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Prophecy: Updating The WPA Emergency Alert System
June 22, 2007

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Dear WPA and Other Readers

I just sent out about 200 emails to those of you who have indicated a desire to be part of the telephone alert system. About 80 of those email addresses are not functioning.

So, if you believe you should be on that list, and you received no email this afternoon, you need to contact me by private email at:
Email to Stephen L. Bening:

You can read more about the WPA Emergency Alert System at this link: WPA Emergency Alert System

Here is the letter I just sent out:

Some time ago, you asked to be added to our telephone based emergency alert system.

The idea is that if an evacuation alert, related to an urgent prophetic warning, is issued by the Watchmen Prophets Assembly group in the early morning hours, we will telephone everyone on the list.

By asking to be added to the list, you gave permission to whomever I would designate to awaken you at, let us say, 3 AM, on some given morning, and you promise that you will not be upset, but that you will be grateful for having received a telephone warning that you had requested to be given.

You have not been in touch with us recently that I recall. So, I'm going to remove your name from the list if I do not receive a reply to this message, urging me to leave you on the list.

We see events winding down to a near term fulfillment, and we only want to be calling those who want to be called.

Again, if you do not want to be on this list any longer, you should do nothing. Take no action, and I will automatically remove your name from the list.


Stephen L. Bening

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