Revelation: The name of Andrew (Andreas) will be used to mark judgement in this generation. Eventually fulfillment will involve a great earthquake along the San Andreas, in California.
Published 7/13/1992
Fulfilled 8/24/1992, additional fulfillments expected

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I was sitting at my desk at my little office at 3531 Griffin Road in Ft. Lauderdale. It was the afternoon of July 13, 1992 and Art Cormier had just placed a newspaper article into my hands. The article was an in depth discussion of the San Andreas fault in California, complete with pictures.

As I sat, reading that article, the Lord suddenly spoke to me. He said, "the name of Andrew will be used to mark judgement in this generation."

I tried to process what the Lord had just said. First of all, it seemed that the Lord was saying that the San Andreas fault was named for Andrew. This seemed obvious, since Andreas is the Spanish and the Greek rendering of the name Andrew. But was the San Andreas named the Apostle Andrew?

I went downtown to the Library to do the research and found that Franciscan Missionary Palou named the valley he entered on November 30 the "San Andreas Valley" because as he came down into that valley, he was attacked by a bear. Since the Saint commemorated on that day is the Apostle Andrew, he named the valley for Andrew. Then, in 1866, the town of San Andreas, California was chartered. Some time later, the earthquake fault running through the valley was tagged with that same name.

I wanted to quickly deliver this word to my pastor and elders. My pastor was not listening very much to me, but he had handed me over to his associate pastor, Joseph Cella.

I met with Cornerstone Church Elder Joe Cella on July 13 and told him "ANDREW WILL BE USED TO MARK JUDGEMENT". But, after all, what was he to do at that time?

On August 17, 1992, Tropical Storm Andrew formed in the central Atlantic. I went literally ballistic, yet no one warned the church. I thought that certainly, some prophetic warning to pray would be released, but none was.

Hurricane Andrew hit on August 24. Blitz Robinson, another Cornerstone Church member gifted in prophecy, had received word on July 12 that "A Great storm cometh" and a vision of a great ship straining on high seas in a hurricane. This came one day before the Lord gave me the word about Andrew. We never connected the two until after the storm.

Thus was fulfilled what was prophesied in Matthew 8:24 and Luke 8:24. A great storm to come at 8/24. 8/24/92. An interesting fulfillment and an even greater novelty that the gospels should coincide at such a strategic scripture

I had thought that this accurate prophetic word would immediately bring me recognition with my pastors, but it seemed that I was ignored all the more.

As I look back on that time from the time of November, 2000, I realize now that I needed a great deal more training in the ways and methods of walking in the prophetic office. Most of all, Jesus needed to humble me. At that time however, I thought that I was ready to take on any job the Lord would give.

Yes, the Lord had proven to me that he had indeed called, appointed and anointed me as a prophet, but everyone else seemed unimpressed. As I look back on that time, it was very important for me, because it was at this time that I did become certain that I had not imagined the Lord's call upon my life. I would have to be very certain of that call, because I was to receive almost no encouragement from men for the next two years.

Since that time, I have come to know that something on the order of thirty or more prophetic witnesses have a vision or dream or word of prophecy to report along these lines, regarding the great earthquake that is to come along the San Andreas in California.

God gave me one more bit of information in 1993: that this earthquake would be very much like the Great Alaska earthquake of the 1960's, only more severe.

Stephen L. Bening

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