August 26, 2002

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Dear Readers:

I am replying here to a Bob Neuman post to WPA (Watchmen-Prophets-Assembly, on Yahoo Groups) that he made on 7/08/2001. That is, one year, one month, and 18 days ago. Why?

This year, I was in Illinois, visiting my ailing father and stepmother. Dad has been troubled with cancer for many years, alternating between doing better and worse. This July, he was quite a bit better, and we were able to do some home repairs as a father and son team to his home in the Southern Illinois town of Cambria.

On the morning of 7/08/2002 (PLEASE NOTICE THE DATE), I was sitting in my bedroom in my Father's house. I had accompanied my mother to Walnut Street Baptist Church, in Carbondale, Illinois, the preceding day. The message was, in a word, abominable. The hands of evil doers were strengthened. People were told that they were sinners, and they could not stop sinning, and I was in shock. This was the church where my Grandfather had served, as a holy man of God, as a leader, and a deacon. He must have been doing something as he looked over the heavenly rail.

Now, on this Monday morning, 7/08/2002, I had been studying in Romans 7 for more than an hour, on the issue of "wretched man that I am", and on the glorious fact that Jesus Christ has delivered me.

Then, I looked at my watch. It was a Timex Ironman Watch, that I purchased about ten years ago. The time on that watch has stopped, frozen on it's face.

The following numbers were frozen on the digital display:

0 7 8

I hope that layout comes accross on the email. There were two lines of numbers, and the display was frozen.

The watch was hopelessly frozen. I tried pressing every button in every sequence I could come up with: there are five buttons on the watch. But, to no avail, nothing could erase those numbers.

I prayed, and asked God what it meant. I knew in my spirit that it meant something. I looked in the scriptures that reference those numbers for me, but nothing was forthcoming from the Lord. I wrote the episode down in detail in my spiritual journal. I considered the childlike aspect of the sign that "TIME HAD STOPPED".

Yesterday, on Sunday, August 25, 2002, my son, John Mark, age 8, wore that Timex Ironman watch to church. I did not notice that he had dug it out of my drawer, and claimed it as his own, until after church meeting was over. He was proudly wearing his father's watch on his left arm, just like I wear mine.

He wore it to dinner with us to the Fountain Plaza Restaurant. Oh, there are lot's of images here. While at dinner, he showed it to me. To my astonishment, he had managed to reset the watch, but it still was not working. Instead, now all the numbers were zero, with an M in the upper left hand corner. It looked like this:

M 0 0

I pay attention when things happen through John Mark like this, for the Lord revealed while he was in his mother's womb that John Mark is called as a prophet before the Lord, from his mother's womb.

I pondered on this, and asked, Lord, what does this mean? I knew that it had significance.

The Lord had spoken much to me this weekend, that I have yet to write down for WPA (Watchmen-Prophets-Assembly) posterity. What could it mean?

In the childlike sense, time had been set back to zero; time had been rolled over, sort of like it does when a new millenium begins. Or, sort of like the midnight change over from pm to am.

Could it be that the third day (spoken of in Hosea 6, when combined with 2 Peter 3:8) began on Sunday, August 25, 2002? I had received other signs.

But then, today, I was still pondering the riddle of the frozen Timex Ironman watch, with it's reset time to all zero's with an M (the Roman numeral for thousand). As I looked, the Lord told me to search for what was written on 7/08/2001. Those were the numbers originally frozen on the watch, but I had never thought to look for that date before.

I looked on my website, GAMMADIM VISION. I had not written anything on that date. I looked in my spiritual handwritten journal. Again, there was nothing. Then, I looked on WPA (Watchmen-Prophets-Assembly). There were three posts.

The first two were by Kristine Carson, and were posts of the good and welfare variety. Then there was a post by Jarl Ami, whom I know to be Bob Neumann, operating in stealth mode at that time, and I started to get the chills.

Bob's article was entitled, THE BASEMENT.

In this article, Bob tells of an unusually vivid dream he had of being in his Father's house in Illinois (Just like I was), when a warning siren began to go off. In Illinois, when we hear these things, it is a tornado warning.

You can read Bob's account of the dream. It later turned to visions of an armed attack, with missiles, crashing planes, airplanes straffing the street.


As I write the question, the image that comes to mind is that of the doomsday clock. Every year, so called experts adjust it ever closer to midnight, when every watch rolls over from 11:59 PM to 12:00 Midnight to 12:01 AM.

