PROPHECY: Images And Threads-A Snapshot Of The Times
August 23, 2002

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Dear Readers:

The last several days have seen a flurry of revelation and activity that has crossed my computer screen. It has been a lot to digest. I have a prompting in my spirit today to pull together snapshots: images of the threads that have been running concurrently.

I’m going to try not to look at the articles as I write this: I’m going to go from memory of what I have been reading, as these images and words have been implanted in my spirit. It will be interesting to see if I have misquoted anyone when I finish. I’m also going to try to make it a self explaining article, so that the new reader will not have to go back and read 100 previously posted articles unless they are led of the Lord to do so.

These are exciting and frightening times, are they not?

Ron Williams and I have been pondering on doctrines of election and grace, and doing some work in the areas of Calvinism and Arminianism, and I have found it quite illuminating that the works of the Jesuits have been coming to light. Ron has been attempting to speak some sense to Mr. Ingo Schneuing, of Germany, who has been a persistent sower of division in our midst. Ron has served there without success, on these issues, and others. I had been wondering why the Holy Spirit has been speaking about election in this time, and with all these other threads abounding. Ron has been adamant in his positions that man is not in charge of very much where God is concerned, and I find that I agree. We need God for EVERYTHING.

Bob Neumann has brought image upon image. The most captivating for me is the image that present church government model (the one pastor speaking to 200 Greco-Roman mutes), as we know it, is going to be smashed by a tremendous storm, that will come by some Purim (The Hebrew Spring festival celebrating the deliverance of the Hebrews from Haman, through the intercession of Esther) in the future. That storm was shown to Bob as the fourth thunder. Bob has brought forth images, given him several years ago, of churches that gather for the express purpose of bringing forth a word of rhema (a clear word from the Lord): something that is rarely if ever seen today. He describes the smashing of Babylon (the false religious system), and the working of divining spirits within our midst, and posits that this is the time of visitation for the church.

Ken Anderson has been shown this same image, but has struggled to express what he has seen, so he has presented it in the images of “Imagine A Church”…a church where things really are done the way our master originally intended. Ken has seen it work rightly in His spirit, but has struggled to articulate just how we are going to get to that place. That work has been withheld from Watchmen Prophets Assembly (WPA) because it just wasn’t quite done, but right this minute, he is working on and crafting just the right words to describe what he has seen.

Alex Puyol has been uttering the hearts cry for Sons Of God to be revealed, with the master’s power and heart. He has been calling the apostles and prophets to order, to put off childish things, and grow up into the likeness of Christ. He wants us to rise up, and claim our inheritance. To me, he has been saying that we must go forth now, and allow the Lord to go with us, that signs of the apostles may begin to occur. In these last two weeks, this HAS HAPPENED in my ministry, praise be to God! He has been telling us not to settle for mere religion and contention, but to press on to the tent of meeting in the mountain of the Lord.

Stephen Bening (me)…I have had a personal revival in my prayer closet, and find that now, I share an intimacy with my Lord that had been withheld from me for seven years, and I have pondered on this aspect of God, that He hides from us. God has revealed to me that there is a prayer closet revival that is beginning to sweep our land. The Lord called it a “Wildfire Of Intimacy”. This prayer closet revival is the surest sign that God has initiated the process that will result in the smashing of religious Babylon and the structure of the Nicolaitan church. God has called me to examine everything that I have been doing in His light…to cast off the Nehushtans (those things that began of God but that have rotted)…and to begin to call the area of the world wide web prophetic that is under my authority into order. There is a desire for purification coming forth from the Lord. God has called forth an apostolic/prophetic company: servants of the Lord who have been tested by fire and found ready, who will stand their ground. Today, I pondered that the false prophets, who call themselves “Sons Of Thunder”, are seven in number. They arose first, just as did Ishmael. Now, at a later time, God has called forth seven to stand for truth, for purity, for glory, for strength, for power, for vision….for HIM. Great is the company that stands with us. And yet, God has directed me to emphasize house to house ministry, and to focus on working with people, one family at a time, to set the captives free in Jesus name. And God has been moving miraculously in cooperation with my efforts.

Laura Kula has expanded on, and participated along with me in this advancement into intimacy with the master. She has said that our Lord hides from us to test our determination to seek his presence; that our desperation for relationship with him might be proven and displayed. Laura has also further warned me about the religious spirit, that seeks her out wherever she is, for she is such a tempting morsel for the wolf…so tempting that he cannot resist devouring her, and as such, exposes himself and his true nature to those around who might not otherwise discern the spirits.

