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Prophecy: Trouble Looming
August 21, 2007

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Dear WPA and Other Readers

There is a forboding sense around me today as I worship the Lord. Trouble seems to be looming very near. I cannot escape it. And yet, at the same time, it seems that for me and for the rest of the remnant, the change that trouble brings will be accompanied by an outpouring of resources that we have been waiting for to facillitate service unto the Lord. What is bad for the world will be good for us.

Now, you know in some ways, I do not even know how that is possible, but that is what the Lord has repeatedly whispered to me, time after time; over the years.

1991 was the last year that I earned more than $100,000. As the years wore on, and I sought the Lord regarding how long I would have to endure lack and privation in His service, the Lord assured me that I must continue to fight in faith and believe that God would multiply and bless all that He has led me to sow forth into His kingdom. But, He always assured me that when I saw my financial situation turn around, I could expect that the financial situation of the world would also take an opposite turn.

Just this week, complete strangers have begun sending contributions for the radio ministry. I have new work commencing August 24 that would appear to be very profitable. Could this be the appointed time for my financial turnaround?

Now, back to the other side of the equation: the looming trouble:

On May 13, 2007, I received a vision of four battleships, carried by a train. In the vision, Rick Wiles exclaimed, "We've got to turn around; it's starting". Later, when I spoke to Rick by telephone, he interpreted the vision to mean that "we are on a fast track to war".

I had been alerted by the Holy Spirit to expect further clarification on the 17th of the month, and what followed was a symposium of believers, gathered through Rick Wiles of, who all had received prophetically from the Lord on or around June 17th regarding a soon coming war and trouble to come in America. You can find that audio on my site, entitled "Fast Track To War".

We have been waiting and watching for two months and we have seen an economy and world financial system that has begun to sputter. The current volatility of world markets will indeed take your breath away. I have been watching for other things too. But, some prophetically sensitive people have reported an eerie calm, as if before an approaching storm.

Prophet Dan Bohler had told us to watch for bad earthquakes, and we have had one really bad one in Peru, but so far, nothing has transpired in the center of the USA of the great magnitude that Dan has told us to expect. However, August is not yet over.

Then, on Friday, August 17th, I received word by email that President Vladimir Putin had commenced continuous flights of strategic aviation, including 14 bombers equipped with nuclear missiles. These flights had been on a fifteen year hiatus, but they were recommenced at 00:00 GMT on August 17th. For me, this was another prophetic clarification, as the Holy Spirit had promised to give on a 17th of the month. The news came with a particularly heavy impact on me because President Putin gave his order on Zero Hour on August 17th. I had been given prophecy previously regarding ZERO HOUR in 2002: regarding ZERO HOUR of some August 24/25 in some future year.

Previously, I have written that in both prior incidences of quickly fulfilled prophecy when I have been given prophecy that had a fulfillment time of less than one year from the date of the prophecy, there was the same pattern present: prophecy given on a 13th, clarified on a 17th and fulfilled on a 24th.

So, we are poised today on August 21st, peering three days ahead to the 24th. It will be the fifteenth anniversary of Hurricane Andrew here in South Florida and I am wondering whether it will be marked by a great calamity. God has certainly given more than sufficient warning to all of us. It might be!

Now, you know I am not a datesetter, so please don't assail me if August 24th passes on by. My concern is that the Holy Spirit is speaking about impending war and other troubles, and He is associating it with the 24th day of some future month. It is highly likely to occur before next May, 2008, as I see it, or there would have been no purpose for the Holy Spirit to have originally quickened my understanding about the occurrences on the previous 13, 17th and 24th days in the previously given prophecies where fulfillment came quickly.

Yesterday, a friend sent me a synopsis of a prophetic dream. In the dream, a market crash was spoken of as happening "before October", to be followed by many terrible events. This friend has a previous prophetic track record, so I paid attention.

So, I wish to climb up on my stump, or up on my mountaintop, and warn each of you; not about a specific date, but to warn you that the Holy Spirit is speaking to a great many people that war and other troubles are coming and are indeed, looming right at the door for America.

We need to immediately review our lives to see if we are living in the faith. We need to make corrections as the Lord gives direction. Prepare for trouble as you see fit and as the Lord leads. Return to prayer, praise and worship and do not be neglectful of the great salvation that our Lord bought for us at the cross. Build your relationships with like minded people. Be friendly with them so that you will win them as friends, for you and I will need each other. Draw near to God and He will draw near to you. Forgive each other and live in peace with one another, for the troubles of today will seem to be pitifully small in comparison to what is coming, and it may commence at any time now.


Stephen L. Bening

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