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You Could Miss This-On Disciples And Revival 07/06/2017
"You Could Miss This"...this is the warning that the Lord has been giving to me over the last few weeks as it has become increasingly clear that we are in the midst of revival here. Revival is always something that can be truncated by disobedience. Sometimes, disobedience can result from something that seems so trivial as a lack of proper focus. We are an easily distracted people and the enemy of our souls knows it! Read The Rest Here

Enforced Deadness And The Covenant Of Salt 06/16/2017
Have you ever heard of the covenant of salt? The Lord spoke to me in 1993 and had me enter into this covenant with Him at that time. I realize now it is a covenant that every single disciple of Jesus Christ needs to make with Jesus. Most of them do so without knowing where it is found in the Old Testament. I am no special case. In short, I was asked by Jesus to give Him permission to bring fire into my life; to salt me with fire, whenever He thought that I needed it. Modern "Christians" have often been so obsessed with material prosperity that they have ignored the biblical mandate that they are to pray that they will prosper as their souls prosper. Their souls must be crucified with Christ in order to prosper. It therefore logically follows that all prosperity without enforced deadness is like iron pyrite: it is fools gold. Read The Rest Here

Parched And Withered 06/12/2017
I had then decided, after prayer, that I was going to step up the pace of ministry but that I was feeling led of the Lord to head in a direction where I have only lightly touched in the past: that is Christian Life teaching, acting in the mode of prophetic teacher, for I believe this is what is called for just now. So, I will, for a season, leave behind the assembly and its' obvious deficiencies. I will also turn aside from prophecies of judgement and the calculation of the appearance of times and seasons. The parable given over the weekend has confirmed my leading. I will now turn to the individual: the disciple and the saint. We must now, each of us, go on the stretch for God. God's people are in a real dry spot right now. They are parched and withered, yet only one in a hundred will express any lack. They are hunting through twenty and thirty year old sermons and reading old books in an attempt to find some water in a dry and thirsty land. The general apostasy is complete and total and whether you attend Petrified Church, Prurient Church or a Profit Church, you are dying of thirst from one cause or another. Read The Rest Here

Following Jesus Closely, Ready For Sudden Pressure by Mary Bening 04/04/2017

  • Here are a few admonitions and encouragements to keep you ready for anything. Sometimes, we can think that we have all the time in the world to correct some problem that Jesus puts His finger on, but then suddenly, we find ourselves in the press. Peter was suddenly thrust into a challenge of faith and his faith failed.

    Moving The Graves And The Bones 03/25/2017

  • I discuss a dream I had four days prior where I was moving graves outside the Eastern wall/Golden Gate of Jerusalem. The interpretation revealed by God suggests that we now find ourselves in the midst of an intense effort to remove every dead thing out of our lives to prepare the way so that the King of Glory can come in.

    It's A New Day-Third Day Of Signs, Wonders and Miracles by Mary Bening 02/13/2017

  • I was fasting and praying this morning. I just finished at about 2:30 pm and I kept hearing, over and over again, "It's a New Day-third day of manifestation of signs, wonders and miracles."

    01/17/2012 PROPHECY: Newcomer's Tour Conclusion

  • The Lord gave me revelation about the coming super anointed sons of God at the end of this Newcomer's Tour Conclusion page

    02/12/2011 PROPHECY: Sons Of God Arising Soon

  • In a dream, I was shown some interesting things about the coming remnant that will soon arise.

    Spiritual Defilement And A Powerless Church 02/10/2019
    " The church as presently constituted under its' Senior Pastor cannot begin to touch schizophrenia, bipolar mind or manic depression. Dealing with these mind possessing demons has been yielded over by these churches to the psychiatric community with their pantheon of mind altering medications. The church has uniformly raised the flag of surrender in front of these devils. The church has no answer for women who suffer under demonic oppression as a result of abortions they legally obtained. These must now be medicated. The miraculous presence of God has departed from the churches like a morning fog that has been fleeing from the heat of the morning Sun. I know the reason why! I know the cause! I know how to fix it! Vigilant reader, read on. Slumberer, go ahead and sleep some more, for I can give you no help. Read The Rest Here

    08/11/2017 PROPHECY: God's Presence As A Provider Of Refuge-Part 3

  • God's people have imagined a God who will protect them no matter what wickedness they indulge in. They say that He will never leave them or forsake them. God's people must be faithful to Him to enjoy His promises. This has never been true of the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. Why are God's people caught up in such empty overconfidence?

    Decapitation 04/05/2017

  • Senior Pastors cut off the head of the body of Jesus Christ when they appoint themselves or when they accept appointment to the position of Senior Pastor. They deceive themselves when they believe that they become the head of the body of Christ. They absolutely do not! They cut off the head: Jesus. They leave the body in a headless condition: an unspeakable horror and they are completely oblivious to the violence they have done to the word of God and to the body.

