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Prophecy: Real Enemies-One Solution
September 13, 2007

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Dear WPA and Other Readers

I have said the following statement on the radio program many times:

"If a major US city is nuked, 1/3 of the people will say that Muslim terrorists did it, 1/3 will say the Russians and Chinese did it, and 1/3 will say that Bush and Cheney did it. It will not matter what evidence is found to lay guilt at the feet of any of the three. This fact is one of the surest proofs I know of that our nation has been turned over by God to confusion, and that we are assuredly destroying ourselves just as the enemies of God have always done when they found themselves fighting against God."

That said, every single prophecy I have seen regarding events that are coming to our nation speaks of an actual invasion of Russians, Chinese along with a consortium of Arab and Hispanic allies. The prophecies of Gruver and Duduman attest to this. This will follow on the heels of a domestic disturbance that will appear to be started internally, but will have been actually stirred up by Russian agents. When I saw the aircraft carrier Kitty Hawk under attack in a vision, the Lord told me that the descendants of Ishmael will do this thing. Bob Griffin saw a carrier under attack, and heard the Lord say "Iran, Iran, Iran". Bob Neumann saw the carrier "Lincoln" under attack, and noted that "Tomcats" were in the air, and that the attack came from "behind them". Iran is the only nation currently flying "Tomcats".

We have been warned about this, over and over again, by God's prophets. Even Stanislav Lunev, the high level Russian defector, said that if a nuke is ever detonated in the USA, it will have been the Russian Spetnatz forces that were behind it, no matter whom they make it look like was at fault.

So, contrary to current popular opinion, we have very real enemies in other nations, and they are coming to attack us, to bring us down and to occupy us.

I know that a great deal has been said about corruption in our government, and Satanists in our midst. I just cannot recall that the Lord has said that it will have a major place in bringing down our nation. Rather, the Lord has always shown me that it is the SIN of the nation and its' people that will bring it down, and not so much the special or unique wickedness of our leaders. The people are wicked to the core. If the leaders have become wicked, we have only received the leaders that we deserve.

It is easy to pick on George Bush. He seems to make such an easy target. The real abomination in America is a "Christian" Church that has become an abomination that will cause desolation, and it rules from its' throne in America. It spreads its' greed feeding doctrines worldwide. What I see on TBN grieves me 100 times worse than our President giving the "hook-em-horns" sign. And, I cannot figure out why he flashes that silly hand sign so much either. Yes, it bothers me too, but these other things overshadow it so much.

As bad as that hand sign is or may be, I cannot say for sure that it will send anyone to hell. I can however, attest to the fact that anyone who believes and adopts the covetousness and prosperity seeking of most of what is found in the TBN Denomination will send a person straight to hell. So, I choose to assign what I believe to be the appropriate level of concern to the purported actions of our President and Vice President. I watch these things, but I do not want to become distracted. The trumpet must be blown with a clear sound.

The real problem is SIN: in the Church that bears the name of Christ. The real agent that God will use to bring our nation down is a consortium of foreign powers and their allies. That task is being made easier by the confusion that has been unleashed upon our people by God. The only possible cure is REPENTANCE, and not the election of a different President, or the impeachment of the current occupant of that office.


Stephen L. Bening

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