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Updated October 11, 2011

There are a great many passages in the bible, numbering somewhere in the neighborhood of twenty principal ones, that firmly establish the principle that the tithe belongs to God. And so, we firmly agree and establish that as a biblical principle.

But what is the tithe today? What was it originally in the Old Testament? Who did it apply to? Who collected it? How was it paid? Were the rules changed over time? Why is the New Testament silent about it regarding the application of it in the church?

There is a great gulf between the Old Testament biblical principle of the tithe and the present day tithing law requirement as we find it practiced and mandated in many of the churches.

We who have written here affirm your right to be led by the Holy Spirit to give your "tithe" to whomever and wherever the Holy Spirit will lead you to give it. However, We forcefully come against anyone who or any organization that would require you to deliver a tithe of anything and claim that God requires that to be done as a legally binding commandment.

The Spirit of God has identified this area as a prime indicator of deception. Those who have believed they are under a present day "tithing law" have opened themselves up to a multitude of other deceptions and perversions of scripture. I have discerned this by the Spirit and I have observed it anecdotally to be true.

And so, we ask you to prayerfully consider the articles that we have placed before you today, to consider whether you have been deceived by a system that is filled with greedy and covetous men, who desire to make merchandise of your souls. These men have turned the house of God into a marketplace. Our Lord did not build this abominable thing that carries His name, and He will smash it into billions of pieces at the brightness of His coming.

Stephen L. Bening


Please read here for a brief introduction to prophecy in general, and the prophecies concerning asteroids and the great flood in particular:
Introduction To Prophecies

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This fifteen minute radio program deals with the subjects of tithing and healing and serves as a good introduction to this topic.
Thursday, 08-09-2007 Tithing And Healing (Stephen Bening) (Rec 08/09/07)

This fifteen minute radio program sets forth the revelation called "The Third Rail" that the Lord gave me during the sickness and death of a pastor who was my best friend, and died in his late fifties. I had fasted and prayed for his healing, and the Lord put before me this revelation: that any pastor or teacher who combines the teaching of the legally imposed tithe upon the Christian with the teaching that it must be brought as a firstfruits payment before the making of any other payment has touched the third rail and has opened the doorway to early death if anyone who has heard that teaching applies it, and withholds payment of support and honor to a parent in order to pay their tithe and offering to the church. Matthew 15:1-9 (Also Mark 7:1-23) is in view here and completes the third rail when it is violated, for a new testament curse is hereby invoked on the violator who has taken up part of the law, and then is obligated to keep the whole law. The violator, as verse four clearly states, is subject to the word of the law, repeated by Jesus: "let him die the death". Him who has ears, let him hear what the Spirit is saying.
TUE, 10-11-2011 "The Third Rail"-14 Min 30 Sec (Rec 10/11/11)

This article was the first prophetic word that the Lord ever spoke to me regarding tithing. When He spoke it to me, His tone and anger shocked me. He has literally declared war on this abusive practice. The word of prophecy is found, in all caps, near the end of this mission report from Medellin, Colombia. Hear what the Spirit is saying to the churches.
Stephen L. Bening: New Shoes. (


This article is an in depth presentation of the EIGHT TITHES OF SCRIPTURE
Stephen L. Bening: The Eight Tithes Of Scripture. (

This article was the records Bob's (Neumann's) visit to the 2nd and 3rd heaven, where he was told of the four end time doctrines that will be used to control the sheep. One of them is the tithing doctrine".
Bob Neumann: The Second Thunder (

This article was the first time I believe that Bob Neumann wrote specifically on the tithing issue. He published this in January, 1999
Bob Neumann-The Traditions Of Tithing. (

Randy McKee received the revelation in May, 2004 that the modern day tithing law is nothing more than Babylonian taxation.
Randy McKee: Babylonian Taxation (

This article was the first that I (Stephen Bening) wrote that touched on the tithing law of the harlot church.
Stephen L. Bening: Decrees, Mammon and Idolatry. (

Bob Neumann gives a teaching in November, 2004 on the aspects of giving versus tithing
Bob Neumann: Giving Versus Tithing(

How will the church pay it's bills without imposing a tithing tax? Bob Neumann gives a teaching in November, 2004
Bob Neumann: Now, Who Will Pay My Bills?(

This article further discusses this attack by the Lord against this false 90/10 tithing law for the church
Stephen L. Bening: Shakings And The 90/10 Doctrine. (

This is an instructional teaching on how the Christian should give.
Stephen L. Bening: How Should The Christian Give? (

Randy McKee wrote this article about the law and the harlot on January 3, 2006
Randy McKee: The Burden of the Law. (

I wrote an article about how we have to contend for the truth and take a stand for our beliefs in the face of opposition.
Stephen L. Bening: Bring The Whole Tithe Into The Storehouse. (

Randy McKee wrote this article on February 8, 2006, where he admonishes everyone who has ever taught a Christian to pay a tithe must repent of what he or she has done.
Randy McKee: The Razor Of The Lord.(

Bob Neumann deals with the issue in February, 2006 and comments on the scripture relating to muzzling the ox.
Bob Neumann: Muzzle The Ox?.(

Ron Williams discusses how the Lord opened his eyes to the modern day tithing abomination by giving him sickness in his stomach.
Ron Williams: Tithing Abomination.(

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CALENDAR ADVISORY: For 2005 and 2006
God observes anniversaries and festivals. Satan loves to remember them too. God also gives revelation about dates. These are dates in the next three months where I advise special readiness, watchfulness and prayer.
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