    Soft Words Juxtaposed With The Words Of John Baptist 04/02/2017

  • Many in the church have longed to hear from a tender voiced prophet, sent from God. They feel that certainly, the church would listen. Instead, God has sent me to them: a wrecking ball to the church, yet they look right past me, continuing in the hope that the church can be salvaged. Be aware that the John Baptist ministry is a short duration ministry. The axe is already at the root of the tree.

    01/18/2017 PROPHECY: God's Presence As A Provider Of Refuge-Part 2

  • God's presence is real protection. Without it you are completely vulnerable. Defilement drives away the presence of God: always has and always will. What will defile you?

    01/06/2017 PROPHECY: "Soon, I Am Putting Out The Lamps"

  • God gave a prophetic warning to the apostate churches here right out of the Book of Revelation. Soon, He is going to snuff the fire out of the lampstands.

    02/09/2016 Prophecy: God's Presence As A Provider Of Refuge-Part 1

  • God's presence, His "Paniym", is the only thing in the universe that can provide refuge to the believer in Jesus Christ when the times of trouble descend upon us. Preps or a mountain location may provide some benefit, but without His abiding presence, you are laboring in vain. Sadly, most believers wrongly assume they have this type of refuge, neither knowing nor understanding that there are conditions for this level of protection to be in full force. God has requirements in place for those who will draw near to Him. Are you meeting them?

    10/15/2009 PROPHECY: Structural Abominations And Shrinking Refuges

  • The problem with the unbiblical single Senior Pastor headed system is not merely structural, but it also defiles all those who serve under it. This explains it.

    12/17/2007 PROPHECY: Defilement

  • A simple discussion of spiritual defilement in the Church today. I discuss lessons God has taught me when I was in Africa about defilement and also where God began to speak to me that I was going to have to come out of some churches where I had previously felt at home in God.

    What Shall We Do About Church? 08/12/2017

  • God's people are worshiping Him in dirty places, with dirty lives. The words they have been hearing have been unreliable: hitting and missing like a slant six engine running on three cylinders. The unreliability of their hearing has them stuck, right where they are, afraid to move. Intuitively, they may sense that something is very wrong with their churches. They have eyes in their heads. They know the sick are not being healed and demons are not being cast out, yet they do not know for sure just what they might do that would be better, or even how to start in a direction that might lead to a better day. Today, I will address this subject and make some recommendations for things you should do even before you decide to leave the church system.

    WHETHER they will HEAR, or WHETHER they will FORBEAR by Mary Bening 03/28/2017

  • The Bible shows us that God does not mince words when His people are in disobedience. He does not speak soft and kind words through real prophets. Today, the Church has turned into a dead flesh eating monster. What will you do about it? Will you tarry there in the midst of all that defilement and stench?

    Signs Of The International Prophetic Explosion-5 Visions I Received In Africa 03/05/2017

  • Every sign, word, dream and vision is saying that we are now in the new day of the third day of miracles from Jesus and that soon following will be the advent of the trumpet judgements of Revelation Chapter 8. The Revelation of Jesus Christ is at hand.

    01/27/2017 CHRISTIAN LIFE: Living Without Hearing The Voice Of Christ

  • God designed His believers to hear the voice of Christ. It is the ultimate proof that He is alive and not among the dead. He designed His assembly to be the environment that would promote the growth and development of this ability among His followers. Everything about modern church stifles this God given ability and it causes us to be weak in faith and in glory.

    01/08/2017 ASSEMBLY: The Believer Must Function

  • God designed His believers to function and He specified which signs will follow those who are true and rightly functioning in and through His power.

    01/07/2017 ASSEMBLY: What Is Watchmen Prophets Assembly?

  • We have our own online assembly and it can provide an outflow for you, if you so desire to utilize it.

    08/07/2015 PROPHECY: Can THAT Be In The Bible?

  • The Church today frequently ignores the instructions and admonitions of scripture and goes its' own way. Here are a few examples.

    03/22/2015 PROPHECY: Lethal Challenges

  • Here I discuss 11 lethal challenges that are facing the Church right now.

    07/10/2012 PROPHECY: My Kind Of Church

  • A pretty self explanatory article about what the Church should look like, if I could find it.

    01/27/2011 PROPHECY: Misfits

  • I examine the biblical case of the apostles/disciples/bishops and how their function bears no resemblance to our present Senior Pastor headed Church structure, leading to elder level men having no place to serve and hence, becoming misfits.

    10/19/2009 PROPHECY: The Single Pastor Apostasy

  • The single Senior Pastor headed system is not in biblical line with that which our Master Jesus instructed His disciples to do as they endeavored to "rule well" as Elders.

    DEFINING VISION-The Lord And The Pyramid

  • Jesus Christ hates the THING that bears His name but does not follow His commands. He hates the preeminence of its' pastor kings and their top down management style of lording over the flock. He will now arise to bring judgement to the house of God as He revealed to me in a 1991 vision.