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MISSIONS: Trinidad Mission Plan #1
April 24, 2015

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Mary and I have an upcoming trip planned for Trinidad. I find it interesting that I have recently received a prophecy directly from the Lord about miraculous doors of opportunity opening and this trip looks like it may be turning into just such a thing. I initially had thought that the trip would be exclusively personal in nature when we scheduled it but now, two preaching opportunities have opened up for me with a third one under discussion. It has now become apparent that I may now be looking at what is becoming a full blown mission trip to Trinidad, so I thought that it would be appropriate to write about it. I took a look this morning at the MISSIONS section, realized I had not touched it really in ten years, and decided that some overview and explanation for that is really called for as the new visitor may have questions regarding the ten year hiatus from foreign missions that I experienced.

Ten years ago, I ended my third trip to Colombia. A few months earlier, I had ended my third trip to Kenya and the surrounding nations. My thought in late 2005 was that I would be returning over and over again to Kenya and the African nations for certain and that I might even be led of the Lord to relocate there full time. This was not to be.

I received several invitations to speak on radio programs at the end of 2005 and early 2006 and during this time, the Lord revealed to me that He wanted me to start up my own radio ministry, which was in full swing by April, 2006. Little did I know that conducting a full time radio ministry would be so time consuming. It became clear that in order to faithfully carry out the radio ministry as the Lord was leading me to develop it, I was not going to be able to go to the mission field for any extended trips at all with the level of assistance that I had at that time. So, the Lord, in essence, closed the mission field to me for that season, against my objections, and directed me to do radio, primarily to my own people in America.

I love preaching the gospel in foreign lands. I do not love doing radio anywhere near as much, but "not my will, but thy will be done Lord." So, I have been concentrating on radio and a bit of video for the last ten years.

Over time, those radio programs led to video programs as well and involved numerous ministers who came along side of me. During the last seven years, the subject of most of the programs has been one of warning the nation of America and the world at large of the judgements to come for persistent unfaithfulness.

Now, we have certainly entered into a new season. For me, I can see that the focus is changed and opportunities to preach the gospel are once again coming to me. We will appreciate your prayers and support. Thanks so very much for all support received over the years. We will do as the Lord leads and as I have done in prior years. We will minister in the churches that will have us; hold meetings in private homes; assist the poor and minister to widows an orphans in their distress.

Stephen L. Bening

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