Revelation: Hurricane Bonnie will strike South Florida
Published: 9/1/1992
Fulfilled: Still awaiting fulfillment.

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This is a very simple prophecy which has had some very interesting, almost fulfillments. I prophesied, quickly after the impact of Hurricane Andrew in South Florida, that Hurricane Bonnie would strike South Florida and that it would be at least as bad as Hurricane Andrew.

When I prophesied this, I assumed that Hurricane Bonnie would strike very soon, since is was the next name scheduled on the list of Hurricane names.

Hurricane Bonnie formed on 9/17/1992. It meandered out in the Atlantic for about two weeks and then fizzled away to nothing. Personally, I could not figure out what had happened. I was really undone and thought that I had somehow missed the Lord.

Two years later, a female evangelist named "Bonnie" came to our church. The effect on our church, was described by many others, not me, as being as if a hurricane had hit our church. The Lord said to me then that He had fulfilled this prophecy by sending this "Hurricane Bonnie" and that none of my words would ever hit the ground.

At that time, I thought that the prophecy concerning "Hurricane Bonnie" had been fulfilled and that was all that we were waiting for, but the Lord told me to expect a later, literal fulfillment.

It was in 1998 when I noticed that Bonnie was second on the list of names from Tropical Storms. It seems that names rotate every six years, and I had not previously been aware of this fact. I sounded the alarm to pray, for at that time, I was pastor of a church. People in my church prayed, and Hurricane Bonnie came within 150 miles of the Florida coastline with winds that were as strong as Hurricane Andrew. Then, it turned to the North.

As of November, 2000, the Lord has not told me whether he has repented of sending a Hurricane Bonnie to South Florida. If He has not repented, Bonnie will be among the named storms on the once every six year cycle used by the National Hurricane Center.

Stephen L. Bening

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