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Assembly: What Is Watchmen Prophets Assembly?
January 7, 2017 Tebeth (Mo 10) 9, 5777

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The Lord gave birth to Watchmen Prophets Assembly on January 1, 2001. He gave prophetic word to start it, so it was born of God. What exactly is it? What should it's members be doing?

Let us begin with the word "Assembly". That is what the God of the New Testament requires believers to gather to. The word "church" really does not properly express what the ancient meaning really is. The word "Church" has all types of ungodly connotations that have stuck to the word over the years. Let us set it aside for discussion purposes for now (discussed elsewhere). God intended an assembly where everyone could and should participate and where no one man or group would Lord it over others. The more participation, the better. Members who do not function or participate may be viewed by the Lord as not bearing fruit. A tree that bears no fruit is a biblical image that Jesus dealt with. Trust me: we all should want to bear fruit.

What is prophecy for the purposes of Watchmen Prophets Assembly? Any member who hears, receives or has the Holy Spirit quicken anything to him or her is in receipt of a word from God. That is a prophetic word. It may be just for that believer, but many times, it should be shared. It does not have to be predictive about some future disaster or event. Believers need to ask for boldness from God so that they may freely share what they have been freely given without fear of man. It is quite easy to fall into harlot church patterns where members only listen, sit silently and take part in assembly life without function, but this has never been God's intention.

Watchmen and Prophets have been members here and a few still are. Other members are expected to be believers in Jesus Christ. We should all be being filled with the Holy Spirit. You should be growing in the Kingdom of God daily and going deeper into God as individuals. This can only be done through prayer, fasting and time spent in God's word. As you grow, you should share.

God intended every single one of His born again believers to be a river of living water. Every river has a source. The source of this river is God. This river is supposed to RUN THROUGH you, but where will it run to? Where will its' outflow be?

Watchmen Prophets Assembly is one place where your river can flow out to, for there must be an outflow. Where there is no outflow, there is no river, but a lake, sitting behind a dam. Water sitting long enough, without a flow, begins to grow dank. Unclean things grow there. We have better hopes and prayers for better things for each of you.

Stephen L. Bening

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