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Prophecy: Complete Solar Eclipses To Bisect Carbondale, IL (My Birthplace) in 2017 and 2024
September 28, 2016 Ellul (Mo 06) 25, 5776

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Bisecting Eclipses at Carbondale Illinois August 21, 2017 and April 8, 2024
  • The next 2 Total Eclipses will intersect in Carbondale Illinois "Little Egypt" 2 Eclipses: August 21, 2017 and April 8, 2024. The only place in the USA that will see both full eclipses is Carbondale, IL

    Here are several matters to consider:

    1) Stephen L. Bening was born at Carbondale, IL on January 20, 1957

    2) Stephen L. Bening published a prophecy about the number 24 on June 1, 1991, showing that it is the number of our Lord Jesus Christ, and that it will be important in the life of the worldwide church. Revelation About The Number 24

    3) Stephen L. Bening published a prophecy about the number 17 on July 4, 1991, showing that it is the number of the wrath of God and of escapes from the wrath of God. This was given in an all night dream, in which the numbers 4 and 17 were spoken throughout the night. Revelation About The Number 17

    Both of these prophecies have been on my website for more than 13 years, but I make no particular claim about these eclipses, their association with the place of my birth and with the numbers 17 and 24, except that God, through the use of complete solar eclipses, is pointing at the years 2017 and 2024. God also appears to be pointing to me through the bisection point of these two eclipses. He has had me prophesysing about these two numbers for more than 26 years. Signs such as complete solar eclipses are rare and are not subject to falsification by Satan: Satan has no power to control heavenly bodies and their orbits.

    Why would God point to me and to this seven year period of time? There are many who claim to be prophets who fill America's pulpits and perform on Television and Radio. Why would God not point to them? They are much more famous than I am. Many of these sell their books and DVD's and charge great fees for entrance to their conferences. I have never been for sale. You can buy nothing on my website. I am the only prophet of the Lord Jesus Christ who has done all three of these three things: 1) Proclaimed the judgements to come, especially upon America, 2) Commanded that this nation of America must drink forth from the wine up of God's wrath by traveling this nation and performing prophetic decrees and 3) Declared that the church, as organized in the form of a pyramid under the Senior Pastor system, is defiled, walking in darkness and will be caught as a thief in the night by these very judgements and will not escape. For these reasons, America's pulpits and TV airways have been almost totally closed to me thus far.

    I will close this article with these captions from the front page of my website:

    "Church in the 21st Century: a body turned into a business!"

    "How can any man be a true prophet sent from God if he travels a circuit, bringing prophetic messages, but he does not inform them that Jesus is coming to destroy these very churches that he is speaking to, which have played the harlot?"

    "Nothing crushes the human spirit like the sudden evaporation of a false hope"

    I have been prophesying about the numbers of 17 and 24 since the early 1990's. Now, God is sending two complete solar eclipses that will bisect America at Carbondale, IL, forming an "X" there, marking judgement. X is the symbol of the cross of Andrew. God has marked judgement with the name of Andrew once again, as He told me that He would do on July 13, 1992. This word was initially fulfilled with Hurricane Andrew, which struck Homestead, FL on August 24, 1992. Carbondale, Illinois is my birthplace

    Stephen L. Bening

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