Revelation: 24 will be an important number in my life, the life of Cornerstone Church and in the life of the worldwide Christian Church
Published 6/1/1991 (First Published Prophecy of Stephen L. Bening)
Fulfilled numerous times, beginning with 6/24/1992

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The word of the Lord came to me on Saturday, June 1, 1991, after twelve hours of searching the scriptures and prayer that: "The number 24 will be of great importance in my personal life, the life of Cornerstone Christian Church and the life of the worldwide Christian Church."

This word was delivered to Dominic Avello on Wednesday, June 3, 1991 at our regular 6:00 A.M. morning prayer service. The Lord also directed me to read Joshua 24 in its entirety on that morning.

1. The length of a day is 24 hours.
2. Handel's Messiah was written in 24 days.
3. The word "Hallelujah" appears 24 times in the Old testament.
4. The number of oxen to be offered for the fellowship offering was 24. Numbers 7:88
5. In 1 Chronicles 23:4, David directed 24,000 to supervise the work of the temple of the Lord.
6. 1 Chronicles 24:18 reveals that there were 24 priestly divisions.
7. 1 Chronicles 25:31 reveals that there were 24 lots of singers.
8. The Feast of Booths (Tabernacles) is held with fasting, sackcloth and ashes on the 24th day of the seventh month. Nehemiah 9:1.
9. Daniel's 21 day fast was answered by a visit from an angel on the 24th day of the first month. Daniel 10:4
10. Haggai received the word of the Lord on the 24th day of the sixth month. The Lord told Israel, I am with you, to encourage them to rebuild the temple. Haggai 1:15
11. Haggai received the word of the Lord the second time on the 24th day of the ninth month. The Lord spoke that he was going to bless his people. Haggai 2:10
12. Haggai received the word of the Lord again that same day (the 24th) when he said "I will once again shake the heavens and the earth. I will take you, my servant Zerubbabel son of Shealtiel and I will make you like my signet ring, for I have chosen you." Haggai 2:20.
13. On the 24th day of the eleventh month, of Shebat, the word of the Lord came to Zechariah. This was the vision of the four horses of the apocalypse. Zechariah 1:7
14. 24 elders surround the throne. Revelation 4:4
15. Including the rule of Jesus as King of Kings, Israel and Judah were each ruled by a total of 24 rulers or Kings.
16. The only U.S. President to serve non-consecutive terms was Stephen Grover Cleveland, our 24th President.
17. Stephen Grover Cleveland died June 24, 1908. He pre-carried my surname: Stephen.
18. Arsacius, a Christian, who was a soldier, was stationed in a tower overlooking the city of Nicomedia, Turkey. He saw a vision and prophesied the destruction of Nicomedia, (now Turkey) in 358 A.D.. He tried to raise up others who would pray against this, but he was ignored by the Clergy. Nicomedia was totally destroyed by a great earthquake on August 24, 358 A.D. The Lord later told me to expect a second, and greater calamity in South Florida than that perpetrated by Hurricane Andrew.
19. The Greek alphabet contains 24 letters.
20. The 24th letter of the Greek alphabet is "Omega", which means, "The end". Jesus said in Revelation 1:8 that "I am the Alpha and the Omega."
21. Andrew's Cross, the X. The X is the 24th letter of the English alphabet. The X (Chi) is the also the first letter of the Greek word "Christos" or Christ. The important prophecy that "Andrew will be used to mark judgement" was given to me on July 13, 1992
22. The number of Jesus in Strongs Exhaustive Concordance is 2424, which indicates its place in the alphabetic order of Greek words utilized in the Greek New Testament.
23. The total numerical values of the Greek letters in the name "Jesus" is 888. Thus 888 is the number of Jesus, just as 666 is the number of man and the number of the antichrist. 8+8+8=24. The Omega: The number of our Lord Jesus Christ, the Lion of Judah.
24. During July, 1994, 24 cometary fragments impacted on the surface of the planet Jupiter in an awesome stellar display of explosive power.
25. During October, 1994, 24 men of Harvest Fellowship, my home church, embarked on a two day canoe trip, the result of which was revival in our church. This revival continued through Thanksgiving, November 24, 1994 when 150 people shared a Thanksgiving Banquet as a Church body. On the departure list for that trip, my pastor was listed as #1, and I was last on the list: #24.
26. In December, 1994, as the world sought a solution to the conflict in Bosnia, there were 24,000 UN soldiers there. The Balkans have been prophetically identified as the place of tribulation.
27. On the night of September 15, 2001, while watching a video on the excavation in search of the Ark of The Covenant, by Ronald E. Wyatt, I noted Wyatt's testing of the purported blood of Jesus Christ. Wyatt maintains on that video that he found on the top case of the ark of the covenant, located directly beneath the purported crucifixion site of Jesus. There was dried blood on that case. He tested some of that blood, mixed in a saline solution and he maintains that tested blood contained 24 chromosomes. Normal human blood contains 46 chromosomes.

1. June 24, 1992, I was given a vision of the "Kadosh" banner by the Lord. This vision was an exact duplicate of a vision had by Donna Kosicki.
2. I was called to the office of prophet on the evening of June 24, 1992. The Lord spoke to me out of Jeremiah chapter 1.
3. On June 7, 1991, I was baptized in the Holy Spirit. This day was the 24th anniversary of June 7, 1967, when Jerusalem once again became a part of the nation of Israel.
4. Jeremiah is the 24th book of the bible, both alphabetically ordered and as ordered in the bible. My calling was confirmed out of Jeremiah chapter one three separate times.
5. On July 24, 1992, I had a vision of a hydrogen bomb mushroom cloud to the South in the general direction of Homestead. One month later, on August 24, 1992, \ Hurricane Andrew leveled Homestead.
6. May 24, 1992, my three oldest children attended Cornerstone Church for the first time.
7. I became a Certified Public Accountant on September 17, 1981, at the age of 24.
8. I moved to Florida in June, 1981, at the age of 24.
9. The Interstate Highway that one takes to leave Southern Illinois to head in the direction of Florida is I24. It was opened in 1981, when I was 24 years old. The beginning point of that interstate highway is exactly 24 miles from Bening Square in Carbondale, Illinois, the town where I was born. That building is named for my father, and still bears that name in 2001. I was not born again until 1987, at the age of 30.

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