Here is the link, on my website, to the online book entitled USA PROPHET PROPHETESS & SAINTS.
It is presented here in PDF format.

I do not know who compiled this work. The author has remained anonymous. This online book contains the writings of about 200 persons. A few of those are infamous in that they have openly engaged in practices that are new age in origin and some have tinkered around with the demonic. There are people listed here whom I regard as false prophets. There are pastors here who are part of the harlot church. Those of you who are familiar with internet predicting will immediately recognize some names that will cause you to raise your eyebrows. Furthermore, there is much commentary here, included by the anonymous compiler. Some of it I find palatable, and some of it I judge to be of questionable value. Please be careful.

I was concerned during those past times that certain persons might think that by making this work available, I was giving a recommendation or offering my approval of the work of everyone who is contained in this online book. That is not the case. Many who are listed here I do not recommend. But, some I do recommend. I have decided to make the material available again because I am going to be talking about some of the material on my radio program. I have noticed that some of the Godly material is not available anywhere else on the internet. So, as I refer to a particular prophet, you will now have access to some of those works. As for all of the others I have included here, you are going to have to discern between good and evil. According to Hebrews 5 and 6, you first need to be solidly grounded in the foundations of the faith of Jesus Christ. This is referred to as the "milk" of the word.

So, there is both good and evil present at this link. Those of you who venture therein are hereby warned to discern. There is also a separate, expanded collection regarding the New Madrid Earthquake Prophecies, presented here: New Madrid Earthquake Prophecies Collection

Finally, there is a separate, expanded collection relating to prophecies of the invasion and occupation of the United States, presented here: USA Invasion Prophecies Collection

Stephen L. Bening