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Prophecy: The Year Of The Storm
May 12, 2007

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On Sunday, February 25, 2007, the Lord spoke a very simple word to me:

"This is the year of the storm, son, this is the year of the storm."

I made note of the word and later that day, I spoke it forth on the usaprophet radio program that we recorded on that date. But, I have had no leading of the Lord to update this website on the written side since that time, other than to put together a prophetic superpage relating to the harlot church.

What did that word portend? What exactly did it predict? It is hard to say. Did it speak of literal storms of weather, or financial storms, or personal storms or other types of storms, like the firestorms that are now raging in Florida and Georgia? Perhaps we are seeing the beginning of it just now. Yesterday, here in Florida, the Sun turned to darkness, and the moon turned to blood due to the smoke in the sky. Today, the situation continues.

The word of the Lord has been scarce lately with respect to warnings. Michael Boldea has said that the Lord has finished warning America. I tend to agree.

Today, I felt led of the Lord to write and speak forth a bit concerning the coming judgements.

The Lord has been showing me events that are to come for about 20 years, and I have the sense that he has filled up the measure of the revelation concerning those things. He has revealed to me and to those with me seven broad categories of "tier one" events. We have not seen one occur yet. Now, there is the sober awaiting of those things that are expected. There has been little certainty regarding the timing that we are to expect these events.

I have been aware, however, that within each year, there are two time periods in particular that I believe should be times of heightened watchfulness for the follower of Jesus.

The first is for the month of May, and most specifically is for the 21st week of the year that falls during the week that contains May 21st. This year, that will cover May 20 through May 26. I believe that an asteroid/tsunami event, or perhaps another type of event, has been indicated as possible for this time period. Numerous prophetic dreams, visions, past events and words have pointed to this time period over the years. The church was born in the month of May.

The second time period is the area of time surrounding the anniversary of the Great Flood, Marheshvan 17, which usually falls around Halloween, and so the whole month of November is a time when heightened watchfulness is advised. It is my belief that the great flood probably occurred on or near to All Hallows Eve.

So, I have historically called people to repentance and heightened watchfulness during these times, because one of these years, I expect a sudden, tragic event to occur: a great calamity. I also expect that the Lord will suddenly empower His "manchild" on the Earth during this time. How much prodding should one have to use to motivate a real believer in Jesus Christ to come to wakefulness, to repent and to seek the Lord His God? The mere suggestion of such should be sufficient. But, most have apparently gone to sleep, as the Lord has tarried into 2007. Hopefully, they have purchased their "extra oil" before they began their nap time.

How many will hear this alarm clock, ringing at this time? We are now in mid May, and past revelation warns us to be watchful during this time period when the church was born; when the Torah was delivered to Moses on the mount; when the Pleiades, or "Seven Stars" are sitting on top of the Sun, and the Sun is directly overhead at noon, and casts no shadow in the tropics. Will you arise to watch and pray, or simply hit the spiritual snooze button?

We went through this same period last year, and the event that happened in late May was the earthquake in Pakistan. The death toll from that event was estimated at near 100,000, but it did not raise much but a yawn from Western believers, who only pay attention when events affect the United States. So, here we are again; entering the last days of May. Visitors to my website are at a five year low.

Hopefully, you have prayed in past years, and have made all the preparations that the Lord has given you the leading and the ability to make, both spiritually and in the natural. Hopefully, you are ready for great change, or continued patient waiting for these events.

One of my partners in prophetic ministry, Joseph Cook, has been receiving words and visions concerning Obelisks, arising out of the water. As I have looked at these things, I have noted that the Obelisk began to appear prominently in ancient Egypt, and many of those Obelisks were transported to Rome upon the rise of the Roman empire, and later, they were employed again during the "Holy" Roman empire. The Obelisk is, to me, a sign of the rise of this type of world dominating empire.

Ten days ago, the Lord began speaking to me; drawing me to do further study into the fourth beast kingdom of Daniel chapter 7. I have previously written extensively about the things that God has shown me about this beast, and that which God has revealed to others; most notably the Reformation fathers, whose work has been forgotten in the last hundred years.

Please read and study my work at this link: Last Things And The Return Of Christ

If you are ignorant of the year-day principal, and the fulfillments of prophecy that have already happened, you are very far behind the curve, and there are spirits in control in this age that desire to hold you in the chains of ignorance.

Please consider that we have seen the fulfillment of three major 1,260 year prophetic periods already.

