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Prophecy: Dream of the 2 Warnings, 2 Threats and 2 Window Splashes
October 6, 2016 Tishri (Mo 7) 4, 5777

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Regarding my dream on the morning of Tuesday, Oct 4, 2016
"In the dream, I was staying in a beach front hotel. I got two seismic alerts on my phone that an offshore earthquake had occurred and about ten seconds later, I could see a dark shadow rising up on my window, as I had some white sheer curtains pulled. Then, the wave hit the window. It did not destroy anything. Then, at a later time, the same thing happened again: the seismic alert came to my phone that an earthquake had happened offshore and the dark shadow formed on the white sheer curtains, and then the wave came in. There was no time to do anything: no advance warning at all other than the seismic alert."

Some thoughts:
1) Jesus rebuked a "tempest" on the Sea of Galilee in Matthew 8:24. The underlying Greek word is "SEIZMOS"

2) In my dream, I had two SEIZMOS alerts, which only resulted in a splashing of water on the window after two very dark and ominous threats appeared against my sheer window curtains.

3) I had this dream before I read or heard anything about a potential "LOOPY" Hurricane that might circle around and threaten South Florida twice. So, I conclude that it is quite possible that the dream might refer to this hurricane.

4) Right now, at 2pm Wednesday 10/6, the storm is directly East of Miami. Obviously, it will now miss Miami. The path on the 2pm model is shifting to the East slightly, so that IF the eye stays right on the track, Florida and the entire East Coast will get nothing but a bad scare and a splash on the windows.

5) I will then conclude that if I see this storm pass and threaten once, doing nothing but splashing the coastal windows, that it will do the the exact same thing the second time around. Already, in the latest 2pm model, they are showing that it will be a tropical storm, aiming at South Florida, by next Tuesday.

Stephen L. Bening

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