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Prophecy: Getting The Prophetic Message Right
June 21, 2007

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Dear WPA and Other readers.

I want to urge some prophetic caution here:

1) We do not have any magic ability to connect the dots here. Connecting dates with events is something that some people like to do. I try to shy away from it, because it is usually unsuccessful. Things are usually not fulfilled in the way that we might expect them to be. We prophesy in part, and we see darkly, as if we were looking through a glass that blurs and darkens the vision field.

2) Danger to Houston, delivered to a servant of God in a dream, does not automatically validate a “seven cities” plan, presented in “Worldnetdaily”, as something “from the Lord”. Worldnetdaily presents news, not prophecy. They were presenting intercepted plans of terrorists. Perhaps the Lord will not let those men do all that they have planned to do. We need to proceed carefully here. Houston is an important oil city, all on its’ own.

3) I am reminded by the Lord right now that my original vision of the train, carrying the four battleships, was interpreted as declaring a message that we are on a “fast track to war”. The June 17, 2007 clarification events for me were the commencement of the firing of missiles, falling on Israel, from Lebanon, and the arrival of Israeli PM Olmert in Washington DC on June 17 to meet with President Bush. Last year, Olmert met with Bush prior to the June 13 (Tammuz 17) commencement of the 2006 war in Lebanon. The third clarification for me was the arrival of the message from Faith Matters to me on June 17, relating her experience with seeing the tank laden train, heading into Amarillo, TX. Once again, this speaks simply of preparations for war, moving, alternatively, toward the port, or toward the Southern Border.

4) I am also reminded by the Lord that the powerful open vision I had of a nuclear detonation in Miami was given to me on JULY 24, 1992. Not June 24. Be alert! I believe the Lord is speaking to us about a season of upcoming trouble and a series of events; not simply one event. So, let us not focus overly much on one single date and be emotionally devastated if it passes without very much happening. I have been trained by the Lord to steady myself, and expect that events like this will play out, some suddenly, and some over the period of the next few years. We must use the prophetic experience that we have gained over the years in just how He speaks and what He means when He does speak. I would also remind you all that we are in the season of warnings that have gone forth from prophet Youngbrandt, and those prophecies seem to point to dates in July for their commencement. There is quite a lot on the prophetic radar screen right now.

5) My conclusion is that God is still speaking that we are on a fast track to war, and that it will once again break out in the Middle East, and that, this time, it will spill over and explode onto American soil in a catastrophic way. When it spills over, it seems that we are being warned to be ready for terrible events in our cities; maybe even for nuclear detonations. We cannot rule out the possibility that even the order of events may be reversed, and the danger to American cities may be imminent because the Spirit is giving the warnings now. For these reasons, we are warning Americans to get ready NOW, and stay ready through this season of approaching danger.

Stephen L. Bening

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