, is not without precedent in earth history.”

“…The tsunami triggered from the drainage of the Great Lakes will move southward at a catastrophic rate, engulfing entire cities in its path as it winds its way south into the crystal blue waters of the Gulf of Mexico.

To the northeast of the Great Lakes in Canada, newly formed channels will connect the Gulf to the Atlantic Ocean. Although this inland tsunami will indeed be large, it will be small compared to the tidal waves generated by the earth changes…”

—Timothy Snodgrass, Seer Prophet


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05/09, 2002, Dream, Chicago Earthquake:  “I heard the earthquake—the ground was shaking in Chicago… there was a fire like an atomic bomb.”


05/16, 2002, Vision, Chicago Earthquake:  “I was in a building in Chicago with my children, I heard the earthquake, the building I was in was pulled off its foundation, there were crowds of people in the streets.  The earthquake is going to spread outside of Chicago…” —Louise Rosenburg-Meiszner, Christian


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08/2003, Prophetic Word, State of Illinois:  "From this state (Illinois) My glory shall proceed forth as a wheel that shall turn this nation.” —Chuck Pierce, Prophet


08/29, 2004, Then Chuck Pierce prophesied: “…I will send the wind up the Mississippi River and this wind will shake Missouri. You will see the land shake in Missouri because of the wind from Louisiana…

Get ready. Don't brace yourself. Throw yourself up. Get ready for the new is coming. Every place I blow on will shake. The wind is coming on Louisiana and it will shake the entire state. I will fill churches. The south purifying wind of My holiness will sweep across Louisiana. People will be on their faces in malls and shopping centers. Boldness will come upon My people in Louisiana. There is a worship call. Get ready—the wind is about to blow. The river is changing courses. You will be one of the first that changes."

08/12, 2005, Prophetic Word, Head Of The Mississippi Decreeing: “The Lord told me… ‘I want you to go to the north and I want you to agree with Me that there is a North wind that is coming upon this land. We went there to Minnesota and stood at the head of the Mississippi and we decreed that the North wind of the Lord would begin to come to bring change to our nation.” 


09/26, 2005, “Divide This Land:” Chuck Pierce prophecy to Benny Hinn: “...I say now your call is to change entire city structures, I say the sword of mine is now resting in your hand get ready for you will divide this land that I might enter in again, saith the Lord. Just shout, he’s coming in again…”

[Comment not by Chuck Pierce:  divide this land” comment: New Madrid fault along the Mississippi River, does this have anything to do with the Mississippi enlarging 35 miles after the major huge quake coming, this will divide the land, the nation into what appears to be  two huge sections, we shall see!

Notice these decrees and comments from God & think about the Mid—West Earthquakes and Flooding and Revival in St. Louis that will be coming:

n      Notice he decrees at the head of the Mississippi! 

n      Notice he decrees The river is changing courses.”

n      Notice he decrees, “I will send the wind up the Mississippi River and this wind will shake Missouri. You will see the land shake in Missouri

n      Notice he is told “You will divide this land.”

n      Notice he is told, “a shaking in St. Louis” and you are going to see St. Louis begin to shake…” 

n      Notice he is told,  “Across the middle of this nation there is going to be a shaking.

n      Ponder and wonder if these above are dual—twin fold (Revival & Earthquakes).  Could these prophetic words also be related to the New Madrid fault line along the Mississippi River, does this have anything to do with the Mississippi enlarging 35 miles after a future huge—major earthquake coming, it appears so—when you finish reading all that is in this collection!

n      Notice it appears Prophet Chuck Pierce was the Prophet called in by God to do the decreeing for New Orleans’ righteous redemptive judgment, as Apostle Seer Prophet Neville Johnson (This was mentioned on one of his St. Louis, MO Prayer Link CD’s, he decreed it while in Canada if I recall correctly the day before 09/11/2001.) and Seer Prophet David E. Taylor were called in to do the decreeing for the New York City righteous redemptive judgment on the very morning at the site before the Twin Towers came down on 09/11, 2001 because the “cup of sin” in America was very high and getting close to overflowing, so righteous redemptive judgment was permitted, necessary, and allowed by God (Mankind yielded in a huge quantity to sin/s and the sins were multiplied here in the USA, this is what caused the righteous redemptive judgment to occur).  Other judgments will be coming depending on the Christian’s prayers before God’s Throne for America.  The reason this is occurring to the USA is that she was/is (and claimed to be) a Christian nation; judgment begins in God’s Church & nations first and works it way out to the other nations it appears.  If you consider China and the massive killing of unborn babies there you know that she has murdered far more than America has but China is not considered a Christian nation—China has righteous redemptive judgment coming big time however.]

08/12, 2005, Prophetic Word, “Call Forth The Refuge Cities Throughout The USA:” “On 08/12, 2005, God told Chuck Pierce: “Call forth the refuge cities throughout this nation.”

“Call them forth on the East Coast... the West Coast and the Gulf Coast now... God is calling forth refuge cities throughout our nation... because we are in for a season…”

[Comment not by Pierce:  Does “calling forth the Refuge Cities in the USA have anything to do with the future Earthquake destructions and/or the Invasion of the USA that is soon coming? Sustainable communities of refuge—does it indicate that concentration death camps are coming eventually, so could some Christians or the Christians who are the Bride of Jesus Christ be permitted to be in “Cities of Refuge;” away from the cities that will be “cursed from major abortions” having taken place, etc.?]

“…The Lord told me… ‘I want you to go to the north and I want you to agree with Me that there is a North wind that is coming upon this land. We went there to Minnesota and stood at the head of the Mississippi and we decreed that the North wind of the Lord would begin to come to bring change to our nation.”

“But here was a very interesting thing that happened on 08/12 (2005)… The spirit of God fell on us and He said ‘Call forth the refuge cities now…’ Well a year ago on 08/29, (2004) when we were in Baton Rouge, and He was showing us the wind and the water that would come, He told us that Baton Rouge would become the model refuge city. He said the people would come north… He said Baton Rouge would become a refuge city. Now when He fell on us on 08/12, (2005)…He said ‘Call out the refuge cities of this nation.’… Call them forth on the East Coast, call them forth on the West Coast, call them forth on the Gulf Coast. They must arise and God emphatically said “now”…. Because we are in for a season of not only the North wind… because He said, Once the North wind, you call it forth, and the South wind begins to come and New Orleans starts being purified, you are going to see St. Louis begin to shake 

God will draw forth out of the very center of this nation a breaking forth of His glory.  We will see the glory of God rising out of St. Louis in a way that will shake us all because the spirit of God’s going to invade that city. Now I want to tell you that if you are from there to get ready, there is an invasion that is working up towards you, there is an invasion that is working down towards you, and across the middle of this nation there is going to be a shaking.” —Chuck Pierce, Prophet

[Comment not by Chuck Pierce:  We know this above is referring to Revival in St. Louis, because Seer Prophet David E. Taylor received that from God by a visit from Angel Gabriel who delivered that message.  But is this also referring to an earthquake in the New Madrid fault area (?), it might be at some point in the near future??????? Remember both can occur, the spiritual and the physical, both! Now the question is “when,” for we know it is coming in both areas: Revival and Earthquake (s) to the New Madrid Fault Line areas that will widen the Mississippi to about 35 miles wide!

Furthermore, there is decreeing according to God’s ‘perfect will’ and it is one of God’s prophets that God sends in to decree righteous redemptive judgments or the blessings of God.


In a real event, such as a powerful earthquake that this document is supporting in the godly prophetic, not only would the mighty Mississippi River overflow its current banks such as Seer Prophet Bob Jones has revealed—to a 35 miles wide Mississippi River, but the Missouri River, Ohio River and Arkansas Rivers will probably over flow along with the Mississippi River, north and south of St. Louis—causing massive flooding.  With all of these occurring simultaneously, the surge over the central U.S. could resemble a tsunami, in the sense that many areas would be receiving major water destruction.  Take heed and prepare if you live near any of these areas or have family that does.                   —Anonymous Christian]


09/27,2005, Detroit & Los Angeles & San Francisco, Benny Hinn Ministries' Pastor’s Conference: 


Benny Hinn: “Chuck Pierce is a Prophet of God….”

Chuck Pierce: “…When the Lord showed me this passage He showed me the next three years ahead. He said to me, I am sending, I am teaching My people again, they will learn again the power of My cross. They will learn again the power of the cross they’re carrying. Not only are we entering into three years of learning, but we are entering into three years of going and building, new and fresh, the model for the next three generations. We are entering a time of acceleration; we are entering a time of building…you are going into a building season, even if you’ve lost everything in the past, God says, this now becomes your building season… and these next three years, war escalates, internally war escalates,  …and in the escalation of this war season… we are building the model for the Church for the future... but if we’re building the model the next three years, the gates of hell cannot withstand us.  Tell your neighbor God is preparing you to stand against Hell.

“Now I want to say to you…tonight… times are escalating, we are in seasons of escalation…”  —Chuck Pierce, Prophet 

[Comment not by Chuck Pierce:  Could this be urban race riots before or after the earthquake (s)?  War escalates internally, what does this mean? Is it about Civil disorder in cities (which we do have prophetic for to occur at some point) or the invasion of the USA?  We know that if Roe v. Wade is not reversed by the end of 2007 that the invasion of the USA by Russia and China and other countries will occur before 2010 and while President Bush Jr. it appears is president of the USA, God revealed this to Prophet Dan Bohler and Prophet David E. Taylor—so that is before the end of 2008 it appears; and from the godly prophetic that we have so far from Prophet Thomas S. Gibson—the USA Invasion will occur after 2005 and before 2010—this was stated many years ago. 

So in the godly prophetic, some strongly suspect that the year for the invasion could be 2008, while President Bush Jr. is still president (Presidency over in 2008 (?), or if the Christians can pray in that the law for Roe v. Wade is reversed before the end of 2007, we know that the USA Invasion can be delayed to after 2010 at some point—(and it appears that will be after the 2019 from the “9” number at the end of the date on the newspaper seen in Joe Brandt’s series of visions given to him by God back in 1937 on the West Coast earthquakes), this came from Prophet Dan Bohler and was discerned by Apostle Seer Prophet Nita Johnson and released in early 2006 in Washington D.C.; it is also at Prophet Bohler’s website. 

Now if Roe v. Wade is not reversed we know that it appears, it appears, it appears that the Chicago earthquake could occur before 2008, because Seer Prophet Chuck Youngbrandt was aware in the series of visions that God gave to him back in 1973, that it was about one year after the Chicago earthquake that the “Invasion of the USA occurred;” but we do not know all this for sure yet—we need more witnesses to the exact timing of these events.  This is just how the godly prophetic revelations kind of looks right now regarding this subject.  We need more from God to let us know if Roe v. Wade Abortion Law will be reversed or not by the end of 2007—if it is reversed it appears the Chicago earthquake will be delayed as well as the Invasion of the USA to after 2010!  If not, well all better prepare for some awful days while the wonderful Revival overlaps the invasion of the USA.

Notice Prophet Chuck Pierce stated three years:  08/2005, 08/2006, 8/2007… regarding something very important (? Could it be both good and or difficult?)]


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01/19, 2004, Series Of Inner Visions, New Madrid Fault Zone & Evansville, Indiana:  “On 01/19, 2004, Joseph Cook of Evansville, Indiana, received a series of inner visions and words that portray a future earthq the North wind… because He said, Once the North wind, you call it forth, and the South wind begins to come and New Orleans starts being purified, you are going to see St. Louis begin to shake…” quake that will strike his hometown. This is an area very near to, and involved with, the New Madrid fault zone….”


“I hear the words ‘the gorge created by the earthquake is a city block wide.’”


“…In this meeting these men are trying to decide how they might bridge between the divided sections of America. For the earthquake had literally divided the nation in half. The Holy Spirit moved upon me and I told them:


“You shall build bridges… three of them, one shall go across the very north edge of Arkansas across the gap, one shall go across the south edge of Tennessee, one shall go across just above Sikeston, MO.”


I went on "And these bridges shall be built in triad style, two main superstructure beams underneath, one superstructure beam on top, they shall be interconnected with stabilizing lashings.


They shall be set upon pillars of three with pile drivings that go 75 feet deep, these underground pillars will be in triad foundation with alternate concrete and large gravel layers. The length of these bridges will be 300 feet long with an overlap of the gorge at 75 feet per end…” — Joseph Cook


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04/21, 2004, Earthquake Information, Major Natural Phenomena Potentials:  “…cities tend to be built on rivers and/or shores of lakes, seas, and oceans. Rivers tend to follow fault systems. Shores often have proximity to tectonic plates with mobility potentials. It makes sense that cities with high buildings at the confluence of geological fault and plate systems will be leveled if there are worldwide earthquakes.”

“There is apparently a fault there that runs, perhaps, up the Illinois River Basin to the Chicago area and then up the middle of Lake Michigan before it allegedly cuts east about the latitude of Grand Rapids, MI, and passes inland North of Grand Rapids. It is thought that the East side of said fault line could drop 80 feet causing a wall of Lake Michigan water to wash 10’s of miles into the State of Michigan and up rivers like the St. Joseph River basin perhaps flooding low land as far up the St. Joseph River as South Bend, Indiana…”   —Lowell Miller


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11/27, 2004, Vision, Middle Of The USA Breaks Open & Splits Down The Middle—Earthquake: “…The land breaks open as it is sinking underneath and quaking in all directions. The middle of the USA breaks open, and splits down the middle, as I stand there, the land masses move. I understand in the vision, that I am not harmed as I watch this, and God’s people will not be harmed either, but multitudes will perish in this sudden, great, explosive quake.


There was no warning. Just the sinking ground, the light, the “click”, and the then explosion into a huge quake. The USA is split apart, and the dividing and the exposing the heartland of the land, the heart of America. The land masses and the topography are altered. There is a great silence afterwards. All is quiet…”  —Susan Cummings, Prophetess?


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Prophetic Word, “The Mighty Mississippi River Will Be Taken From You And Moved To Another Port: "I will not only turn the seas against a proud heart, but [I] will revert the waterways you have so long enjoyed; the mighty Mississippi River will be taken from you and moved to another port—another neighbor who has a hungry heart and obedient feet, swift to obey Me!"  —John Mark Pool, Seer Prophet


He (Prophet John Mark Pool) then went into specific prophesies that God has given him for the United States.  These prophesies include a major earthquake in the central United States that would change the course of the Mississippi River… He prophesied that there would be some earthquake in the Pacific Ocean about 200—300 miles west of the Washington and Oregon state border.  This earthquake will create a tsunami that will hit much of the West Coast.  He also stated that since he has made this prophecy public, he had been approached by a researcher who said that an underwater volcano is starting to come alive exactly where he prophesied the earthquake.notes taken by Jim Maas, Milwaukee, Wisconsin “Prophecy Club” meeting


[Comment not by John Mark Pool:  It appears God could be saying what the godly prophetic below seems to indicate, and that is that God is truly going to move the mighty Mississippi River to new ports from where the Mississippi River is now, or a new port when the giant earthquake occurs, and as Seer Prophet Bob Jones gave forth that the Mississippi River will become 35 miles wide, that surely shows us that there will be a new port or ports to the Mississippi River!] 


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2005, Open Vision, Milwaukee, Wisconsin Hoan Bridge Seen On Fire:  My sister, Alta was riding in a friend's car over the Hoan Bridge one day last summer and God gave her an open vision of everything under and around the bridge was on fire… if you are familiar with Milwaukee or not, but the Hoan Bridge is part of the freeway system and is located at the lakefront (apparently she is referring to Lake Michigan) and all the gas and oil tanks are located around that bridge.” 


12/2005, Seer Prophet Deckard, Spoke About Seeing Downtown Milwaukee, Wisconsin On Fire:  Prophet Dekert (It appears she may have meant Apostle Seer Prophet Tom Deckard), who was the speaker at the 3 day Prophecy Seminar here in Milwaukee in 12/2005, saw downtown Milwaukee on fire. He told us that anyone who had a house should sell it before it was too late to do so and move inland.  Those who don't, he said, would be burying their dead if they themselves survive.


01/2006, Seer Prophet Pool Spoke About Tsunami Coming To Milwaukee, Wisconsin:  “Seer Prophet John Mark Pool, who was The Prophecy Club's speaker here in Milwaukee, Wisconsin in 01/2006, and who was just at our church for three days a week ago, also spoke of a tsunami coming. 


2006, Seer Prophet Youngbrandt Spoke About Tsunami Coming To Milwaukee, Wisconsin’s Airport: Seer Prophet Chuck Youngbrandt said that the Milwaukee airport would be under water from the tsunami which will be the aftermath of the Chicago earthquake.  —Dorene J. Zuege, Christian


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10/10, 2005, Prophetic Sound & Word, Loud Sonic Boom & Platelets Of The Earth Shifting In The Central Part Of The United States:  I was laying down resting when all of a sudden I heard a loud sonic boom!!!  It startled me, I thought that an earthquake had occurred.  I sat straight up in bed, my hands shot straight up in the air and I cried out with a loud voice, God have mercy!! 


The Lord spoke to me and said, "What you have just heard is the platelets of the earth shifting in the Central part of the United States.  There will be a mercy before “Judgment Earthquake.”  When this happens you will know that the big Earthquake you prophesied which will split this Nation right down the middle, if they split Jerusalem will happen just as I have told you." 


Prophet Dan Bohler mentioned a lady who received prophetic, the words 9.2, she got it like 2 or 3 times, she apparently saw the Mississippi area drain the Great Lakes and what appeared to be a separation of the USA in that area, it was deeper than the Grand Canyon, and it was mentioned that no bridge will be built across it.


Prophet Dan Bohler told the Christian sister that "I saw almost the same thing." 


01/27, 2006, Roe vs. Wade & Years 2007 and/or 2010:  “As I was praying, the Spirit of the Lord spoke this admonition to the Church: "If my people will begin to cry out in intercession for the reversal of Roe vs. Wade I will overturn this case by the end of the year 2007.  I have warned my Prophets and Prophetesses of the coming invasion of America by the year 2010.  I will have mercy on you America, and postpone this invasion, if you repent for the bloodshed of your most innocent!!! In My Judgment, I will remember Mercy"... —Daniel E. Bohler, Prophet


12/29, 2006, Prophetic Word, St. Louis area:  But now please take heed: St. Louis area will suffer greatly from earthquakes in 2007. Illinois and part of Tennessee and many places in Missouri will feel the earthquake somewhat but within the St. Louis 50-mile circumference area will be felt the most.  —Daniel E. Bohler, Prophet


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My Dreams: Twice, I have seen Chicago hit by Missiles.” —Billy Blankenship, Christian


[Comment not by Blankenship:  Will Chicago being hit by a missile or missiles be what triggers the giant Chicago Earthquake soon after?  It appears there is no prophetic yet for Chicago being hit by missile after the Chicago Earthquake, so it appears it will be before the major Earthquake!]


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End of 12/2005, Inner Vision, Saw Some USA Cities Nuclear Bombed:  “God took me over the United States of America, and I could see down, it was like a map.  At different spots: the West Coast had an earthquake and went into the ocean—I noticed it was wider at the bottom and narrower at the top of what occurred on the West Coast.  

