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Prophecy: Tender Words Juxtaposed With The Words Of John Baptist
April 2, 2017 Nissan (Abib)Adar (Mo 12) 6, 5777

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One member of Watchmen Prophets Assembly received a confirming dream to that which I have written on March 25th to establish the premise that there is a near at hand deployment for action that God's people are going to have to make preparation for. Very few will qualify. Fail to prepare and you will not make the cut. Until now, I have seemingly been a lone voice in the entire Western World of the prophetic that:

1) God is going to smite the existing church and will strike it even if it has proper function, but clings to the single pastor model.
2) God will smite the entire Babylonian economic structure in order to take down the church, since it cannot even survive being deprived of electricity and air conditioning.
3) God will, very close in time to all of this, super anoint a very small remnant with a glory fire anointing. These will go forth doing great miracles and exploits.

Now, I do not look around the internet very much, so somebody out there might be saying some part of these three warnings, but I have looked on the "Z3" website and I do not find one single voice sending out any type of urgent warning along all three of these lines. Those of you who can stand to read it, skipping over the attempts to use prophecy to order and determine your stock market trading decisions, can tell us whether I am a lone voice or whether there is someone else...anyone else. None of my former ministry partners ever really had all three parts of this message.

The closest I can find today is a word from Kevin Barrett, found on Z3, but his warning is really calm and not all that church directed. You could almost infer that he is warning the church, but the warning is not totally, in your face, direct and clear. It is not a bold trumpet blast. Kevin Barrett Shakings-World System This type of warning is a soft word. I find that seventy years ago, A.W. Tozer longed for soft words from real prophetic people: people who would or could somehow convince the church to fall in love with Jesus. Tozer said, in "Pursuit of God", that there was "an entire ocean between the scribe who had studied well and the prophet who had seen and heard". Tozer longed for this soft worded prophet and periodically, I see one or another rising up, attempting to be heard. Will the church ever listen? Can it?

I have met people and sometimes, they are old Saints with fifty or sixty years they claim to have walked with the Lord. I am respectful, as I should be. I make no great claims for myself, but I declare the words that God has given to me. They metaphorically walk right past me, saying they are waiting for a real prophet to arise in the church. To them, I have no bedside manner, so I must not be a "real prophet". I am sometimes rough and I do not offer much prophetic hope to this disgusting thing that is called church. I do not believe it will be reformed. I do not believe it will be revived. These old saints are looking for soft feather prophets. Me: I am as a wrecking ball to the church and they walk right past me, eyes loftily on the horizon, watching and waiting for that soft prophet to be sent from God. Oh how they wait for Tozer's prophet! (The Lord knows how deeply He has spoken to me through the words of Tozer) Tozer said that "the church waits for the tender voice of the saint who has penetrated the veil and has gazed with the inward eye upon the wonder that is God." Oh for that soft, tender voiced prophet that the church will certainly listen to. Will they ever see such a man again? I think not. God has not promised a soft prophet just prior to the day of the Lord. God has promised to send Elijah, and Elijah was last demonstrated and embodied by John The Baptist.

Some might say that does not seem fair. They claim that if God would only send such a silver tongued man of tender words that surely the church would reform. I cannot make a judgement regarding fairness. I can only tell you what God will do and what He will not do. This is based upon what I have heard and seen from God when I have been with Him, behind the veil. He will smash the existing church to absolute dust. He will not be kind and gentle in the doing of it. That is "thus sayeth the Lord".

There were not any great number of first century confirmations to the ministry of Jesus that went forth, confirming His ministry, but one was said to have come from John. John Baptist was a witness and he was anything but soft worded. The Father was a witness. The Father does not exactly have a reputation for possessing a "soft" quality or anything like that where one might ascribe such a quality to Him. Those three were pretty much lone voices. There had been 400 years of prophetic silence prior to John. We all know the judgements are coming. We all know there will be lots of trouble. Hundreds of prophetic voices have agreed. But just how much do we have to do to qualify for this deployment and dissemination of God's glory? The ministry of John the Baptist only endured for six months. His message of "prepare ye the way" was only for a short, six month period from his commencement of ministry to his arrest. The axe is already at the root of the tree, and the tree is the whole of the establishment church. Jesus is coming to His house, and His house is NOT the establishment church. The church cannot abide His appearing. He is coming to those who have prepared their vessels for His use as vessels of honor.

I would love to see a new reformation, even if it is a last reformation. I would love to see a revival. I quote Jeremiah's response to Hananiah: "Amen, the Lord do so: the LORD perform thy words which thou has prophesied." Jeremiah could bring no soft word like Hananiah's and neither can I. I might hope for it, but I cannot bring it, for the Lord has not spoken it to me. He has sent me to warn you, just as He sent Elijah; just as He sent Jeremiah; just as He sent John Baptist. The axe IS, once again, at the root of the tree. There is no possible right answer except that you must repent and come out of the defiled thing called church.

Stephen L. Bening

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