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"Gammadim"- A Watchman in the tower of American Tyre (Ezek 27:11)

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August/September 1999

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You have 15 months from your date of incorporation to file form 1023 for a ministry or church, if you want to voluntarily request exemption under 501 c 3.

Churches may file form 1023 and receive a 501 c 3 approval letter but may opt to not file form 990. Filing of form 990 places the church or ministry in IRS publication 78: the listing of approved charitable organizations. If the church does not care about publication 78 listing, filing of form 990 may be avoided.

For us, that is! Rev. Blitz Robinson went home to be with the Lord on Saturday, September 11, Rosh Hoshanah. I will miss him very much. Thirteen years of beautiful ministry before the Lord.

A church can purchase a property for a bargain amount. The donor can obtain a charitable donation for the portion donated and reports a sale for the remainder. Please call for details.

A Louisiana court ruled a church and a youth minister liable for the injuries of a young boy who was struck by a vehicle while crossing a busy street unsupervised and unaccompanied during a dining stop on a church-sponsored trip. Clearly, chaperones must maintain control over all members of a youth group on a trip, even during dining stops. (See Church Law and Tax Report, November/December 1998)

David Wilkerson writes a newsletter called "Times Square Church" Pulpit series. It is available free by calling 903-963-8626. This is a very good read to keep you awake, aware and watching.

***USEFUL WEB SITES is the website for "The Prophecy Club". Listen to broadcasts online with a free downloadable real audio player.

The Drudge report of June 28 informs us that two Russian TU-98 "Bear" bombers flew withing striking distance of the United States last week. Four US F-15 fighters were scrambled to meet them near Iceland on Friday, June 25, 1999 according to US intelligence.

The San Andreas fault in California is named after the Apostle Andrew. It was so named by Franciscan missionary Francisco Palou, who entered that valley on November 30, or St. Andrew's feast day. He was promptly attacked by a bear. God has spoken to me that "in this generation, I will mark judgement by the name of Andrew." Prophecy-Stephen L. Bening July 13, 1992. Many prophets have predicted a terrible earthquake along this fault line, but God has revealed that this prophesied earthquake will be followed quickly by a "bear attack" against the United States.

The "Convoy Of Love" outreach will be held at Pro Player Stadium in North Miami/Dade on December 16, from noon to 9 P.M.. Food will be GIVEN away. We hope to preach the full gospel of Jesus of Nazareth to more than 10,000. Contact Lonnie Tolbert (305) 685-8568

***HURRICANE IRENE-1999-DEERFIELD BEACH, FL-Pray that it never materializes!


Here we are, less than 100 days now from the end of the year and everywhere I turn: TV, Radio, pulpits, there is silence concerning Y2K. There has been doublespeak. It seems that people who speak for the Lord are reluctant to take a position. I only want to know one thing: What have the prophets said? Amos 3:7 states that "Surely the Lord will do nothing, but he revealeth his secret unto his servants the prophets." I am a prophet: The Lord's gift to the church. What has the Lord told me? On May 9, 1999, I wrote the following: "Initially, it will appear as though the predicted problems will amount to nothing, then suddenly, problems will appear and quickly worsen. These problems will not necessarily center on the 1/1/2000 date that has been demonized in the media. Many of those who have prepared early will drop their guard and some will even dispose of items they have collected as part of their preparedness efforts. Then the trouble will come suddenly and unexpectedly." Additionally, I have spoken from the pulpit that Psalm 99:8 references the year 1999, when God "tookest vengeance of their inventions." This scripture is the biblical prophecy of Y2K. What have other prophets said? Bill Deagle prophesied concerning Y2K on May 5, 1999. The July/August issue of The Prophecy Club newsletter published his word that was purportedly given by the angel Gabriel. Mr. Deagle calls himself a prophet. Deagle wrote "Look, here are the supplies that you need! They are in the garage of this man and many thousands of others who have prepared well for Y2K. They are not your Christian brothers and sisters, nor have they sought out the "Gold of His word". Therefore, when the crisis of Y2K seems to be over, they will put down their guard, and will not seek wisdom from the Father. They sought only to preserve their way of life, and when the imminent threat is over, they will lay down their guard. You, and those who hear and obey, will gain these great resources bought by rich men, who will sell them to you at 11 to 13 cents on the dollar. Tell the people of the Holy Covenant, they are to store up not only for themselves, but for many who will turn and be saved in the Days of Trial for the Whole world....Now is the time to prepare in a sacrificial way." I urge you to obtain this entire word from Prophecy Club. I have only printed key excerpts. Finally, Apostle John Neuhaus of Fort Lauderdale, who walks with signs and wonders following as he ministers the gospel in the hard places of South America where no one else goes, said early in 1999 that Abraham had two visitations from the Lord in his 99th year, and that the 99th year is a prediction for 1999. The Lord visited Abraham to open the womb of Sarah: to make her fruitful. The Lord also visited Abraham to announce the judgement of Sodom. John said we are to expect two visitations after these types: That the Lord will come in the church before He comes for it. The prophets are all telling the church to prepare, not selfishly, but sacrificially. I believe that those who prepare now will be blessed by the Lord after 1/1/2000 as the Lord quickly makes them aware of individuals who are selling their supplies. We must seek the Lord, especially after 1/1/2000 when it appears that not much has happened. Do not let your guard down.

I was in the spirit late on the evening of August 23, 1999. After a few hours in the word, the Lord led me to do research about the city recently leveled by earthquake in Turkey: Izmit. Izmit, where as many as 40,000 people may have been killed, was formerly named Nicomedia. 1992 was an active year prophectically. The Lord allowed me to accurately predict three things concerning hurricane Andrew: (1) It's name, which was given on July 13, 1992, (2) It's destruction, likened unto a nuclear blast, which was given by vision on July 24, 1992 and (3) It's date, August 24, 1992. The third part is relevant to Nicomedia. August 24, 358 A.D. marked the date when Nicomedia (Ismit) was first destroyed by earthquake. A Christian named Arsacius had received a vision of the calamity and had asked the clergy to call the people to prayer and penitence, but he was ignored. He returned to his watchtower, for he was a soldier/watchman. The city was destroyed as he predicted. It was as I read this story on August 1, 1992 that the Lord spoke that a great calamity would befall South Florida on August 24, 1992. Hurricane Andrew struck Homestead on that date. The Lord spoke this same way again on the evening of August 23, 1999. As soon as I discovered that Izmit was formerly named Nicomedia and that the vision of calamity seen by Arsacius had been fulfilled twice, the Lord spoke and said that the vision of calamity that is to strike South Florida will occur twice. Hurricane Floyd has safely passed us by in Florida. Was Floyd the calamity? My answer is no! It is still to come. I urge you to prayer and penitence. The great commission as given by Luke is to preach repentance and remission of sins. Let us pray and seek the Lord that His mercy will triumph over his judgement. We can't repent too much! The interval between the revelation and the fulfillment concerning the 1992 prophecies relating to hurricane Andrew was one month and eleven days. That was not a lot of time. Will the interval this time also be as short? Could October 4, 1999 be indicated? I do not know, but I urge everyone who reads this to pray and not delay. Predictive prophecy is of secondary importance when compared to the the primary role of any prophet: which is to face God and to inform the church of what he is saying through revelation for the preparation of the bride. So that we may all become vessels of honor, fit for the master's hand and purpose. So may we all walk.

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