PROPHECY: 5 Kiloton nuclear blast in Los Angeles
Published October 20, 1999, received 5 A.M.
Still Awaiting Fulfillment

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In a dream, I was standing in a room, looking out of a large plate glass window, overlooking a city that had low rise buildings of about 5 stories as an average. I was at a height of about 5 to 10 stories up myself. It was dark outside.

All at once, I noticed a group of fighter planes heading my way. Suddenly, they fired a weapon in my direction. The weapon emitted three blue pulses of light. When they hit the area where I was, I had the sense of being exposed to radiation, or so it seemed, because the effect seemed to fade. I now realized that I was having a vision within my dream. I went to gather my wife and my five children. Before I could move much, I saw the flash of a nuclear explosion. A voice accompanied the flash which said, "Los angeles has just been hit by a 5 Kiloton nuclear explosion."

I was frantically trying to gather my family to head downstairs. All at once, I found myself in a building that was familiar to me. It was Bening Square, in Carbondale, Illinois. My father remodeled this office building in 1963. He built a bombshelter in the basement. I had been in this bombshelter when I was a child.

At any rate, we traversed the stairs, going down into the basement, trying to reach the bombshelter ahead of the arrival of the blast wave. When I reached the place where the bombshelter was supposed to be, there was a little room in its place that was a prayer chapel.

I discovered that the prayer chapel was operated by Dr. Zach Fomum of Cameroon and his wife Prisca. Prisca began to pray with my wife Erica. I was concerned that I did not know where my eldest daughter Lorel was.

The dream then ended. I looked behind me on the bed and my digital clock was just turning over to 5:00 A.M. and the Lord impressed upon my spirit that the dream had been from him.

Contents of this dream were summarized and quickly sent to Apostle Zach Fomum in Cameroon. After prayer, I was given some private interpretation relative to my own personal situation, but I have not been given any more light with respect to the national implications of the prophetic part of the dream.

Your servant in Christ Jesus, Stephen L. Bening

November 17, 2003: Shawn Johnson and Dave Eels are now issuing a warning about possible terrorism in Los Angeles on December 10, 2003 .Shawn Johnson/Dave Eels/Los Angeles

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