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***PROPHECY-USS Kitty Hawk
On January 9, 1993, while I was a member of Cornerstone Church in Davie, FL, I received a 3 and 1/2 hour waking vision and word of prophecy as I was led through a series of symbolic prophetic events. To reduce it down to the salient points, it was revealed to me that:
a. The Little Child, or "El Nino" would precede the judgements against America
b. The initial judgements were said to be against California
c. These California judgements were shown to me in the form of milk chocolate. (This was later confirmed by mudslides in California)
d. President Clinton would be impeached. (Fulfilled in late 1998)
e. The US aircraft carrier "Kitty Hawk" and 11 supporting vessels will be destroyed in the Persian Gulf by an attack perpetrated by the "descendants of Ishmael". I saw nuclear cruise missiles approach and destroy the Kitty Hawk and all of her airplanes and accompanying ships and I heard the number killed: 12,600. I was told that this would happen on the 17th day of some future month. I was led to believe that it would occur very nearly in proximity of time to the impeachment of Clinton. (2004 comment: It would appear that this fifth part of the prophecy, the only part still not fulfilled, has been given an extension of time by the LORD, in response to much prayer and intercession). I was also filled with the feeling in my spirit that it would operate as the falling first domino of many in a sudden downfall and judgement of America.

That is the summary of prophecy. Now, following below, are the details:

To the Church of our Lord Jesus Christ

March 23/24, 1998

Five years and two months ago, I was taken aside by the Lord for a period of about three and one/half hours. During that Saturday morning and early afternoon of January 9, 1993, I was given waking visions and signs to be prayerfully considered and interpreted.

I have also spoken to a few churches about this vision which has not come to pass: yet. Much of what I saw in January, 1993 I could not understand. Like many prophets before me, I could only write down what I saw, feeling that at some later time, I would be given understanding. What I did understand, I wrote and distributed. At that time, as a young prophet, I tried to think too much and to figure everything out. I realize now that you must present what the Lord gives, even if it seemingly makes no sense.

The word of the Lord was entitled "And A Little Child Shall Lead Them". I received absolutely no feedback from this word, except that I think most people who read it thought me to be a madman. To the natural mind, a nuclear attack by an Arab country against the United States appears to be preposterous. Nevertheless, that is what I saw (in 1993)!

To summarize, I said at that time that on the 17th day of some future month, the U.S. Aircraft Carrier Kitty Hawk and supporting vessels would be destroyed by a surprise attack of cruise missiles. I said that the descendants of Ishmael would do this thing. This event will commence the Great Tribulation. I also wrote that judgement was coming to California. America is to be brought down as Obadiah's eagle by the Lord. That is the part I understood, and that is what I released to a handful of people.

I took detailed notes that accumulated to eight typewritten pages of what I observed and understood that day. In my notes where I recorded my experiences of 1/09/93, I recorded that the Lord was saying that Bill Clinton's Presidency would be cut off. I wrote the word "impeached?", with the question mark following it. If you like, you can see these detailed notes and observations at: Kitty Hawk Revelation and Waking Vision, Details, Observations and Subsequent Events

Also, concerning my notes of what the Lord showed me concerning California judgements, the judgements were associated with almonds, which I now regard as meaning that these will be the first to occur because this is what this image meant when God showed it to Jeremiah. Over and over again, in association with the California judgements, the Lord showed me chocolate milk and milk chocolate. I could not understand what the Lord was saying.

Tonight, as I was moved to review my notes of over five years ago, the Lord began speaking and giving me further revelation. This is what I was newly shown:

The judgements against California will precede all the other judgements and will be the first indication that the sequence of the whole revelation is about to occur. These immediately began to occur in 1993.

The Lord caused me to title the 1/09/93 prophecy "And A Little Child Shall Lead Them" because of what would happen in winter 1997 and spring 1998. "El Nino" would precede, or come before them. It could have read, "And El Nino Shall Lead Them". This began to be fulfilled in October, 1997.

The chocolate milk images I saw at that time are pictures of the terrible mudslides that are occurring in California right now as a byproduct of "El Nino." This was fulfilled in February and March, 1998.

Impeachment proceedings will be then be brought against President Bill Clinton. This has not yet been fulfilled, although rumours and charges began to circulate in March, 1998. (NOTE: FULFILLED NOVEMBER, 1998)

While America and the President are distracted with these impeachment proceedings,the Persian Gulf fleet, headed by the U.S. Aircraft Carrier Kitty Hawk, will be attacked by nuclear warhead tipped cruise missile in the Persian Gulf. The Lord said that descendants of Ishmael will do this thing. It will occur in near proximity of time to the impeachment proceedings. (We have evidently received an extension of time from the Lord on this fifth part of the prophecy. The other four parts are fulfilled.)

These events will trigger great tribulation. America will cease to function as a military power and will be brought down in fulfillment of the prophecies of Obadiah in one day.

What are we Americans to do? Pray! Perhaps the Lord may repent from doing this to our nation if we humble ourselves, pray, turn from our wicked ways and seek his face. Biblically speaking, there is no mention of America, so it is not required that the destruction of America must commence the great tribulation.

