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Prophecy: Two Dreams
May 14, 2007

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Yesterday (Sunday), I finished producing the USAPROPHET RADIO program that we had recorded on Saturday night. Prior to doing that program, I had issued the non-specific warning to come to prayerful alert immediately and for the balance of the month of May.

Last night, I had two dreams, and my judgement is that they were from the Lord.

In the first dream, I was riding in the passenger seat in a pickup truck that was being driven by Rick Wiles.

Rick and I were driving along a straight road, on a flat plain that reminded me of Texas or Central Illinois. It seemed that we were in no particular hurry and we were relaxed.

Suddenly, I noticed something to my left, in looking out the drivers side window. I saw a freight train that was about half a mile distant. It was running parallel to the road that we were on, and it was running faster than we were running. I estimated that it was doing 90 mph.

Then, I noticed something very odd. The freight train was hauling four battleships on flat bed trailers. When I awoke, I remarked on the impossibility of something like this ever occurring in the natural, but in the dream state, there they were: four "Iowa" class battleships. I had toured the USS Iowa several years back when it came to port in Ft. Lauderdale.

I directed Rick's attention to the train, and he promptly slammed on the brakes of the truck. As he did so, he gently steered the truck into a left leaning slide, and he opened the drivers side door and put his foot on the ground to negotiate a quick 180 degree turn to the left in just the way a motorcycle rider does that stunt.

As Rick made the turn, he said: "We've got to get is starting."

I called Rick this afternoon and told him about the dream. He interpreted it to mean that events are now on the fast track to bring us to a large scale military event, and he thought it was pointing to Iran.

I interpreted it to mean that the prophetic ministers are going to do a 180 degree turn very soon and get back to their jobs of warning the people as events will scream out for such to be done. We have been proceeding along in a leisurely manner, but now, a sudden, violent turn maneuver will be executed.

I did some internet checking, and found that there are four "Iowa" class warships in mothballs right now: a fact I had not known. They have been removed from the Navy and could be recommissioned. The Navy time estimate to recommission them is 20 to 40 months.

Rick called me later in the day to interview me about the dream on TRUNEWS. I read for him a quote from a Russian Admiral, from 1985, that he feared the four battleships more than anything else in the American Navy, and that he could not believe that we did not recognize their value. Here is the exact quote:

"You Americans do not realize what formidable warships you have in these four battleships. We have concluded after careful analysis that these magnificent vessels are in fact the most to be feared in your entire naval arsenal. When engaged in combat we could throw everything we have at those ships and all our firepower would just bounce off or be of little effect. Then we are exhausted, we will detect you coming over the horizon and then you will sink us." -- Soviet Fleet Admiral Sergei I. Gorshkov, stated after watching Iowa in a NATO exercise, 1985, taken from: Iowa

I pondered that fact that our arch enemy feared a weapon of ours that is now in mothballs, and that we stand unprepared as a nation to meet the challenges that stand knocking at our door. Those battleships I saw were on a train that was racing to port, but they were still on land: they were not ready to go to sea. Desperation was in evidence.

In the second dream, I was in the bowels of a large stadium that was filled with probably 60,000 people. There were several men there with whom I have served in public ministry. One man was getting ready to go out to speak, and I watched him go to the platform. It was Blitz Robinson, whom I helped in the ministry years ago. He passed away in 1999. Then, the word came that I was up next, and the dream ended.

Rick believes that the interpretation of that dream is obvious: that God is getting ready to launch heretofore unknown ministers whom He has been hiding away into the public spotlight, and they will preach and prophesy without compromise.

Stephen L. Bening

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