The first time period ran from the decree of the Roman emperor Justinian in 529-531. At this time, the bishop at Rome was declared to be preeminent above all other bishops of the church. This first 1,260 year period reached its' expiration time during the French Revolution of 1789-91.

The second time period of interest began in 538, when the Roman bishop was left in control of Rome, and Canon law was enforced for 1,260 years in Rome until Napoleon entered Rome in 1798, arrested the Pope, and instituted the Napoleonic code as the rule of law.

The third time period of prophetic interest began in 606, when the Pope first declared himself to be the "vicar of Christ", God on the Earth, and the doctrine of Papal infallibility began to be published. It was at this time that Popes began issuing extermination orders regarding heretics. 1,260 years later, the Spanish empire became the last empire to obey such orders from the Pope in 1866.

I have previously known about each of these prophetic fulfillments for some time, but I discovered the existence of a fourth time period this week that had been hidden from my eyes until now. This one has not yet reached its' terminus. So far as I am aware, I do not believe any other writer has written about it in terms of a focus on the date of terminus.

The expansion of Roman Catholic power to control large areas of land holdings did not occur until 752, when the area from Rome, north to Ravenna, was placed into the Pope's hands for political rule by the French emperor Pepin the short. Pepin granted Pope Stephen II the right to rule over those 16,000 square miles of land. This became the first of the Papal lands. The 1,260 year period that commenced with that transaction in 752 will reach its' terminus in the year 2012.

I believe it was at that time that Satan gained the knowledge regarding a future momentous event to come in 2012, and he alerted the Mayans to expect it, and they ended their calendars on that date.

The identification of biblical prophetic symbols is essential for us to have any kind of understanding as to the meaning of what we are to face shortly. The fourth beast of Daniel is very clearly the Roman empire, and includes the 10 nation "Holy" Roman empire. It stretches forth even until today as the old Kings of the Earth rule by use of their vast fortunes and through their hidden secret societies and organizations. This political financial beast has been married with the Papacy since that time of 529 and the strength of their union of cooperation has increased and held sway until the time of the reformation.

The scriptures tell us, however, that the political-financial-religious fourth beast of Daniel will receive a fatal head wound that was healed. (1798 capture by Napoleon). This beast, with the healed head wound, is now portrayed at the time of the end, as being ridden by a harlot.

The writers of the reformation, and most particularly the most excellent of them all, E.B. Elliott, were not able to successfully identify the harlot church. They thought that it was the Roman Catholic church. They could see no other false apostate church on the Earth apart from the Roman Catholic church, and so they struggled with their attempts to identify it.

Today, we can see that a huge harlot church, independent of the Roman Catholic church has arisen from the church that had been hidden away in the wilderness as portrayed by Revelation 12. That woman of Revelation 12 had or will have two offspring. One is a fully empowered manchild, and the other is the harlot church of today.

We watch today as that harlot church takes a ride on the back of political-financial-religious beast of Daniel's vision. She rides confidently before us. That harlot church teaches all manner of false teachings that promote the love of money and the desire to be rich. The repetitive mantra of the harlot church is "GODLINESS IS GAIN, GODLINESS IS GAIN". The harlot church of today has spawned such World organizations that have united all churches and government together.

God showed John an incredible image at the end of Revelation 17. At the time of the end, God will put it into the hearts of the ten horned political-financial-religious beast and it will begin to hate the harlot church. Then, he will turn on it and desolate it, make her naked, eat her flesh and burn her with fire. (verse 16).

I take this to mean that at some point, the finances, and then later, the armies of the ten kinged empire will be used to attack and bring down this present day harlot church. Make no mistake about it: the beast at the head of this fourth beast is led by Satan, and he will seek to tread down true believer and apostate believer alike.

For the true believer, we have been made aware of the trials that are coming. We have not placed a hope in any escapist rapture teaching. Our hope is in Christ, our risen Lord. We have been warned to strengthen ourselves in our most holy faith, so that we will not fall away during the hour of testing that is to come. Perhaps, if we please the Lord, He will keep us from the hour of testing that is to come upon the whole Earth, as He promised the church of Philadelphia. Perhaps he will hide us in the palm of His hand, or the fold of His garment. Perhaps and perchance, we will be found worthy to escape what is coming upon the Earth and to stand before the Son of man.

So, watch and pray always, that you may be accounted worthy. Wake up, repent and come to alertness. The hour draws nigh.

Stephen L. Bening

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