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PROPHECY: Bring The Whole Tithe Into The Storehouse
February 7, 2006

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I just had a visit to my home from "Apostle" John Neuhaus. John is very up front to tell you that he is an Apostle. When he writes to you, he addresses himself as Apostle John Neuhaus.

I have not seen or heard from him in more than a year. He has an apostolic association that he is the founder and the head of, and he teaches tithing throughout that whole association and that it is right and correct that they should tithe to the Apostle.

So, John has a system in place and he likes it.

John visited today to tell me that my teaching on tithing is in error. Before he told me this, he made it quite clear that to me that he believes that I am operating in "second day', while he operates in "third day". Third day is superior, he believes, and he was here to correct me. Second day has passed away, according to him. I am just a simple servant of Jesus and he is higher, according to him. He said directly that he is a much higher prophet than me. That is an EXACT QUOTE. He said that my problem is that I need to get a vision for the third day apostolic. He further said that I needed to cease all ministry for awhile and come to sit under his headship. I made no defense. Jesus is my defender. (I did tell him to get out of my house, quite emphatically.)

I will say here, at this point, that I know that I am a single witness. I know what 1 Timothy 5 says about the bringing of two or three witnesses concerning an elder. There is no church to bring Mr. Neuhaus in front of. So, I post this story here, in case anyone else might have testimony against this elder. If no other testimony shall come forth, you are hereby instructed NOT to entertain this testimony.

In any event, John will certainly admit to almost all of this testimony if you wish to contact him at

At this point, I rose up and directed Mr. Neuhaus to leave my house. Thankfully, he complied. I have been on this earth for a long time, and this is the first person I have ever ordered to leave my home, wherever I have lived. This is not an ordinary thing for me.

I told him that I would neither kiss his feet nor his pinky ring. He said as he left, "The tithe is holy to the Lord". He also said that he was removing me from all of his corporate boards, and I replied that he should be sure to remove me from all of them.

In his eyes, I am not able to be corrected by man. But, with all my heart, I believe I am in the right, and he is in the wrong.

Why did I direct him to leave? I told him that this issue of the tithe and money is the dividing rod that the Lord is using in this hour. There is no straddling this fence. It is now electrified. I have not written anything about this subject since June, 2005, but apparently, something I have written has stirred John up. John has decided to stay on the side of the fence where he has stayed for years. He has the scriptures, interpreted in a way that favors him, and he is not about to change.

I am on the other side of this electrified fence. Which one of us is right? Personally, I have no one paying any tithes to me. I am financially independent with respect to the tithing issue in this generation. John is not independent. He is up to his eyeballs in it.

He financially depends on this legal tithe from this "Apostolic System". He says that he depends on Jesus to provide for him, in and through that system. I believe that I have that quote right.

I depend on Jesus, by faith. So, in my view, I am a more trustworthy messenger to report to you what God is saying with regard to this issue. He does not agree. May you and God be the judge.

After he left my home, I resolved to pull together everything that I have written onto one web page on tithing and offerings, along with the writings of others on this issue. That web page link is:

WPA Tithing And Offering Articles

I have always believed that in a debate, you should take a look at the strongest arguments your opponent makes to defend his or her position. So, we will now look here:

"Bring ye all the tithes into the storehouse, that there may be meat in mine house, and prove me now herewith, saith the Lord of hosts, if I will not open you the windows of heaven, and pour you out a blessing, that there shall not be room enough to receive it." That is from Malachi 3:10.

John Neuhaus is quite certain that the third day APOSTLES have a divine right to receive these tithes. In his eyes, He and his ministry and those like his are the modern day storehouse. This is a law of practice for the apostolic association that he is the head of. That is what he believes, and so, that is what he does, and what he is. He is quite certain that God is going to correct me for insinuating, or for directly stating, that he and his "third day" APOSTLES have no right to impose a legal tithing tax on their subservient congregants.

John's system has those pastors, who tithe to him, and they, in turn, collect tithes from their church members. I do not know just how extreme it has gotten in John's case, for I have no actual knowledge of just how he has implemented this practice in his apostolic association. But, it is present in principal. He says that he does not strongly enforce anything in this regard.


Yesterday, I was cruising the short wave radio band, and I heard the late Dr. Gene Scott holding forth on tithing. Dr. Scott was/is brilliant, and his scholarship was unexcelled. Yes, his presentation methods were quite strange, and at times, he would become lightly profane, and he was absolutely prone to speaking his mind on anything.