About or around Jacksonville, Florida west through the state of Florida there was some kind of a split (earthquake?). 

There was some type of facture, a split up the Mississippi Valley (earthquake?).

I saw some cities that received bombs (nuclear?):  Florida, both Miami and Tampa; Georgia, it appeared to be Atlanta; New York, New York City; Illinois, Chicago; Texas, Houston; Nevada, Los Vegas; California, Los Angeles and San Francisco.      —Rod Shirk, Christian


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Vision, Shortly After The Second Earthquake USA Invaded & Stock Market Crash & Earthquake & United States Invaded:  “Shortly after the second earthquake the United States will be attacked by invading forces. Russia will invade the East coast and China the West coast. The invasion will include missile attacks.”  — Gail Smith


[Comment not by Smith:  Will the first huge quake be the West Coast and will the second huge quake be the Chicago and Cleveland quakes before the invasion of the USA—and will the third quakes be the New Madrid quake before or after the Invasion of the USA on her homeland soil?  You discern as a Christian.]


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12/01, 1998, Earthquakes—Hurricanes—Storms (Flooding, Ice, Rain, & Snow)—Volcanoes Are & Can Be Created At Will By Weather Manipulation Machine(s) Technology:

[Comment not by Newswatch Magazine: Today weather can be planned, or controlled, or used in weather warfare by enemy countries against the USA or any country; this is a known fact, see below in this document for a much detailed understanding of how this technology was invented (Tesla) and how it works.]

 Russian Woodpecker E.L.F. Generating Transmitters System—Scalar Tesla Weapons (Both Weather Manipulation Warfare & Future Missile Warfare Weapons) Against The United States Of America:

Newswatch Magazine: “…The earth’s field is a complex product of all the electrical activity within and around our planet.”

“Understanding earthquakes, volcanoes and other geological phenomena depends largely on fathoming the forces at work within the planet’s mantle, the thick layer of rock that stretches form the core to within an average of 30 miles of the surface.  The behavior of the mantle seems to be determined by the core.  The molten center also acts as an electromagnetic dynamo, creating the magnetic field that shelters earth from the high-energy particles that stream from the sun” [06/13, 1988 Time Magazine].

Artificial disruptions [such as created by the Russian Woodpecker transmitters and the new U.S. HAARP ELF system] dangerously interfere with both the earth’s internal dynamo and the external, magnetic shield…

The 06/21, 1977 New York Times reported that the U.S. shipped a 40-ton magnet [the largest in the world at that time] and a team of American scientists to the Soviet Union.  That 40 ton device could generate a magnetic field 250,000 times greater than that of the earth.  The purpose of that shipment was to build a more efficient Magneto-Hydro-Dynamic power generator, which was used to greatly increase the power of the then new Soviet Woodpecker transmitters.  This MHD power system helped the Russians repeatedly override, blank out, and interfere with the earth’s natural magnetic field. 

The United States developed other powerful magnets, capable of disrupting earth’s own natural magnetic field.  The 01/1988 Popular Science described huge new super-conducting magnets: “The six D-shaped coils are each 20 feet tall and weigh about 40 tons… Each of the magnets reached peak magnetic fields of nine teslas, about 180,000 times the value of earth’s relatively feeble field.  Fields of such high intensity generate enormous mechanical forces.”


n      “Typical earthquakes occur no deeper than 20 to 25 kilometers.  A very rare deep quake just took place.  The 06/18, 1994 Science News reported that on 06/8th “a magnitude 8.2 quake emanated from 600 kilometers below Bolivia, punching the planet hard enough to set it ringing like a bell… The quake was felt in much of North America, even as far away as Seattle – a fact that has puzzled geophysicists.  ‘This is the first time we know of that a quake in that part of the South America was felt in North America,’ says Bruce W. Presgrave of the National Earthquake Information Center.”

That organization reported that the 350 mile deep quake was also felt in Los Angeles, Omaha, Chicago, Minneapolis and Toronto.”  Describing what Nikola Tesla had discovered many years earlier…”


“Since the late 1970’s, the meaning of the term “Woodpecker” has been well known to radio operators all over the world.  Because the primary mission of the NSA is to intercept radio signals from every foreign nation, that super-secret organization is fully aware that the term “Woodpecker” specifically refers to Russian Woodpecker Tesla Magnifying Transmitters that are used for weather-engineering [and for many other weapon/s functions].


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The name “Madrid,” comes from the arabic "Al-Majrit", which means: “water channel.”


Bill Koenig reports that the first efforts by the USA to divide Israel came in 1991 at the Madrid conference.


10/30, 1991: “The Perfect Storm—As President George H. W. Bush (Sr.) is opening the Madrid (Spain) Conference to consider “land for peace” in Israel’s Middle East role, the “perfect storm” develops in the North Atlantic, creating the largest waves ever recorded in that region. The storm travels 1000 miles from “east to west” instead of the normal “west to east” pattern and crashes into the New England Coast. Thirty-five foot waves crash into the Kennebunkport home of President Bush.


And so, you can see the connection. A water channel is prophesied to replace dry land in the center of the United States along the New Madrid fault. The event that is said to be the cause of that division is the participation by the USA in the division of Israel. That process began in 1991 in Madrid, Spain. The meaning of the name of that fault (New Madrid Fault), that is to be the place of the great division of the USA, given hundreds of years ago, is “The Water Channel.”   —Stephen L. Bening, Prophet


[Comment not by Bening:  It appears if understood correctly, it is the dividing of Jerusalem, see Prophet Dan Bohler’s word received from God; it maybe both the land of Israel, but it was clearly mentioned the dividing of Jerusalem!]



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“Why Believe God’s Current Prophetic Details Revealed To His Church About These Soon To Occur Destructions?”


Why should Christians today believe the godly prophetic in this “collection?”  Because the Christians had over 140 Christians who received godly warning prophetic for the destruction of the Twin Towers, 09/11, 2001 before it occurred. 


And because Christians had numerous ones who received the warning destructions for New Orleans and the Gulf Coastline before that occurred in 08/2005 (Seer Prophets and Prophets such as Nita Johnson; and both of these prophets: Kim Clement, & John Mark Pool received godly prophetic revelations and were released before the 08/2005 destructions occurred in New Orleans and the Gulf Coastline—these prophetic revelation warnings were released to the Church by “The Elijah List,” on the Internet, and there were many other Christians who also received these warnings from God before they occurred.). 


And now there has been collected over 225 godly prophetic revelations which reveal many of the details that an invasion of the United States of America will be occurring in the very near future here on America’s homeland soil! (The invasion of the USA appears be to occur before 2010 (From prophets Dan Bohler & Thomas S. Gibson), or it will be delayed to after 2019 possibly by the godly prophetic we now have located (Joe Brandt 1937 series of visions on the West Coast earthquakes), if the abortion law Roe vs. Wade is reversed by the end of 2007, by what Prophet Dan Bohler received from God.)


Do you think God is warning those who will listen, as He did in the Holy Scriptures and through His godly true prophets in the Bible? Jesus Himself prophesied the terrible and awful destruction of the Temple and Jerusalem, which some dated the occurrence in 70 a.d.  Many Christians today believe these godly warnings are from God for soon to occur destructive events that were caused by sinful mankind.  God is warning now because He loves all—He is warning them all to take heed before the destruction comes in certain areas in the USA and also in other places in the world. 


Destruction comes to a nation because of massive sins, and in America’s case one of the top sins for major destruction to America would be the killing of the innocent babies in abortions.  The Holy Scriptures, or the “guide book” which was given to humans on “how things work or run” from God who created all humans, states the rules for what occurs down here on this earth, and why the devil and the demonic kingdom is allowed to hurt humans when the humans open doors to the demonic kingdom by disobeying God and sinning, which can be done by individuals, or by the individuals in cities, or states, or a nation. 


An example of one thing that would open the doors to the demonic kingdom would be having legalized the murdering and killing of innocent babies in the womb—abortion, and the killing of human’s seed, their children, grandchildren, etc.  The Holy Bible is very clear that sooner or later when this occurs—whether the people sacrificed their born babies to demon idol statue gods as many people groups used to do in the ancient past, also the Israelites did this in the Old Testament of the Holy Bible, or if they killed/murdered their babies in their wombs by the many ways this can be done today such as:  certain herbs, certain pills, actual abortions; this is the killing of their seed.  To God, it is considered murder and there would be penalties to pay for it as a person, as people in a city, a state, and as a nation if it escalated in high numbers, which it has done today, for the number of aborted babies is over 80 million and growing now. (Do not believe the devil’s lie of 40 million.) 


One of the top main penalties of killing—murdering the innocent or your children, your seed, for a city or nation is war.  Your enemies are allowed or permitted by God to come and overtake you, this is called righteous redemptive judgment, for God is so loving that He is even working to save humans while this awful thing called “war” is allowed and occurs; in war many of these areas apply:  many die, food is removed, electricity is removed, rationing occurs, and once enjoyed benefits and luxuries are removed, many become slaves, and all have new abusive invasion rules to abide by, etc.  In short, freedoms and luxuries are removed, even survival items are removed as well at times. 


Regarding Lake Michigan and the Great Lakes, here is a recap, a summary of a few things to consider. —Anonymous Christian: 


“The wall of water was not a wave, not a tidal force, nor a crest-it was the whole of Lake Michigan—moving in a massive body westward with irresistible, terrifying unbelievable, force. Everything in its path would be pulverized—totally obliterated. Although the water was over 15 stories high [using the Eisenhower Expressway as a central measuring point], the depth of the water dropped sharply once one traveled — 12 miles to the south or north — however, the shallowest I was shown was still about 20 feet of water.”


“Again, I watched the water roar westward for days; I lost tract of how long it moved like this, but was aware that the larger part, if not the whole of Lake Michigan was emptying out.”  —Chuck Youngbrandt, Seer Prophet


“There were no Great Lakes as I had known them, for all of them had come together into this huge sea that extended northeastward into the ocean.


The inland sea also extended southward, filling most of the Mississippi and Missouri River valleys and widening by many, many miles the Mississippi River where it flows into what we know as the Gulf of Mexico. This sea was so vast that I knew it could not be bridged, and so in essence the United States had become as two separate countries.”  —Elane Durham


“The shaking will be felt all the way to Charlotte, North Carolina. Water from the Great Lakes will flow south into the Mississippi River and then into the Gulf of Mexico.”


“The Mississippi River will be 35 miles wide when it is all over.”  —Bob Jones, Seer Prophet


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{13:13} Therefore I will shake the heavens, and the earth shall remove out of her place, in the wrath of the LORD of hosts, and in the day of his fierce anger.



{24:1} Behold, the LORD maketh the earth empty, and maketh it waste, and turneth it upside down, and scattereth abroad the inhabitants thereof.



{24:7} For nation shall rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom: and there shall be famines, and pestilences, and earthquakes, in divers places.

{24:8} All these are the beginning of sorrows.



{24:18b} … and the foundations of the earth do shake.

{24:19} The earth is utterly broken down, the earth is clean dissolved, the earth is moved exceedingly.

{24:20a} The earth shall reel to and fro like a drunkard, and shall be removed like a cottage; and the transgression thereof shall be heavy upon it; and it shall fall, and not rise again.



{24:21} For then shall be great tribulation, such as was not since the beginning of the world to this time, no, nor ever shall be.

{24:22} And except those days should be shortened, there should no flesh be saved: but for the elect's sake those days shall be shortened.



{13:8} For nation shall rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom: and there shall be earthquakes in divers places, and there shall be famines and troubles: these are the beginnings of sorrows.



{21:11} And great earthquakes shall be in divers places, and famines, and pestilences; and fearful sights and great signs shall there be from heaven.



{21:25} And there shall be signs in the sun, and in the moon, and in the stars; and upon the earth distress of nations, with perplexity; the sea and the waves roaring;

{21:26} Men's hearts failing them for fear, and for looking after those things which are coming on the earth: for the powers of heaven shall be shaken.


KJV:1 Corinthians

{13:9} For we know in part, and we prophesy in part.



{16:8b} … and power was given unto him to scorch men with fire.

{16:9a} And men were scorched with great heat, …



{6:12} And I beheld when he had opened the sixth seal, and, lo, there was a great earthquake; and the sun became black as sackcloth of hair, and the moon became as blood;

{6:13} And the stars of heaven fell unto the earth, even as a fig tree casteth her untimely figs, when she is shaken of a mighty wind.

{6:14} And the heaven departed as a scroll when it is rolled together; and every mountain and island were moved out of their places.



{16:18} And there were voices, and thunders, and lightnings; and there was a great earthquake, such as was not since men were upon the earth, so mighty an earthquake, and so great.


{16:20} And every island fled away, and the mountains were not found.



{20:1} And I saw an angel come down from heaven, having the key of the bottomless pit and a great chain in his hand.

{20:2} And he laid hold on the dragon, that old serpent, which is the Devil, and Satan, and bound him a thousand years,

{20:3} And cast him into the bottomless pit, and shut him up, and set a seal upon him, that he should deceive the nations no more, till the thousand years should be fulfilled: and after that he must be loosed a little season.

{20:4} And I saw thrones, and they sat upon them, and judgment was given unto them: and I saw the souls of them that were beheaded for the witness of Jesus, and for the word of God, and which had not worshipped the beast, neither his image, neither had received his mark upon their foreheads, or in their hands; and they lived and reigned with Christ a thousand years.

{20:5} But the rest of the dead lived not again until the thousand years were finished. This is the first resurrection.

{20:6} Blessed and holy is he that hath part in the first resurrection: on such the second death hath no power, but they shall be priests of God and of Christ, and shall reign with him a thousand years.

{20:7} And when the thousand years are expired, Satan shall be loosed out of his prison,

{20:8} And shall go out to deceive the nations which are in the four quarters of the earth, Gog and Magog, to gather them together to battle: the number of whom is as the sand of the sea.


[Comment written in 2006:  Because many young teens and young adults do not understand we are entering the end of the Age, not the end of the world, this is being included here—a simple clear understanding that there will be over another 1,000 years yet before the end of the World really will come.  


I was at a Jewish Messianic Church recently and was communicating with a young adult about the yet 1,000 year Millennium that is almost here, the young adult ended up crying and was very upset with her mother who was sitting next to her, because the young adult felt that the end of the world was soon to be here and now I was telling her that there will be over 1,000 more years yet before the world really does come to an end.  This shocked me into realizing that the youth do not understand when people say “the end of the world” is coming, that is a wrong phrase to use at this time to describe the end of this Age or called Season, we need to let the young know that we are entering “the end of a very important Age or Season” and that many very awful things are about to occur along with the wonderful revival to prepare the young adults for the days ahead.


There will clearly be another thousand years yet to this earth—for the above verses clearly show this from God’s Earth Plan timing in the Holy Scriptures.  So do not be afraid that the earth will be fully destroyed in your lifetime, it will not, there will be another over 1,000 years yet in God’s timeline for mankind and the earth, in fact not only the thousand years but possibly a few hundred years after that before the Earth will be burned up, totally destroyed from man’s evil choices (with the devil influencing the majority of mankind and the majority of mankind yielding to the devil’s choices); and God’s allowing it all to occur to show what mankind’s choices were while they lived on the earth, and that mankind was to have protected the earth that God gave them authority over—the earth. 


However, things will be occurring in the heaven above and here on the earth below that will be horrible, terrible, and just awful in the very next few years (like within estimated the next 10, 20 to 25 years it appears); and all these bad choices by mankind will cause things to occur in the sky—heaven and here in and on the earth in most all areas; shakings on the earth—terrible things will be done by mankind and the demons behind them causing it all to occur; and God will allow or permit most all of it to occur: huge earthquakes, volcanoes, floodings, land destructions, nuclear bombs dropped all over the earth, famines, no drinking water, food can’t grow—droughts; dust bowels, diseases—illnesses—plagues, the list goes on and on.  


However, God will not permit all of mankind to be killed or the earth to be totally destroyed at this time period, it is not in His overall Earth Plan, so it will not happen—the Holy Scriptures reveal this clearly in the above verses; but massive evils will be so bad on this earth in the next few years that it was never like it in the past or ever shall be like it in the future, the Bible states, so prepare, make your homes a place of safety—refuge from the world.  My personal guess is that the reason for all this super evil is because the evil double anointed fallen Lucifer Antichrist Beast is here and that is one, if not, the top reason for it being so bad and evil like none other time.  God has revealed that the Antichrist is here now and God has revealed in the godly prophetic that the Antichrist will soon be known to those who can discern such things in God—who this very evil person is who has received such evil power from the fallen Lucifer—devil—satan—snake—serpent—dragon.


How do the Christians know this will be occurring within the approximate next 10, 20 to 25  years, and starting now at accelerating record speed?  It has been revealed the some advanced Christians may know in the year 2007 who the Antichrist person is here on the earth, we shall see! 


Because first of all, the Holy Scriptures reveal this, and second the appointed timing in the Holy Scriptures show—it is clearly the now time that these things will be occurring soon.  God has provided many signs and wonders showing that this is the timing that these things will occur.  It is similar to when just before Jesus was born about 2,000 years ago, there were signs given and those who were watching knew the Holy Scriptures—they were somewhat ready for the event of the Messiah showing up because it was the appointed time for it to occur! 


One of the most important things you the reader need to know is this, it is now time for these things by the Holy Scriptures to show up—when God wants to get a very important point across He repeated the point, there will be awful and terrible things occurring, but there will be Revival and the saving of about or more than a billion souls involved as well for salvations into God’s Kingdom, many of these souls will die martyr’s deaths soon after they receive salvations—for there will be massive wars and murdering of humans on this earth from this point on till the Lord Jesus comes back the second time to live on this earth at the beginning or soon after the beginning of the 1,000—Millennium Messiah Reign here on the earth from Jerusalem (third day)!  The Holy Scriptures reveal this information clearly, read your Bibles, get the Bible on audio or MP3 CD’s and play the Bible all the time—while driving to and from work or at home or while you are sleeping at a low volume so it is feed into your spirit (your spirit never sleeps) so you are not ignorant as to what is transpiring right now and soon. 


But the point that needs to be made clearly to you the reader is this, so read it carefully, there is now a “time count down” and in a very short period of time between now and the time for Jesus to return to rule in Jerusalem for 1,000 years, many things have to occur in the Book of Revelation in the Holy Scriptures; New Testament, and referenced in the Old Testament.  All these things must occur as written and prophesied many millenniums ago.  So you will see massive things occurring that are awful, prepare; for your lifestyle will be changing at record speed from this day forth… all has to be accomplished in the Book of Revelation that pertains to this timing that we are in now at the end of one major season or age, and as we enter into another season or age. 


In summary, all Hell is about to break loose, things will not be getting better, instead they will be accelerating to becoming worse, and worse and even more worse; get used to it. 


