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Prophecy: Tribulation Voice And Utter Blindness
November 16, 2009

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The era of predictive prophecy, uttered in advance of serious events is now at a close. Now, we will enter into the fulfillment of those serious events, and God will speak to a new group of believers as those events transpire.

And so, God wants me to put an obvious capstone on the previous era that will be very visible every time someone opens my prophetic archive, and I have done it. My archive will now split at this point and everything I write and speak from this time forth will go forth under the title of "Tribulation Voice", under a new column on my text archive page.

God has brought so many events to pass since November 1, 2009. I will recap just a few of these major prophetic events that continue to partially fulfill things that have been prophesied in the past:

.....The USS New York was commissioned, having been built with reclaimed steel from the World Trade Centers. It sailed into New York harbor and up the Hudson River.

.....Continued flooding in Georgia and Tennessee kept water levels high since the 500 year flood struck in October.

.....Hurricane Ida killed 160 in the Caribbean and then turned into a terrible Northeaster and eroding hurricane that destroyed beaches and beachfront property all along the Eastern US Coast. All time record storm surges of almost 6 feet were recorded at various places.

.....Health care legislation having beast system components cleared the USS House of Representatives.

.....Bank failures in 2009 reached 122, as the US Dollar reached an all time low as measured against a five currency basket and the FDIC ran out of money to deal with these bank failures.

.....Gold reached an all time high of $1135 as silver also dramatically spiked to a price of over $18.25. When one considers that Gold was priced at $337 only seven years ago, one can consider what has happened to the US economy.

.....The USDA announced that the United States is in the midst of an agricultural emergency based upon crop reports that are arriving in early November.

.....Storms with winds in excess of 100mph battered the coastland of England.

.....Snow storms killed more than 40 in China and required the intervention of the Chinese military.

But, the most stunning observation I have made recently is that most of those who formerly had prophetic insight are now unable to see that which is unfolding right before our eyes.

The level of blindness that is now observed among individuals who used to be able to spiritually see and hear from God is astonishing. I am stunned by it.

I have made inquiry of the Lord, and the Lord gave John 9:39: The Lord has blinded those who could formerly see.

I inquired further, and the Lord indicated to me that God will now raise up a new class of believers who have been blind and deaf up until this point. These will suddenly be given spiritual sight and spiritual hearing.

And so, one era has ended, and another has begun. Great darkness has descended upon the Church of Jesus Christ, especially so in the land of America. Almost every single prophetic voice has been extinguished, having been replaced by appeasers, compromisers, apologists and man pleasers who have lost all ability to communicate with the Living God. These will now lead the great multitude of previously awake Christian believers astray.

Many of those who previously escaped from the stock market will now re-invest, and be caught in a "suckers rally" as the market falls to an all time low at the time designated by the Lord.

Many of those who previously escaped from the coastal regions of the US will now return to the coast and buy real estate. They will buy foreclosed properties in an attempt to make a windfall profit. Instead, they will be caught like a thief in the night. They will reap a landfall instead of a windfall, says the Lord.

And in all of this, Jesus Christ is Lord, as He will raise up a remnant unto Himself. Many of those who regard themselves as His remnant are now castaways. Many of those who previously seemed to have no spiritual life will now become His chosen remnant. Blessed be the name of the Lord!

The Lord will bring a bride unto Himself, but it will not be as those on the Earth have supposed, for they who have walked in prophetic revelation to this point have now lost their way. They stagger as if under a strong intoxication. They are drunk, but not with wine, and they are unable to perceive the tribulation events until they break forth and take them all away.

Meanwhile, "Lot's Gate" of escape has now been opened to those who have been previously unable to see that which the Lord has foretold through His prophets. They will escape, while many of those who might have escaped and prepared after the way and order of Noah will now be swept away by the modern day floods of tribulation.

And so, the waves begin to break upon a sleeping church that has been lulled to sleep by the Lord, because their deeds were found wanting. Their prophets have been found to be worthless men, lusting after power, position and profit. And so, heaven shall be brass unto them, and no bifocal lenses may be located for any of them to be able to see or perceive that which will now break forth upon the land. For, as they all sleep now, so shall it break forth upon the land and it shall suddenly come upon them, in a moment, in an instant and as a complete surprise.

These are reprobate silver, says the Lord. They have resisted and defied all His efforts to refine them. So it is that they have been given over to their lusts and to the Lordship of the kings they have chosen to rule them. Blind man shall lead blind man into the ditch. So says the Lord.


Stephen L. Bening

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