Published1/09/1993, Last Updated 08/13/2001
Details Of The Waking Vision, With All Subsequent and Related Events

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Kitty Hawk Revelation
Kitty Hawk Revelation and Waking Vision, Details, Observations and Subsequent Events
Other Aircraft Carrier Prophecies
Waking Vision/Symbolic Prophetic Experience of 3 ˝ Hours
Events of Saturday, 01/09/1993
With constant additions to this version as the Lord gives light

11:24 A.M.
I went to pick up my children. I was going to stay in Royal Palm Beach, Florida (60 miles North of Miami) with them on that day. I picked them up and we were driving back from the country to Royal Palm Beach. On the way, we were trying to figure out something to do. I felt the Lord impress the scripture from Isaiah 11:6-"And a little child shall lead them." I decided to play a game with the kids where they would lead me around. They would take turns in round robbin style, deciding where the family would go and what we would do. They selected numbers and I chose a number. Meg was closest to the number I selected, so she was to lead first. Meg chose to go to Dunkin Donuts. I was sitting in the Dunkin Donuts in Royal Palm Beach with my three children. We ordered a dozen donuts. I had coffee, Meg had white milk, Lorel had hot chocolate and Rachel had chocolate milk. Meg remarked that the date on her milk had already passed. She said it should have been rotten, but it was OK. At once, a siren went off, like a burglar alarm. Meg remarked, "That's the sign that everything just turned rotten." Immediately, I felt the Holy Spirit quicken within me. I felt that something was definitely going on in the spirit with respect to this "game". I started taking notes. The alarm went off at 11:24. At 11:30, we left Dunkin Donuts.

11:30 A.M.
We walked around the shopping center. It was now Rachel's turn to lead. Rachel led us to Publix. She was fascinating to watch. A three year old, I could literally see her being led by the Holy Spirit. It was as if she was not even in control of where she was going. She stopped, as if to triangulate and get her bearings, and then she marched toward the bread section. She selected some Little Debbie Jelly Rolls. The price was $1.09, on 1/9/93. On the back were the pictures of three presidents. Andrew Johnson, the 17th American President was one of them: two significant prophetic points for me. She also selected some Starburst candy. As we left Publix, we exited on the south side. Some children were selling chocolate bars with California almonds from Acreage Pines Elementary School. Rachel wanted one. The wrapper said "Washington D.C. Safety Patrol.

11:58 A.M.
It was now Lorel's turn to lead. I started to notice that the times were important because it was 11:58 when Lorel arrived at 1158 Royal Palm Beach Boulevard. There was a pet store at this location. We walked there, next to Publix, but the store had gone out of business. Lorel had wanted to see the blue and white birds. I was thinking at this time about all those American F-15 blue and white eagles that were flying to and from the Kitty Hawk Aircraft Carrier in the Persian Gulf.

12:02 A.M.
It was now Meg's turn to lead again. She decided to go to the crafts store. This store was located at 1202 Royal Palm Beach Blvd. We arrived at this store at 12:02 P.M.. Before we walked in, Meg saw some children that she knew. She said hello to her, but they treated her as though they did not even know her. This upset her. Meg entered. By this time, I was carefully watching every move the children made. Meg wanted to buy a wood burning set. I thought that this was significant in light of the word about the "burning barn". It was now Rachel's turn to lead, but being only 3, she didn't know where she wanted to go, so she passed. I began to want to hear what was going on with the news, so we went to the car and I tried to find out if anything was happening, but it seemed as if everything was quiet. It was now Lorel's turn. She wanted to go to K-Mart.

12:24 P.M.
We arrived at K-mart at 12:24 P.M. When we pulled into the parking lot, there was a car parked next to us and a black lady stepped out of her car. She started railing and cursing at me for no apparent reason. She sounded Jamaican and the kids were very uncomfortable. Lorel wanted to go in to search for a particular video game. She was interested in the SEGA Genesis Sonic Hedgehog. I asked her about this game. She said, "Its real neat daddy. He rolls along, low to the ground, going over and up and down over hills and valleys. He has this thing called blast processing where he goes real, real fast." As she said this, I had a vision in my mind of the American fleet of ships in the Persian Gulf being hit by a barrage of low flying, S curving missiles that were tipped with nuclear warheads. There were no birds left in the Persian Gulf. She was also interested in a Sony tape/compact disk player that was on sale for $109. I was already starting to interpret what was being played out before my eyes. Meg's turn was next, but by this time, Rachel had figured out that she wanted to go to Wal Mart, so Meg yielded to her.

