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Prophecy: Defilement
December 17, 2007

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I remember when I arrived in Africa for the first time, and I was taken to the home of the man where I was to be lodged during my stay. I was given a roll of toilet paper, and I was shown the way to the outhouse, where the concrete floor had been cut, open to a latrine/toilet below. There was no toilet paper in the toilet.

After a few days, I noticed that I was the only one with toilet paper.

Then, during my travels, I noticed that I always had to carry toilet paper with me whenever we went into any area that was rural or "bush". Again, I never saw anyone with toilet paper, and there was never any paper present in the toilets in the bush areas.

In the quiet times of the night, I would sometimes ponder on this. How are they handling this matter of toilet hygiene? I ran the alternatives in my mind, as it is a matter too delicate to discuss in open company and the matter is never talked about.

Then, a few times, I was caught, in the bush, with no toilet paper, and I had to "improvise". During such improvisations, I discovered what I already knew: it is difficult to remove that "funky" smell from the hands, even when the hands are visibly clean. You must have soap to remove it.

Now, I know this article has already delved into subject matter that some might find unseemly, but sin is unseemly and ugly smelling to God, so we will continue on.

Right now, they are in a life and death battle in Uganda with Ebola. Ebola is primarily spread by bodily fluids, but some fear that a mutation has now enabled it to spread by air. Body fluid transfer through fecal matter, on the hands, is perhaps the most common way the disease is transmitted. The President of Uganda has issued a national decree advising Ugandan's to cease in their custom of the shaking of hands.

The Ugandan's are a friendly and emotional people. When I was there, everyone shakes your hand. When I preached at a church, I might shake 300 hands. When you have already taken note of "toilet hygiene" in these areas, you tend to regard your hand as your mortal enemy, because there is no way to tell what has been transferred to your hand from the hand of another. I can only imagine how much more of a concern this is when an Ebola outbreak is underway.

I spoke with Pastor Emmanuel of Kampala this morning. He says the outbreak is by no means under control in the bush, but it is not a serious problem in Kampala just yet. He was thankful for the $900 we sent for Grace, but feels it will take that much again for Grace to enter the hospital.

Recently, we have had a rather serious outbreak of MRSA here in South Florida. I purchased a quantity of hand sanitizer, and I gave a little bottle to each of my children, and told them to use it frequently on their hands when they were at school. I find that I have been using it frequently as well. I have taken note that since I began this practice, I have had no hint of cold or flu.

Saturday night, I went to pick up some work at a local church where many Haitians attend. I do their accounting. I was walking in, with the pastor, and a young man of about twenty years greeted me and extended his hand to me, which I shook. As I passed him and walked on, I noted that I could smell that "funky smell" on my hand from a distance of about two feet, and once again, I was viewing that hand as "the enemy".

After all of this happened, I was meditating on the Lord, in my quiet time, and the Lord had a spiritual lesson for me, and probably, for all of you, in this set of circumstances.

Years ago, the Lord moved upon me, without a verbal instruction, to leave the churches. One by one, this list of churches where I felt I could attend dwindled, to the place where I am now, where I have none. After I had left the first church, I was driving one Sunday morning to Dunkin Donuts, and the Lord spoke: "If you had continued to go to the churches, you would be spiritually defiled".

So, as I have come out of all the churches, I have gotten rid of a great deal of spiritual defilement. Revelation 18:4 tells us that if we do not come out of the harlot church, we will be partakers of her sins. It is just the same matter as a Ugandan handshake: spiritual fecal matter is going to be transferred to you. You are going to be spiritually defiled. You may not be able to see it, but it is there.

When your hand is defiled with fecal matter, you cannot see any problem with your hand, but you can sometimes smell it. Sometimes, if your hand is always dirty, you can't. In the same way, when you come out of the defiled churches, and you stay out for an extended time, your sense of spiritual smell improves, and you can begin to spiritually "smell" the defilement. You can recognize those "funky smells" more easily whenever you come into contact with harlot churches, their members and their false teachings.

Once you realize that diseases are spread by human contact with the hands, you will, as I have done, step up your use of hand sanitizer. We become more attentive to the defilement on our hands. But, are we equally attentive to avoiding spiritual defilement. Yes, I have come out of the harlot churches, but we live in a perverse generation, and almost everything on television and radio is defiled. Are we careful to avoid defilement? Most music is defiled now. Almost every movie is defiled, and yet we go and watch, and become defiled. Most of the stage plays and productions are defiled.

The devil wants us to remain in a constant state of spiritual defilement. He will not give up trying to keep you in defilement after you have left the harlot church. In fact, he will step up the effort to attract you in other ways to engage in thoughts that defile. He will even give you dreams in an attempt to stumble you in your thinking. He wants to keep his smell on you: that "funky smell" of the devil.

When I was young, I visited my Grandfather's farm, and one day, we had to shovel the manure out of the barn. At first, the smell was almost unbearable for me, and I had to breathe through my mouth. But after about thirty minutes, it did not bother me any more. Later on, the Lord gave me this actual experience in a dream and added a scene on to it. After the thirty minute period of being in "the smell", Grandpa asked me if I could tell what Grandma was cooking for lunch. I told Grandpa, "I can't smell a thing in here other than this stink." Grandpa then said, "Let us go outside the barn and then we will be able to smell what Grandma has cooking on the stove for lunch."

Can you smell that smell? Is that DEVIL smell on YOU? Or, have you simply carried that smell for so long that it no longer bothers you?

Are we going to realize just how much destruction and devastation is unleashed by our failure to take drastic measures to avoid defilement, and also, to quickly cleanse ourselves with the blood of Jesus when we realize that we have been spiritually defiled. Are we as serious about repentance and the regular remission of sin, and application of the blood of Jesus as we are with the regular washing of our hands and the use of hand sanitizer?

The Lord is calling His troops to attention and inspection. I had a vision yesterday, before Joseph Cook wrote, of a drill instructor, bouncing a quarter off the bunk top sheet of a recruit. Are we ready for inspection? Have we cleansed even our garments from the defilement of the flesh? How serious are we about this?

I take note of the MSNBC article today on the opposition of the planet MARS. They called it a RED ALERT. Have we not been talking all month about RED, and ESAU? ESAU lived between the RED SEA and the DEAD SEA: the red and the dead. God hates any decision we make that is against His will, or that did not originate with His leading. The following of SELF, and the enthronement of SELF in the temple of GOD causes defilement. SELF, declaring itself to be GOD, in the TEMPLE OF GOD, which is your body, is THE ABOMINATION THAT CAUSES DESOLATION. This is the dominating theme of the harlot church, and of the American dream.

The true gospel runs counter to everything you have been taught as an American believer and as an American citizen. How will we ever escape such utter defilement? Truly, every table is filled with vomit! Come quickly Lord Jesus.


Stephen L. Bening

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