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Prophecy: Babylon Is Falling
November 6, 2007

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First, with respect to FINANCIAL BABYLON

US Dollar Index August 15-....82
US Dollar Index Today-.........76
That is, a 7.3% drop as measured against six other major world currencies in less than 3 months.

Gold, August 17..............$650
Gold, Today...................$821
That is, a 26.7% increase since August 17.

Silver, August 17 ............$11.60
Silver, today...................$15.31
That is, a 31.98% increase since August 17.

Oil, light crude, August 21..$69
Oil, today........................$96.46
That is, a 39.8% change since August 21.

The changes today, particularly with silver, are most dramatic. So, I conclude that the STORM has fully arrived with respect to FINANCIAL BABYLON.

Last night, just after midnight, the story about the estimated $1 Trillion in derivatives losses related to subprime mortgages reached the big media on DRUDGE Report. The biggest responses were in an increasingly precipitous rate of dollar crash, a silver price rising very fast (4% today) and gold continuing on the upswing.

Regarding prices for gasoline, they tend to lag about 60 days following after a spike in crude oil. Look at this article. Prices have increased 25 cents in three weeks. Based upon the spike in crude, I would expect unleaded gas to average at least $3.85 at the pump by January 15 (plus or minus 25 cents). Gasoline Prices Increasing

Since this is already happening, food prices are rising as we speak. It seems wise to give an advisory that anyone who needs to purchase any stored food should do so in the next 30 days or so or don't be surprised if you are faced with price increases of up to 40-50% after that point.

Now, with respect to RELIGIOUS BABYLON aka THE HARLOT, we see the announcement by Charles Grasley that the Congress will launch an investigation into the largest televangelists. The whole world is now going to look deeply into the lavish lifestyles of these folks who have ridden on the back of the beast and who have taken the best advantage of 501c3 tax status. The MEDIA is going to be all over this. Senate Investigation Of Televangelists

Yes indeed Lord, this is the year of the storm.


Stephen L. Bening

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