1:24 P.M.
We arrived at Wal Mart and Rachel immediately ran up to the mechanical horses in front. She wanted to ride the white horse. She rode it over and over again until I ran out of quarters. She then wanted to go inside. She was going from item to item. Every item had some signficance of some kind. She picked up a bag that had a picture of an explosion on it that said "Baby Boom". She was particularly attached to anything that had "Aladin" on it. I connected Aladin to the Persian Gulf and Baby Boom to the nuclear explosion I had seen. She was also picking up everything with "Beauty and the Beast" on it, which I saw as the battle between light and darkness. As we were checking out of Wal Mart, the lady ahead of me had Johnsons Baby Powder that she was buying. I was thinking about Andrew Johnson and baby boom as I was looking at it. At once, she exclaimed to the clerk, "The seal is broken, the seal is broken."

When Rachel was finished, Meg had decided that she wanted to go to the Red Barn. All three children ran up to the big bell in front as were got out of the car and rang it. Immediately, I had the scripture about the "bells of the horses" from Zechariah quickened to me. The girls went in. Lorel wanted some sunflower seeds to plant. Meg was looking for some type of animal food. I found that it was Kitten food but they did not have it at the store. Lorel was still looking for her blue and white birds, but they were missing from here also. I thought that they were ready to leave, but the girls wanted to go next door to the health food store. Meg picked out some California prunes, which seemed strange, but I was looking at California judgement. I then took the girls home and we arrived by 3 P.M.


Meg-A dozen Dunkin Donuts-a dozen American ships will be dunked.
Meg-"Margaret-pearl". Pearl of great price.
Meg-Siren-warning alarm during missile attack
Meg-Rotten dated white milk that is not yet rotten-judgement decreed today that will turn rotten at a later date
Meg-Chocolate milk-derived from the Cacao plant, which has small yellow flowers followed by fleshy yellow pods. This points to the sun and things nuclear.

Lorel-11:24 A.M.
Lorel-Hot Chocolate-Name Lorel derived from Lorelei-"a place name, a dangerous rock jutting into the Rhine, the name of a tale of a siren perched on a rock to lure ships to destruction."
Lorel-Hot Chocolate-mudslides, perhaps volcanic

Rachel-Publix-selects Little Debbie-America's lost innocence, Publix stands for judgement of the nation.
Rachel selects Jelly Rolls-Rainbow color-God's Covenant broken
Rachel-Price $1.09 on 1/09/93-Emphasis that this is an important date. The first 109, Psalm 109:8-removal of Judas, replacement with Matthias...related to impeachment
Rachel-17th President-Day of Tribulation
Rachel-Andrew Johnson-Marking judgement as the 17th president. The only U.S. President to be impeached, Cut off before the end of his term. Points at danger to Clinton. Impeachment? Assasination?
Rachel-Starburst-Nuclear explosion
Rachel-Washington D.C. Safety Patrol-The prophets must warn the leaders of the judgements to come to the United States.
Rachel-Milk Chocolate with California almonds-blossoming of Aaron's rod-means the California prophecy will be the first fulfilled that will be the first ripened fruit. The almond was the first fruit to ripen in Israel. Chocolate-mudslides

Lorel-11:58 A.M.
Lorel-1158 Royal Palm Beach Blvd.
Lorel-Pet Store-Missing blue and white birds-No F15 Eagle warplane will survive

Meg-12:02 P.M.
Meg-1202 Royal Palm Beach Blvd.
Meg-Children who did not know her. The Lord's children do not recognize the hour of their visitation or the prophets.
Meg-Craft Store-Wood burning set-The burning barn vision of Marlin Simon.

Lorel-12:24 P.M.
Lorel-K Mart-Railing Jamaican Lady-Attack of Voodoo, Witchcraft against Erica and I, K is the 11th letter-The 11th hour.
Lorel-SEGA Genesis Sonic Hedghog-A type of cruise missile that hugs low to the ground.
Lorel-$109 Sony tape/CD player-Second indication of emphasis of this date, $109 is 100 times greater than the first $1.09, This nuclear judgement will be much worse than the impeachment, even 100 times worse, CD-Civil Defense

