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Prophecy: "Soon, I Am Putting Out The Lamps"
January 6, 2017 Tebeth (Mo 10) 8, 5777

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We were holding a meeting on Christmas Day in our home and my wife felt the fire of the Lord arising from her legs and feet. Then, she began to prophesy. Amid various exhortations to continue to encourage the brethren, we were told by God that "Soon, I will put out the lamps"!

The word came suddenly and we had no ability to record it and my wife did not write it down, so it has fallen to me now, by the leading of the Lord, to render the word for those to whom it was sent. The Lord also said during the word that the darkness is falling but the title phrase is what struck with me. We were assured that He will take care of His remnant. I really wondered about it, for I immediately connected the word with the familiar Matthew 25 parable about the ten virgins. It really had never occurred to me that it was even possible that it is the Lord who will extinguish the lamps of the five foolish virgins. So, I began to search the scriptures and to inquire of the Lord.

In answer, the Lord said that He extinguishes the lamps of the imprudent and foolish virgins who are slack about their preparations by delaying His coming. That is exactly what all of us who have been waiting and watching for His appearing right now would all agree: He has been delaying His coming. But just exactly what is this coming that is referred to in Matthew 25?

Most probably believe that the Matthew 25 parable refers to some future rapture of the Christian Church but I tell you, by the Spirit of God, that is not the case. This coming will be the one referred to by Malachi, where we are informed that the Lord is coming suddenly to His temple. We, His living temples, are waiting for Him to come to us, into us and to totally fill us with His spirit; to carry us to a new higher level of function in the Kingdom of God, for great exploits await.

So, be on the alert and be on the watch. The delay of the Lord is intentional and is a judgement upon all of those who are failing to do all that He has instructed us to do. We have been warned that we must walk in the light, or the day of the Lord will come upon us as a thief. We have been clearly instructed in the epistle of 1 John just what is entailed by "walking in the light". He has now sent forth the warning that He is putting out the lamps, so His delay now is becoming acute, and the temptation to sleep is quite strong. Take every opportunity to fill up your lamps: come into His presence as often as you can. Be not neglectful of prayer and time in the word. Worship Him in Spirit and truth without hypocrisy, thereby avoiding the way of Cain. Refuse to follow those who have gone the way of Balaam and trade in the word of the Lord for profit. Avoid all defilements. Quickly repent. Love the brethren in deed and truth.

Mary Bening wrote an article on May 31, 2015 entitled "The Watchman Has Fallen Asleep" that she feels relates to this word in many ways, so I insert the link here: "The Watchman Has Fallen Asleep"

Stephen L. Bening

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