Yes, there will be a Revival, to prepare you if you are wise enough to get into the revival and stay in it.  This revival will not be directed it appears from the godly prophetic to the older Christians, but instead to the approximate age of 20 to 40 years old!  You older Christians will not like what you see among the newly saved younger Christians, for they are a mess, God does not care, He is going to save them anyway and they may never get totally cleaned up on the outside. 


Revival and horrors of evil will be occurring, both will be occurring and overlapping at times, there will be awesome things in God happening and there will be terrible evil horrible things that the devil will be allowed to do as well.


Light and gross darkness will be clashing from this day forwards; get used to it, do not think you can change this—most all of it is going to be allowed to be played out—according to the Holy Scriptures (some things in your life, family, or city or nation can still be changed by prayer before God, but the overall that was prophesied in the Holy Scriptures will not be changed one drop)! 


You might ask, why can the devil do things, why does wonderful God allow it?  The answer is because all has to come to full maturity, both the good/the wheat/the Christians and/or the Bride; and the bad—evil/the tares/the evil ones… the witches, warlocks, wizards, sorcerers… both come to being either good fruit or bad fruit from the trees:  The Tree of Life or the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil (the devil mixes in some right things with all his evil things—that is why many get deceived, they cannot discern that there is evil mixed in with some good things and their hearts want the evil—so they allow themselves to be deceived).  Both are occurring, it goes back to the Trees in the Garden of Eden when Adam and Eve disobeyed God and ate from the wrong tree, they chose “the devil’s world colleges and knowledge” over God’s revelations and obedience to Him in the Holy Scriptures; this is going on today as well in mankind’s choices.


 The choices of mankind is how God has allowed the Earth Plan to play out.  Mankind’s choices are played out to the point that after the next 1,000 years the whole earth from mankind’s choices will be destroyed—burned; it is not only now that things are going into a time of judgment, but after the end of the next 1,000 years another judgment is coming;  so mankind was a failure except for those who became Christians and even further, those who became the Bride of Jesus Christ. 


The true Church that Jesus rules is not a denomination or the pagan whore the Roman Catholic Church, but instead the true Church that Jesus rules consists of worldwide:  hypocrites, black-slidden Christians, real true Christians who are not advanced in God nor fully believing Him and do not have the Baptism of the Holy Spirit, and finally the Bride of Jesus Christ who believes Him and was Baptized in Jesus name and has the Baptism of the Holy Spirit. 


The hypocrites and backslidden Christians (tares among the wheat) do not belong any longer to God, they are just hanging around the people of God to enjoy the benefits from them, but they are endanger of Hell fire, they do not any longer belong to God.  They have been spiritually aborted by their own choices.  Even Christians who once had the Baptism of the Holy Spirit can end up in Hell in a backslidden condition because they refused to obey God.


There will be a true “Catching Up” or called Rapture in the very near future, those ministers of God or lay Christians who deny this event are ignorant and mistaken in the false information they are spreading, they were told by God to reveal what the Scriptures state and there are many verses for the “catching up” or called Rapture… but many evil things will occur before the Rapture occurs and many weak Christians are not prepared for these things, they assume they will be taken out before these tuff and evil things occur; this was a false assumption on their parts, this deception will be their loss that they did not discern the Word of God correctly, and they did not listen to the details that God provided to them from His godly true prophets today.  God has revealed that there will be a “catching up” in His many Scriptures and to His prophets—so many deceived ministers of God and lay Christians are without excuse regarding this subject of the soon coming Rapture, but it will occur after much evil on this earth and destructions, however, it will occur before the huge ‘wrath of God’ time period occurs.  It is not my purpose here to discuss these subject in fullness, but my purpose is to give you the reader a summary of what is known today in the Holy Scriptures and from God’s true revelations given to His true prophets today.


In summary, the true Church that Jesus rules consists of Christians and also Christians called the “Bride.”  It is our understanding as of today from God that the Bride is the group of Christians that will be taken in the soon coming after much evil, “catching up—rapture.”  From the godly prophetic that we know so far it appears that Rapture will be occurring after approximately 11 years from now in 2006 (just after it appears either 2017 or 2019 or into 2020 or 2021)… this is based on a prophetic words that was given to an Apostle Seer Prophet of God (and other prophetic words of G0d’s prophets &ministers), and released to me in the summer of 2006 in St. Louis, Missouri.  Be forewarned, you do not want to be here on this earth after the Rapture occurs—it is a time of the worst of all worst gross darkness, we are in darkness now God has revealed, but “gross darkness” is still coming.


There will be few people left on the earth when some final events play out for this end of the season or age that is occurring at this time and will be moving forward in fast speed from this year—2006 forward; when the Millennium starts of the Messiah’s Reign here on earth in Jerusalem, there will be few humans left… which means massive death will have occurred from the many ways that death can occur: from the Antichrist, no food, no clean water, burning sun, massive wars & killings, nations fighting each other and families fighting, and evil rulers, and the list goes on and on…


Furthermore, today from the Holy Scriptures it is known that the Antichrist is behind most all the evil that is occurring and will occur at this time—He is alive and here on the earth right now and God will be soon revealing who he is to God’s Church who can discern such things, some Christians who can discern such things may know who he is in the year 2007.


It is not my point to go into all the great details in all these massive subjects in these few paragraphs above, but instead to give you an overview of what is about to occur and why they will occur, for those of you who do not know these even basic elementary things in the Bible and the timing that you are now living in. 


In the past some felt that the timing for these things in the Bible was during their time (1,000 years ago, etc.) for these events to occur, but it was obviously not, they were premature in their thinking; however, do not permit that to deceive you, it is now the timing for these things—the signs are now fulfilled and here, we are totally without excuse today; but the personal choice is all of yours, so discern well and may you be found faithful before God when you meet him face to face very soon.


We are now in the season and at the end of this last age in God’s Earth Plan—so all the things in the Holy Scriptures that were prophesied many millenniums ago, have to be fulfilled now and that is why you will see record speed from this year forward in these things being completed… the Holy Bible must be played out exactly as it is written, that means at this time massive evil things will be occurring, so prepare accordingly to be close to God, so you can stand through it all. 


Whether you agree or not, it does not matter, you did nothing to stop 09/11, 2001 or the Gulf Coastline and New Orleans destructions and all the other destructions that have recently occurred; all the rest will play out as well and not just in the USA, but worldwide—Christian nations get judgment first and after, the other nations will receive judgment stronger it appears.


Many want to know what to do, with such evils coming and they are rightfully afraid.  God expects those who became Christians to do a most unusual thing, He requires them to learn the Holy Scriptures if they have access to a Holy Bible, and to obey the Holy Scriptures, and to communicate with God daily in repentance of sins as well as in close personal relationship with God; in short He wants you to talk to Him as you would a very close friend.   At the end of this document you will find for those of you who do not understand about God some interesting things revealed to help you begin your Christian walk. 


But there is one area that is vital to learn as quickly as you can, and that is that God requires that you have what is called “faith.” God is invisible most of the time to Christians, some get to visit with Him as He takes them up to Heaven, but aside from these kinds of Godly events, God is basically “invisible” to Christians, we can’t see Him usually like we can see each other.  God requires faith, that is we believe Him while we can’t see Him, and we do what He asks us to do in the Holy Scriptures.   


Now and in the days to come those who learn as quickly as they can to live in faith towards God, He will meet them and take care of them, even if it means that He will allow them to be martyred and that He brings them home to Heaven to be with Him where there will be no more pain, crying, evil or hurts.  In short, the sooner you learn to start trusting God daily, the wiser you will be over all the peoples of the world and even some Christians.  Many Christians say they trust God, but their actions show they do not fully trust Him that much. 


Many Christians will be hurt, raped, become slaves or be tortured in the days to come, and if they deny God, and take the “Mark of the Antichrist Beast” they will truly end up in Hell for eternity.  However, if you can learn to daily “trust” God, put your life in His hands, in faith and start to believe all that He has written in the Word of God, the Holy Scriptures, you will do better then all the rest of the Christians who do not fully trust their God. 


Now many Christians do trust their God, but many do not.  Different Christians will have different things allowed to happen to them. Some Christians still do not understand what faith is… faith is believing in what you can’t yet see, but you trust God that He is going to make it happen nonetheless because you know what He has stated in the Holy Scriptures.  So here is a simple test to see if you have faith; what if your job was gone, your home destroyed and your food removed?  Now what kind of person would you be?  Would you still go to God and ask Him to help you and depend on Him every day for all that you and your family needed to survive?  And yes, God can and often does require that you work for what you need, so this is not a free, no work ride that I am telling you about. 


When many hard things occur, many Christians walk away from God and they are mad or upset at Him, if you are wise you will never do that, it will be to your loss if you do!  God created you because He loved to do it, but God is never dependent on you, you are dependent on Him, never forget that, and learn to be “thankful and grateful” as fast as you can, and tell God so!


God is love, and this Earth Plan is about freedom of choices—and that includes bad people making sinful evil choices to hurt you at times, and bad things happen to good people, this life down here on the earth at times is very “unfair.”  Heaven is different, it is wonderful there, many Christians have been taken in the spirit realm up to Heaven and seen the wonderful things God has awaiting those who have faith in an unseen—invisible God.  Also there are Holy Scriptures revealing what Heaven is like as well.  Now, faith & trusting God at first is a hard thing to live out, and that is why many fail to have faith, they have “lip service.”  If you can set yourself like flint to have faith and trust God while obeying Him from what He asks you to do in the New Testament of the Holy Scriptures, you will do better than all the others as a Christian and in the difficult days to occur. 


There will be no preparing enough food, money, shelter, or whatever that will save you in the days to come, you could never do enough to prepare, but those who have true faith and trust, and obey God and are intimate with Him in prayer, they will be the ones who will do better than all the other Christians and non-christians; He will not forsake them.


God is love and He loves you, but many hard and difficult things will be occurring.  This is not the first time this has occurred, these hard things, the Holy Scriptures reveal many times in the past awful things from mankind’s major sins have brought destructions, and God has delivered many through it all, and many others were tortured, raped, became slaves or were killed.  The truth can at times be a hard thing to accept, the wise will prepare their hearts for the truth.


 Jerusalem was destroyed in about 70 A.D., there was a dark ages in the past, and there was World War 1 and World War 11, the Great Dust Bowls, the Great financial Depression, plagues and illnesses, and all the other terrible things that have occurred here on this earth, many of our forefathers had to live through them hard times and now we will have to live through some very hard times ahead as well.  Prepare your heart and family for the “winds of change” to soon occur!  —Anonymous Christian]



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God Is Both “Love” and “Righteousness”


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“See, God only judges to restore.” —Chuck Pierce, Prophet

God is both love and righteousness.  God does redemptive righteous judgment when the “cup of sin” is ready to overflow or starts overflowing—and it is true that God intends to restore at some point when certain processes of judgment are completed, confession and repentance of sins takes place and people are ready to start obeying God again instead of being stiff-necked, rebellious, prideful, arrogant, critical, self-righteous, greedy, and list goes on and on, and including the stopping of abortions—the murdering of seed—their offspring (which was done by both ancient Israelites, and even Christians and non-christians today), or the stopping of all sexual sins, or all idolatry, or stealing, or telling lies, and disrespect to God and parents, etc. 

However, God also judges and there will be “no restoring” for some areas or people, for different reason that God has.  An example would be that there are many prophets of God who God has used to judge some “mocking, disrespectful and unbelieving” people and these people have died either instantly or soon thereafter, and it appears they went to Hell—their reward for their evil heart actions or called “works.”

Before reading all the godly prophetic available today below regarding these warning areas mentioned above, lets learn a small amount about the Great Mississippi River and realize that a number of things will be related to the godly prophetic that God has now made known and available, and more godly prophetic will be released from God through His prophets and lay Christians as “this great destruction and “new birth” of the middle of the USA,” the Mississippi River becomes closer to being a reality, very soon in America’s future.

In 1906, the Great Revival occurred in Los Angeles, California and so did a great earthquake in San Francisco, California, with flooding, fires, and there were some plagues, etc., and soon after two World Wars occurred along with the Great Dust Bowl—drought, and the Great Depression. 

It has been said, rightly so, that Revival is to prepare God’s people for hard times after the Revival or even during it!  This has not changed, this will occur during and after this Great Revival that is here now and going to explode!  Our loving God, as wonderful as He is, has chosen to give Americans and the world Revival before major destructions occur.  This is not the first time destruction, righteous judgment from God has occurred; there are several times in past history were God has at appointed times judged situations: the Flood during Noah’s time, the many wars the Israelites were in; earthquakes, volcanoes, floods, storms, famine, plagues, and war; along with Jesus the Head Prophet decreed that Jerusalem would fall shortly later and it did in 70 A.D. and the judgments have gone on ever since from man’s sins. 

That is the key thing to remember, it is mankind yielding to sins that mount up and the “cup of sin” either gets too full or overflows, now judgments start to mount up and eventually war comes, along with famine, loss of luxury items, droughts, plagues, and major hardships, and loss of life to many; now this is all from the harvest of sin choices that mounted up.  Many Americans including many Christians, and those in the world in general felt they could sin and not pay the price, well they were wrong—there is a price to pay for governments, cities, and families sinning from all kinds of sins, especially the sins of murdering the seed, the babies in birth control and abortions.  Now today, the sins have mounted and the time of destructions are upon Americans and the whole world.  The reason that Israel, England and the United States get righteous judgment first is because they stood as Godly nations to the world, and rightly so, for they were Godly nations, examples to the world.  After these three nations receive their righteous redemptive judgments, the rest of the nations will receive theirs as well, woe to them when it comes; and it will be coming!

On another vital subject, your heart, you are to keep a watch over it, so that you do not allow the devil to get you to believe that God is at fault for all this mess of loss of food, electricity, loss of gas, loss of benefits, loss of luxuries that are coming—it is not God’s fault, He is gracious and wonderful and if you call upon Him, He will help you through this tuff time coming, it is the choice of humans and the devil who is at fault for all the awful things coming, never forget that.  Tell your heart, soul and mind that you will not tolerate any area in you that blames God for the horrors coming upon the earth soon, tell all the areas in you, that you know God is not at fault for these destructions coming, but that it is from the sins of mankind, and the devil’s evil work of deceiving mankind.

We have to get through the horror coming without blaming God for it, and yes, God is allowing it to all play out, that you must accept as awful as it gets.  God is a righteous God, even now He will help those who call out to Him; God is kind, good, and wonderful, and He loves to help those who are caught in horrible situations; God is the only one to help you or me out during the days ahead there is nothing at all that you can do to save yourself from all that is about to be upon us—it is only God who will be able to help you and me walk through the days of such evil and destruction coming to America and the world. 

From the released godly prophetic revelations we know that America will end up not totally destroyed, but being a third world power, no longer the Super Power of a Nation that she once was, because of America’s sin choices. 

If you are honest with yourself, you and I were not faithful throughout our lives to live for God and pray for America and her presidents, were we? No, we were not; we did our own thing, we made our own choices, most of our lives—instead of God’s choices which were better for us; we are as guilty as the rest of the Americans.  When you pray for America, you must pray saying “We did these sins!” You cannot be self-righteous and think only others did the sins, you were guilty as well, and even if you were not in some areas, true intercessors know that you must carry the nation in prayer as if you had done the sins too!  Very few were faithful to God during their whole life here in America. 

Always remember to keep your soul controlled, that is your mind area, you are to rule from your spirit (not your soul).  Keep a watch on your heart and what it really thinks, for the heart is the depth of you, the inner core of your being, and out of it comes your real deep feelings about matters.  You can change your heat if it is thinking evil, ask God to help you. 

Never forget if you are a spoiled person that God does not need you ever, you are the one who needs God for living today, tomorrow, and for living in Heaven instead of Hell for eternity.  God is self sufficient, He enjoys what He created but He is not in need of us, we are in need of Him, set your heart right and come out of your stubborn and spoiled attitudes fast or it will be to your loss to stay in arrogant attitudes of the heart that will end up taking you to Hell where it is horrible, we know Hell is truly horrible for God has it in His Holy Scriptures revealed it, but God has also taken some Christian prophets into the spirit realm and taken them down into Hell and shown them what it is like; know that  it is filth and horror, and if you permit yourself to go there, you will be very unhappy with yourself for being so stupid to make such foolish of a choice, but you will never be able to get out ever.

Log this in you and set your heart and soul that they are to obey you, watch over them so that they stay in line, or they will cause you deep trouble.  God never sinned!  God does not need us humans, He is self sufficient without us.  God loved each of us as individuals and from His thought area He lovingly created each of us as spirits first and later put our spirits from Heaven into bodies with a soul and mind.  It is our job to overcome all the good or bad that has occurred in our life that is unfair—or called our “lot” in this life.  Yes, some had it real easy, and others had it super tuff, but that does not change a thing, we all have to overcome our “lot” in this life to the end of our life.  God is love and righteousness, meaning He is all the components of love; He is kind, generous, long-suffering, meek, patient, etc.  And God is righteous, meaning He is fair, all that is done has to play out for good or evil, freedom of choice even to the sinner to a degree is allowed with God.  God honors freedom of choice, for both good or bad to a large degree.  With all that in mind, understand that God never caused all the sin choices starting from fallen Lucifer and the fallen angels to all sinful humans and their choices.  All good or bad comes to harvest, or fullness; that includes all sin as well.  Here at the end of this age or called season, even sin is coming to its fullness—harvest.  God is allowing it.  Accept that, it is all written about in the Book of Revelation and other places in the Holy Scriptures.  Accept that, it will happen and is happening to a degree even now.  And while all this is occurring, God is bringing those who are His to the fullness of good choices, and God is even going to use all the destruction to eventually restore the earth for the Millennial reign, which is 1,000 years more here on this earth. 

However, today in 2006 we know from God that the Great Revival will start in full force in St. Louis, Missouri (Seer Prophet David E. Taylor); and that God is concentrating instead of 100% in California (Even thought there will be a huge earthquake in California soon, either level of 9.0 or 10 it appears from the godly prophetic available.) to the middle of the USA, and to the North and South of the Mississippi River area, and all that is in between.  With St. Louis being one of God’s larger concerns because of the Great Revival that is about to explode in St. Louis, Missouri and it will move up to the Chicagoland areas; to my understanding as of today from the godly prophetic, this Great Revival will last seven years, but it could overlap may destructions, so prepare yourself for that. 

The Revival has started in what appears to be very small levels now in the spring and summer of 2006, but this Revival which is to prepare the Christian Americans (and for other reasons), for the future hardships they will soon endure (such as earthquakes on the East, West and South coasts and serious earthquakes in California; Cleveland, Ohio; Chicago, Illinois; and the New Madrid/Mississippi River areas; and after some of the earthquakes there will be possibly an accidental nuclear attack and eventually a full invasion of the USA to contend with, along with droughts, flooding, hurricanes, economy losses and money issues, loss of food, loss of electricity, loss of jobs, and spiritual evil & darkness in the nation, etc.); as well as prepare the Christians for the end of the season—age “job assignments” from Jesus in bringing in the huge harvest, etc. 

