PROPHECY: US Shipping To Be Attacked in the Persian Gulf
October 12, 2000

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This is the quickest fulfillment I have ever seen.

On October 12, 2000, I posted my word relating to Michael Rood and the Temple Cornerstone on my web site. I also emailed that word to about 20 pastors. That word was posted to my site by 10 A.M.

Three hours later, news reports were coming accross the major TV news networks that the USS Cole had been attacked and disabled in Yemen.

The fulfillment was so fast that I did not even recognize it when it happened. My friend, Jeremiah Ginsberg, emailed me, telling me, "brother, that was some kind of right on prophecy".

Praise Be To God! And mourning and sorrow for the victims of the attack on the Cole. My prayers have been with their surviving loved ones.

Stephen L. Bening

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