Published 8/24/1999
Still Awaiting fulfillment

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This prophecy was printed in my September, 1999 GAMMADIM VISION newsletter:

I was in the spirit late on the evening of August 23, 1999. After a few hours in the word, the Lord led me to do research about the city recently leveled by earthquake in Turkey: Izmit. Izmit, where as many as 40,000 people may have been killed, was formerly named Nicomedia.

1992 was an active year prophectically. The Lord allowed me to accurately predict three things concerning hurricane Andrew: (1) It's name, which was given on July 13, 1992, (2) It's destruction, likened unto a nuclear blast, which was given by vision on July 24, 1992 and (3) It's date, August 24, 1992. The third part is relevant to Nicomedia.

August 24, 358 A.D. marked the date when Nicomedia (Ismit) was first destroyed by earthquake. A Christian named Arsacius had received a vision of the calamity and had asked the clergy to call the people to prayer and penitence, but he was ignored. He returned to his watchtower, for he was a soldier/watchman. The city was destroyed as he predicted.

It was as I read this story on August 1, 1992 that the Lord spoke that a great calamity would befall South Florida on August 24, 1992. Hurricane Andrew struck Homestead on that date.

The Lord spoke this same way again on the evening of August 23, 1999. As soon as I discovered that Izmit was formerly named Nicomedia and that the vision of calamity seen by Arsacius had been fulfilled twice, the Lord spoke and said that the vision of calamity that is to strike South Florida will occur twice.

Hurricane Floyd has safely passed us by in Florida. Was Floyd the calamity? My answer is no! It is still to come. I urge you to prayer and penitence. The great commission as given by Luke is to preach repentance and remission of sins. Let us pray and seek the Lord that His mercy will triumph over his judgement. We can't repent too much!

The interval between the revelation and the fulfillment concerning the 1992 prophecies relating to hurricane Andrew was one month and eleven days. That was not a lot of time. Will the interval this time also be as short? Could October 4, 1999 be indicated? I do not know, but I urge everyone who reads this to pray and not delay.

Predictive prophecy is of secondary importance when compared to the the primary role of any prophet: which is to face God and to inform the church of what he is saying through revelation for the preparation of the bride. So that we may all become vessels of honor, fit for the master's hand and purpose. So may we all walk.

It has not yet come to pass.

Stephen L. Bening

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