With all this doom and gloom, it is time to remind the Christians to read the Holy Scriptures and learn about the good things that God will provide and do for them as they get serious with Him and get out of the world’s systems (called Babylon), and get back to concentrating on Him and His ways!  Since this collection is a warning collection it will need to contain the warnings that are now known about in the godly prophetic along with whatever else is available to help the Christians know and understand what is about to occur so that they can prepare.

Christians needed to understand that those in the Gulf Coastline and New Orleans destroyed areas, needed to have known and understood what was about to happen to their areas so they could have sent up to God prayers and intercession, confession of the sins of the area and repentance for the area, because the “cup of sin” in those areas was either too full or overflowed and the destruction was allowed (great witchcraft was in the areas).  If the Christians in those areas had known, they could have prepared better and prayed more. 

However, there are other areas where the “cup of sin” is either to full or about to overflow and some Christians care enough for the Body of Jesus in those areas to take the time to collect the godly prophetic for those areas and warn the Christians what will take heed so they can prepare accordingly for what will be coming in their areas.

Yes, it is known that very few will act on what God reveals within these pages, and God will one day use this collection as a witness that He did warn all those who would not listen and take heed, whether Christian or nonchristian. 

It is the personal responsibility of all of those who read this collection to make sure it is sent to as many as possible so they come to realize before the events in this collection come to pass, that they can take heed and prepare as they go into prayer asking God for direction for their life and their family.  Many do not want to become hardened to what God is revealing here below, as did many who were caught in the Gulf Coastline and New Orleans destructions.  However, God is very much into allowing humans their freedom of choice, even to their loss, hurt and pain.  What will you chose, time will tell that answer in your life.

Remember the widest point of the Mississippi River is about 4 miles across in an area… now soon after the judgments occur the Mississippi River will be about 35 miles across after the earthquakes and changes have occurred!  Be prepared to deal with this as you now adjust to all the changes that are about to occur in the godly prophetic below, before they occur very soon. 

Truly America will look like two countries, instead of one, but she will still be one country!  Christians, your whole life is about to change, all that you were once used too, in many areas will be removed and you will be adjusting to new things, and of course things will be more difficult.  And the wonderful blessings of many luxuries that were once enjoyed will be removed to a large degree.  Get prepared, get ready and “Prepare for the Winds of Change!” For ready or not, here it all will come, just like New Orleans and the Gulf Coastline destructions, whether you approve or not, it is coming what is revealed below; now you can wake up and prepare or you can get caught in it as the Christians did by not taking heed to God’s warnings that He so lovingly and graciously provided to the Christians. 

All, which includes both Christians and non-christians, will be learning the godly “Fear of the Lord God Almighty” very soon, and this is a good thing even though much pain will accompany this new change of attitude by Christians and some non-christians.  Fear comes in three basic levels:  Godly fear (a very good thing), earthly fear (can be good or bad, depends on the situation), or satanic fear (not good at all, truly evil).  If you can discern at all in God you will learn that most runs in what some call a  “law of three,” meaning what is of God, what is in the physical world that can be either good or bad, and what is finally of the devil and is evil.  There is Holy Tongues, earthly languages and even satanic tongues.  There is Holy Fire, earthly fire used for both good or evil and even satanic fire.  Get my point?  Learn to discern, know God’s Holy Scriptures the Holy Bible! 


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“If You Live Near Or In One Of These Areas,                  What Are You To Do?”


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If you live in one of the areas of this soon upcoming destruction that is going to occur, you will need to start praying to God for direction if you are to stay or move away from where you now live.  A few Christians had the choice to endure what occurred in the Gulf Coastline areas or the city of New Orleans, or they could move away, if they were blessed enough to know of the prophetic warnings God released through Prophet John Mark Pool and Prophet Kim Clement—that was released a few months or less before the destruction during 08/2005 occurred, these warnings were posted on the Internet, The Elijah List.  

If you are blessed to know the warnings from God that great destruction is going to occur in a certain place, you can pray and prepare.  Now you know from this warning prophetic document here below that great destruction will be occurring in Chicago, Illinois, and the Chicagoland areas, Cleveland, Ohio; probably along the shorelines of the Missouri River, Ohio River, Arkansas River and in a major amount destruction will occur along the Mississippi River and New Madrid Fault Zone areas.  Regarding Chicagoland area water from Lake Michigan will be flowing at points westward and south from the City of Chicago, and other locations mentioned in this collection, causing great destruction to the whole areas connected with the Mississippi River down to the Gulf of Mexico.  You could at this time realize that 50 miles on both sides of the Mississippi River will probably be in the path of what destruction will occur—because we know from Prophet Bob Jones that the Mississippi River will enlarge to 35 miles wide, but we do not know if that will be split to about 18 miles on the right and 18 miles on the left of the Mississippi; or if it will be all 35 miles to the right or 35 miles to the left of the Mississippi River; so to be safe you need to plan to be aware that at least close to about 50 miles on each side of the Mississippi River to the east and west are in some kind of danger, either light danger or severe, or totally destroyed. 

You may choose to put your positive head in the sand and ignore this godly warning collection, or you can decide to take heed, the choice is yours, and you can endure the good or awful consequences from your own choice/s. 

It is suggested to you to begin to start talking to God in prayer communication and find out what you are supposed to do in your personal life and where you are supposed to be living in the critical days ahead.  God will reveal the answer to you personally if you are faithful to seek and “inquire of Him.”  It is not wise to just move, for there will be many places in the USA that will be unsafe places to live in the soon days to come for many different reasons. 

When the invasion of the USA occurs, which there are now over 220 Christians who have received godly prophetic for, well it has been revealed from God that a number of coastal cities will be bombed, and many Christians in the prophetic know that there are many areas in America that you would not want to move to, exception being if God directs you to move there for a work that He has planned for you to do. 

Point to consider is, do not move anywhere till you “consult with God in prayer and find out from Him where you are to be living for the days to soon come.”  “Yes,” this is the end of the Gentile Church Age period, and “Yes” if you read the Book of Revelation in the Holy Bible you will find out that many hard things will be occurring very soon, however, the holy Great Revival will be occurring as well to help prepare the wise Christians to endure the invasion war that is coming to America after the Revival starts, at some future appointed time.  It is more than possible that the Revival and invasion of the USA can overlap, it appears it will depend on whether or not the Church will do intercession and repentance prayer to God so that the terrible evil abortion law of Roe v. Wade is reversed or not, by the end of year 2007.  Go to Prophet Dan Bohler’s section below and read what God revealed to him during 01/2006, regarding the “Invasion of the USA” and when it might occur—either before 2010 or after 2010.”


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Mississippi Valley, New Madrid Information


In researching for information for the Mississippi River—several different comments are made, they are included here:


At Lake Itasca, Minnesota the Mississippi River begins its 2,500-mile journey to the Gulf of Mexico.


The name, Mississippi, came from the Chippewa Indians who lived in what is now the north central part of the United States. Their name for the river was “maesi-sipu”. In the Chippewa language this meant “river of many fishes”. The word was not easy for European explorers to say. So they began calling it the Mississippi instead. Today, it is often called “Old Man River”

Modern maps show that Little Elk Lake in the north central state of Minnesota is the true beginning of the Mississippi River. Little Elk Lake is only about four kilometers long.


At its beginning, the Mississippi does not look like much of a river. But it grows as it starts moving slowly north before turning west and then south.

What is called the Upper Mississippi River ends in southern Illinois, near a city with an Egyptian name—Cairo. However, in this middle western state it is called Kay-ro. At Cairo, another large river, the Ohio River, joins the expanding Mississippi River.

It is easy to see how the Upper Mississippi has flowed through the land. It has cut its way through mountains of rock, pushing and pushing its waters slowly south.


The Lower Mississippi River begins south of Cairo. It is often higher than the land along it. The land is protected by man-made levees, which are walls of earth. These levees prevent the river from flooding. Some of these levees are higher and longer than the Great Wall of China. If you stand behind some of the levees you look up at the river and boats sailing on it.

…Old Man River does not like to be controlled. Every few years the Mississippi River changes its path or floods many thousands of hectares.

In the state of Minnesota, the two cities of Minneapolis and Saint Paul face each other across the river.

…About two-thousand kilometers south along the river is the city of Saint Louis, Missouri. The city is just a few kilometers south of where the huge Missouri River joins the Mississippi River. A French trader first established a business there in Seventeen-Sixty-Four. A few years later settlers named their new town after the Thirteenth Century French King, Louis the Ninth, who had been made a Christian saint.

While the levees control the river, the land is safe. But when heavy rains fall on the hundreds of big and little rivers that flow into the Mississippi River, the land is threatened. If the levees break, the river can spread its fingers across the land, flooding towns and villages and destroying crops growing in fields.


Mississippi River, derived from the old Ojibwe word misi-ziibi meaning 'great river' (gichi-ziibi 'big river' at its headwaters), is the second-longest river in the United States; the longest is the Missouri River, which flows into the Mississippi. River[1]. Taken together, they form the largest river system in North America. If measured from the head of the Missouri, the length of the Missouri-Mississippi combination is approximately 6,270 km (3,900 miles), making it longer than the Yangtze. The largest of many large tributaries on the river is the Ohio River.


The Mississippi River is a common tool for purpose of designating the United States into eastern and western sections, with places being described often as east or west "of the Mississippi."


The most famous city on the Mississippi is at the river’s southern end. It is the port city of New Orleans, Louisiana.


In the early Nineteenth Century, the steam engine was invented. Soon steamboats were moving goods and people on the Mississippi River. For about sixty years, steamboats were extremely important for trade in the Mississippi Valley and throughout most of the middle west.

During this time, a boy living in a town next to the Mississippi River fell in love with steamboats and the river. He grew up to become a captain on one of those boats. Then he began writing stories and books, using the name Mark Twain. Mark Twain’s most famous book is “Huckleberry Finn”. It tells the story of a boy who runs away with a slave and their adventures as they drift on a raft down the Mississippi River.

The American Civil War was fought between Eighteen-Sixty-One and Eighteen-Sixty-Five. During this time, nothing much was heard along the river but the sounds of war. After the war, trade along the river began again.


The Mississippi River has always had an important part in American history. Today, the river is still an important part of the American economy. Goods are carried up and down the river to get to other parts of the country and the world.

Human activities on and along the Mississippi River have changed through history. But the great river just keeps flowing through the center of America. As the song “Old Man River” says: “It must know something. It don’t say nothing. It just keeps rolling along.”


Speed: At the headwaters of the Mississippi, the average surface speed of the water is near 1.2 miles per hour—roughly one-third as fast as people walk.

Length: River length is a difficult measurement to pin down because the river channel is constantly changing. For example, staff at Itasca State Park, the Mississippi's headwaters, say the Mississippi is 2,552 miles long. The US Geologic Survey has published a number of 2,300 miles (3,705 kilometers), the EPA says it is 2,320 miles long, and the Mississippi National River and Recreation Area maintains its length at 2,350 miles.

Width: At Lake Itasca, the river is between 20-30 feet wide. The Mississippi is widest just downstream from its confluence with the Missouri River (near Alton, Il.) where it is nearly 1 mile across.

Depth: At its headwaters, the Mississippi River is less than 3 feet deep. The river's deepest section is between Governor Nicholls Wharf and Algiers Point in New Orleans where it is 200 feet deep.


Elevation: The elevation of the Mississippi River at Lake Itasca is 1,475 feet above sea level. It drops to 0 feet above sea level at the Gulf of Mexico. More than half of that drop in elevation occurs within the state of Minnesota.


River traffic: To move goods up and down the Mississippi River, the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers maintains a 9-foot shipping channel from Baton Rouge, La. to Minneapolis, MN. From Baton Rouge past New Orleans to Head of Passes, a 45-foot channel is maintained to allow ocean-going vessels access to ports as far upstream as Baton Rouge.


About the Great River Road:  Franklin Roosevelt was president when the Mississippi River Parkway Planning Commission (MRPC) was legislatively appointed in 1938. Its mission was to develop plans for what was to become today’s Great River Road.


The Great River Road, 10-river states, which follows the Mississippi on both sides from Canada to the Gulf of Mexico, is one of the oldest and longest scenic byways in the United States. 


The 10 Mississippi River States are: Minnesota, Wisconsin, Iowa, Illinois, Missouri, Kentucky, Tennessee, Arkansas, Mississippi, and Louisiana. 


A traveler can follow the Great River Road over 3,000 miles through the ten river states and the two Canadian provinces of Ontario and Manitoba.


There are 87 federal parks and refuge areas; 1,100 significant National Historic Register sites; and more than 150 visitor centers and museums along the Great River Road that tell the story of the Mississippi River.


The Ojibwe Indians are credited for naming the Mississippi River. They called it Missi Sipi or "Great River."


There are eight Lock & Dams along Wisconsin's Great River Road between Prescott and Dubuque. Lock & Dam #3 is the smallest on the Mississippi River, Lock & Dam #9 is the largest. The Lock and Dams are like stepping stones descending down the Mississippi River.


Wisconsin ranks #1 in the United States for distribution of milk, butter and cheese.  Iowa leads the nation in the production of corn.


The widest point of the Mississippi River stretches nearly four miles across near Clinton, Iowa.


The Gateway Arch in St. Louis, Missouri is the tallest monument in America. At 630-feet-tall, it is over twice as tall as the Statue of Liberty.


New Madrid, Missouri, was shaken by one of history's most violent earthquakes in 1811-1812.


The Arkansas River is the third longest in the nation and the 36th longest stream in the world. It begins in the mountains of Colorado and flows across Kansas, Oklahoma and Arkansas before joining the Mississippi River.


Crowley's Ridge, a 200-mile long series of rolling hills in the midst of Arkansas's great eastern delta, has been proclaimed one of the great natural oddities of the world. Tree covered and marked by several recreational parks and towns, the ridge was created … by wind and water erosion. A newly designed national scenic parkway follows Crowley's Ridge from Piggott to Helena.


Both France and Spain held claims to Arkansas prior to the Louisiana Purchase in 1803.


In 1832, Hot Springs became the first federally protected land in the nation, set aside for public use and recreation. Thus Hot Springs National Park is unofficially the first national park in the United States.


Pea Ridge, national Military Park is the site of the largest Civil War battle fought west of the Mississippi River.


The only diamond "mine" in North America and the only diamond-bearing site in the world open to the public is the Crater of Diamonds State Park near Murfreesboro, Arkansas. Farmer John M. Huddleston discovered diamonds on his property in 1906. It became a state park in 1972 and is the only diamond field open to the public where "finders are keepers". The largest diamond was found in 1924 and had an uncut weight of 40.24 carats and weighed 12.42 carats after it was cut. The "Uncle Sam" diamond sold for $150,000 in 1971.


The Buffalo National Scenic River, designated in 1972, is the first federally protected stream in the nation. The park covers 95,700 acres and 135 miles of free-flowing water, deep in the Arkansas Ozarks.


President Theodore Roosevelt approved the establishment of a 1.7 million-acre Arkansas Forest in 1907. The name was later changed to the Ouachita National Forest. It is the oldest federally protected forest in the South.


South Arkansas oil wells pumped 77 million barrels of crude in 1925 during the "oil boom".


Blanchard Springs Caverns, in the Ozark National Forest, near Mountain View, is ranked among the ten most beautiful caves in North America.


Arkansas has six Civilian Conservation Corps developed parks that still serve the public. They include: Devil's Den, Petit Jean, Mount Nebo, Lake Catherine, Crowley's Ridge State Parks. Buffalo Point became a national scenic stream in 1972 and is now operated by the National Park Service.


The Mississippi Delta stretches from Memphis to Vicksburg.


What change of terrain begins at Baton Rouge, Louisiana and continues to the Gulf of Mexico?


The Delta:  Exquisitely kept antebellum, plantation homes dot the landscape throughout the Delta. From Baton Rouge to New Orleans, they are known as the Great River Road plantations—the largest of all is "Nottoway."


The longest over water bridge in the world is the Lake Pontchartrain Causeway bridge in New Orleans. It crosses 24 miles of open water.


Measured from the headwaters in Minnesota to the Gulf of Mexico, the Mississippi River is the 3rd longest river in the world. The Amazon and the Nile rank #1 and #2, respectively.


Cities along the Mississippi River are prone to floods:



Map of the Mississippi River

Origin:                                   Lake Itasca or Little Elk Lake, Minnesota

Mouth:                      Mississippi ends at the port city of New Orleans, Louisiana—Gulf of Mexico

Basin:                         countries United States (98.5%) & Canada (1.5%)

Length:                      6,270 km (3,900 mi)

Widest Point:           The widest point of the Mississippi River stretches nearly four miles across near Clinton, Iowa.

Source:                                  elevation 450 m (1,476 ft)

Avg. discharge:        Minneapolis 1 : 210 m³/s (7,460 ft³/s)

Saint Louis:              1 : 5,150 m³/s (182,000 ft³/s )

Vicksburg:                2 : 17,050 m³/s (602,000 ft³/s)

Baton Rouge;                       3 : 12,740 m³/s (450,000 ft³/s)

Basin area:                2,980,000 km² (1,151,000 mi²)


Major cities along the river:


n      Minneapolis, Minnesota

n      St. Paul, Minnesota

n      Davenport, Iowa

n      St. Louis, Missouri                   (city in danger?)

n      Memphis, Tennessee               (city in danger?)

n      Vicksburg, Mississippi                        (city in danger?)

n      Baton Rouge, Louisiana                      (city in danger?)

n      New Orleans, Louisiana                      (city in danger?)


Cities on the Mississippi River. (From Wikipedia encyclopedia)  These cities are located along the Mississippi River.  Alpha order below: (This list may or may not include smaller cities):

Alma, Wisconsin

Alton, Illinois

Anoka, Minnesota

Baton Rouge, Louisiana

Bellevue, Iowa

Bemidji, Minnesota

Bettendorf, Iowa

Brainerd, Minnesota

Burlington, Iowa

Cairo, Illinois

Cape Girardeau, Missouri

Chester, Illinois

Davenport, Iowa

Dubuque, Iowa

Elk River, Minnesota

Fountain City, Wisconsin

Grand Rapids, Minnesota

Greenville, Mississippi

Guttenberg, Iowa

Hannibal, Missouri

Helena-West Helena, Arkansas

Herculaneum, Missouri

Keokuk, Iowa

Kimmswick, Missouri

La Crosse, Wisconsin

Lansing, Iowa

Little Falls, Minnesota

Louisiana, Missouri

Marquette, Iowa

McGregor, Iowa

Memphis, Tennessee

Minneapolis, Minnesota

Moline, Illinois

Muscatine, Iowa

Natchez, Mississippi

Nauvoo, Illinois

New Madrid, Missouri

New Orleans, Louisiana

North Buena Vista, Iowa

Port Allen, Louisiana

Prairie du Chien, Wisconsin

Prescott, Wisconsin

Quad Cities

Quincy, Illinois

Red Wing, Minnesota

Rock Island, Illinois

Sabula, Iowa

St. Louis, Missouri

Saint Paul, Minnesota

Ste. Genevieve, Missouri

Sartell, Minnesota

Sauk Rapids, Minnesota

St. Cloud, Minnesota

Vicksburg, Mississippi

Winona, Minnesota


It appears these cities below are in danger when the Chicago Earthquake occurs, as Lake Michigan flood waters go westward from the City of Chicago, to the Mississippi River, enlarging the Mississippi River from about 1 to 4 miles wide to 35 miles wide down to the Gulf of Mexico.  And it is possible that even some cities in Wisconsin will be put in danger, from the prophetic below it appears that Milwaukee, Wisconsin will be endanger from Lake Michigan direct flooding—other cities along the Lake Michigan shoreline can and will be endanger.