Church, prepare yourselves now. Hard times are ahead. Times of warfare and storms. I hope for a rapture before the onset of any of this but the Lord is saying nothing about it. In fact, His scripture tells His church that while it is in the world, it will suffer persecution and tribulation.

I don't want to be here if this is to happen here in America, but what if I am? It is hard to study the bible and attend bible studies in wartime. Do it now! Sink your roots deeply into Christ in these years of peace and plenty so that when the difficult times come, you will be ready and will be able to stand in the evil day. Even Jesus said that there are times when no man can work.

Let us do our work now of soul winning and disciple making. Let us left up our heads and our hands that hang down and receive strength from the Lord to work now with gladness and obedience.

Kitty Hawk Revelation
Kitty Hawk Revelation and Waking Vision, Details, Observations and Subsequent Events
Other Aircraft Carrier Prophecies

Stephen L. Bening

Here is the exact text of the word I distributed to my pastor and five other individuals on January 9, 1993.



January 9, 1993

Thus saith the Lamb, this thing I now purpose to do quickly. I have surely this day, January 9, 1993, opened the seal. The white horse and his rider have ridden forth to conquer. Surely, the Great Tribulation is about to commence. As in the days of Noah, this shall surely occur on the 17th of a month. Surely I have caused Aaron's rod to blossom almonds over my servants. Surely the ten American warships with their compliment of warplanes will be quickly destroyed by a surprise attack of cruise missiles. The American Aircraft carrier Kitty Hawk will be destroyed. The descendants of Ishmael shall do this thing. You shall seek for an American warplane in the Persian Gulf and you shall not find one. I told you that Elijah was coming, but you did not believe me. Truly, Moses was to come also, but you have erred and have not understood the scriptures. Did I not warn you that I would send a prophet like Moses and that you must do everything he commanded you?

Did I not warn you that that which has been is that which shall be. Yet you would not listen. I sent my servants to you but you considered them madmen and fools. My servants have blown the trumpet and few have entered the battle. They have warned you of the nearness of judgement and you have not responded with prayer. There will now be blood on your hands.

Surely I have sent a shot accross your bow last year and some turned to enter the battle and intercede for this nation, but they encountered turbulence and returned to their places of comfort, missing in action. I will surely now strike a blow amidships.

I have exhorted you to humble yourselves in fasting and prayer and seek my face. Have I not commanded you to seek first my kingdom and all other things would be added to you.

You have tested my messengers and not my spirit, saith the Lord.

Now the end is upon you and I shall send my anger against you and this country. I have asked you to pray that your flight would not be on the Sabbath Day or in winter. You have not prayed even this. You have been asleep. You have not seen the signs of the times. You must now quickly pray this prayer or I will cause the Trojan horse of Arms control to spew forth many missiles against your land. You must pray that your flight will not be on this sabbath or this winter.

Surely I have spoken through the mouths of little children who have led my servant. I have spoken today to my servant that a little child will lead him. I have used three children who are less than ten years of age to speak to him concerning these things. A ten year old sees but the adults are blind. I have caused a little three year old child to ride upon a white horse this day. I have had my little ten year old child ring a big bell one time this day to announce the coming of the horses, for surely the bell of the white horse has rung. I the lamb have broken the seal and no one can shut what I have opened. I have sent forth little children with this word to you to humble you before my face, for I humble the one who exalts himself and the lowly I exalt.

I have warned you to become as a little child and you have made yourselves experts in the law. You have lost your childlike eyes. You no longer seek the end of the rainbow. You no longer follow the beam of the star of Jacob when it shines upon the earth. You pass it off as a trick of the eye. Know this! I have treated you the same as my worm Jacob. I told Jacob I would send a star and I sent a star. I told you that I would show you the place of tribulation, and I have revealed it. I have shown you "Soma", and Somalia and Yugoslavia. I have shown you that Saddam Hussein is Zerubbabel and that I would use him as my signet ring. You have not listened.

I have warned you about judgement coming to California and I now purpose to execute this judgement. I have shown you Satan's name on the SS 18 Russian missiles and you have believed that the talk about peace and safety was of me. You must pray and fast now or I will send this too on the sabbath and in the winter.

You have said to yourselves, "We see", therefore your blindness remains.

Truly I have spoken a vision to my servants of a burning barn. The barn has now been set on fire. I have shown my servants a vision of a rock on the edge of Niagara Falls. That rock has fallen. Econonomic chaos and fire shall fall upon America.

I have revealed my numerical name to you in this generation: 24. You have laughed and considered this a trivial matter. I am the Omega! The End! I have shown you my sign in the heavens as I promised you: The X! The 24th letter of your alphabet. I have placed this letter on the heads of millions of Americans. They see Malcolm, not me. Still you do not see though you say that you do!

The United States has changed her God and forgotten the Lord. She has become the harlot. Though you have built your nest as high as the eagle, I will bring you down. The arrogance of your heart has deceived you. you who live in the clefts of the rock, In the loftiness of your dwelling place, Who say in your heart, Who will bring me down to earth? Though you build high like the eagle, Though you set your nest among the stars, From there I will bring you down, declares the Lord. I will do this suddenly.

My saints have cried before my throne, "How long, Sovereign Lord? Today, I have silenced their cries.


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