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Prophecy: "Clarification From The Lord?"
June 17, 2007

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Dear WPA and Other readers.

I have endured a very tough day today. I have been waiting all day for the Lord to say something, and He has been quiet, and the attacks on the emotions and thoughts have been rough from several other directions.

So, I went out for a long drive South to Homestead, FL, and back again; just listening to music and clearing my thoughts. I felt settled by the drive, and returned home to find two emails from someone who identifies himself/herself as "Faith Matters". Here they are:

Letter One-Received 9:05 PM I just met Rick Wise (Wiles)(I had never heard of him) for the first time when he gave warnings of coming judgement on the USA in Puerto Rico a week ago. Then a couple of days later someone handed me a copy of your train and battleships dream vision. I was shocked to see how much it paralleled an experience I had on May 14 - the same date you had your vision.

I was driving from South Dakota back to my home in south Texas on May 14. I planned on stopping for the night in Burlington, Colorado, but decided to keep going and unfortunately the next three towns didn't have any vacancies of motel rooms due to alot of highway construction going on.

I was forced to keep driving all the way to Amarillo, Tx. I was very tired since I had been on the road since 8:00am. As I was driving and trying to stay awake - about 10:30pm - I noticed in the dark moonless night a train traveling parallel to the highway. It was carrying army tanks on flatbed trailers!

I had never seen anything like it in my life. It was very eerie. It seemed like there were at least a hundred tanks. The train was traveling a little slower speed than I was, and it was a long time before I finally saw the start of the train. It's only cargo was tanks.

I wondered if the military was doing this on purpose - moving their equipment at night- to keep the American public from seeing the realities of the war since public opinion is so negative. But now after hearing about your vision, I am wondering if they are planning something that we know nothing about. Up until now, they haven't been using tanks in the war in Iraq (except at the beginning), so why would they be producing and moving them in such quantities?

Letter Two-Received 9:20 PM
Stephen Bening:

I just tried to send you an e-mail, but it didn't go through, so I will try again using a different e-mail account.

On Sat. June 9, Rick Wise(Wiles) spoke in Puerto Rico at the "Upper Room" of my Christian bookstore. It was my first opportunity to meet him. I had never heard of him before. I was very impressed with his seriousness and message. I agree 100%.

The following Tuesday (June 12), someone printed a copy of your "Train and Battleship Dream Vision" off the internet and gave it to me. I was shocked at how it paralleled an experience I had the same day you had your dream.

On May 14, I left South Dakota at 8:00am to begin the long drive back to south Texas. I planned on stopping for the evening in Lamar, Colorado, but since I made good time driving, I didn't want to stop yet. I kept going, but unfortunately the next three towns had no motel vacancies due to road construction projects. I was forced to keep going all the way to Amarillo, Tx.

At about 10:30pm, I was fighting sleep driving when I noticed the faint outline in the dark moonless night: a train going along parallel to the highway. It was moving slightly slower than I was driving. It was hauling army tanks on flatbed trailers! It seemed to go on endlessly.

I should have started counting how many there were. I was startled. I have never seen anything like this in my life. I wondered if the military has had to resort to moving their equipment at night due to the negative public opinion of the war. Now that I read your vision, I wonder if the military is planning something that they don't want us to know about..

They haven't been using tanks in Iraq since the beginning of the war four years ago. So why do they all of sudden need so many more?

Faith Matters

Comments From Stephen L. Bening: My response is that we should 1) Keep ourselves unspotted from this present world at this time and 2) Go to the master in prayer.

It seems possible that we are on a "fast track to war" as my May 13/14 dream vision alluded to, and a June 24 war event still seems to be hinted at. If this email report is legitimate, and all of the timing of this person's meetings and travellings were led by the Holy Spirit, then we have cause for great and prayerful concern.

Right now, my judgement is that the events this person relates sound genuine, and the occurrences seem to be led of the Lord. The person presents himself/herself as an owner of a Christian bookstore and presents himself/herself under the email name of "Faith Matters". Nothing else is known. Apparently, this person had no prior admitted knowledge about me at all, and only just met Rick Wiles on June 9, 2007.

I am inclined to believe that we have been warned by God that war is at the door.

Stephen L. Bening

I have presented the June 11 message, where I pointed to my expectation of a "Clarification From the Lord" on June 17, below:

The Lord gave me a dream vision on the night of May 13/14, 2007, where I saw four battleships being carried by a freight train.

You can read about this vision at: Train And Battleships Dream Vision

A few weeks later, at 1 A.M. on June 1, 2007, I was praying, and the Lord gave me a revelation.

I have received many prophetic revelations and visions from the Lord, but there are only two that have had a quick fulfillment after they were given to me. The first was the prophecy about "Andrew".

I was given that prophecy on July 13, 1992. It became clear to me on August 17th that it would be a hurricane, and the hurricane hit here on August 24, 1992.

The second prophecy involved the removal of a pastor.

I was given that prophecy on March 13, 1994. On April 17th, the pastor confessed his moral impropriety. On April 24th, 1994. The pastor was replaced by his associate.

So, what the Lord revealed to me on June 1 was that both of these prophecies followed the same pattern:

Prophecy given: 13th of the month.
Prophecy clarified: 17th of the following month.
Prophecy fulfilled: 24th of that month.

Later that day, on June 1, 2007, I had technical problems with my office computer. It took me 11 hours of work to recover the audio file for the radio program, and then to produce the program for that week.

The next day after that, the hard drive on my laptop computer crashed, and so, all week, I was working on that problem, getting it fixed, and trying to do work in a hindered way.

So finally, yesterday, I felt the Lord pulling me to sit down and spend some quiet time with Him, and I complied. I opened up two bibles, and my journal, and began to update the journal to record the events of the hectic week. I noticed how it appeared that the enemy had been unleashed on me, beginning on June 1, and I wondered why that was, and whether I had gotten distracted. Suddenly, the Lord spoke:

"You missed something", He said!

Well, first of all, I knew that I had not written about the 13, 17 and 24 date progression that he had revealed, so I needed to do that. But, He said that I had missed something. What was it?

Well, for one thing, I missed the fact that both of those previous "quick" fulfillment prophecies were given on a month that had 31 days. And so, the date on which the clarification of the prophecies occurred in the following month was exactly 5 weeks from the time when they were given, and the fulfillment came 1 more week later, or exactly 6 weeks from the date of the prophecy.

I thought this was all very interesting, but perhaps not worthy of writing about to tell all of you. Then, my eyes opened up very wide.

I noticed that I was given the vision of the train, carrying the four battleships, on May 13, 2007. Rick Wiles interpreted that vision as meaning that "we are on a fast track to war." May is a month that has 31 days. So, this particular prophecy meets the conditions that the Lord has previously laid down twice in my life for a "quick" fulfillment.

I realized that June 17th is looming next Sunday. Perhaps the Lord will clarify on that day exactly what is coming. If He does such an act of clarification, something big will occur on June 24, 2007.

Some people have been writing to me, accusing me of setting a date from problems on July 2-5, and that is simply not the case. I have been warning people that God is saying that several things are coming at us, and that we are not to assume that we have until July 2, 2007. We must be ready RIGHT NOW for sudden calamity, and we must be in such a position with Jesus where He will speak to us, and we can hear from Him what we are to do.

Now, the Lord seems to be saying that we may not even get out of the month of June without commencement of these things.

I realize that I have not predicted anything here, and this revelation may not seem to be very important, but God chose to give it to me, and I am being faithful to pass it on. Get ready now! Do not delay! Trouble may be very imminent! Don't wait! Repent now!

Stephen L. Bening

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