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"Gammadim"- A Watchman in the tower of American Tyre (Ezek 27:11)

Stephen L. Bening
2345 W. Hillsboro Blvd., Suite 200, Deerfield Beach, FL 33442
(954) 979-9916
Issue 99-01 June/July, 1999

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In this era of information overload, this newsletter is designed to be similar in style to the Kiplinger tax letter: short, easy to read and hopefully replete with helpful suggestions and reminders for smooth ministerial operation and timely reporting of current events and words of prophecy that effect your ministries and businesses.

Those of you who are preparing to ordain or license ministers should advise these new ministers that they have one year from the date of ordination to "opt out" of the social security program. A form must be filed with IRS to accomplish this. Contrary to much misinformation to the contrary, a minister who decides to exempt himself from social security with respect to his ministerial earnings does not lose social security benefits he is otherwise entitled to on non-ministerial earnings.

Certain accounting practitioners have been attracting church and ministry business through the witchcraft of manipulation through fear. Scare tactics notwithstanding, less than 10 ministers have ever been incarcerated because of church or ministry related activities. ***BAD NEWS-The New York times of April 1 reports that a church will lose it's tax exempt status because it ran advertisements saying that voting for Bill Clinton would be a sin. Another upstate New York church was stripped of it's status by IRS after it took out Newspaper advertisements that strongly suggested that Christians not vote for Bill Clinton in 1992.

Binyamim Baruch has released a book entitled "The Day Of The Lord Is At Hand". He predicts, among many other things, that a total loss of the fall harvest in some future year will be the final warning from God that America will be completely destroyed. It contains much light from God. It available through "The Prophecy Club" at (785) 478-1112.

***USEFUL WEB SITES is the web site for Christian Ministry Resources, Richard R. Hammar, Esq, President. They publish the "Church Treasurers Report" and "Pastor, Church and Law". It is a treasure trove for church administrative resources. is the website for Endtime Ministries. Pastor Ervin Baxter, Jr presents a daily radio program called "Politics and Religion." He also publishes a bi-monthly magazine called "endtime" which is a must read. Call 1-800-endtime to subscribe. God is revealing secrets to the understanding of scripture to Ervin that no one else is seeing. You can listen to his radio program online if you download a free real audio player..

"The Prophecy Club" issues a bi-monthly newsletter. The July/August issue includes 13 prophetic words delivered to Dr. Bill Deagle, some purportedly spoken to him by the angel Gabriel. Every Christian who reads this needs to obtain a copy of this newsletter at (785) 478-1112, read it and discern for his or herself.

The population of the West Bank in Israel is 144,000 and there are 144 settlements. Biblically, this area is known as Judaea. Compare to Matthew 24:16-17 and Revelation 7:4.

***HURRICANE IRENE-1999-DEERFIELD BEACH, FL-Pray that it never materializes!

I have told several of you over the last two years that I believed that the Lord was showing me that we would eventually have to discard our tax exemption status under 501 c 3. The idea that came to me was that a church or ministry could operate as a "for profit" corporation. Last year, I met a Christian Tax Attorney. He already has set one up and operating in New York. Current plans by IRS are for the audit of 20% of churches and ministries every year. Currently, less than 1/2 of 1% of US. Corporations are audited each year. With the advent of the substantial and recently enacted penalties known as intermediate sanctions against churches and ministries, this type of status continues to gain appeal. Churches may also decide to operate simply as an unincorporated church. It may be difficult to obtain a bank account if you choose this route, although many are opting for this. The church facility can be owned by a trust or a "for profit" corporation. My current advice is that your church should be a "not for profit" corporation, but it should not have filed for a 501 c 3 exemption. It is already automatically "excepted" under 501 c 3. Most pastors believe they are required to file form 1023 for a church or for ministry that performs part of the essential functions of the church, such as a missions organization. Such a church or ministry does not have to file form 1023 or form 990. It should simply incorporate, obtain a federal ID number and commence operations. Non-church ministry functions such as social programs and services should be run through a separate 501 c 3 approved ministry corporation.

On January 9, 1993, while I was a member of Cornerstone Church in Davie, FL, I received a 3 and 1/2 hour waking vision and word of prophecy. To reduce it down to the salient points, it was revealed to me that:
a. The Little Child, or "El Nino" would precede the judgements against America
b. The initial judgements were said to be against California
c. These California judgements were shown to me in the form of milk chocolate. (This was later confirmed by mudslides in California)
d. President Clinton would be impeached. (Fulfilled in late 1998)
e. The US aircraft carrier "Kitty Hawk" and 11 supporting vessels will be destroyed in the Persian Gulf by an attack perpetrated by the "descendants of Ishmael". I saw nuclear cruise missiles approach and destroy the Kitty Hawk and all of her airplanes and accompanying ships and I heard the number killed: 12,600. I was told that this would happen on the 17th day of some future month. I was led to believe that it would occur very nearly in proximity of time to the impeachment of Clinton. I was also filled with the feeling in my spirit that it would operate as the falling first domino of many in a sudden downfall and judgement of America.
On April 21, 1999, the U.S. Aircraft carrier KITTY HAWK entered the Persian Gulf.

The June 4, 1999, the Washington Post and New York Times online announced that the 15 nations of the European Union have decided to become a military power. They have authorized the TEN militarily aligned nations of the EU to build a military and they have named Javier Solana as their "Tsar". Europe will now have a "TEN HORNED" military power. (Revelation 13:1) The ten militarily aligned nations are former Roman Empire outposts. On that same day, the Lord drew me to Numbers 24:24 and gave me insight into the meaning of this verse. My Persian Gulf revelation is now found in scripture. Balaam saw in waking vision "Chittim" afflicting "Asshur" and "Eber" with ships. Geographically, Asshur and Eber correspond to Iraq. Chittim, to the Jew, was anyone living on an Island or a Western Coastland. (Josephus 1.6.1) Chittim, as pronounced by the Hebrew, is "KITTY". KITTY HAWK!

In December, 1992, I was reading in Luke 17:37 and the Lord gave me insight into the meaning of the mysterious saying of Jesus that "Wheresoever the body is, there the eagles will be gathered together." The "body", or Greek "Soma", may also be translated as "slave". The disciples had asked a geographic question, "Where Lord?" Jesus answered them geographically, giving them the "place of tribulation." When the Eagles, Russia and America, are gathered to the Slavic lands militarily, then the time of tribulation will be at hand, as identified by the place of their gathering. This tribulation will be preceded by persecution of Christians by secular Christianity which will cause a great falling away, or apostasy. One will be taken: another left.
As I write, Russian and American soldiers are gathering to the Slavic lands. It appears that this 1,969 year old prophecy is now being fulfilled. I ask you to join me in asking of the Lord that we would be given wisdom and understanding to walk in this perilous time. Judgement will now fall very quickly and severely on our land. Persecution is finally coming to America. We will need to live holy lives and consecrate our selves to follow Jesus closely now, for a misstep or a backsliding at an inopportune time could have life and death consequences.
We have entered a time of great seriousness and gravity before the Lord. God bless you all. Let us pray!

Stephen L. Bening is a prophet in the church of our Lord Jesus Christ which meets at Harvest Fellowship, 6730 Stirling Road, Hollywood, FL 33024. Telephone (954) 986-2935, Pastor Joseph Cella. Services and prayer are ongoing every day of the week. Call for service times and locations. Member AACML Association of Ministers. Stephen L. Bening is also the president of Stephen L. Bening Financial Ministries and Bening Consulting and Freedom Chapel Ministries, Inc. and is active in Financial Ministry to the Church, as well as in service to traditional businesses who need accounting, tax and paralegal services.

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