Important Prophecies of Stephen L. Bening

Troubled by a dream? Perhaps God has revealed something to you! You can compare it with the things that others have seen and heard, right here.
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Prophecy #1

In 60 Days,
an event will occur
that will be very important
in my life and
in the life of my church.
I was not told what would
happen on that day.

Published: 4/7/1991 (Sunday)

Fulfilled: 06/07/1991 (Friday)
(I was baptized
in the Holy Spirit
on this day, with the evidence
of the speaking in other tongues
on Friday evening.)

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60 Days

Prophecy #2

The number 24 will be
important in my life and
in today's church

Published: 6/1/1991

1st Fulfillment: 6/24/1992

2nd fulfillment 8/24/1992


Prophecy #3

4..17 Dream

Published: July 4, 1991

Fulfilled: "pending"

4..17 Dream

Prophecy #4

A Man With bleeding
sores will be healed
in seven days Published: 8/1/1991

Fulfilled: 8/8/1991


Prophecy #5

Chaos and economic collapse
followed by earthquakes and
floods will occur...
vision over the globe, primarily over Europe
My future blessing and prosperity to herald worldwide collapse

Published: 9/29/1991 and 11/21/1991

Fulfilled: Pending





Prophecy #6

Russian SS18 Satan Missiles
Will Hit America

Published: 6/18/1991

Fulfilled: "pending"

SS18 Satan

Prophecy #7

The name of Andrew (Andreas)
will be used
to mark judgement
in this generation

Published: 7/13/1992

1st fulfillment: 8/24/1992


Prophecy #8

Americans will be carried
in boxcars
across the plains

Published: 7/21/1992

Fulfilled: Pending


Prophecy #9

Miami will be destroyed
by Hydrogen Bomb detonation

Published: 7/24/1992

Fulfilled: Pending


Prophecy #10

Hurricane Bonnie
will strike South Florida

Published: 9/01/1992

Fulfilled: Pending





Prophecy #11

Great Tribulation will begin
in the
Slavic Lands or Turkey,
or Both

Published: 12/01/1992

Fulfilled: Pending


Prophecy #12

President Clinton will be

Published: 1/9/1993

Fulfilled: 12/1998


Prophecy #13

Following Clinton's impeachment,
The USS Kitty Hawk and
supporting ships will be destroyed
by Arabs in a nuclear attack.
Many other troubles
in America will follow

Published: 1/9/1993

Partial Fulfillments: 1997-1998

Fulfilled: Pending

USS Kitty Hawk

Prophecy #14

Removal of a pastor
(name withheld)

Published: 3/13/1994

Fulfilled: 4/17/1994


Prophecy #15

Y2K will be a non-event
at 1/1/2000-
trouble will arise later

Published: May 9, 1999

Fulfilled: January 1, 2000





Prophecy #16

A five kiloton nuclear device
will be detonated in Los Angeles

Published: October 20, 1999

Fulfilled: Pending

Los Angeles

Prophecy #17

A Terrible Calamity
will strike South Florida

Published: August 24, 1999

Fulfilled: Pending


Prophecy #18

Revival will arise out
of the rural areas
of Haiti and Columbia

Published: June 26, 2000

Fulfilled: Pending


Prophecy #19

American Shipping will be
attacked by Arabs
in the Persian Gulf

Published: October 12, 2000

Fulfilled: October 12, 2000

US Shipping

Prophecy #20

Nothing has changed in Israel.
War will arise there, in secondary
fulfillment of Isaiah 9. The Syrians before;
the Palestinians behind.
This is not the Ezekiel 38 war.

Published: October 27, 2000

Fulfilled: Pending

Israel War-The End is not yet




Prophecy #21

The End Has Come Upon

Published: August 12, 2001

Fulfilled: Pending

The End Has Come

Prophecy #22

God has said
that it is "ZERO HOUR"
for all that He has purposed
and planned for America.
The prophesied events
are to occur soon,
as men interpret that word.

Published: August 26, 2002

Fulfilled: Pending

ZERO HOUR/The Basement

Prophecy #23

Seven Years of Tribulation
are decreed upon America

Published: October 3, 2002

Fulfilled: American tribulation began during September, 2008, paused and then worsened after April 2012.

Seven Year American Tribulation

Prophecy #24

3 Asteroids/Comets
will strike the Atlantic/Gulf,
causing tsunamis that
will inundate the
coastal regions of the USA

Published: February 25, 2002

Fulfilled: "pending"

Asteroid/Great Flood Prophecy

Prophecy #25

In the next year (2006)
(Heb Yr Sep 2006-Sep 2007),
one or more of the prophesied
great calamaties
that I have seen in the United States
will occur, and great trouble
will commence.

Published: 12/09/2005

Fulfilled: Economic troubles begin in 2007. Gasoline reaches $4 per gallon on the USA in August, 2007.
Economic troubles worsened in September, 2008.
More is coming, including a crash in the gold price.

It Took A Prophet

Trouble Looming

Gold Price Crash Coming

Come see what's on the inside!

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