Cities that appear to be endangered are listed here below, but take into consideration that the Mississippi River is now about 4 miles wide in the widest spot, the flooding will now cover 35 miles and it is not yet known from God if the 35 miles will go to the east or west, or split on both sides of the Mississippi River.   So to be safe, all living in any area within 35 to 50 miles of the Mississippi River either to the east or west, will need to plan to move to a safer place to live (You need to go to prayer and inquire from God as to what you should do and when.).  This would include all living on or near the shoreline of Lake Michigan and possibly Lake Erie, and all the other lakes as well for in reading the godly revelations below it shows that there is also a eastward event with the Great Lakes out to the Atlantic Ocean, so what cities will get flooded in that event of destruction (?).  It is the understanding so far, from the godly prophetic released, and collected that this major earthquake that affects Lake Michigan, Lake Erie, Cleveland, Ohio, and Chicago, Illinois, will occur before the full invasion of the USA; it appears it will be one of the major events that will help to cripple the USA.  At least that is how the enemy nations who come against the USA will see it. Here are some cities possibly endanger regarding this soon coming earthquake(s):


n      In this collection, Lake Michigan and Chicago are the major focus, and down the Mississippi River; however, some Christian(s) needs to take this beginning work and start “another work” of warning for all the Great Lakes area and Cleveland, Ohio, and probably the Ohio River flooding as well(?).  Furthermore, some Christian(s) need to set up a website requesting godly prophetic from Christians for all these areas and encourage the Christians to not be hesitant about releasing what God has shown them regarding these events to occur, and other events.  Since it is now known that as the Gulf Coastline happened so will the rest of this godly prophetic, since this appears to be the case, it is time for men and women of God to start taking personal responsibility and doing all the work needed and necessary to warn, to wake up the Church in America.  God is looking for some special men, women and even children who give up the TV and their personal hobbies, and they will become America’s true heroes, as they take personal responsibility to pray and warn as much as they can before this “cup of sin” overflowing causes these terrible events of destruction that God has released will be occurring here in America. 

n      All shoreline cities along Lake Michigan and Lake Erie and possibly the other lakes; consider that the danger may not just be these cities but even in outlying areas from the cities as well, depending on how much water and how fast it travels from the lake or lakes as the flooding starts?

n      All cities along Canada’s shoreline to these lakes as well are endanger, and even out lying cities could be endanger.

n      All cites along the Great Lakes eastward to the Atlantic Ocean, there will be some events of destruction occurring along this path as well it appears from the godly prophetic below, be forewarned.

n      All cities along the Mississippi River, and in the distance of 35 to 50 miles to the east or west of the Mississippi River, (including past the 35 mile water marker could be endanger) starting from the Mississippi River in the state of Illinois, but possibly including north into Wisconsin as well depending on how the water moves and which direction when the flood occurs from Lake Michigan; prophetic word states it will be moving westward, but that could overload the Mississippi and also send it north as well as south, eventually it will all head south to the Gulf of Mexico.  The Mississippi River will become an inland type of sea area about 35 miles across from the east and west side of the USA, separating the country.

n      Missouri River, Ohio River, and the Arkansas River, including all other rivers will probably be in great danger because of the huge enlargement being 35 miles to the Mississippi River, this inland type of sea, will affect these other rivers and all shoreline cites and homes, maybe even outlying areas as well.

n      Major cities like Chicago, Illinois and Cleveland, Ohio maybe totally destroyed, this needs to be taken into consideration and prepared for.

n      From the godly prophetic, it appears the safer area to live would be to the west of the Mississippi River, from Apostle Seer Prophet Nita Johnson’s map provided below, you may want to move to a safer place also considering the invasion of the USA that will be coming shortly after this huge middle of the USA earthquake (and smaller quakes that also come after it).

n      This is all your personal responsibility to decide what you need to do, it will be your better or worst choice, but it will be yours, you cannot blame anyone for not doing anything or doing whatever you decide to do.  As of yet, in the godly prophetic it is not fully known exactly when this major earthquake that will change the middle of the USA will occur, from the godly prophetic provided below and others, it is estimated that it will occur anytime from 2007 to well into 2010 and up to 2012, however, it all depends if Roe v. Wade Abortion Law is reversed by the end of 2007 in the USA, see Prophet Dan Bohler’s prophetic word below.  It is in the understanding of the godly prophetic that this huge quake in the middle of the USA will occur before the invasion of the USA.  As more godly prophetic is released and located this document will be updated and sent out to the Internet.


§         Alton, Illinois

§         Baton Rouge, Louisiana

§         Bellevue, Iowa

§         Bettendorf, Iowa

§         Burlington, Iowa

§         Cairo, Illinois

§         Cape Girardeau, Missouri

§         Chester, Illinois

§         Davenport, Iowa

§         Dubuque, Iowa

§         Greenville, Mississippi

§         Guttenberg, Iowa

§         Hannibal, Missouri

§         Helena-West Helena, Arkansas

§         Herculaneum, Missouri

§         Keokuk, Iowa

§         Kimmswick, Missouri

§         Lansing, Iowa

§         Louisiana, Missouri

§         Marquette, Iowa

§         McGregor, Iowa

§         Memphis, Tennessee

§         Moline, Illinois

§         Muscatine, Iowa

§         Natchez, Mississippi

§         Nauvoo, Illinois

§         New Madrid, Missouri

§         New Orleans, Louisiana

§         North Buena Vista, Iowa

§         Port Allen, Louisiana

§         Prescott, Wisconsin

§         Quincy, Illinois

§         Rock Island, Illinois

§         Sabula, Iowa

§         St. Louis, Missouri

§         Ste. Genevieve, Missouri

§         Vicksburg, Mississippi


Lake Michigan is one of the five Great Lakes of North America, and the only one in the group located entirely within the United States. It is bounded, in a clockwise direction from the south, by the U.S. states of Indiana, Illinois, Wisconsin, and Michigan. The word "Michigan" was originally used to refer to the lake itself, and is believed to come from the Ojibwa Indian word mishigami, meaning "great water."


Lake Michigan (43°30'N, 87°30'W) is the only one of the Great Lakes wholly within the borders of the United States; the others are shared with Canada. It has a surface area of 22,300 square miles (57,750 square km), making it the largest freshwater lake in the US, the largest lake entirely within one country, and the 5th largest lake in the world. It is 307 miles (494 km) long by 118 miles (190 km) wide with a shoreline 1,640 mi (2,633 km) long. The lake's average depth is 279 ft (85 m), while its greatest depth is 925 ft (282 m). It contains a volume of 1,180 cubic mi (4,918 cubic km) of water. Its surface averages 577 ft (176 m) above sea level, the same as Lake Huron, to which it is connected through the Straits of Mackinac.


Chicago's present natural geography is a result of the large glaciers of the Ice Age, namely the Wisconsin Glacier that carved out the modern basin of Lake Michigan (which formed from the glacier's meltwater). The terminal moraines formed by the glacier today are low lines of hills in suburban Chicagoland. The flat plain that Chicago proper mostly lies on is the bed of glacial Lake Chicago, which was a larger precursor of Lake Michigan.  When the city we know today was initially founded in the 1830s, the land was swampy and most of the early building began around the Chicago River mouth.  Chicago has approximately 3 million people, and the Chicagoland area has about 10 million.  Chicago is the 3rd most populated city in the USA, and is located on the southwestern shore of Lake Michigan.

According to the United States Census Bureau, Chicago has a total area of 606.1 km² (234.0 mi²). 588.3 km² (227.1 mi²) of it is land and 17.8 km² (6.9 mi²) of it is water. The total area is 2.94% water. The city has been built on relatively flat land, the average height of land is 579 feet (176 metres) above sea level. Chicago, along with New York City and Los Angeles, California, make up the three most massive cities of the U.S., yet Chicago is only half the other two cities' individual land areas.

Major cities:  Some 12 million people live along Lake Michigan's shores. Many small cities in Northern Michigan are centered around a tourist base that takes advantage of the beauty and recreational opportunities offered by Lake Michigan. These cities have large seasonal populations that arrive from Chicago and inland cities in Southern Michigan. The southern tip of the lake is heavily industrialized. Cities on the shores of Lake Michigan with populations larger than 30,000 include:



§         Chicago

§         Evanston

§         Highland Park

§         North Chicago

§         Waukegan



§         East Chicago

§         Gary

§         Hammond

§         Michigan City

§         Portage



§         Holland

§         Muskegon



§         Green Bay

§         Kenosha

§         Manitowoc

§         Milwaukee

§         Racine

§         Sheboygan


Islands—Lake Michigan:

§         Beaver Island

§         North Manitou Island

§         South Manitou Island

§         Washington Island

§         Rock Island


Due to its size and historical significance, the Mississippi River has many nicknames. Among these are:

n      Big River

n      Body of a Nation

n      El Grande (de Soto)

n      Old Man River

n      The Big Muddy (more commonly associated with the Missouri River)

n      The Father of Waters

n      The Great River

n      The Gathering of Waters

n      The Mighty Mississippi

n      The Muddy Mississippi


Other cities in the Chicagoland area and their elevation, (Not all cities provide elevation, we are looking for the higher elevation areas in the Chicagoland area or even the lower ones as well, knowing that they will probably be flooded.):


n      Lake Bluff, Illinois: elevation 670 feet, land area 4.1 square miles, 32.6 miles (North)from Chicago


Prepare for a “series of mega quakes!”


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[Comment not by Youngbrandt:  Other possible cities that will need to be taken into consideration for possible major destruction in this Mid-west U.S.A. disaster coming are the following cities here below, and also in a further section below are some thoughts about many other small and large cities that might be involved in destruction from the giant Chicago/Cleveland/New Madrid earthquakes and the major flooding after—that will occur. 

Prophet Youngbrandt reveals below “all or some” cities that apparently God has revealed to him that will be totally or partially destroyed, and/or possibly some cities that Prophet Youngbrandt assumes could be destroyed (that may or may not be destroyed), but you the Christian reader must keep in mind the difference between “What did God say?” and “What might be being assumed from human thinking?” and “Will any prayer be changing the outcome of any of these cities from total destruction, to partial destruction, to a delay on destruction,  to a lighten destruction?”  Here is Youngbrandt’s quote:

“The cities that will be flattened by this earthquake will be:

n       Chicago, Illinois;

n       St. Paul, Minnesota;

n       Milwaukee, Wisconsin;

n       St. Louis, Missouri;

n       Louisville, Kentucky;

n       Indianapolis, Indiana;

n       Detroit, Michigan;

n       Toledo, Ohio;

n       Cleveland, Ohio;

n       Columbus, Ohio;

n       Cincinnati, Ohio; and

n       Kansas City, Missouri.

n      Southern Ontario and part of southwestern Quebec, Canada, will be obliterated by the waters of the Great Lakes as they "backwash" and just before they return as a wall over Chicago and other areas.

The Lord, by the Holy Spirit, revealed that the sound of the cracking of the ground or fault will be so fierce that windows will be shattered in Des Moines, Iowa, some 316 miles from Chicago.”


“The Lord showed me that Calumet City, Illinois; Hammond, Indiana; East Chicago, Indiana and other places on the southern tip of Lake Michigan will be under as much as 60 feet of water.”   —Chuck Youngbrandt, Seer Prophet


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.1                     08/20, 1804,Major Fort Dearborn—Chicago, Illinois Earthquake—Previous Earthquakes in the Mississippi Valley:  “The earthquake known as the New Madrid earthquake was not the first felt in the region is shown by written records, by Indian traditions, and by geologic evidence.  Recorded earthquakes/shocks — of the shocks felt by the early settlers the best summary is supplied by Drake, he names 5 earthquakes and the fifth being: 


‘The fifth and only additional shock of which I have been furnished with any certain accounts, occurred in the southern neighborhood of Lake Michigan, at 10 minutes past 2 o’clock p.m. on the 08/20th, 1804.  At Fort Dearborn [Chicago] on the bank of the lake, it was severe.  From the report of Capt. William Whistler, it must have been a stronger throe than any experienced at this place.  It was succeeded by a short hurricane from the lake.  At Fort Wayne [Indiana], lying considerably to the east-southeast, it was less violent.  John Johnston, Esq. My informant, remarks that the day at the place was clear and warm without any unusual appearance.  The general course of the earthquake was undoubtedly that of a line passing through those two forts.  Geologic evidence — Evidence of shocks long antedating that of 1811 is very conclusive.”


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Below Are Detailed Prophetic Revelations God Has Revealed To Either Prophets, Ministers of God,                or Lay Christians


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Joe  Brandt




{24:7} For nation shall rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom: and there shall be famines, and pestilences, and earthquakes, in divers places.



{13:8} For nation shall rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom: and there shall be earthquakes in divers places, and there shall be famines and troubles: these are the beginnings of sorrows.



{21:11} And great earthquakes shall be in divers places, and famines, and pestilences; and fearful sights and great signs shall there be from heaven.


1937, Series Of Dream—Visions, Earthquakes In Different Places “Fresno & Los Angeles, California” DestroyedWritten in 1937 and lets face it this has not occurred yet so it is for the future!  Below is a series of dreams—visions that have not yet occurred—but will be occurring in the very near future, keep this in mind as you carefully read the below, and check out the many clues (men wearing earrings) that Joe Brandt gives as he reveals what God allowed him to see regarding these different earthquakes that shake up the world and America.  Furthermore, even new land is formed in the Atlantic. 


1937, Series Of Dream—Visions, Earthquakes In Different Places — I believe the Lord led me to this story to share with you at this time.


This account of a series of dreams (visions) was written by Joe Brandt, age 17, while recovering from a brain concussion in a Fresno, California hospital in 1937. It was previously published in "California Superquake 1975-1977?" written by Paul James. Keep in mind this was written in 1937... not recently.  Look at when he saw the vision unfold (early spring), how the boys and girls were dressed, the sound the quake made as it pushed through the city streets and more.


This should cause each one of us to get down on our knees and make sure we are right with God.


God Bless, Bro. Martin Jones


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The man who wrote this was a personal friend of the publisher at the time. The article is given as he wrote it in 1937, in boyish handwriting. He had fallen from a horse at age 17 and for days he had a concussion. During this period of time a continuing dream came night after night. It was as though he were viewing a tremendous earthquake and inundation in California and other parts of the world. Joe Brandt had also written in a drowsy state through his days while recuperating in the hospital about positions of various faults, strata of rock, earth movements, —so much material that a geologist of many years would scarcely attempt such a work. The boy knew nothing of geology or the possibility of a coming earthquake. There are five-points to note which lift this dream/vision out of the realm of ordinary night-time dreaming, and the huge sheaf of geology data out of ordinary day-time writings, as follows:


1.   The dream/vision took place in perfect continuity, night after night, for many nights, always picking up exactly where it left off. This is super-normal.

2.   The viewer was projected at least and if not more than 30 years ahead in time, seeing modes of dress for youth not faintly imagined in 1937 by anyone. This is super- normal.

3.   Half-sized cars were seen-many of them, and in 1937 such cars were not familiar to the United States. He remarked about the odd shape, which could have been the Volkswagen, now so common in the United States. There are about three times as many VW's in California as elsewhere in our country.

4.   Super-highways are noted, which he had not seen in his trips to Los Angeles from his home in Fresno, California. (By the way, he saw Fresno wiped out in the catastrophe.) This is super-normal knowledge.

5.      He wrote about geology he had never learned, nor at 17 had there been time to learn that much. He was given a vast knowledge of "faults" of which he was totally unaware. This is super-normal knowledge. When checked later with a graduate geologist, it was found to be factual. Note: absence of birds. Birds and animals flee an area just before earthquakes.


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1937, Series Of Dream—Visions, The Coming California Earthquake To Faults: Garlock Fault & San Andreas Fault & Sierra Nevada; Affected Cities:  San Francisco, Hollywood, Fresno & Los Angeles—At 4:29 P.M, Early Spring Day, Birds Gone & Smell Of Sulfur & Pacific Ocean Water Comes In And Floods California, by Joe Brandt


Flash Picture Visions:  The Day Of The Earthquake—I woke up in the hospital room with a terrific headache—as if the whole world was revolving inside my brain. I remember, vaguely, the fall from my horse—Blackie. As I lay there, pictures began to form in my mind—pictures that moved with the speed of lightning—pictures that revolved—pictures that stood still. I seemed to be in another world. Whether it was the future, or whether it was some ancient land, I could not say.


Then slowly, like the silver screen of the "talkies," but with colour and smell and sound, I seemed to find myself in Los Angeles. It was Los Angeles—it was bigger, much bigger, and busses and odd shaped cars crowded the city streets. I thought about Hollywood Blvd., and I found myself, there, on Hollywood Blvd. Whether this is true, I don't know, but there were a lot of guys about my age with beards and wearing, some of them, earrings. All the girls wore real short skirts... and they slouched along, moving like a dance. I wondered if I could talk to them, and I said "hello", but they didn't hear or see me. I decided that I would look as funny to them as they looked to me. I tried, for awhile, that crazy kind of walk. I guess it is something you have to learn. I couldn't to it. I noticed there was a quietness about the air, a kind of stillness. Something else was missing, something that should be there.


At first, I couldn't figure it out, I didn't know what it was—then I did. There were no birds.  I listened. I walked two blocks north or the Blvd... all houses... no birds. I wondered what had happened to them. Had they gone away? Where? Again, I could hear the stillness. I had never experienced anything like it. I listened... just the stillness.


Then, I knew something was going to happen. I wondered what year it was. It certainly was not 1937. I saw a newspaper on the corner with a picture of the president. It surely wasn't Mr. Roosevelt. He was bigger, heavier, big ears. If it wasn't 1937, I wondered what year it was. It looked like 1969... but I wasn't sure. My eyes weren't working just right.


Someone was coming...someone in 1937... it was that fat nurse ready to take my temperature. I woke up. Crazy dream (There are pages here about a similar dream occurring—finding himself in Los Angeles—although it was the next day (in 1937) it was the same day in Los Angeles, and the dream would continue where the last dream left off.) My headache is worse. It is a wonder I didn't get killed on that horse.


I've had another crazy dream, back in Hollywood. Those people. Why do they dress like that I wonder? I found myself back on the Blvd. I was waiting for something to happen. Something big was going to happen and I was going to be there. I looked up at the clock down by that big theatre. It was 10 minutes to 4. Something big was going to happen. I walked down the street. In the concrete in front of a theatre they had names of stars. I recognized a few of them. The other names I had never heard. I was getting bored. I wanted to get back to the hospital in Fresno, and I wanted to stay there on the blvd., even if nobody could see me. Those crazy kids. Why are they dressed like that? Maybe it is some big Halloween doings, but it don't seem like Halloween. More like early spring.


