Watchmen-Prophets-Assembly (WPA)
Telephone Contact List
WPA Emergency Alert System

(Updated 06/13/2016)

This telephone contact list is part of the WPA Emergency Alert System. When an imminent prophetic warning has been issued by the elders of the WPA, I will alert those people listed on the private telephone contact list by text message that an alert has been issued. I have a Yahoo Group for these members as well- WPA-EAS. I started this group to keep in contact with alert system members.

Why do we need a WPA Emergency Alert System? Check out the following links concerning the "Three Asteroid" prophecy, and the events that led to the creation of the alert system. WPA Asteroid Prophecies And Emergency Alert System You will also be able to read the prophecies, dreams and visions there that many have had concerning the asteroid/comet impacts

You can read of our plan for emergency prophetic readiness, and just how it will be implemented at: Emergency Prophetic Readiness

Members will be instructed at that time to consult the messages as they are posted on the WPA, and to seek the Lord for personal guidance. If we have issued an Emergency Escape Plan from Florida and South Georgia from an asteroid caused tidal wave, an invasion, or an escape plan for some other region, the link will be viewable here:Emergency Escape Plan

Looking for some ideas of how to prepare and what you might bring along. Check out my list: WPA Emergency Escape Preparation List

Anyone who wishes to be included on the WPA Emergency Alert System should contact me and request such inclusion. I will not include anyone without a personal request.

Click Below to Send Email to Stephen L. Bening at:

Those of you seeking high ground in planning for a possible escape from flooding may find this attached list of elevations of Georgia cities, and selected other cities in the Southeastern US, to be a valuable resource. For each US state from Texas around to Massachusetts, I have given a suggested high place.Elevations Of High Places In States; Selected Cities and in Georgia Cities

As a guideline, select a place with an elevation of 1160 feet or greater, that is 200 miles inland from either the Gulf of Mexico, or the Atlantic Ocean.

We will establish a Yahoo group to communicate by email about the WPA Emergency Alert System.

Stephen L. Bening
Watchmen-Prophets Assembly