Rachel-1:24 P.M.
Rachel-Wal Mart-rides the white horse-The white horse has been released on this date.
Rachel-"sheep", wife of Jacob. The prophet Jeremiah and Matthew have put Rachel for the tribes of Ephraim and Manasseh. Rachel weeping for her children, but they are no more. Wal Mart=Wall Street=Economic disaster, prophecy received by David Wilkerson-Wal Street will go to zero for 30 days.
Rachel selects the Baby Boom Bag, Aladdin merchandise and Beauty and the beast merchandise-Small nuclear detonation, Suitcase nuclear weapon, The descendants of Ishmael will obtain it. The battle between Jesus and Satan, The Beauty-The Bride.
Rachel-The seal is broken/Johnson Baby Powder-Judgement seal is broken on the 17th with Andrew (above) marking judgement. The tribulation will begin with an event marked by Andrew's name.

Meg-2:24 P.M.
Meg-Red Barn-Marlin's Simon's vision of the burning barn
Meg-Sunflower seeds-nuclear judgement like the sunburst
Lorel-Missing birds-again the destroyed American Warships.
Meg-Missing Kitten food-The Kitty Hawk is destroyed.
Rachel-California Prunes-Judgement on California, to prune is to cut off All Three-Ringing Bell-The bells of the horses are ringing

SUBSEQUENT EVENTS-Fire from heaven, arrest, prophecy of 10 days in jail, 10 days in jail, freedom

I stayed up all night Saturday, January 9th, weeping over what I had seen and heard.

I went to church on Sunday, January 10th, and was quite overcome, even to weeping, during the song “Shield About Me”.

On January 12, in the morning, I began to travel South to see Marlin Simon and Frank Mullin, to tell them about the vision I had received.

When I reached Homestead, the Holy Spirit directed me to lift my left hand out of the window, as I drove and worshipped. When I did, something began to hit my hand. I asked the Lord what this was, and He said it was the fire from the altars of the churches that had been destroyed in Hurricane Andrew. When I reached the edge of the South eyewall damage, I was hit with a great surge of power in my left hand. I felt as if my body would explode. I pulled to the side of the road, and was instructed to carry what I had received to the altar at Spirit and Truth in Tavernier. I had a key to that church.

I went there, worshipped God and prayed that the fire would be placed at that altar. Then, I felt as though I was done, and went down to Frank Mullin in Marathon.

When I reached Marathon, I waved at Frank as he was getting up on dock getting out of his dinghy. When I waved at him, he fell down, under the power of the Lord, and he asked me what “whoa brother, what have you gotten into”. I explained and then departed.

I also remember staying a night at Don Gurgiola’s home. They were not there. The next day, I took a walk down Royal Poinciana way, and had some interesting thoughts about what I saw. At the end of the way, to the left, I went to the back yard of a big house, and sat on the canal. The fish were parading by me in a procession. It was beautiful and eerie at the same time. I’ve never seen anything like it.

While I was at the Gurgiola’s house, I was watching TV briefly, and I watched a cartoon about the Arabs getting hold of a nuclear weapon and attacking people with it.

I remember driving back north, taking US1 the whole way. I don’t remember whether this drive back occurred on the 11th or the 12th. When I got to the University of Miami, I went to the Student Center, to the bowling alley. I found the most peculiar looking bowling ball, very old, and pock marked. It made me think of the covenant of salt.

Then, I drove North, and felt led to go over to Miami Beach. I went to 17th street and saw that there was a Dade Blvd. I stopped, and was commanded to call fire down from heaven on Miami Beach. I was quite surprised when nothing happened. Also, I was a bit bothered by the unscriptural nature of this, since the Lord had rebuked the son’s of thunder for wanting to do this. I don’t remember wanting to do it, I was just obeying.

I stayed up that whole night, driving around with my arm out the window. I was depriving myself of sleep, and my mind was not handling what had happened to me very well. I was hanging my hand out the window, trying to collect more power. As I look back now, I think that it was about here where I began to hallucinate. It was beginning to be quite crazy, but I didn’t seem to care. I was also concerned with what numbers of highways I was driving on and colors and shapes, etc. I had already begun to crack up a bit.

This process continued until the night of the 15th, when I was in Oakland Forest, sitting on a sidewalk, reading from Jeremiah out loud. Then, I went off walking, following some leadings of some sort. I wound up entering a home, where some voice or another inside my head had said that there was some money for me. Sure enough, there was $120 there, and I put it in my pocket. I sat down in someone’s apartment whom I did not know. Someone saw me, and called the police, and off to jail I went on the 15th.

