Prophecy/Word of Knowledge concerning a leper
At Pompano Detention Center, Pompano Beach, Florida

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I received the baptism of the Holy Spirit on June 7, 1991. Immediately following that infilling, I wanted to preach the gospel. I was cleared for and began going in with a team of ministers After a few months, I was doing some of the preaching.

One night, I was in the cell block with about 30 inmates and my ministry partner, Bob Koenig. I was set to speak first to the men. As I took my place at the head of the room, I saw a man, sitting on the right, in the rear corner of the room. He was alone: no one would sit near him. He had open, bloody sores on his arms that I could see from 30 feet away.

The Lord spoke to me, telling me that he wanted to heal this man. So, I called for the man to come forward, telling him that the Lord wanted to heal him. All at once, several of the men began to mock, saying, "Ha,,,Jimmy Swaggart, huh" and other mockings. Apparently, nobody there believed that the Lord was up to the task.

I assessed the situation, which was rife with unbelief, and asked the man to come out into the hallway, away from the men. There, I layed my hand on him and prayed a simply, short prayer for him that the Lord would heal him, in the name of Jesus. We then walked back into the room where the other men were.

All at once, a spirit of boldness from the Lord came upon me. I grabbed the hand of the man who had the open bloody sores. I stretched out his arm so that all the men could get a good look at the open bloody sores. I asked him, in front of the men, what the jail doctor had said. He said that the doctor did not know what to do for him: several things had been tried and nothing had done any good.

As I looked at the men, holding up that diseased arm, I began to speak. I said:

"I want you men to take a good look at this man's arm and his bloody sores because in seven days, when I return here to preach again, this man will have skin like a baby on that arm. Jesus is going to heal him."

Well, I went to sit down. My partner, Bob Koenig, whispered to me that he really hoped that I had heard from the Lord.

We came back in 7 days and, sure enough, that man had been totally healed by the Lord. There were more than 30 witnesses to that healing and prophecy. To this day, it is the most dramatic miracle I have ever seen the Lord do with my own eyes.

That man testified that for six days, he went to bed with those sores on his body. On the seventh night, he prayed, and told God that he believed that I was God's servant and that he believed that the Lord wanted to heal him. On that next morning, the seventh day, when he woke up, he was totally healed: without any scars. Praise The Lord.

Stephen L. Bening

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