Mary Easterling has shared with me, and confirmed to me the presence, and the workings of the spirit of Absalom (King David’s Son) in our midst, and this has prompted me to pray along these lines. She has also brought a very sobering word, that was given in her church, by a prophetess whom I highly esteem, that THIS PURIM will see the overthrow of the present Nicolaitan church government structure. The next Purim begins at Sundown, March 17, 2003. This prophetess does not ever prophesy presumptuously. If she has said this, she is SURE. I will attempt in the coming days to get a sure testimony of what has been prophesied regarding this.

Susan Cummings has seen a glittering fog, headed our way. She warns us not to jump for joy at every potential deliverance situation that arises, particularly in the area of finances. The images she saw of the erupting fountain of the blood of Jesus were among the first to stir our hearts concerning the fire of the Lord, and these images stirred Bob Neumann to meditate on the issue of prophetic impurity.

David Skelly has been leading us into careful studies of the revivals of Josiah and Hezekiah. It is interesting that this thread brought a subtle attack from the enemy, which the Lord had me very quickly snuff out, and which led directly to the discipline of the Lord that we have recently seen in our midst against certain false brethren…elders who had arisen among us…who proved to be savage wolves.

Joe Cook has spoken of the Lord of Hosts, and dispelled any notion that He is some soft teddy bear. Joe reminds us that the Lord is the One who executes judgement, and he will repay those who fight against the faith. He reminds us of the attitude of the wicked toward the vineyard, and their expectation of inheritance upon their murder of the son. They had not counted upon the response of the owner of the vineyard. Yes, he will destroy those wicked ones who have plundered his vineyard.

Then, at the start of this time, there were many who contacted me with words of warning, prophecies, and forwarded articles, most notably the one sent to me by Jon Powell and Bob Neumann, from Sheeptracks author Bryan Hupperts, warning about impurity in the prophetic, and that we are accountable for what we put into the prophetic river. At the same time, we had the last domino fall in the Timothy Snodgrass prophecy concerning two earthquakes to come to America, and with that, the prophecies that threaten America with nuclear destruction are brought more near and loom more threateningly on the prophetic horizon.

And then, there was Debbie.

Debbie is someone I met during this period of time. She is a Sunday School teacher of seven ladies, somewhere in America. Somehow, through the mysterious workings of God’s power, and the subtlety of prophetic revelation over many years, I have managed to help her in the last week, and to encourage her, during a time when she has been tracked into two churches by a woman named Bonnie, who has worked with all her power to destroy and undermine her ministry. Did I really help her? Not really. IT WAS ALL THE LORD. Debbie was helped by a word of prophecy that I issued on September 17, 1992, regarding Hurricane Bonnie.

Bonnie (the lady in Debbie’s church) is possessed by a spirit that wants to kill and destroy the prophet. Some of us call it the religious spirit. I’ll call it a BONNIE spirit. One or two of you out there may know why.

The Lord gave Debbie a revelation, regarding how to defeat this BONNIE spirit. The Lord said…WE NEED A SIGN. But not just any old sign. The Pharisees asked Jesus for a sign to prove his authority to chase the moneychangers out of the temple. Jesus gave them a sign. HIS DEATH AND RESURRECTION. Jesus visited that temple a second time, three years later, and found it still defiled. Then, very shortly thereafter, He gave them the sign they asked for.

And so, Debbie says that only our death and resurrection will soundly defeat this BONNIE spirit.

Now, you know the name BONNIE means “good, or fair of face”. Oh, this BONNIE spirit looks so good when you look her in the face. He looks so good, she praises the Lord so beautifully, he preaches so wonderfully….. But……WHAT IS UNDER THE HOOD?

Then, finally, there is Lacey, who has been as a voice of constant reminder, much needed, that without the cross of Jesus Christ, we have no atonement, no salvation, no ministry, no church, no eternal life, no healing, no deliverance….nothing.

How do we pull all of this together? As I told Mary Easterling yesterday, Earth changes, Church changes.

Change through storms, destruction, earthquakes, tidal waves, threatening asteroids, warfare, famine, pestilence and economic upheaval.

Death, particularly to self, and to our own inclination to defend ourselves, bringing forth resurrection, and the kingdom, “sons of God” authority to bring down existing governments, principalities and enemy forces that uphold the existing Nicolaitan church structure and hold back Spirit led assembly for the purpose of hearing from and worshipping our God in Spirit and in Truth.

And through it all, we CANNOT DO ONE SINGLE THING WITHOUT OUR GOD! We cannot even come into His presence if he wants to hide from us. He hid from me for seven years….hid from Laura Kula for fourteen…though we sought him with tears and fasting. He waited UNTIL NOW. Election…..we can’t even come into God’s presence by our free will….neither can we be saved but by the drawing of the Spirit of God.

And, we serve a Lord of Hosts, who has never met an adversary he could not best. He will give recompense to his enemies at the appointed hour. That appointed hour has begun.

We will not be waiting long now, He’ll be coming on the clouds, We’ll be changed in the twinkling of an eye.

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