There was that sound again, that lack of sound.  Stillness, Stillness, Stillness.  Don't these people know that the birds have gone somewhere? The quite is getting bigger and bigger.  I know it is going to happen.  Something is going to happen.  Something is happening now!


It sure did. She woke me up, grinning and smiling, that fat nurse again. "It's time for your milk, kiddo," she says. Old woman of 30 acting like the cat's pajamas. Next time maybe she'll bring hot chocolate.


The Moment Of The Happening — Where have I been. Where haven't I been! I've been to the ends of the earth and back. I've been to the end of the world. There isn't anything left. Not even Fresno, even though I'm lying here right this minute. If only my eyes would get a little clearer so I can write all this down. Nobody will believe me, anyway.


I'm going back to that last moment on the Blvd. Some sweet kid went past, dragging a little boy (twins, I guess) by each hand. Her skirt was up—well, pretty high—and she had a tired look. I thought for a minute I could ask her about the birds, what had happened to them, and then, I remembered she didn’t see me. Her hair was all frowzy, way out all over her head. A lot of them looked like that, but she looked so tired and like she was sorry about something. I guess she was sorry before it happened, because it surely did happen.


There was a funny smell. I don't like it. A smell like sulphur, sulphuric acid, a smell like death. For a minute, I thought I was back in chem. (chemistry). When I looked around for the girl, she was gone. I wanted to find her for some reason. It was if I knew something was going to happen and I could stay with her, help her. She was gone, and I walked half a block, then saw the clock again. My eyes seemed glued on that clock. I couldn’t move. I just waited. It was five minutes to four o’clock on a sunny afternoon.  I thought I would stand there looking at that clock forever waiting for the something to come.


Then, when it came, it was nothing. It was just nothing. It wasn't nearly as hard as the earthquake we had two years ago. The ground shook, just an instant. People looked at each other, surprised. Then they laughed, I laughed too. So this was what I had been waiting for. This funny little shake. It meant nothing. I was relieved and I was disappointed. What had I been waiting for? I started back up the Blvd., moving my legs like those kids. How do they do it?


I never found out. I felt as if the ground wasn't solid under me. I knew I was dreaming and yet I wasn't dreaming. There was that smell again—coming like from the ocean. I was getting to the 5 & 10 (Newberry's?) and I saw the look on the kids' faces. Two of them were right in front of me, coming my way. Both with beards. One with earrings. One said: "let's get out of this place. Let's go back East." He seemed scared. It was as if the sidewalks were trembling—but you couldn't seem to see them. Not with your eyes you couldn't. An old lady had a dog, a little white dog, and she stopped and looked scared, and grabbed him in her arms and said, “Let’s go home, Frou, Frou. Mamma is going to take you home.” That poor old lady, hanging on to her dog. I got scared. Real scared.


I remembered the girl. She was way down the block, probably. I started to run. I ran and ran, and the ground kept trembling. But I couldn't see it. I couldn't feel it. But I knew it was trembling. Everybody looked scared. They looked terrible. One young lady just sit down on the sidewalk all doubled up. She kept saying "earthquake, it's the earthquake." over and over. But I couldn’t see that anything was different. 


Then, when it came. How it came. Like nothing in God's world.  Like nothing. It was the scream of a siren, long and low, or the scream of a woman I heard having a baby when I was a kid. It was awful. It was as if something—some monster—was pushing up the sidewalks.  You felt it long before you saw it, as if the sidewalks wouldn't hold anymore. I looked out at the cars. They were honking but not scared. They just kept moving. They didn't seem to know yet that anything was happening. Then, that white car, that baby half-sized one, came sprawling from the inside lane right against the curb. The girl who was driving just sat there. She sat there with her eyes staring, as if she couldn't move, but I could hear her. She whimpered. Like a little girl. She made funny noises. I watched her, thinking of the other girl.


I said that it was a dream and I would wake up. But I didn't wake up. But I didn't wake up. The shaking had started again, but this time different. It was a nice shaking, like a cradle being rocked for a minute, and then I saw the middle of the Blvd. seemed to be breaking in two. The concrete looked as if it were being pushed straight up by some giant shovel. It was breaking in two. That is why the girl's car went out of control and then a loud sound again, like I’ve never heard before… then hundreds of sounds… all kinds of sounds… children, and women and those crazy guys with earrings. They were all moving, it seemed, some of them above the sidewalk. I can't describe it. They were lifted up, and the waters kept oozing... oozing. The cries. It was awful. I woke up. I never want to have that dream again.


The Earthquake — It came again. Like the first time which was a preview and all I could remember was that it was the end of the world. I was right back there—all that crying. Right in the middle of it. My eardrums felt as if they were going to burst. Noise everywhere. People falling down, some of them bad hurt. Pieces of buildings, chips, flying in the air. One hit me hard on the side of the face, but I didn't seem to feel it.


I wanted only to wake up, to get away from this place. It had been fun in the beginning, the first dream, when I kind of knew I was going to dream the end of the world or something. This was terrible. There were older people in the cars. Most of the kids were in the street. But those old guys were yelling bloody murder, as if anybody could help them… Nobody could help them. Nobody could help them.


It was then that I felt myself lifted up. Maybe I had died. I don't know. But I was over the city. It was tilting toward the ocean—like tilting a picnic table. The buildings were holding, better than you could believe. They were holding. They were holding. The people saw they were holding and they tried to cling to them or get inside. It was fantastic. Like a building had a will of its own. Everything else breaking around them, and they were holding, holding. I was up over them—looking down. I started to root for them. Hold that line, I said. Hold that line. Hold that line. I wanted to cheer, to shout, to scream. If the buildings held, those buildings on the Blvd., maybe the girl—the girl with the two kids—maybe she could get inside.


It looked that way for a long time, maybe three minutes, and three minutes was like forever. Everybody was trying to get inside. They were going to hold. You knew they were going to hold, even if the waters kept coming up. Only they didn't. I've never imagined what it would be like for a building to die. A building dies just like a person. It gives way, some of the bigger ones did just that. They began to crumble, like an old man with palsy, who couldn't take it anymore. They crumble right down to nothing. And the little ones screamed like mad—over and above the roar of the people. They were mad about dying. But buildings die. I couldn't look anymore at the people. I kept wanting to get higher. I kept willing myself to go higher.


Then I seemed to be out of it all, but I could see. I seemed to be up on Big Bear near San Bernardino, but the funny thing is that I could see everywhere. I knew what was happening. The earth seemed to start to tremble again. I could feel it even though I was up high. This time it lasted maybe twelve seconds, and it was gentle. You couldn't believe anything so gentle could cause so much damage. But then I saw the streets of Los Angeles—and everything between the San Bernardino Mountains and L.A. It was all tilting toward the ocean, houses everything that was left. I could see the big lanes—dozens of big lanes still loaded with cars—five lanes in one place, and all the cars sliding the same way.


Now the ocean was coming in, moving like a huge snake across the land. I wondered how long it was, and I could see the clock, even though I wasn't there on the Blvd. It was 4:29. It had been half an hour. I was glad I couldn't hear the crying any more. But I could see everything. I could see everything.


The Other CitiesThen, like looking at a huge map of the world, I could see what was happening on the land and with people. San Francisco was feeling it, but she was not in any way like Hollywood or Los Angeles. I seemed to see it was the Garlock Fault, not just the San Andreas that was rocking San Francisco. It was moving just like that earthquake movie with Jeanette McDonald and Gable. I could see all those mountains coming together—the Sierra Nevada, and the San Andreas and Garlock.


I knew what was going to happen to San Francisco—it was going to turn over, because of Garlock. It would turn upside down. It went quickly, because of the twisting, I guess. It seemed much faster than Hollywood, but then I wasn't exactly there. I was a long, long way off.


I shut my eyes for a long time—I guess ten minutes—and when I opened them I saw Grand Canyon, that great big gap was closing in, and Boulder Dam was being pushed from underneath. And then, Nevada, and on up to Reno. Way down south, way down Baja, California, Mexico too. It looked like some volcano down there was erupting, along with everything else.


I saw the map of South America, especially Colombia. Another volcano—eruption—shaking violently. Venezuela seemed to be having some king of volcanic activity. Away off in the distance, I could see Japan, on a Fault, too. It was so far off—not easy to see, because I was still on Big Bear Mountain, but Japan started to go into the sea. I couldn't tell time, then, and the people looked like dolls, far away. I couldn't hear the screaming, but I could see the surprised look on their faces. They looked so surprised. They were all like dolls. It was so far away I could hardly see it. In a minute or two it seemed over. Everybody was gone. There was nobody left.


I didn't know time now. I couldn't see a clock. I tried to see the island of Hawaii. I could just see huge tidal waves...beating against it. The people on the streets were getting wet, and they were scared. But I didn't see anybody going into the sea. I seemed way around the globe. More flooding. Is the world going to be drenched? Constantinople. Black Sea rising. Suez Canal, for some reason seemed to be drying up. Sicily... she doesn't hold. I could see map. Mt Etna is shacking. A lot of this area seemed to go, but it seemed to be earlier or later.


I wasn't sure of time, now. England.…. huge floods—but no tidal waves. Water, water everywhere, but no one going into the sea. People were frightened and crying. Some places they fell in the streets on their knees and started to pray for the world. I didn't know the English were emotional. Ireland, Scotland—all kinds of churches were crowded—it seemed night and day. People were carrying candles and everybody was crying for California, Nevada, parts of Colorado—maybe all of it, even Utah.


Everybody was crying—most of them didn't even know anybody in California, Nevada, Utah, but they were crying as if they were blood kin. Like one family. Like it happened to them. New York was coming into view—she was still there, nothing had happened, yet water level was way up. Here, things were different. People were running in the streets yelling—"end of world". Kids ran into restaurants and ate everything in sight. I saw a shoe store with all the shoes gone in about five minutes. Fifth Avenue—everybody running. Some radio blasting from a loud speaker that in a few minutes, power might be shut off. They must control themselves. Five girls were running like mad toward the Y.W.C.A., that place on Lexington or somewhere. They ran like they were scared to death. But nothing was happening in New York.  I saw an old lady with garbage cans, filling them with water. Everybody seemed scared to death. Some people looked dazed. The streets seemed filled with loud speakers. It wasn't daylight. It was night. I saw, like the next day, and everything was topsy turvy. Loud speakers again about fuel tanks broken in areas-shortage of oil. People seemed to be looting markets.


Oregon, Washington, The Dakotas, Missouri, Minnesota, Canada — I saw a lot of places that seemed safe, and people were not scared. Especially the rural areas. Here everything was almost as if nothing had happened. People seemed headed to these places some on foot, some in cars (that still had fuel). I heard—or somehow I knew—that somewhere in the Atlantic land had come up. A lot of land. I was getting awful tired. I wanted to wake up I wanted to go back to the girl—to know where she was—she and those two kids. I found myself back in Hollywood—and it was still 4:29. I wasn't up on Big Bear then—I was perched over Hollywood. I was just there. It seemed perfectly natural in my dream.


T.V., Radio, Ham Operators—I could hear now. I could hear, someplace, a radio station blasting out—telling people not to panic. They were dying in the streets. There were picture stations with movies—some right in Hollywood—these were carrying on, with all the shaking. One fellow (in the picture (TV) station) was a little short guy who should have been scared to death. But he wasn't. He kept shouting and reading instructions. Something about helicopters or planes would go over—some kind of planes—but I knew they couldn't.


Things were happening in the atmosphere. The waves were rushing up now. Waves. Such waves. Nightmare waves. Then, I saw again, Boulder Dam, going down...pushing together, pushing together breaking apart—No, Grand Canyon was pushing together, and Boulder Dam was breaking apart. It was still daylight. All these radio stations went off at the same time—Boulder Dam had broken.


I wondered how everybody would know about it—people back East. That was when I saw the "ham radio operators". I saw them in the oddest places, as if I were right there with them. Like the little guy with glasses. They kept sounding the alarm. One kept saying: "This is California. We are going into the sea. This is California. We are going into the sea. Get to the high places. Get to the mountains. All states west—this is California. We are going to the— We are going to the" — I thought he was going to say "sea". But I could see him. He was inland, but the waters had come in. His hand was still clinging to the table, he was trying to get up, so that once again he could say: "This is California we are going into the sea. This is California we are going into the sea." I seemed to hear this, over and over, for what seemed hours—just those words.


They kept it up until the last minute—all of them—calling out "Get to the Mountains—This is California. —We are going into the sea." I woke up. It didn't seem as if I had been dreaming. I have never been so tired. For a minute or two, I thought it had happened. I wondered about two things. I hadn't seen all what happened to Fresno (his home) and I hadn't found out what happened to that girl. I've been thinking about it all morning. I'm going home tomorrow. It was just a dream. It was nothing more.


Nobody in the future on Hollywood Blvd. is going to be wearing earrings—and those beards. Nothing like that is ever going to happen. That girl was so real to me—that girl with those two kids. It won't ever happen—but if it did, how could I tell her (maybe she isn't even born yet) to move away from California when she has her twins—and she can't be on the Blvd. that day. She was so real!


The other thing—those ham operators—hanging on like that—over and over—saying the same thing: "This is California. We are going into the sea. This is California. We are going into the sea. Get to the mountains. Get to the hilltops. California, Nevada Colorado, Arizona, Utah. This is California. We are going into the sea." I guess I'll hear that for days.


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[Comment not by Brandt: Franklin Delano Roosevelt was President in 1937.  By his pictures he did not look super thin in his shoulders; unless the pictures were not a true image of him.  So this future male president who was to show up either in 1969 or later possibly in 2009 or 2019 was bigger, heavier and will have big ears. 


This sounds funny but lets watch to see who becomes the next president and has big ears... If a he is not president in the next election (2008/2009), will he be president in 2019?


When Joe saw this flash part of the vision, he saw the number 9 at the end of the date, but the rest was a bit blurry, or whatever he mentioned above, it could have been “09 or 19,” these are very close to 69—could the date have been 20 0 9 or 20 1 9?   He may have only received a quick speedy vision glance of the date and as he stated it was blurry, but he did catch the "9" at the end... as he looked at the newspaper and possibly assumed it stated 1969, when it could have stated 20 0 9 or 20 1 9.  The reason for suggesting this, is that, in doing a quick search on the Internet for any earthquake or a very destructive earthquake in California in 1969, all that comes up basically, unless I missed finding others, but all that comes up is:  Santa Rosa, California 10/01/1969 5.7m, and San Fernando, California 02/09/1971 6.6m. But that does not matter, because none of the other things occurred in his vision so we now know that this was not for 1969 but for either it appears: 2009 or 2019!


Do you see my point, it appears, that the series of quakes that this young man received from God is for sure “yet to occur!”  And notice he seemed to pick up the “9” at the end… that is why one ponders if it is 20 0 9  or 20 19 coming up which is about three years away from now—2006 or 2019; and these dates would fit into the timing of major earthquakes for California that are due.  We shall see!  


Lyndon B. Johnson wasn’t noticeably heavy by some of his pictures and didn’t seem to have exceptionally big ears—his ears seemed to have been appropriate with his face size or the pictures seen did not show enlarged ears, and he was the thirty-sixth President of the USA 1963-1969. Born: 08/27, 1908 near Stonewall, Texas. Died: 01/22, 1973 in Johnson City, Texas.

Richard Nixon wasn’t noticeably heavy and didn’t seem to have exceptionally big ears—his ears seemed to have been appropriate with his face size (there is mention that he was big eared when he was young, but it seemed to balance out somewhat as he got older), he was the thirty-seventh President of the USA, served 1969-1973, 1973-1974 (resigned).  Richard Milhous Nixon was born in Yorba Linda, California, 01/09, 1913, died 04/22, 1994.


Unless it was missed, there seemed to be no major earthquake or quakes in the area that this young man was referring to in the year 1969, much less the whole world, Japan is still here...  It is now known that the above is not talking about 1969, but it appears strongly either 2009 or 2019!  Until God reveals more, this is what we know so far.


Notice this quote here below, these large screen outside TV’s were not known like they are today, back in 1969, this is one of the main reasons we know this is future and soon to occur, and probably will occur in 2009 or 2019 on a early spring day at 4:29 PM:


“There were picture stations with MOVIES—some right in Hollywood—these were carrying on, with all the shaking. One fellow (in the picture (TV) station) was a little short guy who should have been scared to death. But he wasn't. He kept shouting and reading instructions.”


The above prophetic that this 17 year old young adult received in a series of visions never happened in 1969.  Because of the “9” at the end of the date that he saw in the vision on the newspaper of a future day, it appears these series of visions are for either the year 2009 or 2019.


Both years end in a “9” and could qualify for earthquakes on the West Coast, for there has been much godly prophetic supporting these soon coming earthquakes.


It appears strongly in the godly prophetic that the West Coast series of quakes along with the Chicago and New Madrid series of quakes will occur prior to the invasion of the USA on America’s homeland soil, that is also due to occur in the near future.  This invasion has been delayed for a long time now, by the graciousness and mercy of God, however, there are enough godly prophetic revelations now to support the invasion occurring before 2010.  God has also revealed that if the American Christians will do intercession, confessing and repenting of America’s sins, in His graciousness and mercy He will extend the invasion to a later date even now, to past 2010; and if Roe vs. Wade is reversed by the end of 2007, the invasion will be delayed to after 2010. 


It is important to note that the below prophetic under Joe Brandt, does not have anything about the Chicago or New Madrid series of quakes in its revelations, however, the reason for including it here in this collection is that it appears from piecing together the godly prophetic—that on some warm early spring day in probably the year of 2009 or 2019, the California series of quakes and other disasters will occur (This revelation has come from Joe Brandt’s series of visions below showing a “9” at the end of the year that the quakes would occur in.), and it appears, shortly after which could be either months or within a couple of years, the Chicago and New Madrid series of quakes will occur at some point that will probably start in Chicago, Illinois on a 07/17 date. (This revelation comes from Seer Prophet Chuck Youngbrandt’s series of visions that he received:  date of 07/17 (07/17 was either the Chicago Earthquake or Invasion date, I think it was the earthquake date); summer day at about noontime the Chicago earthquake will occur it appears.). And it appears strongly that after the Chicago and possibly New Madrid series of quakes that within about a year the invasion of the USA on her homeland soil will occur—Russia, China, Cuba, Mexico and 4 other nations will unite and attack the USA.  Furthermore, it is possible that an accidental nuclear bombing could occur in between these different West Coast and Middle of USA series of quakes, in fact if that occurrs to Chicago, that might be what would trigger the stress on the Sandwich Fault line to cause the Chicago earthquake, because there is godly prophetic that Chicago gets nuked; and “why bomb Chicago after a severe city destroying earthquake occurs?”  So, it appears the bombing to Chicago will occur before the city of Chicago receives the major earthquake destruction that will destroy the city! 


