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PROPHECY: It Took A Prophet
December 9, 2005

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I remember how crazy it appeared to be for me to suggest, in a prophecy, that Arabs were going to one day come against the United States with nuclear weapons. There had been no Arab attack against U.S. interests in January, 1993 when I had the vision of the missile heading toward the USS Kitty Hawk. That all changed a few months later, when some Arabs bungled a first attempt to bring down the World Trade Center. Of course, they were not bungling anything any more in 2001. Now, it doesnít take a prophet any more to say that Arabs are going to use anything and everything they can obtain to attack the United States.

It takes a prophet to name names like that. Bob Neumann says a similar fate will come to the aircraft carrier USS Lincoln. You can count on it: it will happen. Why does God show His servants such things? Because He says that He will, and so that we can have an opportunity to humble ourselves, and turn from our sins, and to pray.

The 1960ís were the time of my childhood, and church in those days was certainly not about money and the big show. There was not even one well known national TV religious figure. Billy Graham was much bigger than that: He was a national icon, but there really were no others. Church was religion, but it was local, and the families were involved. Everyone had a nuclear family. It took a prophet, Stanley Frodsham, to tell us that one day the churches would be so obsessed with money and prosperity to the point that it would be all they would talk about or prophesy about. Of course, it took Rick Wiles to point out in 2005 that since they prophesy only about money and prosperity, God will not give them any visions about the coming of the Lord. It took a prophet then. Now, all it takes is a television. Well, it still takes a prophet for some of these things now, doesnít it?

There are some things that it never really took a prophet to tell us, but God sent us prophets anyway to show us that California WILL fall into the sea, and the Mississippi River will become a 250 mile wide lake due to terrible earthquakes that will rip this country apart. Chicago will go to the river bed and yes, New Orleans will be flooded. No, it really didnít require a prophet to tell us those things, but God sent prophets ahead of time because God honors his word. He will tell His servants, the prophets, before he does ANY THING. Yes, volcanoes will erupt in America and elsewhere, and earthquakes will happen in diverse places. Jesus said so, and so have other prophets.

Yes, God sent prophets to tell us that Russia WILL launch those missiles against the U.S. Many of them carry the name of Satan: The SS 18. It takes a prophet to tell you those types of things, because the result is so horrible that everyone wants to believe that arms control will succeed. Surely, this nuclear holocaust can be avoided, everyone hopes. But, it takes a prophet to tell us the truth, and the truth is no, it will not be avoided.

It really takes a prophet to tell us things that we have never seen before. In 2001, I began to prophesy, along with Bob Neumann and others, that a giant tsunami would inundate the East and Southern Coasts of the United States. No one had ever seen or heard of such a thing. Then, in 2004, something like this happened in Indonesia. Now, some are conceding that it still takes a prophet to believe that a falling asteroid, or two, or three, might cause such a thing, but now, it is being discussed in the evening news and not in the National Enquirer. Rick Wiles is saying right now, in November 2005, that a great calamity like nothing the world has ever seen is coming very soon, and we all need to be weeping about it before the Lord. Have you shed any tears? Do you pray at all?

Long before that, in 1997, Virginia Boldea also saw asteroids hitting land in the United States, and others have seen the same thing in dreams. In 2005, the Lord told me that we will see asteroids hitting land and cities and in the sea, off the coast of the United States. Yes, land and sea. Neither has happened before, so right now, it takes a prophet. In just a little while, it wonít.

It really didnít take a prophet to tell us that suitcase nuclear bombs would be detonated in the United States. A defecting Russian General told us that it had been planned that way. God showed me in 1992 that a nuclear blast would incinerate Miami Beach. Later, He showed me Los Angeles, meeting a similar fate. Dumitru Duduman was also shown several cities, including Las Vegas, where these detonations would occur. It took a prophet then to say it, and it still will, until the first bombs go off. Then, it will not require a prophet any more. To say, as Dumitru said, that ďAmerica Will BurnĒ will probably always require a prophet.

Russia has been so friendly for the last 15 years, but it took several prophets to tell us that it will not remain this way. It took a prophet to bring forth the truth to come in the most colorful and memorable vision. Thank God for Henry Gruver.

It also took prophets to tell you that just before the worst of these things happen, God is going to seal, cleanse and raise up a remnant unto himself. These will have kept themselves unspotted and undefiled. They will not be connected with any of the harlot churches. These remnant believers will have EVERYTHING they need to rule and reign for Jesus in the Earth, and they will not be widely known. They will be an obscure group of no reputation, who suddenly come forth, filled with great power from God. It takes a prophet to reveal such a thing, it always has, and it always will. When you see the empowerment and rise of this obscure remnant, look out, for as they are rising, everything else in this world system is about to fall.

It takes a prophet to tell you that some of these events are nearer than one year away. Yet, that is what three prophets are saying, and I am one. These world shaking events are very, very near. Are you ready? Are you still in your sins? Are you mired in the God forsaken religion of prosperity Christianity? For Godís sake COME OUT OF IT! Have you made any preparations at all, spiritually or in the natural?

Have you prayed that God might, in His wrath, show mercy? Now would be a very good time to fall to your knees, or take a walk with God, and pray. Ask Him about the truth of all of this, and what He wants you to do about it.

Beg God to deliver you out of your sins. Get your plan from heaven. You are almost out of time.

Stephen L. Bening

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