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Prophecy: Asteroid 2007 TU24 Update
January 25, 2008

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News of the close approach of this asteroid has entered all the major news media outlets. According to official sources, this asteroid will not impact or affect Earth in any way. As for me, I WOULD EXPECT that official sources would NOT tell me if they had any uncertainty regarding this, for fear of the potential panic, market reactions and the like that might ensue. They would only make an announcement about an IMPACT or an EFFECT if such was a certainty.

Is there any uncertainty? I think so. Please, read on.

There is only one remaining issue that I can discern in all of the reporting of this, and it is summarized in this one quote:

Begin Quote

NASA: ‘Goldstone observations are scheduled on January 23 and Arecibo observations are scheduled on January 27-28 and February 1-4. Note that Goldstone observations straddle the January 23-24 date boundary.

Notice how there is no observation scheduled from January 29 – January 31. January 29 is when TU24 is at its closest yet there will not be any observation from NASA of this NEO. You want to know why? Scroll down to the SNR (Signal to Noise Ratio) section. Look at the bottom of the Goldstone observation window. ‘Goldstone DSS-14 will be offline for maintenance from Jan. 25-Feb. 15.’

The declination window of Goldstone DSS-14 runs from 40° south to 80° north. According to the Uncertainties section TU24 maximum declination will be at 64.90 North. So Goldstone DSS-14 could easily observe this NEO the entire time. NASA states in the beginning of the Background section ‘approach on Jan. 29 is the closest for any known Potentially Hazardous Asteroid until 2027.’ Yet they want to do routine maintenance. Doesn’t this strike you as odd and nonsensical use of their equipment given the close proximity of a known NEO?

End Quote

There are three radio telescopic arrays that may be used to track a potentially hazardous asteroid. Goldstone (in California) is one of those. Of the three, Goldstone is the only one that could track this asteroid during its’ day of closest approach: January 29th.

This is the largest asteroid that will pass within 1.4 Lunar distances (337,000 miles) between now and 2027, according to official sources, and yet, the only radio telescopic array that could track this asteroid is being shut down on close approach day for “routine maintenance”? This is enough of an oddity for us to be in a prayerful mode for the next week concerning a potential fireball or impact.

According to the orbital diagram provided by NASA, this asteroid will track very near to the Earth from 9:00 UTC to 14:00 UTC (4:00 AM to 9:00 AM EST) on January 29 until it begins to move away.

Right now 10:00 AM EST, it is 1.937 million miles away, approaching Earth from just below the Equatorial, and moving in the same general direction as Earth as we travel around the sun. It is approaching at a relative speed (net difference between the speed of Earth and the Asteroid) of approximately 21,000 mph.

It is clear to me that there are uncertainties involved in the predictions regarding the paths of asteroids that remind me of the attempts of our National Weather Service to predict the path of a hurricane. If you look at all of the internet sources for information, the numbers vary by up to 40%.

Here are the basics at a snapshot:

Object Size: 300 to 900 meters (probably about 500 meters)

NASA close approach prediction: 335,000 miles

Moon orbital distance: 240,000 miles (obviously, the magnetic field of Earth is powerful, even at this distance)

Closest MOID prediction: 89,000 miles (Minimum Orbital Intersect Distance)(.00096 AU)

Earth’s Magnetosphere Outer Limit: Approximately 10 Earth Radii (40,000 miles) (Source of the Northern Lights/Aurora Borealis)(Clearly, an area of potentially high electrical charge)

So, if information reduces anxiety, that is what has been OFFICIALLY RELEASED.

If there is any error in NASA calculations, and IF this object is highly magnetized heavy metal object, such as Nickel/Iron, as some have speculated, there could POSSIBLY be an electrical discharge event even if there is no impact. (see Tunguska-1908 on Google)

So, those are the particulars from which we can pray with knowledge, and from there it seems, only God will be able to provide more detailed information, as He has promised to do for those who will watch and pray to be found worthy to escape that which is coming upon the Earth.

I have no prophetic certainty at the present time that we are looking at an impact in this case, but I am not ruling it out either. I am waiting upon the Lord.

Also, we are expecting a “fireball” event in the near future, as Rick Wiles foresaw in a vision. This object might possibly generate that, and so, it bears watching. Please keep in mind that as this object reaches the outer edges of the magnetic field of Earth, the potential will increase for the object to break apart, as was seen with Comet Shoemaker/Levy 9 when it impacted Jupiter with 24 fragments in 1994.


Stephen L. Bening

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