Notice with Joe Brandt that he does not mention at any time when he was taken up in the spirit to view the USA, as well as the world—but he does not mention any problems or earthquakes with Chicago or the New Madrid—center of the USA, he does however mention New York, catch that!  It appears that the series of earthquakes for the center of the USA have not occurred before the California series of quakes occur; otherwise he would have seen the destruction in the Middle of the USA and mentioned it in his series of visions.  Also notice that he never mentions seeing any invading Chinese military in uniforms in California, it appears this is because the USA was not yet invaded, it appears the California series of quakes occur before the Chicago and New Madrid series of earthquakes and before the invasion of the USA!


The date 2019 appears to be a stronger date for all these events to occur, but without a doubt they could occur around 2009, for there is godly prophetic for the invasion of the USA to be before 2010.  So it appears this is revealing to us that God wants these earthquakes and invasion delayed and it will be up to the Christians to do that!


Now if the 2019 date is used, that will work it appears with what is known at this time with the 2017 date.  (Jesus visited Apostle Seer Prophet Neville Johnson and discussed with him that the last Jubilee was 1967 and that very, very soon after the next one 2017—the “catching up or called rapture” will occur. 


This works with the revelation from another.  (Apostle Seer Prophet Nita Johnson has mentioned that the “Church would be here after the invasion of the USA occurred.”  In short, she saw the Church still here after the invasion of the USA occurred.)  It appears the Bride of the Church will be here a short time after the invasion of the USA (The whole Church will not be taken up in the Rapture, only the Bride of the Church—“The five wise virgins,” read the New Testament Holy Scriptures King James Version of the Bible for complete understanding.


Many Christians try to put the puzzle of future events together by trying to figure things out in their minds, a good example of failure in that area was Y2K—very soulish thinking.  However, other Christians are now inquiring of God to find out how the details of things “will play out.”  This collection is a new way of thinking and processing how things “can play out” it is based on the Bible and on the current godly prophetic from God to His Church.  In short, what has God revealed in revelations from Him “about events to soon occur?”  Some serious future events here in the USA may possibly play out close to this way here below—this is just a beginning type of very “ruff draft,” because of the revelations that have been collected and pieced together:


1933    It is known that Seer Prophet Hanneh of Jordan, under an Assembly Of God Pastor received a series of visions from God, one clear vision was the day the Anti-christ was born, she saw the mother and baby on the bed and God clearly told her that the Anti-christ was born today, and when this occurred the date was 11/23, 1933.  The Anti-christ person is about age 73 in 2006, and he would be about 87 in 2020; this may seem strange that he will be so old, but he probably will have had some plastic surgery done to look younger.  In the godly prophetic, it is a God given fact that the Anti-christ was born 11/23, 1933, so that is a closed subject, not open for debate.    What all this means is that things are going to play out very fast now… to get all that has to be done completed in such a short time frame…  Read the Book of Revelations in the Holy Bible—Holy Scriptures, it is the last book of the Bible.


For the Anti-christ to be in his seventies now and later in his eighties, it means the devil used this person called the Anti-christ a lot to complete what the devil felt was much needed work to be done to deceive as many humans as possible for a destiny in Hell, instead of Heaven. 


If you would like an example of an older person looking very younger, which is what the Anti-christ has probably done as well—for he is also very wealthy, that revelation was given to Seer Prophet Hanneh by God—then check out this man:


The past Prime Minister of Italy, Silvio Berlusconi, he said he was born in 1936 but it has been revealed he is older and has lied, he has had plastic surgery; go to these webpages ( or and take a strong look at him, he looks like a man with two fronts, but at times can look very nice for plastic surgery at either age 70 or 73 in 2006, also take a moment to read what is stated, for some ponder if he is the Anti-christ since he is so evil, rich, and very powerful.  He is the 25th richest man in the world.  He is trying to get all crosses removed out of Italy, and he has very crafty jokes that leave a strong evil tone when finished reading them.  He has stated:  “I am the Jesus Christ of politics, I am a patient victim, I put up with everyone, I sacrifice myself for everyone.”  As of now there are about three things that need to be understood more clearly about this man 1.)  What does his name mean?  2.)  He was married twice, and has five children, how does that work with the Bible verse that he would have no desire for women?  Can he be married as a front.      3.)  His birth date, if he is the Anti-christ it must be 11/23, 1933, now he is a liar and it is known that he is older—he says he was born 09/29, 1936 in Milan, Italy, he was a firstborn child.  If he truly is the Anti-christ about to soon be revealed he may have been fathered by the fallen Lucifer, so he may have taken another man’s name and identity?  His first wife was Carla Dall’Oglio (1965, divorced in 1985) and his second wife, Veronica Lario (1990 married).  It appears this man is involved in the occult or something, he gives off strongly a powerful something from the enemy, check him out at the websites!



{11:36} And the king shall do according to his will; and he shall exalt himself, and magnify himself above every god, and shall speak marvellous things against the God of gods, and shall prosper till the indignation be accomplished: for that that is determined shall be done.

{11:37} Neither shall he regard the God of his fathers, nor the desire of women, nor regard any god: for he shall magnify himself above all.    


2017    Jubilee year that Jesus visited Apostle Seer Prophet Neville Johnson and revealed to him that the “catching up or called Rapture” would occur very, very soon after 2017, would occur.


2019    Warm spring day about 4:29 P.M. may start the West Coast series of quakes, and serious flooding from the Pacific Ocean going inland, and other events in the prophetic below that Joe Brandt revealed.


2019    Either same year or later year/s, a possible accidental nuclear bombing to a few USA cities could occur, including Chicago, Illinois?  What we do know is that there can be a possible accidental nuclear bombing, and in the prophetic we know that Chicago at some point gets bombed.


2019    Either same year or later, during a hot summer day (maybe on 07/17) about noontime could start the Chicago series of quakes, and serious flooding from Lake Michigan, and the New Madrid series of quakes, and flooding follows either closely or over some time revealed in the godly prophetic in this collection and by Seer Prophet Chuck Youngbrandt’s series of visions below.


2020    Might be the year that the invasion of the USA occurs on America’s homeland soil—by eight united countries headed by Russia and China; with Chinese coming in on the West Coast, Russians coming in on the East Coast and Mexican’s coming up from the south, Mexico.  The Bride of Jesus Christ—the Church is still here by Apostle Seer Prophet Nita Johnson’s revelation that she saw the Church still here.


2022    Could be an estimated give or take year, for the Rapture, it would have been very, very soon after 2017 Jubilee—about 4 or 5 years (???), this is the guess, we shall see how it plays out or when more prophetic details are revealed.  The Bible refers to the “restrainer” having to be taken out before certain things continue to occur—like the period called the time of “Wrath or the Great Tribulation,” it is believed that the “Restrainer” is the Holy Spirit in the Baptized by the Holy Spirit filled Christians who are the Bride of the Church (Yes, the Holy Spirit will work in a different way on the earth after the Bride has been taken to Heaven—the Rapture.  The Holy Spirit was sent here by God, and the Holy Spirit will return to Heaven before certain changes occur.  At this point the Restrainer has been removed:  both the Holy Spirit and the Bride of the Church will be gone from the earth, except for a few Christians that were asked to stay by God to help during the Great Tribulation time, etc.)


2023    Around or after 2023 the Great Tribulation will occur, the Mark of the Beast maybe instituted before this time or after this time.  What is in the Book of Revelation will be played out at this time.  It will be a horrible time to be on the earth, the worst time that has or will ever exist.  Many Christians will still be here, they did not quality for the Rapture because of their lack of obedience to God and the motive of their hearts were not pure.


2027    Either 2027, 2028, 2029, 2030, 2031, whatever date that Jesus was resurrected and the New Testament Church legally started, if you count 2,000 years… it will be the 3rd day, and Jesus will be reigning from Jerusalem, Israel in probably David’s Tabernacle, the Tribulation Temple will probably be destroyed for the Anti-christ used it!


As you can see a lot of things in the Book of Revelation has to be completed before the 1,000 year Millennium starts… it appears.  So when Apostle Seer Prophet Sadhu Sundar Selvaraj stated in 08/2006 at a Prayer Link meeting in St. Louis, that from now on do not expect things to be getting better, that was a true statement! 


You may disagree with things above, but there were over 140 Christians who received the Twin Tower’s New York City destruction before 09/11, 2001 occurred!  And there were several Christians, who received the Gulf Coastline & New Orleans destructions before 08/2005—in both cases the godly prophetic was on the Internet before the events occurred—God had released it to His prophets and even lay Christians!  It does not matter if you agree or not, it is not about you; God has now released the earthquake revelations for America and He has released over 220 who have received the godly revelations for the invasion of the USA on her homeland soil. 


Interesting that the last major Fort Dearborn (Chicago) quake occurred 08/20, 1804 and about seven years later, the New Madrid huge series of quakes occurred during 1811—1812 in the middle of the USA—and for months after, the earth quaked, and even more severe quakes occurred; Seer Prophet Snodgrass mentioned that there were about 5 very high quakes...  —Anonymous Christian]   


From:  Joe Brandt, website.


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Diane W.


197o’s, Vision, Chicago Earthquake:  “I was walking down the streets of Chicago with my brother and was looking at the skyline.   All of a sudden I saw the skyscrapers ahead of me began to SHAKE.  It’s like they were QUIVERING and then they began to just crumble right in front of me. 

I turned to look at my brother and I realized he wasn’t seeing that.  I turned back and the buildings were just CRUMBLING to nothingness.  I heard in my spirit, “Everything that you see before you will crumble, and only that which is built upon Me [the Lord] will last.”  —Diane W.

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.1                     1970’s, Visions, Chicago Earthquake? & Invasion Of The U.S.A. — Right after I became saved I was walking down the streets of Chicago with my brother and was looking at the skyline.   All of a sudden I saw the skyscrapers ahead of me began to shake.  It’s like they were quivering and then they began to just crumble right in front of me. 

I turned to look at my brother and I realized he wasn’t seeing that.  I turned back and the buildings were just crumbling to nothingness.  I heard in my spirit, “Everything that you see before you will crumble, and only that which is built upon Me [the Lord] will last.”  The next moment everything was normal again.  I realized that what had happened was supernatural.

Another time when I was at my office in Toledo, Ohio in the 1970’s, I had a vision.  It was Valentine’s Day and I had made a special sweet bread for my coworkers.  I was cutting up the bread to share with them and all of a sudden I was in a different place. 

I knew it was the “end times.”  It was a time of famine and there were a lot of people coming for food.  I was realizing that all I had was a little bit of bread and all I knew to do was just start giving them bread.  As I broke off and gave it to them, the bread kept reappearing.  I was breaking it, but the incredible thing was that I couldn’t dwell on the fact that it was a miracle in action, I had to just keep doing it.  The miraculous became commonplace because of the times we were in.  We were walking in the miraculous because of what was required.

I also had a vision years ago about being arrested for my faith.  At that time it seemed that the arrestors were Communist.  It seemed like they were Russian Communists.  They stripped me, but I had absolutely no fear.  I didn’t know what was going to come but I remember thinking I have perfect peace.  Fear has been a stronghold in my life at times.  I had the peace because of God’s love.  I could have been facing torture, rape, death, but there was no fear.  There was a mirror in the room and I remember looking at my face and just seeing this absolute composure.  That was from the Lord.

Many of the friends that were in the group that I fellowshipped with at that time were getting dreams and visions.  Some of them were Orientals. 

One was told of Christians being lined up and were literally being beheaded for their faith.  But again, there was no fear. 

That all happened in the 1970’s and then no one talked of having visions any more.  That is, until recently, when the Lord started bringing these back in my remembrance, as if I’m coming into a time when they will be fulfilled.  —Diane W.  

From:  Julie Turner, “The Corner Gathering” Newsletter, P.O. Box 334, Alpena, AR 72611,, 870.420.3278.


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Mercedes Biernaciak


197o’s, Dream—Vision, Chicago Earthquake:  “I was walking on the sidewalk of Lake Michigan in the city of Chicago, Illinois.  All of a sudden God gave me a dream, I saw the water rise up real high like 100 + feet into the air… real high… I saw the water was going to flood Chicago.”  —Mercedes Biernaciak

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.1                     197o’s, Dream—Vision, Chicago Earthquake  I was walking on the sidewalk of Lake Michigan in the city of Chicago, Illinois.  All of a sudden God gave me a dream, I saw the water rise up real high like 100 + feet into the air… real high… and I started running for my life, because the water was dark… this occurred in the evening.  The water was rising so high I started running for help, I saw the water was going to flood Chicago.  The vision was about five minutes long.

From:  Mercedes Biernaciak in person, 3005 North Gresham Street, Chicago, Illinois 60618, 773.772.3764.


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Gwen Shaw


1971, Vision, Chicago Earthquake & Major Flooding Of Chicago:  “A letter from Pat of southern Illinois:  … ‘In 1971 the Director (Gwen Shaw) of the End—Time Handmaidens Ministry was in Chicago and looking over the lake (Lake Michigan), as she turned around — saw Chicago being destroyed by earthquakes and the lakes coming out of their basins, flooding the city…’”  —Gwen Shaw, One of God’s Five Star General Ministers


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.1                     1971, Vision, Chicago Earthquake & Invasion In America—War   A letter from Pat of southern Illinois:  … ‘In 1971 the Director of the End—Time Handmaidens was in Chicago [Gwen Shaw] and looking over the lake, as she turned around — saw Chicago being destroyed by earthquakes and the lakes coming out of their basins, flooding the city.  This was before she heard the tapes, ‘A Call to Arms.’ 


The Wednesday after the New Feast [09/06/78], a man from Germany called her and said he has seen a vision of a terrible war on the United States.  We were in a blood bath and were fighting for our lives.  Knowing Gwen, he called her to ask what she had seen.  He had not heard the tapes… Gwen told him then about the tapes.’


From: Chuck Youngbrandt’s book, The Staff and Sword Ministry, 917 West Jackson Avenue, Spokane, Washington 99205-3338.


From:  End—Time Handmaidens and Servants Ministry, Gwen Shaw, Engeltal Press, P.O. Box 447, Jasper, Ark. 72641, 870.446.2252, fax# 870.446.2259 or 




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Roxanne Brant & Elane Durham


1976, Vision, Mississippi & A Changed North America:  “As the angel pointed in front of me a wide view of land and water opened up, so that at first I thought I was seeing two countries. Instantly it was made known to me that I was looking at a vastly changed portion of North America, which was completely divided by a large body of water, and which had lost a large part of both eastern and western shorelines…  


Great Destruction: In this scenario icebergs and polar icecaps were melting. Earthquakes had occurred and there had been hurricanes and fierce storms—the whole country had been ravaged by these things…


Two Separate Countries:  The area of water in the middle of . . . the United States was massive, and was widest or most extensive in the north. There were no Great Lakes as I had known them, for all of them had come together into this huge sea that extended northeastward into the ocean. The inland sea also extended southward, filling most of the Mississippi and Missouri River valleys and widening by many, many miles the Mississippi River where it flows into what we know as the Gulf of Mexico. This sea was so vast that I knew it could not be bridged, and so in essence the United States had become as two separate countries.  —Elane Durham


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.1                     10/07, 1972 & 09/1973,Visions, Roxanne Brant, Visions of Coming Calamities—God has given me two visions in the past eight years that have changed my life and ministry. In these two visions, He has shown me events to come that will affect the lives of every man, woman and child in this nation, …as well as throughout the world.


Jesus said to me, “..My people need to be informed and prepared for the difficult times ahead, …I want My people to not only be informed, but to seriously and diligently devote themselves to the building up their faith and to seeking My guidance in every detail of their lives, …Some of the things which I have shown you have already come to pass, and it has taken some time for even these things to occur. In the same manner, the rest of the vision will come to pass, but it will take time for it to occur. I will bring all of the things which I have shown you to pass in this generation. … By My Spirit, I have shown you things to come that My people might be prepared. I want My people to be one step ahead of everything that will occur.Tell My people that I will provide protection in danger, food in famine and faith in persecution. I will be true to My words and My Covenant with them. I will keep them in the coming difficult times and My hand shall be upon them in special ways, but they must do their part to seek Me and to cooperate with My Spirit by diligently nourishing themselves with My Word, building up their faith and seeking My guidance in every detail of their lives.”


10/07, 1972, Vision, 14 Months & 4 Judgments—Completed:  The first vision came in 10/1972, giving 14 months for 4 judgments. This has been fulfilled.


09/1973, Vision:  The second vision came in 09/1973, regarding which Roxanne says in My Vision:


“…About two weeks prior to the vision, God, moving in a very miraculous and powerful way, had commanded me to buy several acres of land in northern Florida. I went ahead and bought the land, but because I was so amazed at the strength and power behind His command, I asked Him, ‘Lord, why is that land so important to You? Why would You make us move from beautiful Naples up to the northern part of Florida?” He answered me more fully and powerfully than I could have anticipated—in a vision form.


Late one afternoon in early September I was relaxing after a hard day’s work, thinking about business details, when the Holy Spirit came upon me and opened my eyes to see what was to come in these next few years.


First, I saw a very clear picture of Florida. The southern two-thirds of the state was baked dry in the sun and in a state of severe drought. But I saw clouds filled with rain move down and gently drop their moisture over the northeast corner of Florida, exactly in the location where I had bought the land.


Then, I sensed that something awesome was about to happen to the southern half of Florida, and as I shifted my gaze southward, the most eerie and incredible thing I have ever witnessed then occurred. The ocean, like a giant monster rose silently and calmly and began to move across the land. It moved miles inland, flooding everything in its path. Later when it moved back, the drought continued and the sun baked the ocean salt into the land.


I knew the area where I bought land in northern Florida would be protected and watered by God, and certain areas where God led other Christians to buy land and farm would also be protected. But most of the country and world would be under the supernatural siege of God with ever increasing and worsening droughts, flooding, earthquakes, storms, tornadoes, hurricanes, pestilence, etc. I knew that because of these natural judgments of God that many crops would fail and millions of people in different places of the United States and the world would be starving. It is not a pretty picture and is therefore very difficult for me to talk about, but I saw millions of people starving and trying to find edible roots and grasses to eat. I saw presidents of corporations reduced to nothing except their homes and the food in their cupboards. One man was trying to warm watery soup for his family on a fire in his backyard.


It seemed to me that many houses were very dark and cold which would signify that somehow there was a shortage of electricity and heat. Money was not much more valuable than paper. The only things worth having were land, food, seed, wood for fuel, a home that was not mortgaged, farming tools and machinery, and certain everyday products which were no longer available.


Many people simply left their jobs and tried to grow enough food to live on. Many of our largest and most trusted corporations went bankrupt. Many valuable machines were setting idle because they lacked the one necessary part to fix them. Many people who were living beyond their means and who had mortgages on their homes were turned out into the streets. Insolvable problems presented themselves in every area, in politics, as well as economics and weather. There were so many quick changes, that by the time we had heard of one change, another change had already occurred. The church became heavily taxed and many of its activities were curbed by the government. Much persecution broke out against Christians who preached the gospel and witnessed. But in the midst of all these calamities, the (true) church of Jesus Christ waxed valiant and became stronger than ever…millions were swept into the kingdom.