For example, Dr. Scott believed that Peter was an idiot for recommending that lots should be cast to see who was to replace Judas. Dr. Scott came out and said so. He called Peter an idiot for that, and for allowing James to rule the church even though James was not even saved when Jesus was on the Earth. Some of you might disagree with Dr. Scott on a few things like this. He drove religious people crazy, but I kind of liked him when I was not upset with him.

Dr. Scott makes big use of Galatians 6:6.

"Let him that is taught in the word communicate unto him that teacheth in all good things. Be not deceived; God is not mocked: for whatsoever a man soweth that shall he also reap."

So, the context of that scripture is absolutely, positively about the giving money. In that scripture, to communicate means to share. Money is to be given by the one who is taught, to the one who is doing the teaching. So, Dr. Scott teaches that the modern tithe should follow this principle. If you are taught by Dr. Scott on short wave radio, your tithe should go to the place where you are getting your spiritual food, according to him. In his spiritual view, the storehouse is the place where the food is stored, and if you are eating from Dr. Scott's short wave radio program, and you are getting full, well then, your tithe should be brought into that storehouse.

Now, you see that Dr. Scott was very charismatic, and very persuasive, and came right up to the place of making this a law. But, how could you bring a tithe to an apostolic congregation if you were learning everything from Dr. Gene Scott on short wave radio? What if both LAWS were applicable to you? Who should have the legal right to that tithe? Gene Scott is fighting for your tithe, from the grave, with both hands on it, and he is not about to let go. If you ever listen to Dr. Scott on short wave, you will learn a lot of bible. He was a great teacher in some ways. So, if he is right, once you learn, you will need to send him that tithe, even though he is in the grave. As he says, send it all in to "The Cathedral", and he will figure out what to do with it. To his credit, Dr. Scott went beyond that to speak the truth that if you belong to Jesus, you owe him 100%, not just 10%.

The "Third Day" Apostles have their hands on that tithe too, grabbing it over into their churches on the other side. They will tell you that they have the third day apostolic legal right to it, and they will tell you to ignore Gene Scott and any claim he makes on it. Get your hands off of my tithe Dr. Scott! Both will jump up and down and say that "The tithe is holy unto the Lord", and they will be right.

Meanwhile, little prophet Bening, with no hands on the tithe, simply sits and shakes his head.

But, it does not end here. There are the little, unaffiliated local churches, with no apostolic connections, grabbing for the tithe. They will tell the "Third Day" Apostle: "we do not need your apostolic association". They will tell their member: "Do not send your tithe to Dr. Gene Scott". The "Third Day Apostle" will look down his third day nose on that second day church that is apostle-less.

The little unaffiliated churches of the world lay their claim to that tithe too. They say that you must bring your whole tithe into the storehouse, and that the tithe is HOLY to the Lord. All of this is true. They say that spiritually, the local church is the storehouse, so you must bring your whole tithe into the local church.

If you don't bring it in, Pastor will have a little talk with you, especially if you are involved in the ministry of the house. So, pastor has his hands on that legal tithe. He doesn't grab for it as hard as many do, but he stakes his claim.

This crosses ethnic lines too. The Hispanics who have emigrated to the United States all faithfully bring their tithe into the house and they are told that they MUST bring that tithe in to the local church.

So, who is hearing from the Holy Spirit in all of this?

Some folks try to triangulate all of this into their own little personal tithing position. One fellow I knew used to divide his tithe carefully between the church and about fifteen radio and tv ministries. He had various percentages worked out for their "share" of the pie. No one of those whom I have formerly mentioned would have approved of that approach.

Paul did not once utter the word tithe, tenth or tithes. He did not write it in 13 epistles: NOT EVEN ONE TIME. He did not mention it, yet the apostles, the pastors, and the teachers of today are all grabbing after it, here on the Earth, and making it a law for you, John Q. Churchmember.

Please, stop, and consider: if tithing were to be the cornerstone teaching of the church that our modern day APOSTLES have made it out to be, wouldn't Paul have mentioned it a few times? Paul admonished you to give and give and give some more. That is all and all is that which he admonished you to give. Acts 15 clearly spells out the laws you are under Mr. Christian. Read it! Beyond that, you are to be led of the Spirit IN ALL THINGS.

