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Prophecy: "The Watchman Has Fallen Asleep" by Mary Bening
May 31, 2015



Past articles are archived at GAMMADIM VISION: Financial Ministry and Prophecy GAMMADIM VISION

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Mary Bening Prophetic Archive

The WATCHMAN (MEN) has/have fallen asleep on their Assignments and has/have thus given legal access to the enemy to creep into the palace, and desecrate it. Deception which is a strong spirit of Blindness has been allowed to invade our minds, hearts and spirit. The WATCHMAN(MEN) gets worn out by frustrating circumstances and by the process of being alert and then goes to sleep on the job.

Ultimately, the enemy uses coordinated attacks with coordinated strategies to weaken us. What are the coordinated attacks from our past to bring us down? I would like to ask God some questions. This is a new season we are in, so are we meeting the requirements for our new season? According to 1Peter1:1:13, JESUS met all the required requirements, in the way HE lived and walked. Abuse comes to my mind as it's one of the carnal weapons the enemy uses to render us defenseless, vulnerable, ineffective and broken down.

How does the enemy make us unproductive and unfruitful in our new season? Well if our minds are not focused on being sober, vigilant or morally alert, we are on the way to defeat. We must live lives that are HOLY and are bearing fruit (1Peter1:15 & 16) We must have at all times try to maintain a godly attitude in the way in which we live and do things. Remember God is always attentive to how we behave towards others especially when we make vows to do things for others. Our behavior must not have the odor of malice or revenge.

Is your diet a steady supply of R rated movies? Don't be fooled into thinking that it does not have the capacity to contaminate your purity. These are the fruits that speak of Purity: faith, knowledge, self-control, love, kindness, goodness, perseverance and godliness. Do you have any of these working in your life helping you to mature? 2Peter3:10.

Our time on this earth is temporary. How we live determines what kind of legacy we will leave behind when we are gone. What kind of legacy will you be leaving behind when you are gone?

When you are examining your own self, proposing to make changes, how many factors are involved in its consideration? How many could possibly relate to your own lusts? What are the attractive or possible reasons for wanting to move to another location, for example? Perhaps more hands on ministry is one thing you have factored in.. What does our attractiveness have to do with our lusts?

Well some of us love to be in front of men and to have the praises poured upon us. There is an earthly component to preaching in front of men. How much of the American Idol is present with us when we venture out onto our church platform? It can also be equated to a heavenly spiritual thing.

Are we exfoliating our lusts out of us? Are we getting rid of the dead decaying cells that has corrupted our immune system? Are we being purged and purified by the washing of God's Word? Have you gotten all the filth scrubbed out of your life? Have you been through the process of separating from your dead lusts? Your lusts have dominated, stripped and satisfied your yearnings, with you being unaware that your Spiritual Authority and Spiritual Power was being destroyed slowly.

Hebrews 7:26 speaks of the ONE and only HIGH PRIEST who was chosen by a Holy Oath, that was prophesied by God and later confirmed again by prophecy in Psalm 110:4. All others were chosen by men. But it is said of JESUS in Hebrews 7:26 that He was blameless, unstained by sin, undefiled and separated. This is how God requires us to live.

There is a subtle entity that comes in and at times it's pretty difficult to detect and even impossible to trace. Why? Because it comes in under a disguise.

We can become TONE deaf when the enemy comes and whispers in our ears; "oh it's OK to watch that R rated movie". There is nothing wrong with some vulgarity language or pornography or homosexuality or lesbianism scenes; after all I am not married, you tell yourself. God isn't bothered by such things, or so you think..

Really is your brain backwards or maybe you are standing on it? We can make allowances and excuses for what we are approving for entry into our eye gate and ear gate. Is it good for your Spiritual consumption? We are to be new creations; changed beings in Christ. Expose and bring to the surface any old baggage you are still holding on to. Do a self-examination to see if you missed any areas you haven't scrubbed off. Use a magnifying glass if you have to. Do whatever it takes to break free.

Don't allow the enemy any access in your earthly or spiritual environment to invade your spaces. Are your thoughts shamefully vile and exceedingly offensive? Or are they pure and pleasing to God? Proverbs 15:26. Do we still walk around with Reverential Fear for the Lord? Having this Reverential Fear is worship and a fountain of life that causes us to avoid the snares of death set up to ambush us by the cunning of the enemy. Proverbs14:27, Proverbs16:1,2 & 6, 9, 20, Proverbs 18:21 and Proverbs 19:23.

Finally, the question remains: are you going to keep the watchman(Men) awake, or let him nod off? Only you can decide.


Mary Bening


Past articles are archived at GAMMADIM VISION: Financial Ministry and Prophecy GAMMADIM VISION

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Mary Bening Prophetic Archive

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