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PROPHECY: Expansion Of The Radio Ministry
April 10, 2006

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Many of you have sent in contributions toward the purpose of expanding the radio ministry.

I have prayed and waited and waited and prayed. I have spoken with a few shortwave experts and waited for the leading hand of God in the matter.

Tonight, I decided to add a Sunday night, shortwave broadcast on WWRB, at 10 PM, (2:00 UTC) on frequency 5.050.

The station owner tells me that right now, our Saturday and Sunday night broadcasts are heard in Africa in the early morning hours, and it is not possible to reach Africa at any other time right now because we are entering summer, and the signal will not make the trip across the ocean during summer during daylight hours. The entire path of the signal must be during nighttime hours.

In the winter, it becomes possible to reach Africa in their nighttime hours while broadcasting from here during the day. So, if the Lord tarries and continues to bless, I tentatively plan to add another broadcast this fall on 15.250, on Saturday afternoon at 3 PM, to reach Kenya at 11 PM.

Next, of course, would be expansion to a program every night of the week, at 11 pm. Let us pray.

So, that is what I have done. The Sunday night program will begin tonight at 10 PM, EDT.

Stephen L. Bening

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