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Prophecy: Those Seemingly "Headless" Moments
December 17, 2007

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We have seen the harlot church model that which ought not to be done. So, in many cases, we have examined that, and we have tried something different, or perhaps, the complete opposite of the way they have done things.

For example, the harlot church pastor runs the operation as "his operation", and he is constantly working to keep it such that the flock continues to need him on into perpetuity.

So, as I have pondered the situation of the being of a leader, is it not better, from the perspective of Jesus THE HEAD, to train those who are less experienced than I am in such a way that many of them will reach a point where they no longer need me? The HEAD will then be able to move these new leaders throughout His body as He sees fit.

I was a member of a church once that seemingly had all the body parts of Christ. But, we had a pastor who had absolute control and absolute spiritual veto power. So, if I brought a prophetic word, he would not share it or approve of it unless the Lord spoke it to him directly.

Right about that time, I had the vision I have previously spoken of, which was of a pyramid, with the pastor office at the top of the pyramid, smitten by the Lord to dust. The Lord did not build that church organization.

So, how should we lead? If we are a body, and I have always believed that we are the body of Christ, I want it to be of the design that the Lord built, and poured out His blood for.

I think it is right that we have many "leader voices" who are allowed to speak, even when I don't understand, or, in some cases, I even disapprove.

Contrariwise, I have thought it also right that we needed elders to sit at the gate, to keep the prophetic flow from becoming defiled, and to deal with wolves.

I have heard the harlot pastor fight against this by saying that "anything that has more than one head is a freak". They fail to understand that THEY ARE NOT THE HEAD.

Jesus is, and must always be the head.

I have been in situations with WPA: in leading this internet forum, in communion room episodes on paltalk and in physical meetings where it seemed as though we had no head for awhile. It was, at times, very difficult to be silent. Sometimes, maybe we erred.

But, sometimes, we got it right, and we waited.

Then Jesus came, and showed us how to proceed from that point. Sometimes, he used a person we never thought would step to the fore.

In those moments, at times, new leaders were born. Sometimes, they have moved on. Others have appeared.

The trick is this.....can you endure and persevere through those "seemingly headless" situations, and wait for the HEAD of the church to give direction?

To fail to endure in that waiting, I have found, usually results in the formation of a cult around a leader who has become convinced that he is infallible. He is always surrounded by men who prop up that false idea of personal infallibility. They do not desire to be equals under the HEAD; they want an earthly king. Once you have that one man show in place, you can be in for one wild ride on the hot rails to hell.


Stephen L. Bening

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