So, in short, it would be good to begin to set our houses in order and prepare ourselves inwardly for His coming, and outwardly for the events that are coming. None of these will come upon us suddenly, but we can see the beginnings of everything I have mentioned already. These problems will just increase and cause some people to begin to seek God, for they will realize there is no other answer…


Whatever you do, don’t run ahead of God! Just use this as an incentive to spend more time with Him, praying and reading your Bible, and waiting upon Him so that He can speak to you


.2                     Summer of 1973 & Summer of 2000, Visions, Norm & Kathleen Rasmussen, Vision Of Five Tragic Calamities Coming Upon The Earth —I have had but two visions in my lifetime. The first came to me in 1958, when a vision of God took me from a little town in Pennsylvania to New York City to work with teen gangs and drug addicts. That was not a false vision. [The beginning of Teen Challenge, insertion mine]. Now, years later, its reality is shown by the youth centers spread all around the world. Gangs and addicts have not only been converted, but many are even preaching the gospel as ministers and missionaries.


Summer of 1973, Vision:  A second vision came to me this summer (1973). It is a vision of five tragic calamities coming upon the earth. I saw no blinding lights, I heard no audible voices, nor did I hear from an angel. While I was in prayer late one night, these visions of world calamities came over me with such impact that I could do nothing but kneel, transfixed, and take it all in.


At first I did not want to believe what I saw and heard. The message of the vision was too frightening, too apocalyptic, too discomforting to my materialist mind. But the vision came back to me, night after night. I couldn’t shake it off. Deep in my heart I am convinced that this vision is from God, that it is true, and that it will come to pass.


Who wants to listen to a message of economic confusion in a time of great affluence? Who wants to be told judgment is coming when so many can’t even cope with life as it is? Who will ever believe that the religious freedom we now enjoy will soon be threatened and that a Jesus revolution will turn into a Jesus revulsion movement?


Parts of this vision will come to pass in the very near future. Some of the events are more distant. But I believe all the events mentioned will happen in this generation!


Chapter 1 then begins addressing the first of the “five calamities.” For sake of space, I’m only going to share certain key sentences to give you a “taste” of this book. The first sentence of Chapter 1, starts out with:


There is worldwide economic confusion just ahead. In my vision, this is the clearest thing I have seen. Not only is the American dollar headed for deep trouble, but so are all other world currencies. It is not really a depression I see coming—but a recession of such magnitude that it will affect the lifestyle of nearly every wage earner in America and around the world. Countries that now control huge amounts of Western currency are going to be in very deep trouble also. Arab countries will especially be hurt. The world’s greatest economists will be at a loss to explain the confusion, and an international crisis of fear will develop.


I believe we are going to witness the bankruptcies of some of this nation’s major and most popular corporations. I see tremendous difficulty arising for credit corporations. There are going to be many people unable to pay off their heavy obligations to major credit card companies, causing near-chaos. Thousands of small businesses will also be forced into bankruptcies. Three, and possibly four of the major religious denominations will be forced to operate with a skeleton organization due to a lack of funds. More than a few churches are going to go bankrupt and a number of independent missionary societies and church organizations are going to have to pull back. All but a few of the radio and television ministries will have to be abandoned. Tight money will trigger a wave of uncertainty and fear. Those who have money will hold it in reserve.


The United States government is going to “overreact” to the confused economical developments. I see a flurry of near-panic decisions being made by various government agencies—but these hasty efforts to shore up the economy will backfire. Almost every economic indicator will be gloomy. It will be spotty at first, but will eventually affect nearly all industry.


It is not a time to go into debt. It is a time to prepare, a time to get clear and out from under heavy financial burdens.


Gold prices are soaring, but those who are investing in this commodity, hoping to find security, are in for a tragic surprise. The price of gold is going to rise astronomically, but it will not be sustained over a long period of time. Silver will also become a very precious metal, and its price will go wild. But neither silver nor gold will offer real security. The fluctuation and uncertain value of gold and silver will be a part of the total picture of economic confusion that grips the world.


Believe it or not—even gold will not hold its value. Gold hoarders are going to get hurt—badly. This is one of the most significant predictions in this book.


There will develop a call for revamping all world monetary systems into one uniform system. And even though the dollar will appear to be gaining strength just before the coming major recession, a new crisis will develop that will shake the entire financial world. . . .


Some kind of a world credit system will develop and nations will be able to utilize blocks of credit. Although a universal money system may be far off in the future, a world credit system between nations will soon develop, setting the framework for the future world monetary and trade system.


Be prepared to hear of world trade agreements “policed” by an international governing committee. Strict guidelines for international trade will develop and a “world market” will be closely monitored by big power interests.


To put it plainly—we will soon witness the development of a world trade policy, supervised by a super secretary invested with unprecedented powers by all nations involved in international trade.


I seem to see a picture of a partial and almost complete recovery from the coming recession—but the world economy will continue in confusion until the time of the Antichrist. From this day on, there will hang over the entire world a sense of fear and uncertainty about future economic conditions. Never again in the history of the world will there be a time of complete confidence and trust in world economies.


.3                     1976, Vision, Elane Durham's Death-and-Back Vision of Coming Calamities and Triumph—The following account is taken from Elane's book, "I Stand All Amazed: Love and Healing from Higher Realms;" (Quoting pages 53-56) forward by George G. Ritchie Jr., M.D., author of “Return from Tomorrow.” 


In 1976, Elane Durham died, was administered last rites and as her body lay there her spirit journeyed to a higher realm changing her life forever.   Elane was clinically dead for an hour and was being prepped for the morgue when she came back from the dead. Meanwhile she was given a tour of heaven as well as a vision of what could happen on this planet given our current course.


A Changed North America:  As the angel pointed in front of me a wide view of land and water opened up, so that at first I thought I was seeing two countries. Instantly it was made known to me that I was looking at a vastly changed portion of North America, which was completely divided by a large body of water, and which had lost a large part of both eastern and western shorelines. As I saw this I was given a total understanding of the natural and man-made disasters that would need to occur to make these changes, and I was informed that these might or might not come to pass according to our choices as a people—according to my choices as an individual.


Great Destruction:  In this scenario icebergs and polar icecaps were melting. Earthquakes had occurred and there had been hurricanes and fierce storms—the whole country had been ravaged by these things. I could also see massive fires burning here and there—not so much the flames as the smoke that was ascending toward me—as huge areas of the country seemed to be burning or burned. There were also explosions in some areas, sort of like sheet lightning in a dark sky, that were doing great damage.


Where Washington and Oregon had been there were mostly islands, the water coming inland over most of California and Arizona and parts of Utah and Nevada. Yet there were also islands there, massive ones, so it wasn't like it was all ocean....


On the East Coast I saw that much of the eastern seaboard was gone, though the water did not come so far inland as it did on the West Coast. I was also aware that the southern half of Florida was under water.


I don't remember seeing anything like Central America or South America, for water surrounded what I was seeing, and I didn't really focus on what was beyond that water. Yet at the same time, I had the understanding that the waters had risen around the entire earth, and that everything had changed to one degree or another.


Two Separate Countries:  The area of water in the middle of . . . the United States was massive, and was widest or most extensive in the north. There were no Great Lakes as I had known them, for all of them had come together into this huge sea that extended northeastward into the ocean. The inland sea also extended southward, filling most of the Mississippi an Missouri River valleys and widening by many, many miles the Mississippi River where it flows into what we know as the Gulf of Mexico. This sea was so vast that I knew it could not be bridged, and so in essence the United States had become as two separate countries.


A New Seat of Power:  I was also aware that the seat of power, or patriotism, had moved away from Washington, D.C. There was so much turmoil and warfare on the eastern side of this body of water that no authority really existed there. I understood then that in the scenario I was being shown our country had come to the very edge of destruction—to the brink of losing everything, because myself and hosts of others like me had chosen to seek worldly things rather than loving or serving others.


Additionally, we had refused to care for our precious natural resources. Because of our greed and selfishness our national government had lost most of its power, and could no longer completely govern or control. National laws were ignored, and there was no true nationwide governmental infrastructure left. What government there was seemed to be territorial, sort of like large tribes or groups of people who had banded together.


And I saw that because of the ramifications of these day-to-day choices the people, especially on the eastern side of this new body of water, lived in great danger and fear. There was tremendous anarchy and crimesort of like the Los Angeles riots spread nationwide. And the normal citizens kept themselves hidden away from all this, barricading themselves into their homes or wherever they had gathered together for security. Many children didn't go to school; commerce as we know it had pretty much ceased; many people were starving to death; there was terrible violence from people who seemed like roving gangs—it was just an awful scene of confusion and turmoil.


Yet in this scenario there was less of that turmoil on the western portion of our country. There was even a certain amount of prosperity, and it was there that I could see the new seat of power, if that is what it could be called. This area, or city or whatever, while on the eastern edge or shore line of the western portion of land, was located in almost the exact center of the combination of both halves of the country. Later when I looked at a map of the United States, I realized that it would have been very near present-day Kansas City.


From this location I could see power radiating outward, almost like light flowing out to strengthen and stabilize other areas. This power was what I called patriotism or strong moral character or spirituality—a true spiritual force that was the only real governing power over the whole land. This is why I called that area the seat of power.


But I must state this power was totally spiritual—a true power of spirit such as the angel beside me was exhibiting, or that I had felt emanating from Christ while I had been in His presence.


The Native Americans:  I also sensed that some of the Indians—the Native Americans—were partially responsible for the peacefulness that was on the western side of this water. Some of these Native American peoples had a knowledge of how to live from the land, or how to be in harmony with it so it would bring forth in abundance according to their needs. They were teaching this spiritual knowledge to the people around them, and all the people were starting to learn to live in harmony with each other. At the same time they were beginning again to prosper by becoming harmonious with nature, or the natural elements upon which they depended.




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[Comment not by Elane Durham:  Elane at one point was in the Mormon Church which is not a true Christian Church of the Lord Jesus, or she has since exited it, either way the dream from God is real but if she is still in the Mormon Church, you need to beware of this.  On the Internet when searching for Elane Durham’s book, this is the quote that was located: “In 1976, Elane Durham died, was administered last rites and as her body lay there her spirit journeyed to a higher realm changing her life forever. What did she learn before returning from the otherside that led to her conversion to the LDS Church?”


(Names used: Mormon Church, or Church of Jesus Christ Latter-day Saints, or LDS for short is used.  Beware!)


(This is a false church, the Mormon Church, headquarters in Salt Lake City, Utah with the wealth of their deceived manmade demonic empire being at close to over 8 billion dollars; stay away from this false religion if you are wise—a great deal of deception and demonic are involved in the Mormon Church even though the actual Mormons themselves are some of the nicest people you will meet, they are deceived nonetheless and need to drop the Joseph Smith deceptions and become true Christians going through the correct door of Jesus Christ who is God’s Son and who is God, Himself—God is One with three offices or titles that He manifests, but Jesus who is God can manifest in several manifestations, such as He will manifest as a Lamb, or a Lion, or on His Cross, or looking as He did when He walked the earth as a Jew or in any number of appearances, as He did when He was walking with the disciples to the city in the New Testament and they could not recognize Him.


With Mormonism (also called Latter-day Saints) one must go back to the small town of Palmyra, New York, in the year 1820.  Joseph Smith Jr. is revered by millions of Mormons as a seer and prophet.  The contemporaries who knew him and his parents were less gracious.  Neighbors viewed the Smith family as “illiterate, whiskey-drinking, shiftless, and irreligious.”  Joe (as he was known) was said to be indolent, with a penchant for exaggeration and untruthfulness.  His mother, Lucy Mack, practiced magic and had visions.  His father, Joe, Sr., was known as a persistent treasure-seeker, always trying to dig up the fabled booty of Captain Kidd.  The founder of Mormonism often accompanied his father on these expeditions and was himself fond of the occult, especially divining and fortune-telling by “peep stones.”


Then one day in 1820, while praying in the woods, Joseph Smith (said he) received his fabled vision of God and Jesus.  In 1823 another personage, and angel named Moroni, appeared at his beside.  The visitor claimed to be the son of Mormon, the departed leader of an American race known as Nephites.  Moroni told him about a book of golden plates that contained “the fullness of the everlasting Gospel.”  Four years later, in the hill named Cumorah (near Plamyra, New York), Smith (supposedly) unearthed the plates.  Buried with them was a pair of large, supernatural spectacles known as the “Urim and Thummin. (Supposedly)” They were to be used in translating the hieroglyphics on the (so-called) plates, a language called “reformed Egyptian.”  (Archaeologists and Egyptologists deny there is any historical evidence to validate the existence of such a form of communication.)…


The Book of Mormon was published in 1830.  A subtitle, “Another Testament of Jesus Christ,” was recently added to make the Book of Mormon appear to be more closely linked with orthodox Christianity.  On 04/06, of the same year, Cowdery, Smith, and his brothers, Hyrum and Samuel, officially formed the Church of Jesus Christ, now known as the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.


The Book of Mormon (not the Holy Scriptures) is the cornerstone of Mormon faith.  Along with other Smith volumes…


Mormons are a combative lot, challenging all other sects, and flaunting their polygamous ways.  (Smith, it was said, had 27 wives, though one authority estimates Smith may have had 60 or more.)…


Brigham Young also espoused two other doctrines that Mormons would like to forget.  He taught that Adam was actually God who took on a body and came to Eden (in Missouri) with one of his heavenly wives, Eve.  This Adam—God (the Archangel, Michael) begat Jesus by sexually conhabiting with the Virgin Mary in a physical, flesh relationship.  “He (Christ) was not begotten by the Holy Spirit,” Brigham declared empathically…  He instructed his followers, “The only men who become gods are those who enter into polygamy.”


Even today, Utah is pocketed with an estimated 30,000 fundamentalist Mormons who engage in plural marriages…


In the late 1800’s, the U.S. Congress became so concerned with the conduct of Mormons that it passed the Edmunds-Tucker Act, threatening to confiscate Mormon property and jail its leaders.  The church recanted in 1890, and today most mainline Mormons maintain an image of monogamous bliss…


The most famous of all Mormon aphorisms declares, “As man now is, God once was; as God now is, man may become.”…


Mormon’s believe: Adam did right by eating of the forbidden fruit because it made him capable of fathering the human race.  In other words, “Adam fell that men might be.”  The right to godhead is not earned by the grace of Jesus (Cross of Calvary and His death, the price paid for all human’s sins) but by being a good Mormon. 


Followers of Joseph Smith prove their faithfulness by being baptized and married in the temple, being a member of the priesthood, and tracing  genealogies…


All those born prior to Mormonism’s founding in 1830 cannot enter the celestial state without a little help from present-day adherents.  The (Mormon) Church has blasted a tunnel out of Utah granite (capable of withstanding a nuclear explosion) to house the ancestral records of devout Mormons.  Once departed kin have been identified posthumous proxy baptisms are performed.  Mormons spend $10 million a year to maintain the facilities, but for them it is well worth it.  Some go through the three—hour ceremony on behalf of a non-relative they have never known…


Mormonism’s temples (there are now 40 temples around the world) were off limits to blacks because Joseph Smith taught that they were the descendants of Cain and therefore cursed…


Most aspects of church structure are seldom known to outsiders…


Space does not permit a detailed discussion of unique Mormon practices.  Some of them are as follows: de-emphasis of Easter (Passover Jesus Sacrifice for all sins) and the Cross, speaking in tongues and spiritual healing, the ability of individuals to receive private revelations from God; emphasis on Monday as family night, storing of food supplies for times of famine…, believing that the state of women is inferior to that of men… opposition to interracial marriages, binding temple oaths (breaking of them can jeopardize one’s hope of eternal life), and belief in the brotherhood of Jesus and Lucifer. 


Founder of Mormonism:  Joseph Smith, born in Sharon, Vermont, 12/23, 1805.  Killed 06/27, 1844, Carthage, Illinois.  The Book of Mormon, was published in 1830 and the Church of Jesus Christ Latter-day Saints was founded 04/06, 1830.  (It was originally named the “Church of Jesus Christ.”  The current official name was adopted in 1837.)


A Mormon article of faith states that “we also believe the Book of Mormon to be the Word of God.”


(Instead of the Cross of Jesus) Symbol:  The angel Moroni (evil demonic spirit that rules this deceived Church), usually pearched atop temple spires, with trumpet in hand…


Outside observers who do not scrutinize Mormon doctrine may be attracted by their avoidance of unclean physical habits and the seriousness with which members take their faith. (including close family relationships, etc.)…


The “Mormon Jesus” is not eternal God—Jehovah (Elo-him), able to “save them to the uttermost” (Heb. 7:25).  He is therefore “another Jesus,” and Moroni is the false angel of the “accursed” gospel of which Paul speaks in Galatians 1:8—9.


Most of the above quotes are from Bob Larson’s book, page 308—317, “An Encyclopedia Of Cults.”



{7:25} Wherefore he is able also to save them to the uttermost that come unto God by him, seeing he ever liveth to make intercession for them.



{1:8} But though we, or an angel from heaven, preach any other gospel unto you than that which we have preached unto you, let him be accursed.

{1:9} As we said before, so say I now again, If any man preach any other gospel unto you than that ye have received, let him be accursed.


Since Christian George G. Ritchie Jr., M.D., author of “Return from Tomorrow,” has forwarded Elane Durham’s book, it appears that possibly by now Elane Durham has crossed over to becoming a true Christian and has left the false ungodly Mormon Church and its manmade doctrines inspired by the devil, but I do not know this for sure yet, so beware.  God gives godly dreams to unsaved people and saved Christians, read the Holy Scriptures which revealed the unsaved kings and others received true dreams from God, and discern.  However, most of the dreams or visions given to unsaved people are from the devil, so beware.  But as you read the godly prophetic here in this collection regarding these subjects of the Chicago Earthquake and the Mississippi/New Madrid earthquake (s), you realize Elane is not stating much of anything new, most of what she has revealed has already been given by other Christians and or true Christian prophets of God.)”




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Chuck Youngbrandt, Seer Prophet


07/02, 1973 — 07/05, 1973, Series Of Open Visions For Several Days, The Chicago Earthquake:  First, I saw the Chicago earthquake, then an overview of the mid-western and north-eastern United States.  I saw smoldering ruins from nuclear attack…   Confusion and fear gripped the land.


Then I saw a great Russian fleet steaming out past Western Europe towards the United States… 

Then I saw the invasion, at the Bay of Delaware, and on the coast of Virginia.

Then suddenly, just after the terrible earthquake in the Midwest, I saw ministers, priests, elders and Christians who had rejected the prophecy… these now seemed like dead men—all their strength was gone, and many fell on their faces before God crying for forgiveness.” 


“In 1973 the Lord gave me a vision of a massive earthquake striking the Midwest U.S.A. centering in Chicago, Illinois on some day in July in the future…” 


“I was witnessing the destruction of Chicago by a monstrous earthquake, followed by a huge, destructive wall of water…”


“I thought of Milwaukee, but then I saw that this city, too, was flooded and being destroyed. I thought of St. Louis and saw it also broadly flooded and drowned out of existence.”