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Prophecy: Call To Highest Alert
December 17, 2007

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I have been prayerfully considering that we have been heading into a period of high alert for about a week now, but I became certain of it on Friday.

Then, Joe Cook confirmed it unwittingly today when he wrote an article and included a metaphor about the drill instructor. I already had a vision of that image in my spirit, and so I knew the Lord was continuing to prod me.

Our Captain has the right to call his army to full attention at any time as it may so please Him, and we have the obligation to appear in full battle dress, standing at attention with our beds well made and our guns clean. He may do this, just to see if we will do it. He may also bring something significant to pass. Watch and see!

We have been called to such a state of prayerful readiness four or five times previously in the last seven years. A couple of them have resulted in the occurrence of important events that I had not previously foreseen, so this one carries with it some requisite excitement mixed with a somber sense that we have been out of time for a long time already.

The last time the Captain called us to such an alert, we were expecting a serious event to occur. We thought it might affect the USA. We were spared, and the terrible loss of life occurred on the opposite side of the globe in Indonesia on the last day of that readiness window.

Yesterday, I went back to look over WPA threads from November 26th to date in response to urging/rebuke from Bob Neumann, and I find two that leap out at me in the time since I heard the Spirit utter that admonition to examine them: Sister Grace and Ebola.

Today, the subject of "Airborne Ebola" was raised again before me by the Holy Spirit, and one Mary Easterling emailed me with an inquiry about the same, and I bring it before you as a matter for prayer. If we take the condition of Sister Grace as an allegory that may speak of a time where God's grace to the world may be in a decreased or lessened state, the images I see in connection with this are disturbing.

The fact that Bob Neumann, albeit in a veiled and mysterious way, has alluded to the commencement of the wrath of God earlier this month, should be cause also for prayerful attention.

I also believe that we have had many signs that point most specifically at December 26/Tebeth 17, and more generally at the time period from December 18 to January 2. Mars will be at opposition during the time from December 24 through January 2 (mythological god of war). Mars is at opposition every 17 years. It reaches and remains as the brightest starry object in the heavens from December 18 through January 2.

We have already had several heavenly signs that were delivered through the appearance and sudden brightening of Comet 17P Holmes. Some of these signs presage war, and seem to point to Iran.

I believe that during the time, beginning December 18, the world enters a time of great danger for the commencement of World War.

We entered a time of publicly announced peace and safety when the US Intelligence Agencies released the National Intelligence Estimate. We know that someday, peace and safety will have destruction following on its' heels. Prophetically, this paradoxically increased the likelihood that we might just be at the point of commencement for the time of great calamities that we have been expecting with great foreboding for so many years.

Some are saying that we are no longer on a fast track to war. I hope they are right, but I suspect they probably are not.

We have prophecy in our hands for some future December 26th to mark a third disastrous event. This word of prophecy was made more sure by the first two fulfillments on previous December 26th dates: an earthquake in Bam, Iran, and the Indonesian Tsunami.

Furthermore, the intersection of December 26 this year with Tebeth 17 on the Hebrew calendar causes it to be potentially involved with a prophecy I had from the Lord on January 9/Tebeth 17, 1993-regarding the Kitty Hawk.

I am further reminded that God has previously connected the prophesied attacks on the Kitty Hawk and the Lincoln and there is the possibility that both of these may have been seen by a prophet named Bob Griffin when he saw such an attack and identified Iran as the perpetrator.

Furthermore, Tebeth 17 is the 4th month, 17th day of the Hebrew civil calendar, so that day gives me watchful concern, triggered by a dream I had on July 4, 1991, where I heard those two numbers, uttered in that sequence, all night long.

Dated intersections of this type have previously passed without the occurence of significant events, so this does not automatically mean that something will occur on that date. It is a call to watchfulness.

This IS NOT a prediction of any specific event. This is a call by the Captain for his army to give attention to detail, cast off every defilement and come to high readiness.

Finally, this morning, I was aware of all of these items, and yet I was not ready to move forward to proclaim a time of highest alert. As I was waking, the Lord spoke to me:

"Will you now become a dog who refuses to bark"?

No, not at this time and hopefully never Lord. I know that most of the Lord's servants are asleep at this time, and perhaps only a few will hear my barking from the wall where I am watching. Maybe no one will respond. But I will do my job, and we will see what now ensues.

Whatever it might be, we have certainly had a lot of warning.


Stephen L. Bening

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