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PROPHECY: "Spiritual Gangrene" by Mary Bening
April 18, 2015

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We have to assault false religion because it is spiritual gangrene. Spiritual gangrene spreads & as it spreads, it will ultimately corrupt the entire body. We must make it a priority to cut off the affected & infected parts or else we will lose it all.

God wants His church whole, not restricted by one leg or by a limp. How do we go about cutting off this spiritual gangrene? Well first we locate the source & then we deal with this putrefying, stinking disease.

God countless times in the Old Testament had His people eradicated because of their persistent wickedness, rebellion & downright disobedience. If you find any kind of spiritual gangrene in your life, it's time to permanently eradicate its source. Don't allow it to fester anymore & keep you from your purpose.

The law of Moses taught in many places that persistent unfaithfulness and rejection of God would result in the extermination of the Godless nation and all the people within it. The New Covenant has resulted in a cancellation of this order with respect to our treatment of ungodly people. Nevertheless, we are to apply the lesson taught to our own lives: God does not tolerate wickedness. He does not want us to make covenants with the ungodly.

God desires a vessel that's holy & sanctified, available for His use. Examine yourself: what are you allowing in your vessel?

Spiritual gangrene will rob us of God's purpose for our lives. We have sat silent for too long & allowed spiritual gangrene to spread & kill our faith. It's a spiritual disease that has to be eliminated. It has a crippling effect, causing us to be walking with a limp.

Spiritual gangrene is a demonic invasion of the body of Christ. Many factors may be the cause of this. It can cause separation, and cause you to be so bankrupt spiritually that death is the only thing that you will reap from this dead body.

If you lose your legs or leg physically it incapacitates you. You will have difficulty walking. So too, the church will lose its' ability to walk as God has ordained it too. It will be lacking in strength, courage, hope, joy, peace, hospitality & so much more. Why? Because it's no longer alive. Spiritual gangrene has eaten away at its foundation of Truth, Grace & Mercy.

Corruption has been allowed in. Some pastors are preaching what sounds good & tickles the ears of the congregation; instead of speaking the True and Unadulterated Word of God. We are not to only be comforted by the word; but to allow the Pure Word to invade our souls, hearts and spirits.

If we are being fed with spiritual gangrene, well then just as gangrene devastates, so too errors of the word will devastate the body of Christ.

The church has lost its life supply. There is an obstruction of its flow of blood. Whenever that happens, in the natural body the area can lose its ability to function. Sadly enough if this happens to the Church, it will ultimately go through the same process.

Definition of Spiritual Gangrene: moral or spiritual corruption & decadence that pervades an individual or group. This is a quote from one Pastor:"This church body has been afflicted with a spiritual gangrene that is poisoning our relationship with the Lord".

Synonyms: decay, rot, depravity, degeneracy. In the natural gangrene is death of soft tissue due to obstructed circulation usually followed by decomposition & putrefaction.

The body of Christ is quickly decaying at a rampant pace. There has and is a great deal of rotting & dead tissue. The stench is overpowering & has become unbearable & sickening, in so much that it causes the true believer to gag & vomit. So how much longer are we as the Church of Jesus Christ going to put up & accommodate this spiritual gangrene onslaught?

Gangrene spreads. You are either able to save that piece of someone's body or it's too late. Same for the church sometimes. We will be able to save the body of Christ or the contamination has spread to far to save some.

Spiritual gangrene is a snare, a trap of the enemy to isolate the church from truly walking in the Spirit & being led by the Spirit.

Romans 8: 12 to 14 says: verse 12, Therefore. brethren, we are debtors, not to the flesh, to live after the flesh. Verse 13, says For if ye live after the flesh, ye shall die; but if ye through the Spirit do mortify the deeds of the body, ye shall live. Verse 14, says For as many as are led by the Spirit of God, they are the sons of God.

Too much dead putrefying flesh in our churches, exposed & lustful. Such carnage, sick flesh diseased & left untreated.

Spiritual gangrene can be classified as an epidemic outbreak in some of our churches & its outreaches.

How do you think God feels about all this? Is there disappointment, regrets, anger or something else?

It is time that we begin to fight back & take back our boundaries. For too long we have allowed compromise to enslave us, spiritual gangrene to infiltrate our reserves of spiritual power & rob some of us blind.

Mary Bening

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