You can't be a member, in good standing, in most of these places if you do not BRING THAT WHOLE TITHE into the storehouse. And that storehouse you bring it to must be the one THEY TELL YOU IT IS. If you do not bring that tithe in, you will not be considered to be a good church member, or a good member church. Can you not recognize and discern when evil has its hooks into your skin, and your wallet?

By now, you know what I am talking about. We have all grown up, in the Lord, in the TV and TBN generation. We have seen and heard just about every teaching regarding money, seed faith, seed offerings, first fruit offerings, tithing, offering and everything in between that could possibly be imagined. Just when I think that I have heard every possible angle on these things, one of the TV preachers will come up with another one. Some of them want your tithes. Others want your tithe to go to your local church, and they want your offerings.

I think that Paula White has come up with more imaginative ideas on these things than anyone else. To me, she wins the prize. People should give to her to simply reward her for her creativity. She can speak more differing messages on these subjects, and pull more money out of your pockets, than anyone I have ever seen.

Once in a great while, you will hear a still, small voice though. That one would be me. Please, remember to give to the widow, the orphan, the poor and the naked. Oh, that might be the voice of Jesus, speaking along with me, but it is still a very quiet tandem of voices, absent any pressure.

Please, if you have been taught the true gospel of the faith by a teacher, share money with that teacher. Please, if you have been mentored in the prophetic by any senior prophet or apostle, you should remember to share with that senior prophet or apostle. Please remember to give to the missionary who carries the gospel of faith to places that you either cannot go to, or to places that you choose not to go to because they are too dangerous, or if it is too difficult a destination for you to endure.

I many of you who have read 50 prophetic words from Bob Neumann have ever sent him anything? He never asked, and you never gave, I know. He is probably upset with me for even mentioning it, but does a senior prophet like Bob have a right to share in anything with us? Bob has read the Didache, and he knows what it says about giving to prophets, yet he has never mentioned it. Well, I am mentioning it. Deal with it! I know..what is the Didache, you are saying? Search for it!

Please give. Give freely. Give abundantly. Give from your heart. Give when you are weeping. Give even when it hurts. Give above and beyond what you think you can give. Give to your own hurt. Give to those where you can see the need. Give to those whom the Lord directs you to give to. Give to the one who teaches you. Give where your life is invested. Give where you spend your time. Give to things that are important to you. Give, and keep no record of it. Give, and tell no one about it. Give, and prepare no offering envelope. Give, and take no tax deduction for it. Give even when you have to borrow to do it. Give as much as you can, whenever you can. Give your money, your time, your knowledge and your life. Give to win souls. Give, and be a steward over what you give. Give carefully to good works. Give to pay the light bill and the water bill. Give food and clothing. Give so your pastor can eat and drink and drive. Give whenever your heart moves you to give. Give to anyone who has helped you to grow into the likeness of Jesus Christ.

Do not give when you are manipulated. Do not give according to any law. Do not give according to religious pressure. Do not give to support any legalistic religious system. Do not give according to cleverly stirred emotions. Do not give because you are bashed with the scriptures. Do not give when you are pressured to give. Do not give to be seen. Do not let others know what you have given.

I am Stephen Bening, a prophet of our Lord Jesus Christ, and I stand, independent with respect to the issues of tithing and offerings as I walk about in this perverse, covetousness laden generation. I do not love this world, or anything in this world. I love Jesus, and I have advised you in the way that you should go. I have prayed these matters through, and I have spoken to you of my personal beliefs on these issues. I believe these are some of the MOST IMPORTANT issues of our generation. You will either get these money issues right, or you will be found wanting on that day when you see Jesus face to face. Settle these issues in your heart right now and take your stand.

I want to be right on these things: right with Jesus. I do not care if men or apostles are upset with me. I want to please Jesus. Seek the Lord while he may be found, and purify your hearts in this hour of defilement, for no covetous man will enter heaven, and many legal tithe paying church members who have turned away from giving to the poor, the blind, the naked, the widow and the fatherless will hear this instruction in that fated hour:

"Depart from me, ye cursed, into everlasting fire, prepared for the devil and his angels; For I was an hungred, and ye gave me no meat: I was thirsty, and ye gave me no drink: I was a stranger, and ye took me not in: naked, and ye clothed me not: sick, and in prison, and ye visited me not."

Stephen L. Bening

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