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Prophecy: From My Heart
January 12, 2008

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I just went to pray at the local park, and the Lord said:

“Write to them from your heart!”

So, I will do that, with God’s help. I had been planning on keeping all of this to myself, but surprise upon surprise. Now, I must pour out my heart, by order of the King.

Now, I want to preface what I am writing, by saying that it is about money. I do not wish to manipulate anyone into giving even $1. I do not wish to move you emotionally to give even $1. I don’t want to prod you, or rebuke you, or anything like that. I DO NOT want anyone to feel guilty about what they have or have not given. This is not about feelings.

However, there is a GAP between HEARING God, and OBEYING God, and it is especially so with regard to money. Sometimes, that gap is bridged by a TRIGGER. Something happens that moves a person who has already heard God to ACTION.

Let us suppose that God has been putting it on your heart to give to this ministry, but you have been waiting, and waiting and waiting, to be sure. You have been waiting until you are CERTAIN. Then, you read something: A TRIGGER. Suddenly, you are moved in your spirit to know, with certainty, THAT YOU MUST GIVE, RIGHT NOW.

If what I write below is such a TRIGGER to you, and only then, should you reply to me at that you are putting a check in the mail, or giving my paypal.

AGAIN, YOU SHOULD ONLY GIVE IN OBEDIENCE TO GOD. That is the only way you will be blessed. Anything that is not of faith, is SIN.

On Friday, I received an email from my account representative at our shortwave radio provider. He was inquiring about the $5,000 year end balance on our account ($7,215 as of today). I went to pray, and I told him that if I do not have a $5,000 check in the mail to him by January 18, 2008, then I will call him to discuss the situation.

I want to sincerely and deeply thank those of you who have helped with contributions of tens and hundreds of dollars toward this effort over the last two years. But alas, there have, to date, been too few of you, donating too little. My work load dwindled in the fourth quarter of the year, resulting in a drop in my income, and so, I was unable to pay as much toward the program as I had been doing in the previous three quarters of the year, and the balance due grew higher by the month.

You might be wondering just what I believe the Lord wants me to do about this.

I would like to call our account representative next Friday, January 18th to inform him that I have placed a $5,000 check in the mail, and I would like to expand the program to add two more, one hour broadcasts: one to reach India and China, and the other to reach Australia and New Zealand. I would also like to add a Monday through Friday broadcast to India/China, and one to Australia/New Zealand. I would like to add an earlier one-hour program to Africa, and a Monday through Friday, fifteen minute program to Africa. And so, in my spirit, I want to expand, and to carry the six programs that we record each week to every corner of the globe by shortwave radio. We can do this, and it does not really cost all that much. It can be done for about $1,000 per week, I believe.

Yes, by sight, the situation just SCREAMS for me to shut the work down, but in my spirit, I hear “EXPAND your tent”. I HAVE NEVER YET WALKED BY SIGHT! God forbid that I start now.

At one time, I was paying tithes and offerings to the harlot church of $400 per week: just me alone! I do not say it to brag. I am ashamed to admit that I was so blind. But, it motivates me to think of how much I gave when I thought I was under law to do so. Are there any others of you who were doing that? We can bring this harlot hacking message to the whole world on prime time shortwave radio for about $1,000 per week, but we, as a group of 545 souls, cannot seem to afford it…..545 SOULS!

Yes, it may be that all 545 of you are in the same financial condition as me. All of you may be financially strapped, and unable to even come up with $10 extra per month. If that is the case, God bless you in that you have helped at all, even in prayer for us.

It may be that, like me, you own no house of your own, and you drive a six year old vehicle. Yes, it may be that in order to see the truth about this present system, you must become poor, so that you can become rich in spirit. I know that is probably the case with just about all of you, and I pray for each of you, and me, that God will help us so that we may reach a time where we may abound. I have been content however, during this time of abasement. Praise the Lord!