On the 19th, when I had been in jail 5 days, the Lord told me that I would suffer in jail for ten days (Revelation 2:10). By this time, I had stopped hallucinating, and was OK. I was sure that I was hearing from the Lord again. On January 24th, in the morning, Tom Chapman came and bonded me out. I had not called anyone, or asked him to do this. It was the tenth day.

I’m writing these SUBSEQUENT EVENTS down now, on 8/13/2001, because it was extremely embarrassing 8 years and 7 months ago to deal with the fact that I had cracked up to this degree. I learned, during this time, that mental health and sanity are a gift from God. The most stable person will go crazy and have a breakdown if God removes his hand of protection from them for a day or two. I’m able to look back on it now as a very humbling time, and yet the most prophetically powerful time in my life as well. God showed me things, and demonstrated to me that I was not ready to walk continually in all of his power at that time in my life.

Nevertheless, several parts of this were very real. The fire in my left hand was very real. No one could stand up for three days when I stretched my hand toward them. This was not my imagination. It was real, and a considerable force of power. Was it from God? It came to me while I was worshipping God. My pastors agree that this must have come from the Lord. However, it was more than I was able to handle.

The Miami Beach incident, of calling down fire from heaven on that city, is something I never told anyone about. When it did not occur, I thought that perhaps, what I had called down was revival fire, and I suppose, there still is a slim possibility that may still be the case. Until today, I was not sure whether it was from the Lord, or a product of my hallucinations that followed later, and the Lord had left it buried and untouched. I had not stepped South of 17th Street in Miami since that day.

Yesterday, on 8/12/2001, We went to Miami Beach to minister and help a poor woman named Conchita. We brought her some textiles, and bought her some food. When we left her, we went to see Lincoln Road, and it was then that all of this came flooding back to me.

I prayed, and I did not feel it was proper for me to eat or drink in this place. We continued to walk a great length of the way down Lincoln road. I spoke out, several times, while we were walking that this entire area will be destroyed by fire from heaven. I said it several times. The last place we visited was 701 Lincoln Road, where she worked in 1995 and 1996. She worked in Suite 109. Now, the salon was named “The Ezequiel Salon”. When she had worked there, it had been called “La Reina Salon”.

When we reached home, we ate, and then, I believe the Lord quickened Ezekiel 7 to me. Then, the next day, it became clear to me that the use of “109” was letting me know that all that the Lord showed me is very close and ready to come to pass. That is what Ezekiel 7 says. It was given 5 years before the destruction of Jerusalem.

Then, today, on 8/13/2001, the Lord answered my question. I had asked why the Lord would lead me to go to Miami Beach 8 years and 7 months, to the day, after my work there in 1993. Revelation 8:7 was quickened to me.

It is interesting that on 8/12/2001, in the evening, I co-officiated a wedding there with Marcello Caridi, at 5445 Collins. I preached the gospel at the reception. I had no takers.

I’m becoming more convinced, particularly after the Revelation 8:7 word today, that the fire I called down on Miami Beach will be hail and fire mixed with blood of Revelation 8:7, and that the whole of the 109 events, which was the $109 event in the waking vision, or the Persian Gulf Kitty Hawk attack will happen soon. $109 is 100 times more than $1.09. Numbers 24:24 will happen soon. Tonight, I saw the difference between $1.09 (Impeachment) and $109 (Kitty Hawk attack). I also noted that I got the SEGA genesis game, Sonic Hedgehog, back a month ago. Richard fixed it, and it’s now in my bedroom. Yes, the Lord is bringing many of the elements of this waking vision back into my life now. I can’t escape it.

Surely, the Lord uttered Ezekiel 7 through me last night. The anointing of God was on me when I read it out loud at home. It is a frightening scripture....

News Article 1/94-Iran took delivery of 8 Sunburst Anti Ship missiles in 1992, US possesses no countermeasure, Can carry up to a 200 Kiloton nuclear warhead. (20 times Hiroshima)
New Article 11/2003-Russia has now shipped over 200 Sunburn missiles to Syria. North Korea and China possess them. All are nuclear capable. ADDITIONAL REVELATION
On November 6, 2003, I became aware that January 9, 1993, the date I received this vision, was Tebeth 17 on the Hebrew calendar. That is, the 4th month, 17th day. It thereby coincides with the dream I had received on July 4, 1991, where I had an audio dream with no visual, hearing the words spoken over and over again: 4:17, 4:17.

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