PM is an abbreviation for Post Meridiem, which denotes the time as being after noon. AM denotes Anti Meridiem, which stands for being before noon.

The term "zero hour" is described in Websters as "its being marked by the count of zero in a countdown; the hour at which a planned military operation is scheduled to start.; the time at which an unusually significant or notable event is scheduled to take place; a time when a vital decision or decisive change must be made.

Well, that says it all, prophetically, does it not!

It is zero hour. The third day is here (Spoken of by Hosea), the storm is here that Bob Neumann and I have seen coming and prophesied about. Tim Snodgrass says it is beginning before the end of 2002, as he has prophesied of a great earthquake in America soon. John Lallier emailed me this morning and said that something big and terrible is coming, and prayer won't stop it.

Morning is coming, and also the night (according to Isaiah). MORNING IS HERE! HERE COMES THE NIGHT, CHARGING QUICKLY ON IT'S HEELS.

Stephen L. Bening

--- In Watchmen-Prophets-Assembly@y..., jarl ami wrote:

Friday night/Saturday morning.... I had an unusual and vivid dream where i was standing in what looked like my parents home of 20-30 years ago. As i was slowly walking through the dining room toward the front door the town sirens went off. Living in rural Illinois this usually meant a "funnel" cloud had been sighted.

At this point i saw one of my younger sisters at age 5 or 6 (she is now 30 something with 3 sons) and i took her to the basement which looked much as it did back then. But no one else was. So i went up the steps and noticed the house was now dark and that strange "steam locomotive" sound was approaching.

I have watched and heard several "TORNADO'S" pass by my over the years, and i had the experience of watching and listening to Hurricane Andrew tear off my roof. So the event felt and looked all too real. At this point i "found" another one of my sisters age 7-8 and took her to the basement. There i found several people

i did not know. What i did find was a man, who i have worked with over two years. We said hello and i noticed he held two children...twins age @ 10 months. In the natural he was just married several months ago. When last we worked his family was not expecting.

At this point i was missing 2 parents...2 sisters, 3 brothers....i am the oldest of 8 children. Since i was seeing both the past and (theoretically a future)....it was weird...and i had a wife and two children unaccounted for. So i was not surprised to find myself running up the stairs and through the house. Standing at the front door holding the front door open was the third sister...i now had the three youngest accounted for. As i stepped

out the door i noticed the increase in the "sound" and the intense wind blowing. My sister was looking towards what would be the east and i tried to pull her through the door but she resisted. All around us there was a rapid swirling of dust and debris without any pattern. It was then that i realized that none of the houses on "our block" were there. All the "homes"/"buildings" were unfamiliar and haphazardly spread out around us.

As i again started to pull my younger sister into the house i head a dull "whining" pierce through the constant roar of the "approaching tornado". As i looked to my left i saw a large multi-engined jet plane trailing smoke and showing damage to it's wings and tail structure. I watched it scream past and crash beyond us. Then i noticed a turbine sound, high pitched, coming towards us from the opposite direction. SUDDENLY the sound stopped and i saw a "missile" of some sort fly overhead and i heard it crash moments later. At this point i picked her up and was about to carry her to the basement when i heard explosions coming from the East and watched as a low flying jet was strafing down "our street".

I quickly ran through the house and down the steps to the "basement"....only it had changed. Now it was a huge area filled with many, many people. All sizes, ages, colors, whatever. Along the walls and through the area itself were rows of piled "supplies" and "stuff". At this point i stood alone dressed in my usual faded fatigues with combat harness. I turned and walked towards where the "steps" should be, only to an earthen ramp with sandbags lining the opening. I walked out of the "basement" on to a scene of swirling colors and lights.

My thought was "war" in the heavenlies. The ground was barren and there was a sandbag wall and barrier in front of the opening to the place i had just left. The "WORD" that came was "redought"....if i spell it right. On "the roof" of the underground was a "fighting position" with sandbags and sheet metal. All around us were trenches and other positions....most empty of defenders. I watched as individuals and fireteams were "returning fire" from points completely surrounding the position.

It was obvious it was time to "pull" back to a closer...tighter defensive perimeter.... and as one....all the defenders pulled out of their spots in the defenses and dropped into prepared positions surrounding the "redought". I "knew" the area had been prepared and supplied for this battle. As all made ready the air itself began to shift and distort.

i felt sudden nausea....and awakened in a full sweat.

the last battle appears to have begun.

old dog

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