It may be that, like me, you do not even have a $10,000 in emergency savings account. Perhaps, like me, you have no health insurance at all for yourself or your children. It may be that, like me, you do not own a flat screen television, or an iPhone. Like me, you have had to tell your two oldest daughters that they were on their own to provide for their own college education. Like me, you may not have a camera cell-phone. Like me, you may own no DVD player. Like me, you cannot afford to download Christian music on itunes. It may be that, like me, your children don’t wear designer clothes and the older ones work to pay for whatever they buy. Yes, you may all be in the same financial condition as me.

I ask you………will each of us be able to look Jesus in the eye when we see Him? Have we worked to the limits of our strength? Have we spent the money we have been given for kingdom business?

When we each found out that we had no legal obligation to give a minimum 10% of our income, was that supplanted by a burning desire, born out of love, to be a giver?

I ask myself this: is there anyone else carrying the message that we carry to the whole Earth? I do not know of even one. Perhaps you know of one, but I do not. What really bothers me is that Australia, New Zealand, India, China and the rest of Southeast Asia and the Pacific Islands HAVE NOT heard this message on shortwave radio. It bothers me every single day!

It bothers me to think that as God begins to move upon a person who is sitting in one of those abominations called CHURCH, and as they begin to have questions, God might have no place readily available to send them to for answers.

I ask again: has God called me/us to do this? From my heart, I say, unequivocally YES, that is what I believe with all my heart!

Then, why is there a balance due? If this work was from God, would not God provide for it, so that there would be no debt? Why has there been a lack of provision? Has the devil hindered it? Did we not pray enough? I only have conjecture to provide an answer, but I have, I believe, heard from God, prayed about every step I have taken, and consulted with my elder brethren as we have grown. We do not, as a group, believe that we have missed God on this.

Right now, I am trusting God to provide, but I must pray about what to do if He does not. What does it mean if He does not provide? Perhaps it means that we have not been speaking for Him! If that is so, then let me stop everything I do, and return to square one, concentrating on my personal relationship with Him even more than I do at present. Perhaps, it means that God’s people will only pay money when they have an earthly king to pay their tithes and offerings to. When they have no king, do they become stingy? Which is it?

Many people will conclude that we have not been speaking for God if this program disappears from the airwaves. I will not argue with them about their conclusion. Let God be my defense.

My research about shortwave indicates that there are at least 1 billion shortwave radios, in service, around the world. Of that number, the experts estimate that 100 million of them are turned on at any point in time.

Our broadcasts go out on prominent and extraordinarily powerful shortwave stations. When people turn on a shortwave radio in Africa, for instance, our program goes out on THE LOUDEST AND CLEAREST station that reaches Africa. Our listeners can presently sit in Kenya, and hear our program as if we are sitting right there, in the mud hut, with them. Our shortwave radio providers believe that at any point in time, more than 1 million people are listening to their stations around the world. That means that the potential, even likely worldwide audience for our programs might be very conservatively estimated to be in the tens to hundreds of thousands. By contrast, the highest number of people who have ever downloaded one of our internet radio programs is about 8,000. I have also discovered that the shortwave audience, in many cases, is not the same as the internet audience.

I believe with all of my heart that our present radio broadcasting team of Randy McKee, Tracey Meeks, Joseph Cook, Larry Olson and myself have spoken the truth of Jesus Christ in what we have put forth. If I am grieved by anything at all, it is that India, China, Australia and New Zealand have not been reached regularly via shortwave radio by anything we have yet done. I know there are many millions of English speaking people in those regions who need to hear our persistent, hammering message concerning the abomination known as the harlot church and the absolute imperative today that we come out of her, so that we do not partake of her sins, and that we each need to develop our own intimate relationship with our Lord Jesus Christ, separate and apart from reliance upon other men to hear from God for us.

There are many who hate me. If you are standing with me, they hate you too, and they are rejoicing in their hearts as they read this. As for me, I would have remained silent, but the Lord gave me an order to “Write from your heart”, so here it is. I am no Oral Roberts. I know that God loves me. He won’t kill me even if we have to shut down part of this work, and that too, He will use in the advancement of the gospel, if it comes to that. God moves in mysterious ways.



Stephen L. Bening

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